Chapter 198: A battle between young girls!

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 198: A battle between young girls!


“Chris only has an ordinary human bloodline. She couldn't progress so fast even if she never rests and trains nonstop for twenty hours a day. Three open arcane gates is her limit, it's impossible for her to have four open gates!”

In team Silver Trout, Nolan and Sarina suddenly froze.

The speed of progress was of course limited, depending on your bloodline.

Even for pure dragon bloodlines, opening four arcane gates three years after Awakening was already the limit. In the history of legendary geniuses on Doraster, four open gates in three years was the limit even for monsters who went through continuous battles the moment they were born.

As to ordinary human bloodlines, even when exercising every single day with a training regimen of the highest caliber, three gates in three years was already a speed that was impossible to exceed.

But now, the power of Chris' “Giant Fireball” was definitely not something a three-gate arcane master could match.

“Could she have?”

Nolan suddenly thought of a possibility and quietly exhaled, a little absent-minded in spite of himself. “Impossible!”


Sarina turned to look at Nolan.

Johan was definitely out of the fight already after suffering Chris' attack. She was the one going out next. If she couldn't pierce the secret of Chris' arcane skill, if she were to lose at Chris' hands as well, then there would truly be little hope left for Silver Trout Academy.

“The Evil Dragon followers' Burden Overload!”

Nolan did his utmost to recover his calm and quickly said, “Burden Overload, something only the liches among the Evil Dragon followers can master and operate!”

“Impossible! How can she use Burden Overload! Only liches can do it!” Sarina exclaimed in disbelief all of a sudden.

“Burden Overload!” In the stands, the “Pervert Doctor” Songat almost bit his own tongue in surprise. “This is definitely the Evil Dragon followers' Burden Overload. Liszt, what's going on, why's a student of your academy using a skill like that?”

Liszt smiled faintly beside him, not showing any surprise whatsoever. “We fought the Evil Dragon followers for so many years, it's not impossible to obtain a skill of theirs, is it?”

“I don't give a damn about how you obtained the secret of this skill!” Songat shouted, a little urgent. “The important thing is, a method forcibly raising your spiritual strength and compressing your arcane skill like that is almost impossible to bear without a something like a lich body fused with the power of a dracolich!”

“That's why... among all those young people, she's the only one who can use this skill.” Liszt' smile was a little proud. He quietly said, his voice slow, “Because her physique... is every day in a state of overload. She only has an ordinary human bloodline, so she can't open her arcane gates as fast as geniuses with dragon bloodlines, like Rinsyi or Morgan. But even so, she overloads herself with training every single day. The ability of the tiny particles inside her body to endure fatigue, to endure burden, is far above anyone else.”

“Even with dragon bloodline, another three-gate arcane master, probably wouldn't last even one minute with this 'Burden Overload'. Their physical functions would suffer failure very quickly because of the excessive fatigue, and they would have to stop fighting. But her... her body can still persevere for half an hour even under utter exhaustion, or maybe even more. That's why, after so many years of constant overloaded training... This arcane skill is the most terrifying thing about her, rather than Dark Destruction Dragon she can only use once right now.”

“She can endure overloaded training every single day... Has it been like that every single day for these past three years?” Songat was totally dazed.

If it were only one day or two, then maybe someone else could have endured a short-time training overload, the kind where even lifting a finger would require amazing willpower, where even lifting your head would make the muscles twitch all over your body. But to train like this every single day for several years, to sharpen the body so it can bear every more burden... How many people could that on the entire continent?


Songat took a deep breath and suddenly shouted with incomparable gravity.

“Hm? What?” Liszt looked at him, a little confused.

“Introduce us!” Songat said with incomparable solemness. Then he immediately wore a perverted drooling look. “She's really amazing, and the girl looks so cute and beautiful. Introduce us, let me hang out with her, how about it?”

“Go die already...” Liszt rolled his eyes.

“Burden Overload! Chris can actually endure the side-effects of this arcane skill!”

“Burden Overload, that's a secret skill only the liches among the Evil Dragon followers can use. It can forcibly enhance your own spiritual power and arcane particles. When she uses an arcane skill, Chris' power's is really at around the same level as a four-gate arcane master. But to circulate a power stronger than that of your own body, it'll make it bear a burden exceeding its limits. It's extremely exhausting and hard to endure... How can she bear with it!”

“It turns out Chris' real trump card wasn't Dark Destruction Dragon, but Burden Overload!”


More and more people in the stands finally realized what secret skill Chris had used after Johan couldn't stand up anymore from taking Chris' one hit, and after Kleis declared the end of the fight,

Besides the field, an Ayrin who'd never heard of this secret skill before could hear the comments coming from the stands, and came to a rough understanding of this secret skill.

“Ordinary people can only stay at most for a very short time in an overloaded state, but Chris can persevere for a very long time... Amazing!”

Ayrin couldn't help but pat Moss' shoulder. “Moss, Chris is really too amazing.”

“It hurts! Don't touch me where I'm wounded. Bastard, you don't forget to attack me even when praising Chris!” Moss shouted in pain.

“She's really an Amazing Girl!”

Ayrin didn't even look at him. Instead, he firmly brandished his fist at Chris standing in the center of the field. “Amazing Girl! Do your best! You're a really Amazing Girl!”

“Sarina, if you can't defeat her in a short time, then you have to drag it as much as possible!”

There was a desperate atmosphere pervading team Silver Trout. Nolan looked at Sarina as the latter was about to take to the field, quietly saying, “Even if she can use this secret skill for ten minutes, she'll still have a limit nevertheless!”

“Of course, I know.”

Sarina took a deep breath, slowly exhaled, then went into the field.

Her black soft-leather boots didn't make any sound when they touched the ground.

After several steps, even her breathing seemed to disappear.

Two shadows grew on her back, as though about to take the shape of two black shortswords.

“Sarina! The next one fighting for Silver Trout is the Lord of Blades Sarina!”

“She's from a shadow dragon bloodline. They say her clan identified her as an inborn assassin not long after her Awakening. She has an extremely cool head and the ability to command. I heard she's already the best assassin arcane master among all the arcane masters in House Tully, a genius who's the closest to receiving the title of Shadowdancer in the kingdom of Eiche!”

“What's a shadowdancer?”

“A shadowdancer is a supreme master among assassins, dancing in darkness and shadows. In the entire continent of Doraster, there has only ever been a dozen or so people who could be called shadowdancers at the same time! Because they say that there's a fierce competition between assassins, that they'll kill each other because no one admits to being inferior. That's why there ever has been a dozen people at most standing at the very top, powerhouses the other assassins feel they don't stand a chance of killing. Only those can be called shadowdancers!”

Silver Trout Academy only had Sarina and Nolan left after Chris defeated Johan in one hit. The stands were already in chaos, and Sarina's coming out now made the stands even more chaotic.

“Both are girls, but they're still stronger than almost any boys... I wonder who's the strongest out of the two.”

In team Dragon Breath, hearing such comments coming from the stands, captain Morgan couldn't help but glance at Audrey sitting beside him. “Audrey, it seems you have strong challengers this time for your title of strongest female student.”

Audrey was usually very proud and arrogant. Sometimes, she'd latch onto a sentence coming from captain Morgan and go head to head with him until he was left scratching his head and rubbing his nose. But this time, Audrey merely nodded when she heard Morgan, as though it was common sense. “Sarina wasn't much worse than me to begin with. This terrain isn't complicated. In a situation when everyone goes into action at the same time, I can restrict her abilities, but I might not be her match in a true fight in the wilderness of demon forests. As to Chris... Since she can use both Burden Overload and Dark Destruction Dragon, there's probably no one who can say for sure they'll win against her, is there?”

“Amazing Girl. Truly strong,” Morgan couldn't help but say, nodding while he looked at Chris standing in the field.

“When on a mission, Sarina often has to deal with opponents stronger than her.” Ivan, the one who knew Sarina best, took a deep breath in the stands and quietly told Charlotte and the others, “If Chris can really defeat her, then she'll be a true Amazing Girl.”

“Amazing girl... Oh no, wait, Chris, against Sarina, begin!”

With Ayrin constantly shouting Amazing Girl, and voices coming everywhere from the stands talking about the Amazing Girl, even Kleis had been infected. When he declared the start of the fight, his tongue actually slipped and called her Amazing Girl at first.

But no one paid attention to his slip of the tongue.

Because in that instant, Chris and Sarina caused everyone to fall into a state of extreme nervousness.


The moment Kleis waved down his flag, Sarina's figure had already vanished from the field.

Four shadows appeared around Chris.

“Swish!” “Swish!” “Swish!” “Swish!”

Four swift rending sounds. Four black curved blades fired from the four shadows, spinning in the air, slashing at Chris from every direction!

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