Chapter 197 A mission for you

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 197 A mission for you

“Ayrin, I have a mission for you.”

With a lump in his throat, Carter turned to Ayrin and said, “Let Moss break this stone giant to pieces.”

“Break the giant that's beating him up? Why?” Ayrin asked.

Carter said, “Because this yellow giant is somewhat similar in nature to Charlotte's War Avatar. If we don't get rid of it, then the next member of our team will still have to face this giant.”

Ayrin suddenly understood. “If we break this giant, then does that mean that the opponent will have lost a lot of arcane particles?”

Carter nodded. “Exactly!”


Ayrin immediately leaped up and shouted toward the field at the top of his lungs, “Moss, you moron, show me the same energy you have when I'm beating you up! You idiot, you can only get beaten up and can't even hit back, you have to break this stoneman at least!”

“What are you doing staying sprawled on the ground! Stand up and fight! Even if you have to bite it, you gotta bite it to pieces!”

“Ayrin, you bastard! If you were the one being beaten up like this, could you still stand up?!” the angry Moss silently shouted in his mind.

But after swearing a dozen times or so, Moss became more determined from all the swearing. In his eyes, the yellow stone giant crazily beating on him transformed into Ayrin.

“I'm going to bite you to death!”

He really hugged the yellow stone giant's leg when it kicked at him, then fiercely bit it.

“It hurts!”

This yellow stone giant was a combination of arcane particles and arcane power. It was harder than real stone. Moss' body might have been doubly strengthened as well, but he still had no way to bite it. The only thing he got for his trouble was aching teeth.

“He really bit stone... Did the beating make him confused?” The spectators in the fields were all dumbstruck.


Moss became totally mad this time. With a strength coming from nowhere, he ferociously pulled the giant and actually caused this stone giant even bigger than himself to somewhat lose its center of gravity.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, he finally leaped from the ground.

With a “boom,” his shoulder crashed ferociously against the stone giant, creating a huge air blast in every direction. Many stone fragments splashed away from the stone giant's body. Its huge frame toppled on the ground with a boom.

Seeing the yellow giant suddenly falling on the ground, Ayrin suddenly shouted in tremendous cheers, “Just like that!”

“Just think of it as Rinsyi! Hit it hard!”

“...” The spectators in the stands were speechless again.

No matter how much you hate Rinsyi, shouting it so publicly seems a little bad, isn't it?

In team Golden Stag, Rinsyi hadn't even been looking at Ayrin, but his mouth couldn't help but twitch when he heard Ayrin's cheers.

“Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!”

As soon as he struck the stone giant to the ground, Moss jumped and sat on the yellow giant then started desperately whaling on it with painful blows, splashing stone fragments away. He even smashed his forehead against the giant's forehead when the latter tried to lift its head.

“Secret of Stone—Beast Quelling Pillars!”

The previously relaxed Johan suddenly became tense when he saw this scene. He lifted his hands and, along with the gushing of dazzling arcane particles, stone pillars several meters high suddenly fell from the sky and smashed in Moss's direction.

“Thump!” “Thump!” “Thump”!

These stone beams crashed heavily on Moss. Moss seemed to spit blood each time a pillar crashed on him, but he still didn't pay attention to them. He merely focused all his attention on thrashing the stone giant as though his life depended on it, as though the stone giant was his real opponent.

“Alright! Idiot Moss! Just like that!”

“Getting beaten up is your specialty anyway!”

“You have thick skin, it doesn't matter if you take a few more hits!”

What made the spectators in the stands totally speechless was, Ayrin was still hopping and bouncing in team Holy Dawn, constantly shouting and cheering.


This time, Johan was speechless as well.

It was the first time he met an opponent who only cared about beating up his stone giant, without paying any attention to him or his attacks.

The most crucial thing was Moss' incredible resistance to blows after the double strengthening of his bloodline.

In the current situation, he only had one arcane skill strong enough to make Moss lose his ability to fight.

But the crucial point was, he'd already invoked “Yellow Stone Giant,” an arcane skill that consumed a greater part of his arcane particles. If he used that secret skill on top of that, he could instantly take Moss out of the fight, but he would consume all his arcane particles as well.

After considering it over and over, he could only stop his attacks, his face dark as he watched Moss beating on the stone giant.

“What kind of situation is this?”

The spectators in the stands were suddenly in an uproar.

A strange and comical scene appeared in the middle of the fight.

Moss was roaring furiously and whaling on the giant, while Johan stood some distance away and was looking on, not doing anything.

As though Moss had absolutely nothing to do with him.

After losing count of how many punches he threw, his fists totally swollen, even looking as though he'd gone through another Multi-Sizing, Moss finally smashed a big hole in the yellow stone giant's chest.

The giant's strength waned substantially. It didn't seem like it had much ability to resist anymore.


Moss had gone completely mad. With a mad roar, he directly pulled one of the stone giant's arms and even apart a piece from half this side the giant's body. Then he ferociously tossed it away.

And then he started pulling on the other half of the giant like a man possessed.

“Haha! How violent! Just like that!”

In team Holy Dawn, Ayrin was still laughing out loud while constantly spurning him on.

Moss had completely ruined the upper half of the stone giant, and, panting hard, was about to move on to the legs, but he was so weary he couldn't even find the strength to keep pulling anymore. Just then, Carter clapped his hands and shouted at Moss, “Alright, Moss, it's good enough!”

“Let's see you hit me now. I beat you anyway, didn't I?!”

Moss finally stopped. He'd momentarily forgotten that his real opponent was the Johan helplessly standing to the side, rather than this stone giant.

“That's what you get for being bigger than me and for hitting me. I beat you anyway.” He shouted again at the shattered stone giant, then lifted his fist and said with a painful huff, “Who's next!”

“Haha!” The spectators in the stands and his opponent Johan suddenly blinked at his words. Ayrin was the first one to come back to his senses. He clutched his belly and laughed like a madman. “Moss, the blows must have made you stupid. Teacher Carter is telling you to give up and step down.”

“Ah?” Only then did Moss realize. “Mom... Sorry...” His body suddenly deflated like an air balloon. He left the field, too ashamed to look up.

“Haha, what an enjoyable match!”

“Holy Dawn Academy's matches are just interesting to watch. You'll see all sorts of things you never imagined.”

Seeing the crestfallen Moss escape to the edge of the field, the stands suddenly erupted in wild laughter.


“Moss' role was clearly to just consume Johan's arcane particles. I wonder who Holy Dawn Academy is going to send out now?”

“It's that golden-haired kid?”

“Is that the one who's always acting the clown and keeps saying I'm the most handsome?”

Just as Moss reached the edge of the field, Stingham suddenly walked forward, his head held high, his gait full of swagger.


This time, even Carter and the referees were a little dumbstruck.

“Stingham, what are you doing, it's not your turn!” Carter immediately shouted despite himself.

“I know it's not my turn!” Stingham immediately posed in a posture he himself believed to be very handsome, then he walked back and laughed out loud. “I'm just training for when I go out. This way, I'll be even more handsome when I make my appearance.”


While the group from Holy Dawn Academy was totally speechless, Chris started making her way forward.

Ayrin immediately brandished his fist and shouted at the top of his lungs, “Chris, brave warrior! Do your best!”

“It's actually Chris!”

“The one coming third is actually Chris, Holy Dawn Academy's captain!”

“Chris isn't their last rampart? She's coming out already against a team like Silver Trout?”

As soon as they saw it was Chris, Ivan and the others in the stands, including Nolan and the others in team Silver Trout, were suddenly startled.

It was the first time Chris participated in the national tournament, and she wasn't all that famous in the nationals, but according to the available data, team Silver Trout also knew that Chris should be in theory the strongest fighter in team Holy Dawn.

Plus, Chris grasped Holy Dawn Academy's strongest secret skill, Dark Destruction Dragon. If they score had gone to four-four, then in the last fight, if she still had the strength to launch Dark Destruction Dragon, Holy Dawn Academy would have occupied a definite advantage.

“Could Ayrin really have totally recovered from his wounds? Is Holy Dawn Academy going to send him last?”

Everyone in team Silver Trout had this thought, as well as almost every spectator in the stands.

“I heard that Chris was nicknamed the Amazing Girl in St. Lauren.” In the stands, a peculiar light shone in Morgan's eyes. “Strange, she really has an ordinary human bloodline, so why does she give me a strange feeling?”

“Strange how?” Audrey and the other asked.

“I don't know. It feels strange, but I can't put it in words.” Morgan shook his head.

Chris had already reached the center of the field by this time, and made a straight gesture at the referee she was ready, without any other nonsense.

“Is it because of her particularly calm and steady temperament?” Morgan looked at Chris, thinking like this to himself, but then he still felt it wasn't because of that.

“Bring it on. Even if I'm not your match, I'm still going to make you consume your arcane particles!”

Standing opposite Chris, Johan took a deep breath as this thought flashed through his mind. He shouted out loud at the same time, “Let's begin!”


The instant Kleis declared the start of the fight and waved his flag down, Christ stretched out a single hand forward, and a huge fireball suddenly exploded in Johan's direction.

“Earth Fort!”

A yellow wall suddenly encircled Johan. This yellow, four-sided earth wall strangely broke away from the ground at the bottom, as though this square wall could move along with him.


But what made everyone suddenly stop breathing was, Chris' fireball directly exploded a great hole in the wall in front of Johan, then instantly crashed on Johan's figure!

An incredulous expression barely had the time to register on Johan's face before his entire person flew backward from the explosion!


“It's only an ordinary Giant Fireball. Johan's Earth Fort is even a high-level secret skill from Silver Trout Academy, how'd it instantly get pierced through?!”

“Unless she has one more open gate than him! But Johan's already opened three arcane gates! Impossible!”

More than half the spectators in the stands couldn't help but stand up from their seats.

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