Chapter 196 For the final victory

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 196 For the final victory

Rinloran's figure instantly vanished from Nason's back. A strand of silver light shot through his afterimage and hit the ground. With a swish, it suddenly melted a crater on the hard ground.

“Pew!” “Pew!” “Pew!” …

Whistling sounds followed one another without interruption. On the huge blood-red eye floating in the air, the thirteen dots of silver light constantly shot silver rays, constantly chasing Rinloran's figure.

“What arcane skill is that? Why's it so strange?”

Many people discovered with astonishment that the rays this huge eye shoot fell on Rinloran's figure with complete accuracy, without the need for Nason to control it.

Rinloran was clearly under strain even with his speed. He was already using arcane skills to supplement his dodging motions.

“Is that thing alive?” Ayrin asked. He stared at the huge eye floating in the sky without taking his eyes off.

“It's a product condensed from arcane energy and spiritual strength. It looks like a life form, but of course it's not a life form.” Carter shook his head. “This is House Tully's secret skill, Tyrant Eye. Even if the caster dies, this Tyrant Eye can still continue to exist. It won't disappear before all the arcane energy is consumed. That's why Rinloran can only step down from this fight, otherwise the end result will be him totally exhausting his arcane particles.”

“So it's not actually alive. Too bad, it looks very tasty,” Ayrin said, shaking his head with a little regret.

“How does that thing look tasty! Ayrin, you're really a Huge Food Monster! You can eat anything!” Moss' face suddenly filled with black lines. He looked at the huge eye in the sky, its body covered in tendrils, and thought that Ayrin was really a talent. He could actually think of food while looking at that thing.

“Rinloran, come down. There's no meaning to prolonging this fight,” Carter shouted loudly at Rinloran just then.

“I forfeit!”

Rinloran's icy-cold voice came from the field without any nonsense.

“The fight is over!” Kleis immediately said.

“Blaze—Glyph of Melting!”

With a quiet chant from an assistant referee, a magic circle of fire suddenly well up from the ground, radiating a fearsome, blazing aura.

The huge eye above seemed to whine. The thirteen silver eye-like dots of light shot silver rays at the same time, but it still couldn't resist. Within a few seconds, this blood-red eyes became ashes.

“He must have five open gates... these arcane masters of the Office of Special Affairs are really powerful, just like teacher Liszt.” Ayrin marveled at the fire circle's power, wondering how long he would need before he could become this strong.

A medical team went into the field then and started treating Rinloran's wound.

“From the start, Mad Believer Nason was planning on dragging Rinloran down the field together with him. The score is two-one, but it's not a great loss for them to deal with an opponent of Rinloran's level like that. The final victor of this match is still undecided.”

In the stands, Dragon Breath Academy's captain Morgan quietly said, “Rinloran's injury on his right shoulder shouldn't be healed in time for the next round... That said, against an opponent at Silver Trout's level, even we have to struggle. It's impossible to win without paying a little price.”

“So what you mean is, team Holy Dawn might be strong this year, but they'll also lose a lot of strength after this fight and probably won't make it too far in the upcoming rounds?” Audrey asked, turning to look at him.

“You'd usually think so, but this team Holy Dawn is really too strange.” Morgan shook his head with a wry smile. “I'm not going to hazard a guess.”

“Moss, just like we planned, step down as soon as I tell you to step down.”

In team Holy Dawn, Carter left his final instructions with Moss as the latter was about to go into the field.

“Haha! Brave warrior Moss, are you going to get beaten up again until even we can't recognize you anymore?” Ayrin said with a hearty laugh, patting Moss' shoulder.

“With friends like you, who needs enemies!” the depressed Moss quietly said. “Don't look down on me, I have a secret weapon. I just can't use it in this match!”

Ayrin laughed out loud. “Who's going to believe that? Anyway, it's fine as long as you don't embarrass yourself and get beaten up too bad.”


The depressed Moss swore, then he went back into the field without looking back. However, after Ayrin made fun of him, he seemed to feel that launching the double layering of Fury and Multi-Sizing seemed easier.

“Ayrin, you bastard. Did every giant warrior back then have a bad friend like you at their side?”

Moss couldn't help but silently swear again.

“Johan, it's Rock Operator Johan.”

Just then, Johan, the third fighter representing Silver Trout Academy, also made his way into the field.

This was a young boy only a meter fifty tall or so, but he looked particularly sturdy. His face was also clean and square, his eyes flashing with calm resolve.

In the data Holy Dawn Academy was able to gather, Johan was an arcane master expert in earth-elemental skills, directly launching skills from behind and from below the ground. He should be a three-gates arcane master as well.

“Is it that guy? It looks like Ayrin said hit the nail on the head, Moss can only get beaten up. That said, such a fighting order is even more favorable for us.” Looking at Johan coming forward for their opponents, this thought flashed across Carters mind. He couldn't help but feel excited.

These raucous little guys might well bring back the glory of the Evil Six!

“Holy Dawn Academy against Silver Trout Academy, Moss against Johan, begin!”

The battle in the field erupted once again with Kleis' shout!


With an angry roar, Moss' body instantly inflated and became a giant. Fire-like patterns immediately appeared on his stone-like skin.

Instant Multi-Sizing added to Violent Fury!

“Earth Crack!”

Johan punched the ground violently at the same time.


A crack immediately formed under Moss' feet, clamping the falling Moss inside. At the same time, above his head, a dozen huge blocks of stone viciously smashed downward.

“Bang bang bang bang...”

These huge rocks directly smashed on Moss's figure, making dull sounds like the pounding of a leather drum.

Moss was the one being beaten up, but Ayrin couldn't help but shudder all over, shouting, “That hurts!”

“He acted really fast. Moss really got beaten up pretty bad,” he immediately said afterwards, shaking his head.

“Wrath of the Land!”

Johan's entire figure flashed with the luster of yellow earth. As though his hand had melded together with the ground, the ground underneath faintly shone with the dazzling gloss of arcane particles.

All around Moss, many intersecting yellow rocks made of solid earth shaped like dog teeth appeared in the crevice, pressing him body as hard as they could.

“It hurts!”

Moss shouted in pain, but his figure suddenly shrank and immediately jumped out of the land crack. His figure then enlarged again the instant he jumped out. The moment he landed, he pushed hard on his legs and fiercely leaped up again.


But a wave-like wall of earth suddenly sprang in front of him.

His figure instantly crashed through this earthwall. However, covered in dust and grime, he still dropped down together with many blocks of earth, dizzy and confused for a moment.

Just then, what made all the spectators in the stands shout in surprise was, in the crack behind him that'd been clamping him down, the yellow blocks of stones melded together and actually formed a stone giant even bigger than him!


Moss shouted in pain again.

He'd just put his hands on the ground that the stone giant already smacked his back with a ruthless stone fist before he could even stand up, making him crash loudly on the ground again, spraying a cloud of dirt.

“It hurts!” Ayrin shouted again in spite of himself.




Loud bangs followed one another. Each time Moss barely stood up, a punch sent him crashing on the ground or rolling on it again.

“Just like Rinloran suppressed Shukla from the beginning, Moss is the one being entirely suppressed this time.”

Ivan and Charlotte and the others all looked at Moss with sympathy. Under the rain of blows coming from his opponent, Moss clearly couldn't shrink his body, or else he might be seriously wounded from the first hit he took.

“Little Moss, do your best!”

A voice came from the stands just then.

Lost among all the chaotic voices in the stands, it didn't attract anyone's attention.

But for some reason, painfully beaten up by the yellow stone giant, Moss strangely heard these words.

In the blink of an eye, his entire person forcibly twisted around.

“Mom...” His expression stiffened.

Even though there was a sea of people in the stands, he still clearly saw that woman wearing demure violet clothes firmly waving her hands at him.


The yellow stone giant's fist cruelly landed on his head at that moment when he stood dazed. He snapped backward and fell heavily on the ground.

“What's going on, why didn't he even protect his vital spots!”

Carter's eyelids jumped fiercely then. He subconsciously followed where Moss' gaze had been pointed at just then, and saw the woman clothed in violet in the stands not far away behind him.

This seemingly very proper woman had lips looking a little thick. But together with her facial features, she had a charm where serenity and wildness blended together. Moreover, she bore some resemblance to Moss.

“This is...?!” Carter suddenly realized who the woman was. His face froze, a wild worry suddenly rising in his chest.

“Mom... You also came to watch me and cheer for me...”

Moss's head was hurting sharply, his ears buzzing, and his body also felt very heavy, but his mind was particularly clear.

The woman cheering for him in the stands was precisely the mother he loved and treasured.

He knew she wanted to give him a surprise, and what he desired the most was of course to let his mother see her son defeating a powerful opponent with her own eyes.

He wanted his mother to see a great performance from him, to feel the glory.

But right now, he was getting a painful beating without even the ability to hit back, looking very shameful.


In that instant, he had the urge to erupt, because he really didn't lie to Ayrin, he really still had a secret weapon. As long as he used it, no matter what happened, he should be able to defeat his current opponent.

But the next instant, he told himself, choking with emotion, “Sorry... Mom... I can't do that... For the sake of the final victory!”


He braced himself and forced himself to stand up, then crashed his frame into the stone giant that was even bigger than himself. Then the stone giant sent him crashing back to the ground with a punch.

“This guy... He still held it in the end.” In that instant, the extremely worried Carter could even feel a lump in his throat.

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