Chapter 194: A shocking battle

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 194: A shocking battle

In team Holy Dawn, even Carter was totally flabbergasted.

He'd been certain Rinloran was very strong when he saw him charge into the field the last time, but he hadn't expected Rinloran to be this strong either!

“This guy's actually a moonlight swordsman!”

Ivan was also astounded after seeing the crystal-like swords in Rinloran's hands and the cross-shaped wound on Shukla's chest.

“What's a moonlight swordsman?” Charlotte and Wilde and the others immediately asked.

“A group of people in the ancient elven kingdom, the most agile and most expert in sword materialization skills. These people were all top powerhouses guarding the Tree of Life in the ancient elven kingdom.”

Ivan's eyes widened in spite of himself. “Legends say the ancient elven kingdom's moonlight swordsmen were so fast even their own eyes couldn't clearly see their opponents or themselves. But they had a secret skill, called Cross Calibration! After leaving a cross-shaped sword wound on their opponent, then even when they move so fast they can't clearly see the surrounding scene, the cross-shaped mark would still be a distinct existence in their eyes. Even if their opponent destroys this cross-shaped wound, this wound still continues to exist clearly in their awareness.”

“Moonlight swordsman?”

In a corner of the stands close to team Holy Dawn, the medical master Songat who been looking left and right at the pretty girls around him was also dumbstruck. “Liszt, where did your academy find such a high-level elf?”

Liszt also looked surprised. He said with a shrug, “We didn't find him, he came to our academy on his own.”

“A high-level elf with a bloodline like that actually ran to Holy Dawn Academy out of nowhere?” Songat was totally speechless. But then he thought of something else all of a sudden. “Impossible, that guy clearly showed a forest guardian's ability just earlier... Among elves, there's a clear demarcation between forest guardians and moonlight swordsmen, because there's a subtle difference in their bloodlines. How can he have both a forest guardian's abilities while also having a moonlight swordsman's skills?”

“There's still one possibility.” Liszt smiled.

Songat suddenly froze. “His parents... One's an elf with the bloodline of forest guardians, one's an elf with the bloodline of moonlight swordsmen!”

Inside the field, Shukla's face had already darkened.

As one of the big three in Silver Trout, with the bloodline of double-headed poison dragons, he was a celebrity fighter completely at the same level as Audrey.

His poison skills and spiritual skills were advantages against any opponent, but these two advantages were entirely useless against Rinloran.

And now, Rinloran was clearly standing in front of him, but in his perception, Rinloran's figure actually seemed empty already, as though it were only a mirage.


He totally lost track of Rinloran the instant a bad premonition rose in his chest. Swords cruelly pierced him in four different spots on his body, almost at the same time!

Even if his body was wrapped in black dragon-scale-like light, these four stabs still left four wounds on him, spraying blood away.

“World of Wilting Crystal!”

He only managed to launch a skill after being stabbed four times. Irregular-shaped crystal latices suddenly flashed all around him, forming a protective barrier enveloping him entirely inside.

“Puff puff puff puff...”

Continuous striking sounds rose in the field, so fast it was hard to imagine.

Rinloran's figure was entirely invisible. Only the countless sword flashes were visible, continuously striking at the “World of Wilting Crystal” around Shukla, splashing countless gray waves of air.

“So powerful!” Ayrin was dumbstruck. “Moss, you have to work harder. Rinloran is a lot stronger than you.”

Moss immediately shouted in dejection, “I knew you were going to make fun of me as soon as you came out!”

“Hmph!” Stingham was visibly a little shocked as well, but he immediately tossed his hair. “No matter how fast he is, he still isn't better looking than me!”

“He actually has the double bloodlines of forest guardians and moonlight swordsmen.”

In team Golden Stag, the cold-faced Hill who was always at odds with Rinsyi looked at Rinsyi, full of schadenfreude. “Rinsyi, don't tell me you still don't feel any pressure at all even now.”

“What pressure?”

Maybe it was because Sophia had told him he was too talkative in the match against Agate Lake Academy, or maybe because of the wound he'd suffered to his spiritual strength. In any case, Rinsyi was a lot less talkative than usual.

But hearing Hill's words just then, he still smiled his usual cold smile and became wordier again. “No matter what, he's still a two-gates arcane master. He can't even break through Shukla's defense. Even though he's restraining some of Shukla's blood powers, Shukla can still win just by making him consume all his arcane power, as long as he's not an imbecile.”


But just then, a collective cry of surprise came from the stands all of a sudden.

A bright blue sword flash suddenly appeared around Shukla!

This sword flash was still a full hundred meters away from Shukla when it lit up, then it instantly struck at the crystal shield around Shukla.

The instant it struck, everyone vaguely saw that Rinloran's figure seemed to have entirely fused together with his swords. The longsword in his right hand, his right arm, and even half the side of his body all wafted with blue, crystal-light light.


The whole crystal shield suddenly caved in the next moment and crumbled.

With the tip of his sword as the center, blast waves continuously fired off on the ground, causing the entire ground to make a strange humming sound.

The sword in his right hand also instantly dissolved, becoming countless fragments of crystal splashing away.


Neither his hand nor his sword had come into contact with Shukla, but a strange explosion sent Shukla backward in the air nonetheless!

Rinsyi's face became utterly black.

He'd said only moments ago that Rinloran couldn't break Shukla's defense, and now Rinloran had already cracked open Shukla's defense!


Shukla had felt something wrong the moment the bright blue sword flash had appeared. He'd madly poured arcane particles out of his hands.

But this explosion still scattered away all the arcane particles in front of him.

The terrifying aura that had just begun to pervade the air in front of him had also vanished.


Before he could do anything, Rinloran's figure had already rushed in front of him. The sword in his left hand ruthlessly stabbed in his chest!

The instant the sword tip pierced inside his flesh, it was already too late for any arcane skill.


Shukla's eyes suddenly became blood-red. The air around him shook violently. One of his arms suddenly grew longer; fearsome scales covered his skin, entirely transforming it into the shape of a black dragon claw!

He viciously clawed at Rinloran's chest!

Kicking Shukla with the tip of his foot, Rinloran's figure turned around with a nimbleness hard to imagine and dodged Shukla's attack. Meanwhile, his momentum forward was still entirely unimpeded. He compressed the strength of his whole body into the sword slash coming from his left.

Blue light flashed between his palm and the sword handle.


The longsword pierced through the black light around Shukla and stabbed into him.


Shukla's body trembled fiercely as he let out an earth-shaking roar. The already stretched-out dragon claw swept laterally at Rinloran.

Determination flashed in Rinloran's eyes. His right hand that had seemingly been shaking all along pounded on the sword handle at a speed difficult to imagine.


The bright sword tip directly stabbed through out of Shukla's back.


At the same time, Shukla's claw also landed on Rinloran's right shoulder.

Everyone could feel their eyelids twitch all of a sudden.

Rinloran and Shukla's figures separated in the air.

“The bones in Rinloran's shoulder should be totally shattered!”

Everyone saw that Rinloran's right arm was hanging low, and his right shoulder even appeared caved in.

Shukla's eyes were so red a fire seemed to have ignited inside. He fiercely stretched out both hands before even making contact with the ground, about to continue pouring out his arcane particles, but then his body trembled again as though the flow of his arcane particles inside him suddenly seemed to have been restricted.

“The match is over!”

Along with Kleis' grave shout, an arcane medical team present in the field directly rushed toward Shukla's landing spot and caught him.

“What fearsome arcane undulations just now!”

“The primordial energy in the entire field seems to have been altered. It was a domain-type taboo skill!”

“Right now, that was...”

Only now did many spectators desperately gulp down air, as though they'd finally recovered their ability to breathe all of a sudden.

They finally realized that the instant Rinloran had broken through Shukla's defense, Shukla had clearly used some kind of fearsome domain-type taboo skill!

In the end, in order to completely interrupt this taboo skill and not leave Shukla any opportunities, Rinloran had willingly taken a blow to forcibly pierce him through.

“He actually... defeated Poison Master Shukla!”

“Just like the rumors said, Shukla already mastered a formidable taboo skill from House Tully this year, but he still lost!”

“What skill did Rinloran use! How did it instantly smash through his World of Wilting Crystal! World of Wilting Crystal is one of the strongest defensive skills in Silver Trout Academy!”

Such exclamations of surprise constantly rose as an even greater shock started to pervade the stands.

“It's Moonlight Erosion!”

In team Dragon Breath, Morgan was unable to hold back his shout. “That's one of the strongest skills of moonlight swordsmen. It can let the arcane sword in hand reach an odd resonance. When it shatters, it can arouse an even greater resonance together with the sonic booms it creates, and bring forth a fearsome destructive power!”

“He can actually even use a skill like that! This guy, what on earth does he come from?!”

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