Chapter 19 Beastman bloodline

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 19 – Beastman bloodline

Gerrin fell heavily on the ground, and the hearts of all the Holy Dawn Academy students present in the arena also seemed to fall and shatter with him. Many people leaped up from their seats.

Some female Holy Dawn students even cried out, their voices filled with tears, “How could that be?”

One person suffered such heavy damage, while the opponent didn't sustain the slightest trace of harm at all. Everyone was certain this fight was already over.

Gerrin was still trying to prop himself up after his heavy fall, but Zola appeared behind him the very next moment.


Zola told Gerrin such a thing, then, Bang! His fist landed heavily on Gerrin's back without the slightest hesitation.

Gerrin once again flew out. Dropped heavily.

“He actually lost.”

Belo's hand finally pushed his glasses. “His physical strength surprisingly exceeds Gerrin's. It looks like this kid has some beastman blood as well.”


Ayrin's mind was a little blank while he watched Gerrin on the ground, unable to rise any longer. “Beastman blood?”

“Gerrin has some giant blood. Moreover, Gerrin isn't a trash like Hawthorne, he hasn't been wasting his time in Holy Dawn Academy.” Belo's eyes locked tight onto Zola below, his eyes flashing with cold light. “This guy's strength and speed are both so good, and the harmony between arcane particles and the circulation of arcane power's pretty good too. He must have beastman blood in part, rather than barbarian blood.”


A teacher acting as a referee had already announced Zola's victory by now, and a team came into the field to carry Gerrin off. The stands occupied by the Southern Monsoon students suddenly erupted like a boiler. “Zola! Zola! Zola!” Earth-shaking cheers and drums followed each other, battering the entire venue like tsunami waves, battering the Holy Dawn students until most of them turned pallid.

“No wonder Southern Monsoon Academy is so overbearing this year and looks so ambitious, it turns out they were hiding such a secret weapon.” Belo looked at that part of the stands and said, a little blandly, “I thought we could go past the preliminaries at the very least, I didn't expect them to trounce us, it's really too uninteresting.”

Ayrin looked blankly at the heavily wounded Gerrin being carried out the field. He said subconsciously, “It's just one fight, we still have four persons left, why are you saying Southern Monsoon beat us already?”

“Apart from Chris, there's no one who's a match for Zola, but Southern Monsoon still has Ferdinand and that white-haired kid from clan Ryswell.” Belo squeezed his fingers and said, “Originally, Gerrin should have been able to take out one of the two, or at least exhaust one of them almost entirely. Then Chris could have had the opportunity to wreck all of them, but now that's impossible.”

Ayrin looked at Chris down in the field and said, very much not admitting defeat, “Maybe it's still possible.”

“Things don't become possible just because you say they are.” Belo snorted coldly. “I'll eat my seat if it really happens.”

Ayrin's seethed in anger, but then he suddenly felt something was wrong. “Belo, earlier you said Zola had beastman blood as well, what does that 'as well' mean?”

“I just said a couple words too many alright? You just carefully watch the game.” Belo waved his hand off, not even sparing Ayrin a glance.

Ayrin had no choice but to turn his sight back to the center of the field. At this moment the second contestant for Holy Dawn Academy was already coming up.

The second team member to appear on stage for Holy Dawn Academy was Ender, a thin and tall male student with short brown hair.

“This guy's Blazing Lotus used to be many times stronger than Hawthorne's, but now he looks so pale already. If a guy like this can block one move from Zola, I'll eat your seat too.” Belo took a single glance at Ender's expression before coming up with his contemptuous words.

“How can you snub someone from your own academy,” Ayrin shouted worriedly, as soon as he heard. “Come on senior Ender, make Belo eat a seat!”

Ayrin's yell was very loud, but Ender didn't hear him at all in the center of the field.

Facing him, though Zola was much shorter than him, he seemed to have transformed into a giant monster in his eyes. During the short walk from the edge of the field to the center, his top was already drenched in sweat.

Zola suddenly opened his mouth and told Ender, “I'm sorry.”


The scene in front of Ender's eyes seemed to blur as soon as his voice fell. Zola's figure vanished from his sight, and at the same time, a punch already drilled its way out from his left, together with the sound of whistling wind.

Back when he was watching the duel between Zola and Gerrin on the sidelines, Ender could still barely see their every movement, but now that he was faced Zola himself, Ender discovered, his body chilled from head to toe, that he couldn't distinguish Zola's motions!

“Blazing Lotus!”

He could simply no longer think of any other way. He kicked, the arcane particles inside his body gushing out madly from the bottom of his foot. The arcane power merged and condensed there shaped itself into a fire lotus flower burning ablaze at the bottom of his foot.

A resounding “bang!” shook the arena.

Ender only felt an acute burst of pain at the bottom of his foot.


He cried in pain. A foot ruthlessly kicked his belly before he could react.


There came a sound that made the scalp tingle, like the pounding of a heavy drum.


An even more heart-wrenching cry came from Ender. His entire person flew out backward, then he still rolled and rolled on the ground even after landing.

“What happened?”

Ayrin's cheers suddenly cut off short, shock filling his face.

He only saw Ender's Blazing Lotus seemingly about to drown Zola in flames, but it suddenly collapsed, then Zola sent Ender flying out with a kick.

“I bet this kick almost broke his intestines,” Belo said, gleeful with someone else's disaster. He saw Ayrin beside him flushed bright red with anger, then he remembered Liszt. Only then did he spread his hands out of fear for consequences, saying, “Nothing we can do, this is the difference of strength. That guy seems to have attacked with a strong punch, but in fact, he shot out Shapeless Spinning Blades. The skills from the two were about equally matched, but the other side was planning to sort him out with physical strength from the beginning. This kick was his real killer move.”

“Killer move my ass, I won't believe he can't be beaten.”

“Well, you do it then.” Belo provoked him, fully excited.

“There's no way for me to go on stage.”

“Haha, just jump down and give him a beating.”

At this time, an Ender lying unconscious on the ground was already being carried out of the field by a medical team. Zola had been keeping a low-profile so far, even after defeating two Holy Dawn team members in a row, but his eyes suddenly flashed with faint red light, leaking out a blood-thirsty glint.


Belo suddenly made a soft sound in surprise.

At this time, the third contestant for Holy Dawn Academy was already going on stage. This was a boy called Skol. He immediately dashed towards the edge of the field as soon as the fight officially began.

“Not fighting his opponent face to face, only making him spend his stamina and arcane reserves, that's actually a pretty good tactic.” Belo mumbled to himself, “I just don't know how useful it'll turn out to be.”

“Not fighting, only running?” Ayrin saw Zola's figure immediately become a series of blurs as he chased behind, but purple arcane particles shone bright under the feet of this third Holy Dawn contestant, constantly spraying gusts of energy, pushing his body nonstop in ever-changing directions. Zola seemed unable to catch up to him even if his speed seemed higher.

“Little coward, you only know how to run!”

“People from Holy Dawn Academy don't even dare fight face to face? Only running and not fighting, Zola might as well stop chasing after him and save up his strength.”

“That's right, everyone might as well stand there immobile and fight a war of attrition until the end of time!”

Rowdy curses and insults immediately rose from the stands occupied by Southern Monsoon Academy.

Zola's figure suddenly halted.

The moment he stopped, his hands ferociously stuck inside the soil under his feet.

Everyone stared blankly, having no idea what he was trying to do, but at this very moment, two pieces of hard clay whistled through the air, pounding towards Skol.

Skol twisted his body, dodging the two exceptionally hard pieces of clay Zola had grabbed, but just then “Pa! Pa!” Another two pieces of hard clay smashed his body.


He cried in pain. His body staggered.

Zola was at this moment crouched on the ground like a wild beast, his arms and legs pounding together on the ground, approaching him at terrifying speed.

Every time Zola's hands landed on the ground, two pieces of hard clay would fly out and smash their way toward Skol with incomparable accuracy.

“So accurate!”

“This guy actually even had such a skill!”

Many Holy Dawn students felt their scalps go numb when they saw.

Anyone could use arcane power to send the soil flying, but the key thing was that Zola could stay so precise even while sprinting at top speed on his four limbs. This was certainly the result of long and arduous training!

“This kid, he looks just like a wild dog running like this.” Belo became impetuous again when he saw this scene. He ground his teeth: “I really want to give him a bite.”

“You say he looks like a dog, but now you want to bite him, what does that make you?”

Ayrin wanted to laugh, but no laughter would come out.

Skol couldn't maintain his previous speed any longer after being hit by a deluge of hard clay. Zola rushed in front of him, under Ayrin's helpless eyes.

“Bang!” A punch hit Skol's belly. He flew up.

Zola's figure sprang up even as Skol screamed miserably. A foot kicked down and landed once more on his chest.

Skol pounded the ground heavily, just like a rock.

Many Holy Dawn Academy students were sweating cold sweat all over, up there in the stands.

They might have accepted this three - nil result a little better if he'd been hit to the ground after a struggle where both went back and forth, but other than Gerrin at the beginning, the rest had been suppressed so hard they couldn't even use the skills they usually practiced in. They'd looked just like freshmen who didn't know any technique.

How could they still fight such a match?

“The outcome's decided.”

At this moment, Southern Monsoon's captain Ferdinand, the tall boy Belo had described as ferocious-looking, let out a long sigh. He told his teammates around him, “This time around, St. Lauren will be our time in the limelight.”

“Just drop it.”

Chris had been standing without moving all that while. She shook her head at this time, and said to the only teammate left beside her, “You can't make him consume all that many arcane particles even if you go, better if I just go myself.”

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