Chapter 189: Joining the team!

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 189: Joining the team!

“Rinloran actually...”

Everyone in team Holy Dawn was totally dumbstruck.

“The elven bloodline's Blood Vow! Only people with high-level even blood can invoke this Blood Vow!”

“This guy from Holy Dawn Academy, it's not only his appearance that looks like a high-level elf, he really has a high-level elven bloodline!”

“What's the relationship between him and Nikita? Why did he rush into the field?”

In such a chaos, Charlotte and Ivan and the others were also shocked speechless in the stands.

“Charlotte, even if Rinloran and Nikita were in the same kind of relationship as you and Ayrin, it's still too impulsive of him to rush like that into the field, don't you think so?” Wilde couldn't stop himself from whispering.

“What the hell are you saying about me and Ayrin!” Charlotte would definitely have scolded him usually. But now, looking at Rinloran standing in the field, Charlotte thought Rinloran seemed to be burning with an invisible fire. “This guy... He's totally different from usual,” she couldn't help but whisper.

“What a powerful will for war... He totally disregarded the spectators in the arena. Such a temperament... We've also been deceived by this guy's usual facade.” Ivan breathed in deeply and quietly said, “This guy looks like a cold mountain on the outside, but he's a volcano inside. Also, he's really amazingly fast.”

“So fast!”

At the same time, the group of people from Dragon Breath Academy all looked grave and shocked. “He even immediately broke through an arcane spell from an arcane master of the Office.” Captain Morgan stared tight at Rinloran. “The elven bloodline's Blood Vow. It's something only someone with high-level elven bloodline can use, but there's more to it. His way of using Blood Vow when facing his enemy, him leaving a blood mark on himself, it's something that's already disappeared for a long time from Doraster. Only some descendants of ancient elven clans still have this kind of tradition. The origin of this Holy Dawn team member is definitely more than meets the eye!”

While the arena erupted in an uproar, in the center of the field, Rinloran's eyes pierced Rinsyi like a sharp, icy sword.

His long silver hair floated slowly in the breeze. The blood mark signifying his vow and his hatred was a particularly ghastly sight.

“It would have been one thing to just beat them, or even hurt them badly... However, to use methods like these against an opponent that should have been worthy of respect... Someone like you doesn't deserve to be an arcane master!”

Rinloran looked at Rinsyi, punctuating each and every word.

Rinsyi coldly looked back at Rinloran.

He had also been a little stunned by Rinloran when the latter had first appeared inside the field. But now, after hearing Rinloran's Blood Vow, a cold smile brimming with utter mockery once again floated on his lips.

“You want to defeat me?”

He shook his head with a cold smile. “Too bad... You aren't even qualified enough to fight with me.”

“To fight against me, you have to qualify from your group at the very least.”

After a pause, without even sparing any further glance for Rinloran, he turned around, looked up at the stands, looked at where team Holy Dawn was. “Too bad, a team of your level can't even go past Silver Trout Academy.”

“What should we do?” an assistant referee asked after reaching Kleis' side, glancing at Rinloran.

“What else can we do? The more brainless and hot-blooded a young man looks, the more often he'll become a fearless brave.” Kleis looked at the assistant referee and quietly said, “Just like that Stingham, it's enough to kick him out of the stadium.”

“Don't disturb the tournament's normal procedure, please leave the arena first.”

One on his left and one on his right, two arcane masters directly escorted Rinloran out of the arena

Outside the Arena of Fire and Blood, a depressed-faced Stingham walked back and forth in front of the exit, with an arcane master keeping an eye on him all along.

“Rinloran? Why did you come out as well?”

Stingham's brain actually worked very fast this time, as soon as he saw Rinloran escorted by two arcane masters. He shouted in disbelief, “What did you do? Why's your treatment even grander than mine? Even I only had one patrolling arcane master escorting me out, you actually have two of them at the same time.”

Rinloran's lips pinched into a straight line. He didn't answer Stingham's question.

“What's that on your forehead?”

Only then did Stingham suddenly notice the new blood mark on his forehead.

“Rinloran!” Carter's voice came from a tunnel to the side.

Carter, Chris, and everyone else in team Holy Dawn came out from the tunnel.

“I already asked the medical team earlier. Nikita and Sophia shouldn't be in critical danger,” Carter quietly told Rinloran as he made his way to Stingham and Rinloran.

“What do you mean? Is the match already over? Even Nikita was heavily wounded?” Stingham's was so depressed even his face was black.

“Teacher Carter!”

What no one expected was, a shout suddenly burst forth from Rinloran. Even the bones of his fingers crackled because he was clenching them too hard. “Let me join the school team! I absolutely must defeat team Silver Trout and advance to the last eight, then defeat Golden Stag Academy, defeat Rinsyi!”

Almost everyone in team Holy Dawn had been under the impression that Rinloran was someone particularly quiet and low-key, and also someone who hated fighting.

Rinloran's current voice and attitude suddenly made Moss and the others totally dumbstruck.

Rinloran's face was even a little twisted. Carter looked at him and didn't say anything. He merely patted his shoulder and nodded.

“Ayrin really didn't misread you.”

Chris couldn't repress a sudden faint smile just then.

She looked at Rinloran and stretched her fist. “Welcome! Let's fight together and defeat Silver Trout! Defeat Golden Stag!”

“One thousand and three... One thousand and four... One thousand and five...”

In an empty training gym inside the infirmary, covered in sweat from head to toe, Ayrin was jumping like a leaping frog over a wall, his hands behind his back as he did his recovery exercises.

“I wonder if Sophia and the others won...”

“The match should be over by now. I really want to go and watch.”

“Damnit... I forgot the count. Oh well, I'll start again from one thousand.”

Ayrin mumbled under his breath now and then while doing his recovery exercises. He couldn't help but look in the direction of the arena, looking like he had trouble containing the itch to be there.

Something shadowed a strand of sunlight at the exit of the gym all of a sudden. Liszt figure appeared in Ayrin's sight.

Ayrin suddenly stopped. He reached Liszt in two three jumps and hurried to ask, “Teacher Liszt! How was the match!”

“They lost four-five.”

Liszt looked at him with a lazy air and directly told him, “The first four fighters for Golden Stag Academy were all substitutes, but Rinsyi put himself last. He beat Sophia and Nikita all by himself. He seriously wounded Nikita and Sophia. They've both been sent here for medical treatment.”

“Four five? They almost won!” Ayrin said in a daze. “They were actually wounded so badly... Rinsyi, just how strong is that guy?”

“He opened four arcane gates, and he's grasped at least two domain-types taboo skills,” Liszt said. “So it's very troublesome to beat him even for a monster like you, because the level of your arcane particles is far below his. Also, domain-type arcane skills need four arcane gates to use. There's no way for you to learn and use them right now. So if you were to meet him in the tournament, you still can't counter his domain-type skills.”

“Domain-type arcane skills have always been the strongest among all the arcane skills. Rinsyi, that guy, he actually learned two of them already. No wonder he looks so arrogant.” Ayrin took a deep breath, the fire of his fighting spirit burning in his eyes.

“I have good news for you.” Liszt looked at him and his fighting spirit that seemed to burn fiercer the stronger the opponent was. He couldn't help but smile. “Rinloran officially joined the academy team.”

“What, Rinloran joined the team?” Ayrin immediately jumped with joy. His head even almost crashed against the gym's ceiling.

“His relationship with Nikita is apparently pretty close. Rinsyi used a skill to torment Nikita, so he actually charged into the field and made one of those elven Blood Vow against Rinsyi. He swore he was going to defeat Rinsyi,” Liszt said with a lazy smile.

“How hot-blooded!”

His eyes wide open, Ayrin laughed heartily. “Now our team Holy Dawn is becoming even stronger!”

“Teacher Liszt!” Ayrin suddenly shouted even louder.

“What?” Liszt looked at him a little strangely.

“We're going up against Silver Trout Academy next round already!”

“We can only qualify by defeating them. That's the only way we can run into Rinsyi!”

“I have to go to the tournament field no matter what, even if I'm only a substitute and don't fight in the match. It's really too painful otherwise, I definitely won't be able to bear it!”

Ayrin kept shouting.

Liszt slightly hesitated for a moment.

“Alright then.” He pinched the bridge of his nose. “A team at the level of Silver Trout Academy isn't something you can run into everyday either... It would be regrettable if you can't watch a match like that.”

“Since that's the case, you be careful in the next few days. Don't secretly add more to your training regimen. If your condition's alright... when the time comes to fight against Silver Trout Academy, I'll let you appear in team Holy Dawn!”

“Teacher Liszt, you're simply great!”

Ayrin directly rushed in Liszt's arms with a woahah.

“Don't be so excitable, alright? It's very easy for others to misunderstand like this, get it?” Liszt looked at Ayrin with a helpless expression. He couldn't help but smile.

“Next match against Silver Trout, I really can't wait for it.”

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