Chapter 188: Blood Vow

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 188: Blood Vow

“What skill is he going to use now?”

In team Golden Stag, the cold-faced Hill stared at Rinsyi without a blink, without dissimulating in the least his hostility and his loathing. “Rinsyi, are you now finally forced to use your hidden strength?”

Blood dripped down from Rinsyi's wounds.

Each drop that dripped to the ground became a dense purple fog rising in the air.

Rinsyi seemed to start a quick chant at the same time, but no one could hear his voice.

A curtain of black light suddenly appeared in front of him, like a giant gate slowly creaking open.

“What's that!”

All the spectators in the stands couldn't help but gasp.

A figure about the same size as the Snow Bear emerged from the black light.

It looked like a tall man wearing a tattered arcane robe and radiating a vague and putrid aura. His skin, or what was visible of it, was entirely covered in scales. A similarly tattered pair of dragon wings grew on his back. The shocking thing was that his head was a skull, a formless mass of arcane particles revolving around it. He even radiated a pure, unadulterated dragon aura!

“Zombie Dragon Reincarnation!”

At this instant, even Warlock Hill became flustered. He swore out loud, “Rinsyi, you freak, you even managed to learn an arcane skill like that!”

“One of the ultimate secret skills from House Baratheon.” In team Holy Dawn, without waiting for Chris and the others to ask, Carter was already whispering, his face grave, “It uses your own dragon blood, as well as a Draconic spell, to invoke a great amount of arcane energy and summon an undead half-man half-dragon creature!”

Rinsyi's skill had completely taken shape already while Carter spoke.

As though Rinsyi could guide it with his eyes, the half-man half-dragon “Zombie Dragon” he'd summoned suddenly spread his wings. Wild gusts of wind suddenly blew in the entire arena, while the “Zombie Dragon” crashed against Nikita's huge ice sword of his own volition.

The ice sword pierced the “Zombie Dragon's” body, but the “Zombie Dragon's” movements weren't affected in the least. It tightly clasped Nikita's ice sword with his hands. Meanwhile, the chaotic arcane particles that had been revolving around his head suddenly shrank back inside its two empty eye-sockets.


Part of Nikita's spiritual energy also seemed to be sucked away and pour into his two empty eyes.

Nikita suddenly swayed on her feet. She didn't make the slightest sound, but fierce pain was visible on her face.

An invisible force seemed to confine her entire person to where she was. Maintaining her sword-holding stance was the only thing she could do.

The “Zombie Dragon” opened its mouth at the same time. A fearsome black tongue slowly stretched from it toward her forehead.

“What the hell is this arcane spell?”

“What damn thing is that?”

“Why isn't Nikita moving at all? She obviously looks in such great pain!”

A greater half of the spectators in the stands had already taken side for Agate Lake Academy at this stage of the match. Seeing such a scene, many people couldn't help but shout in fright.

“This match has already gone beyond pure victory or defeat.”

In team Dragon Breath, Captain Morgan said with a frown, “This skill of his was originally a taboo skill aimed to counter the Evil Dragon followers' Art of the Dracolich and Demon Dragon Transformation, but it's also a supreme counter against Nikita's Beast Spirit Possession. Nikita's Beast Spirit Possession stores part of the Snow Bear's spiritual energy inside Nikita's body and merges it with Nikita's own spiritual energy via a certain method. But now, Rinsyi's skill can forcibly suck away part of her spiritual energy. When two kinds of spiritual energies are merged together, having it forcibly pulled away is the same as having it torn apart. And the pain from your spiritual energy being torn apart is many times more intense than simple pain of the flesh. This is a skill no one in House Baratheon has managed to learn in many years. Rinsyi just happens to grasp it, so he's certain to win already against Nikita given her way of fighting... Right now, he's simply trying to torture his opponent!”

“Then what's the black tongue?” Their faces unsightly, Audrey and the others looked at the “Zombie Dragon” in the field. Countless black particles had begun revolving around it that fearsome black tongue.

“I can't be a hundred percent certain, but I remember a vague conjecture from an ancient book I read. This black tongue might be able to forcibly combine part of the caster's spiritual energy with the opponent's spiritual energy.” Morgan took a deep breath. “If this ancient book's conjecture is right, then that means that after being torn apart... the spirit will be stabbed again by countless nails... It's an even more painful spiritual torture.”


At the edge of the field, the remaining members of team Agate Lake couldn't help but shout out loud.

Even the main referee Kleis couldn't help but clench his fists. He repeatedly shouted in his mind, “Admit defeat already!” The reason why he had been chosen as the main referee was precisely because he was one of the most experienced and knowledgeable arcane masters in the Office of Special Affairs. Hence, he was clearly aware this arcane skill was simply an incomparably painful torture.

But he also knew that, though the unbearable pain and the sense of imbalance born from the spirit being ripped apart made Nikita incapable of moving at this time, Nikita's consciousness was still mostly there. As long as she wanted to forfeit, she certainly could voice it even now.

In the stands, Rinloran's face was ashen. He kept shouting out loud in his mind, “Nikita, give up!” But Nikita was still refused to give up.


The tip of that fearsome, long black tongue came into contact with her snow-white forehead. A wisp of blue smoke rose in the air.

A black cross-shaped pattern suddenly appeared on her forehead.

The next instant, it quickly vanished again from her skin.

The pain on Nikita's face seemed even more intense.

Even her whole body seemed to twitch violently.

“This guy Rinsyi, why doesn't he knock her down yet!”

“He's definitely trying to torture her!”

Many spectators in the stands had also realized by then the cold Rinsyi's thoughts.

After licking Nikita's forehead with its long, fearsome black tongue, the zombie dragon slowly took it back.

Rinsyi merely continued to coldly stand there, not moving an iota.

Time passed by, second after second, minute after minute. Sounds of “Nikita, give up!” “Nikita, admit defeat!” started rising here and there in the stands, gradually merging into a collective outcry.

These shouts didn't contain the slightest hint of mockery. They merely couldn't stand it anymore.

Because everyone could tell what kind of spiritual torture Nikita was suffering at the moment.

Many people couldn't understand what meaning there was left to Nikita's continued persistence.


However, Nikita let out a pained shout all of a sudden.

Her eyes widened. A body ignited with a green fire that didn't seem real. It instantly burned its way to the zombie dragon.

“This is... Soul Sacrifice!”

In team Dragon Breath, Morgan's face had turned pale.

“Soul Sacrifice!”

In team Holy Dawn, Carter shook fiercely all of a sudden.

Soul Sacrifice was an elven skill from the era of the War of the Dragons.

It ignited part of the caster's own spiritual energy to cause fierce damage to the opponent's spirit.

Even using this skill during ordinary times would bring some harm to the caster's spiritual energy. By using it in the present situation, it was the same as Nikita cruelly tearing apart a great part of her own spiritual energy.

In an instant, many arcane masters who knew about Soul Sacrifice realized that the reason why Nikita had borne Rinsyi's incomparably painful torture was simply so she could try and gather her spiritual energy, in order to invoke this arcane skill!

Rinsyi's suddenly swayed on his feet. A painful expression appeared on his face as well. The pale-yellow crosses of his eyes suddenly flashed with a faint green luster.

In front of Nikita, as though it'd entirely caught on fire all of a sudden, the “Zombie Dragon” erupted in countless green flames that came from the inside of his body.

In a mere breath or two, a few dozen bones charred black in front of Nikita were all that was left of the zombie dragon.

“You guys actually haven't given up yet!”

“Can't you see yet that... Do you really have a death wish!”

Rinsyi yelled furious words filled with pain.

All the arcane particles left inside him instantly poured outside.

Small-scale hurricanes suddenly fell down from the sky and sank into the black bones.

The black bones quickly became blue bones spikes as thick as a thumb. In an instant, with a tremendous force, they stabbed ruthless at Nikita.

“Puff!” “Puff!” “Puff!”

Several dozen bone spurs suddenly stabbed inside Nikita!

One by one, sharp points drenched in blood came out from her back.

Rinloran's fiercely froze at the same. He pricked his nails into his palms, drenching his hands in blood as well.


The entire arena fell deathly silent.

Several dozen bone spurs were stuck inside Nikita. Blood was constantly flowing down from her. It was a gruesome scene to see.

But Nikita still lifted her head.

She once again lifted the huge ice sword in her hands. Step by step, she walked in Rinsyi's direction.

Rinsyi clasped the Moonlight Blade. In his mind, the anger born from the fierce became drowned by a chill as he witnessed this scene.

“Nikita! Don't fight anymore!”

“Nikita, give up!”

“Nikita, I beg you, stop fighting now!”

The substitutes in team Agate Lake couldn't stop themselves from shouting in tears.

However, walking with great difficulties, blood constantly flowing down from her, Nikita was still advancing.


Her figure suddenly accelerated as she launched another surprise attack. Her ice sword slashed against the Moonlight Blade.

Without the support of his arcane particles, Rinsyi actually couldn't withstand her with his mere physical strength. The Moonlight Blade once again flew out of his hands. Shaken, his entire body fell back more than a dozen steps. His face was white as snow.

Nikita's ice sword suddenly fell on the ground then.

She couldn't stay steady on her feet anymore. She could only prop herself on her sword.

Yet, she still refused to give up. She still wanted to lift her head and go forward.

“Bastard, give up already! You're going to die if you continue!”

Rinloran had mostly stayed silent until then, but in this instant, an unprecedented roar came from him.


Before team Agate Lake's members could react, Rinloran's figure had already turned into a blur of light shooting toward the field.

“You're not allowed to enter the field!”

The attention of all the referees was also focused on Nikita. One assistant referee suddenly noticed Rinloran catapulting himself into the field and gave a sudden start. A crisscrossed patch of flame suddenly appeared in front of Rinloran.


But what made this assistant referee instantly covered in cold sweat was, Rinloran's figure was actually so fast and nimble it was difficult to imagine. He directly passed through an opening in the flames.


Only when he reached Nikita's side did two assistant referees finally intercept him, on in front of him and one behind.


Nikita saw Rinloran.

She first called Rinloran's name, the suddenly said again, “Captain Sophia... Sorry...” She toppled down the next instant, no longer capable of staying on her feet.

Rinloran's eyes suddenly became blood-red.

Seeing that Rinloran should merely be a good friend of Nikita's, an unsightly-faced Kleis shouted, “Don't get in the way of the medical team!”

Rinloran froze.

He saw that even the ground at his feet was covered in Nikita's blood.

“Here I vow!”

He suddenly crouched down and pressed his hand into the blood on the ground. Then he clenched his fist and put his arm horizontally in front of him, fist against his chest. He stood up, looked at Rinsyi, and said, “I'll definitely beat you! I'll definitely make you taste painful torture!”

Along with his words, a blood-like mark suddenly appeared on his forehead!

“The elves' Blood Vow!”

“The mark won't disappear before he completes his vow!”

“This student from Holy Dawn Academy actually...”

The whole arena erupted in this instant. Kleis and the others froze as well.

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