Chapter 187: Rinloran's anxiety

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 187: Rinloran's anxiety

“He actually launched an arcane skill even in such a tense atmosphere. This idiot.”

“Being expelled serves him right! If he tries something so outrageous again, he'll probably be permanently banned from watching these matches.”

A hubbub of swearing rose in the stands after Stingham was punished to leave the arena.

“That fly... We can finally have some peace.”

Several members of team Golden Stag sneered after the two arcane masters led the crestfallen Stingham away,

In the field, Rinsyi and Sophia both momentarily paused, but the fight between the two of them hadn't been interrupted.

Stingham swept his cold glance at Stingham as the latter was being expelled from the field. Then he looked back at Sophia and said, cold and detached, “Even like this, as long as I'm here, victory is still an unattainable dream for all of you.”

“Rinsyi, you're really full of crap... You're even chattier than a girl, no wonder everyone dislikes you,” Sophia suddenly said with a smile.

Rinsyi's face froze.

“Radiant Dash!”

Sophia fiercely stamped on the ground and charged his way, her entire person like a brilliant sword.

“You're courting your own death!”

He put his hand on the Moonlight Blade with an angry shout. The Blade fiercely clashed with the one slender radiant sword left in Sophia's hands.

But just then, Sophia directly tossed away her sword with a shout of her own and pressed the Moonlight Blade between her palms.


Rinsyi's one hand suddenly lost control of the Moonlight Blade. Sophia squeezed it between her palm then tossed it away.

The Moonlight Blade spun and flew outside the field!

His own materialized weapon forcibly seized by the opponent, and a seriously wounded opponent at that. An even greater wrath instantly ignited in Rinsyi's eyes.

He came to a standstill. The cross-shaped imprint in his eyes enlarged once again.

A tremendous strength suddenly pushed Sophia away from him.

Blue strips of winds appeared around Sophia, swiftly slashing away at her.

“Oh no!”

The two already vigilant assistant referees' faces suddenly sank when they saw these ribbon-like strips of wind appear around Sophia,


Many silver rays of light suddenly struck the front of the blue ribbons of wind.

At the same time, a deep-red curtain of light fell from the sky and returned the primordial energy around the arena back to its original chaos.

The ribbon-like strips of wind immediately started crumbling.

But in a simple instant, many deep wounds had already appeared on Sophia like the slashes of saw blades.

In particular, two slashes on her arms were deep enough to bare her bones.

“The match is over!”

His face unsightly as well, Kleis ended the match with a shout.

“Such destructive power... Was Rinsyi directly trying to kill Sophia?”

“What a fearsome invocation speed. And it's also an arcane skill that totally conceals the eruption of arcane particles. The two assistant referees were almost too late to stop the power of this skill!”

“He was definitely trying to kill Sophia... In a situation like that, there are many ways to defeat Sophia for good for someone with his strength. But he clearly chose a covert skill, his quickest arcane skill! Just so the assistant referees would be too late to rescue her!”

When a medical team rushed at Sophia, many participants had sensed Rinsyi's flash of murderous intent.

“House Baratheon's people are truly all paranoid.” In team Dragon Breath, Captain Morgan couldn't resist shaking his head. “These guys not only treat the Evil Dragon followers as their enemies, they also treat all the powerful arcane masters of their own kingdom as their enemies as well.”

“Rinsyi... I'm more and more itching to fight with him,” Audrey said with a cold smile.

“You might not be his match right.” Morgan's words were forthright when he spoke after a small hesitation. “He wouldn't have revealed all his secrets in a fight of this level. He should have some other arcane skills left, at the same level or maybe stronger than the power of the domain taboo skill he used right now.”

Audrey glanced at Morgan. For once, she actually didn't refute him.


“Agate Lake Academy only has Nikita left now.”

Even though the fight between Rinsyi and Sophia was already over, even though all the undulations of arcane power had already dissipated from the stands, almost all the participants in the stands still couldn't help but feel a shiver in their hearts at the reminiscence of the fighting scene moments ago.

Just like everyone had underestimated Holy Dawn Academy's fighting prowess at the start, Sophia was also a contestant everyone had underestimated.

Whether the Sacred Angel Armor she'd invoked at the beginning, or the surprise attack hidden in the pillar of light the Radiant Goddess had fired, or the “Light Leap” evasion skill she'd used after Rinsyi discovered her, or “Angel Summoning,” or “Angelic Smite,” or even the Angel Blessing at the very end after she was heavily wounded... Even many celebrity fighters thought they couldn't be very certain of winning if they ran into her, from the way she used her skills and how proficient she was with them.

However, Rinsyi's strength was too fearsome this year!

Merely going by that domain-type taboo skill, everyone was certain Rinsyi had opened four arcane gates already, and not only that, it's certainly been quite a while since he opened his fourth gate. He'd walked a long while on the road from the fourth gate to the fifth gate already!

“Is that the power of the storm dragon bloodline?”

Rinloran's hands trembled even stronger.

Not because he was afraid.

For some reason he couldn't explain, he was increasingly worried about the last duel between Nikita and Rinsyi.

Though it's been he hadn't exchanged many words with Nikita, he could still feel Nikita's kindness, feel her courage and staunchness.

He clearly knew that Nikita wouldn't shrink back a single step either in that fight.

Even if she was certain to lose!

Nikita was already stepping forward, but he still thought about shouting at her at that moment, about telling her to step down, not to proceed with this fight.

But he was also clearly aware that Nikita would never forfeit this match.

He was even clearly aware that he himself would never forfeit were he in her shoes.

“Only one left? The one with the rare mixture of giant and elven bloodlines?”

Rinsyi's anger slowly hid itself in the depths of his eyes. His expression was even frostier, even more arrogant, even more taunting.

The slightly pale Nikita walked in his direction, walked to the center of the field.

A bitter atmosphere circled inside the entire arena.

How was this still a one-sided match between a weak team and a powerful team?

This time, neither Rinsyi nor Nikita said anything. They gestured at the same time they were ready.


His face extremely grave, Kleis waved down his flag.

A dense aura of ice instantly exploded in the arena.

Countless bizarre dark-gold rays of light formed a hexagram in front of Nikita. A huge Snow Bear took shape in front of her.

What was out of everyone's expectations was, Rinsyi hadn't rushed to attack first even when his invocation speed should have been overwhelmingly superior. He merely stretched out his hand.

A gust of wind blew from the edge of the field and carried the Moonlight Blade Sophia had struck away back in front of him.

“Crack crack crack...”

The Snow Bear standing in front of Nikita didn't roar as it'd always done before. It stood entirely still instead, the crystallized ice on the surface of its body becoming thicker and thicker. In a the space of a mere breath, this Snow Bear completely transformed into a statue of ice.

“What's going on?”

“Why did this Ice-Armored Bear directly freeze?”

“Did Rinsyi already strike her with an invisible arcane skill?”

This scene made many spectators dumbstruck. They simply couldn't wrap their heads around it.

“She's indeed a genuine beastknight. She even mastered an ultimate beast-knight skill like that!”

At the same time, a jolt suddenly went through the minds of some knowledgeable arcane masters.

Rinsyi's eyes faintly shrank.

The crosses of his eyes flashed nonstop.

Nikita's expression became extremely solemn and resolute. White light shifted between her palms. A huge two-handed ice sword took form in her hands.

The instant this huge ice sword even taller than herself took form, countless ice-crystal particles suddenly gushed from the totally frozen Snow Bear in front of her!

These ice-crystal particles swarmed to her sword at speed difficult to imagine.

A pattern shaped like a bear head suddenly appeared on the blade of her sword. Meanwhile, ice also appeared on her and instantly covered her with an armor made from irregular blocks of ice!


In the entire stands, cheers and shouts suddenly exploded like a volcanic eruption.

Nikita had now totally shed her former grace and elegance. The aura presently radiating from her was all explosiveness and power.

“Beast Spirit Possession!”

“This is a beast knight's ultimate skill! It seals the beast's body proper and merges the greater part of the beast's strength with the caster!”

“Nikita actually mastered a skill like that!”

Many people finally understood at this time.


At the same time, the sound of a raging hurricane also came from inside Rinsyi.


Brimming with a savage explosive aura, Nikita actually exploded with an agility hard to imagine. She tore through the air in a split second and appeared at Rinsyi's side.

The huge ice sword clashed with the Moonlight Blade with an explosive boom. Rinsyi immediately shot away, his feet sliding six to seven meters on the ground before he finally steadied himself.

“Rinsyi was totally overwhelmed by the strength of this slash!”

“So this is Nikita's real strength! No wonder Sophia put her last!”

In the stands, Wilde and the others couldn't help but be shaken again.

Rinsyi's hands also quivered. His face became unsightly.

“Wind Shackles!”

With a faint flash of his eyes, several dozen streams of wind wrapped around Nikita's legs, suddenly slowing her swiftly advancing form.

He stretched his right hand in front of him and slid his five fingers on the sharp edge of the Moonlight Blade.

All his five fingers were cut open. Blood oozed from his wounds, drop by drop.

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