Chapter 185: Holy Angel

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 185: Holy Angel

In the stands, all the spectators couldn't help but feel their breath become heavier.

Now that he was onstage, Rinsyi seemed to give off a formidable pressure that they could feel even from the stands.

A genius from Clan Baratheon, the bloodline of storm dragons.

One year ago, Rinsyi had already displayed a monster-level strength. One year later, how much farther had this captain of team Golden Stag gone?

“What a fearsome feeling... No matter victory or defeat, merely fighting with an opponent like that is a form of courage,” a spectator couldn't help but say.

“Are you ready?”

Even Kleis added a few more words when he saw Helena gesture she was ready.

Only after another gesture from Helena did he wave down the flag and declare the start of the match.


The instant Kleis' voice rose in the field, two clan tenets flashed in Rinsyi's mind.

Bizarre rays of light suddenly flashed in his cross-shaped, pale-yellow eyes.

Almost no one could react. The dazzling light of arcane particles had barely started flashing from Helena's hands when, with a boom, a hurricane fiercely flung her up and directly threw her outside the field.

“The match is over!” Kleis' urgent shout rose almost at the same time.


In team Agate Lake Academy, everyone couldn't help but cover their mouths.

Falling down from the sky, Helena had innumerable wounds on her. Her entire body was badly mutilated.

There had been innumerable wind blacks mixed inside this hurricane that seemed to have appeared directly in front of Helena!

“I couldn't follow at all... What a fearsome invocation speed!”

“It was the instant the match began. The opponent couldn't even do anything that they already... Such an overwhelming speed... Rinsyi's already opened four arcane gates!”

“Such a fearsome storm power. Even another arcane master with four open gates couldn't have displayed such power when invoking a wind-element skill in such a short time... Is that the innate gift of Clan Baratheon's bloodline?”

“She didn't even have the slightest opportunity to strike back that she was seriously wounded already. Rinsyi's actually so fearsome now!”

In the stands, many spectators finally realized what had happened. They couldn't help but blanch.

“In a mere year of time, he already became this powerful... This is the boss' future enemy...” Wilde and the others from Iron Forest Academy all had very unsightly expressions as well.

They clearly knew that they wouldn't have fared any better had they been facing Rinsyi instead. In a real battle, no one among them would be able to offer any resistance before being killed by Rinsyi.

“You shameless guy! Can't you show some mercy!”

In team Holy Dawn, Moss and the others all felt a chill in their hearts. Only Stingham was swearing his head off after a second of shock.

Rinloran's eyes weren't actually on Rinsyi.

He was looking at Helena, her body covered in blood while a medical team carried her away from the field. The joints of his fingers had even turned white, because of how tight and forceful he was squeezing them.

“In front of real strength, everything is a lie, no matter the hatred of your enemies, or the criticism leveled at you. A real powerhouse forever walks alone.”

“The simple reason why people attack you, why people stand against you, is because of your might and your value. Otherwise, not even disdain would befall you.”

At the same time, these two tenets from his clan flashed again in Rinsyi's mind.

“I will fight will everything in my power. Even if my enemy were to be a dragon circling in the sky, I still won't fall back a single step.”

At the same time, Sophia quietly recited a sentence from Agate Lake Academy's school song. Then she took a deep breath and firmly went forward.


“The next one to step up for Agate Lake Academy isn't Nikita, but their captain Sophia!”

“Holy Angel Sophia!”

Without waiting for Kleis, the spectators in the stands had already realized that the fourth fighter for Agate Lake Academy wasn't Nikita, but Sophia instead.

“Agate Lake Academy's fighting arrangement is a great counter befitting the current situation. Among the people in Agate Lake Academy, Sophia is the only one who can follow Rinsyi's invocation speed. In theory, if Sophia can exhaust Rinsyi, then it is still possible for Nikita to finally achieve victory after her.”

In team Holy Dawn, Carter told Chris and the others in a quiet voice, his face grave, “The most important thing is... just how great is Rinsyi's current strength.”

“It seems you still haven't abandoned your vain delusions. Since that's the case, there's nothing to say.” Watching Sophia walk in front of him, Rinsyi said these cold and mocking words, then directly gestured at Kleis he was ready.

“A fight like this has nothing to do with victory or defeat anymore.”

Sophia shook her head and said a few words, her face frosty, then she also directly gestured at Kleis she was ready.

“Sophia against Rinsyi, begin!”

Kleis signaled with his eyes at a few assistant referees to be careful, then declared the start of the match.

The instant Kleis waved down the flag in his hand, strange rays of light once again flashed in Rinsyi's cross-shaped pale-yellow eyes.


The same kind of hurricane suddenly erupted and crashed on Sophia.

“She blocked it!”

All the spectators immediately noticed that Sophia's body towered there without moving an inch, like the reef standing by the sea even when facing the stormy waves.

Inside the hurricane, like a rising sun, light shone increasingly stronger.

Rinsyi's eyes flashed, but he didn't rush to act.

The hurricane slowly vanished. Everyone saw that Sophia had become entirely different from before.

She wore a majestic armor flashing white and gold. On the back of the armor, there was even a pair of pure and sacred white metallic wings!

“Sacred Angel Armor? Sophia even learned a permanent materialization skill like that.” In team Golden Stag, the flirty Megan said with a faint smile, “It seems Rinsyi won't have such an easy time this fight.”

“The best would be for him to directly loses.” The cold-faced Hill, nicknamed the “Warlock,” said with a cold voice, “If we were to lose because of his mistaken decisions, then he'd have no choice but to bear the blame and take the initiative to surrender the position of captain.”

“Hill, I fear there's still a long way to go for you if you want to surpass him.” With a chuckle ringing like a silver bell, Megan said, “The difference between his strength last year and this year, the speed of his progress, even I didn't anticipate it. In a duel one versus one, there's probably only that Morgan guy from Dragon Breath Academy who can compare to him.”

Hill snorted loudly and didn't say anything else. Dazzling rays of light once again emerged from the field.

Wearing the Sacred Angel Armor, Sophia seemed pure and holy just like an angel from the legends. With a deep chant, the scorching beams of light around her once again converged into a huge, towering Radiant Goddess covering her.


A white pillar of light shot at Rinsyi, setting even the air on fire.


Rinsyi's lips moved slightly and spat out this word filled with disdain.

With a whistling, rending sound, the air in front of him suddenly split apart. Seeming to shine from the inside of his body, eerie cold rays of light gathered beside him.

The scorching pillar of light shooting at him was directly cut apart several meters in front of him, dispersing all around him like flowing water.

“What's that?”

“Is that a permanent materialization skill as well?”

Only after the pillar of light crumbled did most spectators suddenly notice a huge, silver-white curved blade one head taller than Rinsyi towering in front of him like a crescent moon!

“It's Holy Moonlight Blade! This is also a permanent materialization skill. Not only that, the light shining from this Moonlight Blade can not only be used to illuminate your way in the dark of the night or maybe in a gloomy place, it can even break many concealment skills, so that the enemy can't hide their real appearance!”

“Rinsyi actually learned a permanent materialization skill as well!”

Just as the stands erupted in exclamations and discussions, another cold, mocking smile floated on Rinsyi's lips.

The crescent-moon-like silver blade towering in front of him suddenly emitted countless shining bright rays of light.

Under the illumination of these bright beams of light, Sophia's figure suddenly appeared inside the scorching pillar of light in front of him, wearing the Sacred Angel Armor.

“Sudden Raid of Light and Shadow?” Rinsyi spat out this name, full of disdain.

He stretched out his hand just then, the Holy Moonlight Blade floating in front of him like a caress.

On the surface of the Moonlight Blade and behind it, a flow of blue, seemingly tangible wind suddenly blew.


Under the push of this blue wind, this Holy Moonlight Blade more than a man tall sliced down vertically at a speed difficult to imagine. It directly cleaved the scorching pillar of light in two, as well as Sophia's figure inside!


“Sophia, she was directly...”

“Sophia was hiding inside this pillar of light and ready to spring a surprise attack... but now... has she been directly killed?”

In the stands, countless people suddenly felt cold, their breaths caught in their throats.

But the next instant, wearing the Sacred Angel Armor, Sophia's figure appeared a dozen meters away from the splitting pillar of light.

“Light Leap?”

The Moonlight Blade suddenly flew back to Rinsyi's side. First floating erect, it started spinning horizontally and slowly revolved around Rinsyi.

Rinsyi looked at the reemerging Sophia and said with a sneer, “You're actually pretty good at running away.”

Sophia looked at him and didn't offer any sort of reply. She merely uttered a deep, abstruse chat.

Along with her chant, dazzling pillars of light piercing to the sky suddenly appeared around her, one by one.

“This is...”

In the field, several assistant referees, as well as the main referee Kleis, were all obviously stunned. Shock flashed in their eyes.

The primordial energy high in the sky suddenly fluctuated violently.

Under the battering of the dazzling pillars of light, arcane energy combined with the arcane particles spraying from Sophia in a strange mixture. Like a sacred angel from the legends, a huge silhouette of light suddenly fell from the sky and converged on Sophia.

Already wearing the Sacred Angel Armor, another layer of scorching, bright brilliance emerged around her. A radiant sword appeared in her hand.


With a shout filled with exceptional determination, Sophia's figure became a curtain of light charging resolutely at Rinsyi!

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