Chapter 184: Rinsyi, on stage!

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 184: Rinsyi, on stage!

The score was actually three-one!

Even if Agate Lake Academy couldn't win any of the remaining fights, even if the final score ended up being five-three in favor of Golden Stag Academy, it would still be an achievement to be proud of.

Because it was plain for everyone to see that even the substitutes in team Golden Stag were celebrity-level contestants with three open arcane gates.

But seeing Connie covered in blood, everyone clearly felt that Agate Lake Academy's wouldn't stop there!

“Before that, the weak teams couldn't display their real level anytime they ran into a powerful team, so the matches ended with an overwhelming score, and they couldn't even pose the slightest threat to the powerful teams. Only a blood-soaked battle like this can be called a real match!”

Many people in the stands couldn't help but suddenly voice this thought.

“Another substitute?”

Just then, the deathly quiet arena suddenly erupted again.

A short and small boy with a peculiar red in the rim of the eyes walked out of team Golden Stag and strode toward the center of the field.

This boy wasn't someone from Golden Stag Academy's main lineup either!

“Rinsban against Connie!”

There was also a peculiar emotion in Kleis' voice.

What on earth was the catalyst that made the genius boys and the genius girls from St. Lauren to become so fundamentally different this year?


“As long as I get rid of this opponent, then Golden Stag will only have the last one left... While we still have Helena, Nikita and Sophia.”

Soaked in blood from head to toe, Connie suddenly exposed a radiant smile the moment Kleis' voice rose in the field.

For some strange reason, this smile made Rinsban's heart suddenly shiver. It even caused the flow of his arcane particles to slow down in spite of himself.

“Radiant Goddess!”

Along with a firm chant, the Radiant Goddess condensed from countless burning rays of light once again towered in the field.

“One-Eyed Demon!”

Rinspan's chant rose with a slight delay.

But even if he had been a little disturbed at the start, the speed at which he completed his arcane skill still surpassed Connie's speed by an obvious margin.

The instant the Radiant Goddess towered in the field, yellow-green bright flames coiling around him and a huge monster appeared in front of the Radiant Goddess. It was even a head taller than the Goddess.

“What arcane skill is that?!”

“Why's it so strange!”

A gasp descended from the stands.

Because this monster condensed from arcane power was just like a mummy covered in bandages. The only thing left exposed with a single huge green eye.

Just like Radiant Goddess, this huge monster covered around Rinsban's body.

Rinsban's body proper should be at the center of this huge monster!

Almost no one in the stand had seen this skill, and almost no one in the stands knew what kind of characteristic the power of this skill would possess, but just then, in the center of the Radiant Goddess, Connie merely smiled.

“Radiant Goddess—Sacrifice!”

The Radiant Goddess around her suddenly ignited!


All the spectators erupted in astonishment in the stands. Rinsban's eyes suddenly shrank as well.

The burning Radiant Goddess actually carried Connie inside while it flew at Rinsban, the light shining from it even more blinding.

“Demonfire's Erosion!”

With a swift chant from Rinsban, the huge single-eyed monster around him shot a giant column of green fire.


But in that very instant, the burning Radiant Goddess directly detonated!

The whole burning Goddess exploded, just like a small sun!


In the stands, countless spectators yelled in alarm.

Even from very far away, they could still feel an acute burning pain on their skins.

A tremendous blast wave battered all the stands with crazed gusts of wind. Many people trembled fiercely from this blast.

“She actually...”

Inside the one-eyed demon, Rinsban was also overwhelmed with shock.

The one-eyed monster outside him was inside the dazzling light of the fire, so no one could clearly see from the stands, but he could distinctively see the one-eyed monster around him crumble layer by layer!

The monster was a total wreck simply one second later. Overwhelmed by horror, he was burned by the fire without opposing any resistance!


He yelled uncontrollably in pain.

As the bright fire quickly vanished, some spectators in the stands started seeing the flames burning Rinsban while he shouted in pain. At the same time, there was a figure seemingly oozing flames falling down from the sky.

And at the same time, two medical teams had already rushed into the field.

One of those medical masters had already passed through the bright flames and appeared below that falling figure.

“Did she... directly... detonate herself? Did she use a method like that to attack her opponent?”

“Directly detonate the Radiant Goddess in one go! Connie was in the middle of the explosion as well, and she didn't even have the one-eyed monster as a shield around her... Isn't she wounded even more heavily than her opponent?!”

“From the very start, she'd been planning on fighting to the bitter end with a method like that, and take down her opponent together with her.”

“Such a powerful explosion... She herself might well have died from it! This is a genuine fight with lives on the line!”

Many people started to come to this realization. Many people in the stands instantly started to tremble in spite of themselves.

“To self-detonate and gamble your life away... Now that she's burned Rinsban, can he still continue fighting?”

“If Rinsban can't continue fighting either, then doesn't that mean the score is four-two?!”

“Rinsban didn't even have the opportunity to show off this strange skill of his!”

Amidst the chaotic voices in the stands, everyone in team Holy Dawn had a grave expression on their faces.

Compared to the question of whether Rinsban could keep fighting, each of them was more worried about Connie's safety.

“Hedi... Connie... you guys...”

His face pale-white, Rinloran couldn't stop his hands from shaking either.

All the flames finally vanished. Connie was already being treated by a medical team while being carried away in a hurry.

Meanwhile, trembling from head to toe, obviously suffering from extreme pain, Rinsban's body was covered in frightening bloody blisters.

“Can he still continue the fight?”

Just when this thought flashed through the minds of many spectators, Rinsyi's cold voice suddenly rang: “Come back.”

“What's going on?”

The atmosphere in the stands suddenly froze.

Many people far away hadn't heard Rinsyi's voice, but they saw Rinsyi slowly making his way forward as Rinsban gestured he gave up and started receiving treatment from the medical team.

Chris' breath suddenly caught in her throat.

In the stands, Ivan, Charlotte, Wilde and the others also turned cold. “The last fighter for team Golden Stag... is actually Rinsyi?!”


“Wasn't team Golden Stag's fighting lineup an all-substitute lineup?!”

“Rinsyi himself is ultimately guarding the rear in this match?”

After the initial freeze of surprise, many people started coming back to their senses; exclamations rose from the stands like a tsunami.

“Rinsyi against Haruna!”

As he declared the two fighters for this match, Kleis' voice confirmed everyone's guess!

Rinsyi himself was the last fighter for Golden Stag Academy!

“Why did you come out? It's already four-two, why are you trying to look good now?! Go back go back! Be a good boy and go back! You're just going to embarrass yourself by stepping out now! You aren't as handsome as me anyway!”

Stingham was still shouting like that when Rinsyi came out, but when he heard Kleis' voice, he blinked become finally realizing. He suddenly became indignant.

“Rinsyi, you despicable petty man, a man who doesn't keep his word! Weren't you using an all-substitute lineup?! Why are you coming out yourself now!”

Rinsyi would never have deigned to reply to Stingham's insults in ordinary times. But he turned back now and said with a cold smile, his voice full of ridicule, “When did I ever agree to the nonsense of sticking to an all-substitute lineup? From the very beginning, you were the ones who wanted to take unfair advantage of us... Don't tell me, you teams from St. Lauren don't have the courage to face the opponent's main fighters? Is the only thing you think of to win with unfair advantages?”

“If underhanded wins is the only thing you can do, then there wasn't any need to come to the national tournament to begin with.”

After a pause, Rinsyi turned around and looked at Helena coming into the field, looked at every member of team Agate Lake, and taunted, “Did you think you could gain victory just like that? Too bad, that was just wishful thinking!”

Everyone in team Agate Lake was already shaking in anger after his first words. By his final words, many people in team Agate Lake were clenching their teeth so hard the grinding was audible.

“This Rinsyi is really crossing the line! No matter what, Agate Lake Academy's performance is already enough to gain everyone's respect. This guy's actually still saying something like that!”

“This guy's really too detestable.”

Many people in the stands couldn't stop themselves from swearing.

“There's no use. People from Clan Baratheon are all innately loathsome. All of them are freaks, they antagonize people to force themselves to become stronger. They even believe that the hatred of their enemies is the proof of their success,” some people quietly whispered amidst the swearing.

“You won't even have the opportunity to do anything.”

Facing Helena, the third fighter on the opposite team, Rinsyi said, his tone cold and indifferent, “The best for you would be to give up and withdraw right now. This is my word of advice to you, out of consideration for a girl.”

Facing the pressure from an opponent of Rinsyi's level, the indignant Helena's face was entirely bloodless. Yet, she merely looked at him, clenched her teeth, and said with extraordinary resolve, “Don't you forget, everyone in our team is a girl, and we're already leading you four-two. I don't care what kind of existence you are... Even if consuming a little of your arcane particles is the only thing I can do, I'll still fight with everything I have.”

“Since that's the case, be prepared to pay a painful price,” Rinsyi said with a cold and indifferent voice. He gestured at Kleis he was ready.

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