Chapter 183: A fight soaked in blood!

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 183: A fight soaked in blood!

Agate Lake Academy fought Golden Stag Academy to two-nil!

After the huge shock, the spectators in the stands became completely excited.

The score was two-nil, while Nikita and Sophia, the two strongest persons in Agate Lake Academy, hadn't even made their appearance yet.

Five against the remaining three, while Golden Stag Academy also seemed to be fielding substitutes only.

In that case, this match was no longer a match with a foregone conclusion, but a truly suspenseful match.

“Well done! Agate Lake Academy, you're doing good!”

At this time, the most excited was team Hawkmoon.

If Agate Lake Academy were truly to eliminate Golden Stag Academy, then the greatest winner would be team Hawkmoon!

“Leo against Hedi!”

“It's really another substitute! Is Golden Stag Academy really going to field an all-substitute lineup? It's going to be dangerous for them now!”

“That Pires, he fought pretty well last time anyway, but now he doesn't even have the chance to come on stage because his performance wasn't satisfying enough?”

Kleis' voice sent the stands into another uproar.

The third contestant representing Golden Stag Academy was still a substitute!

“There's no weakling in golden Stag Academy, so you're definitely formidable, but I'll still fight to the bitter end!”

In the field, Hedi knew the real fight was starting now. She took a deep breath; her blood seemed to be completely boiling.

Before the start of the tournament, almost every powerful team looked down on the two teams coming out of St. Lauren.

To the point that for almost everyone, St. Lauren was a synonym for weakness.

But now, the attitude of the spectators in the stands had changed. It made her feel, made everyone from St. Lauren feel that St. Lauren's honor was being restored bit by bit.

“Maybe you think it's an opportunity to qualify?”

Leo was a very ordinary-looking bond boy with some discernible scars on his face. After taking his position in front of Hedi, he suddenly said with a sneer, “Too bad, no matter what happens, it's entirely impossible for your team to achieve victory in this match.”

“No wonder Ayrin and the others loathe your team so much. Even a substitute is as egotistical as Rinsyi and looks down on everybody.” Hedi looked at him and said in a cold voice, her manners neither meek nor overbearing, “If you're not the strongest arcane master on the continent, then you're merely a bit stronger than others. What's there to be proud of?”

Leo's face froze. He didn't say anything further and merely signaled at Kleis he was ready.

“Bring it on!”

Just like Ayrin, Hedi shouted in a voice brimming with fighting spirit.

The fight instantly began.

Heid had no idea what kind of arcane skills her opponent used, so she immediately launched a forceful attack.

The instant she stretched her hands, many transparent raindrops fell from the sky along with whistling gusts of wind.


“What's that!”

“What kind of arcane skill doesn't even emit the slightest undulation of arcane particles?!”

Exclamations suddenly exploded from the stands like a tsunami.

Without any sign, a green vine with huge devilish pink flowers on it suddenly grew below Hedi, instantly binding her!

On the vine, countless sharp tooth-like green sawtooths were growing!

“This Golden Stag substitute actually mastered a silent-invocation taboo skill just like Ivan!” In the stands, Charlotte's face suddenly paled.

Ivan's face also became very unsightly.

Leon's skill was clearly the same type of skill as his most powerful one, “Ghost Word—Touch of Death.” Though the power seemed worse, there wasn't much difference between Leo's casting speed and his.

That meant that this Leo's level was almost the same as his when it came to arcane particles, even though he was a mere substitute on team Golden Stag!

“Hedi should be an arcane master with only two arcane gates, while this Golden Stag substitute should be a three-gate arcane master, and he's probably opened his third gate a long time ago already!”

They'd acted at the same time, yet Hedi's skill was only half-complete when Leo's arcane skill had entirely taken shape already. This difference in their skill-invocation speed made almost everyone in the stands immediately realize the difference between the levels of their arcane particles.

Ordinary participants in the tournament were all at the level of two gates. Only celebrity fighters of their teams would have three or four open gates.

A substitute possessing this kind of strength, there was really no other way to describe it other than freakish.

“What's Hedi doing?”

“Is she actually disregarding her own safety?”

In everyone's opinion, Hedi's only possibility of continuing the fight was to use some secret skill to struggle free of the binding from Leo's fearsome vine.

At this moment, on this vine with devilish pink flowers on it, the green sawtooths growing on the surface had already sunk through Hedi's skin and torn trails of blood.

But what made many people in the stands stop breathing was, Hedi still maintained her posture; n matter how much these sawtooths bit into her, she still didn't interrupt the arcane skill she was invoking.

With a tremendous boom, a transparent water giant took shape in front of Leo and struck a vicious punch at him.

“Do you really want to die? If so, I'll fulfill your wish!”

Facing the huge fist smashing his way, a genuine, eerie intent to kill sudden emerged in Leo's eyes.

“Crazed Lightning Dragon-Snake!”

He threw himself backward while countless bolts of lightning suddenly erupted in front of him. A huge double-headed lightning dragon-snake towered in front of him like a huge pillar.


Its punch striking empty air, the water giant immediately turned into outrageously huge waves that crashed ruthlessly toward Leo.

The double-headed dragon-snake spit dazzling thunderballs nonstop from its mouth.

These thunderballs constantly battered the huge waves and, against expectations, split them from the middle. Leo stood behind this double-headed dragon-snake, right in the middle of this split. Not even his clothes were touched by the water.

The vine with its pink flowers never stopped constricting. Blood spurted from Hedi.

“She's not admitting defeat yet?”

“What's Hedi trying to do?”

Wave after wave of astonishment were now constantly coming from the spectators in the stands. The girls in Agate Lake Academy covered their mouths and couldn't hold back their shivers anymore. At the same time, two assistant referees couldn't stay still anymore and had already rushed there, ready to interrupt the match.

Yet, Hedi didn't even utter a single moan of pain. Arcane particles once again gushed from her hands!

With a tremendous “Boom,” the huge crashed waves suddenly rose once again and shaped back into a water giant behind Leo.

This time, huge waves were still crashing in front of Leo, while a water giant stood up behind him, trapping him in a pincer attack!

Flabbergasted, Leo suddenly yelled, “What?!”

He could only turn around, and, as soon as arcane particles madly sprayed from his hands, the water giant's heavy punch had already landed down.


Even with the many arcane particles acting as a barrier, his whole person still flew backward from the giant's strength and crashed on the crashing waves behind him.


He screamed in pain; his vision went black. His arms, as well as his back, were hurting as though they'd cracked open. His body fell to the ground along with the waves, drenched from head to toe.

Bound by the vine and its devilish sawtooths, Hedi's face had already become utterly pale, but her lips still curved into a faint smile just then.

“The match is over! Leo wins!” Kleis bellowed, interrupting the match.

Though Leo had just fallen on the ground and hadn't stood up yet, Hedi had already reached her limits. Any further delay and she would be directly bitten to death by this vine's sawtooths!

An assistant referee stretched his hand and, with a shake, shot several silver rays of light streaking by. The sawtooth vine around Hedi completely disintegrated.

But Hedi couldn't stay on her feet anymore. She toppled over, her body badly mangled.

Immediately, a medical team started tense emergency treatment on the already unconscious Hedi.

“Did Ayrin infect Agate Lake Academy as well?... She actually kept fighting even in such circumstances...” In the stands, Wilde and the other muscleheads from Iron Forest Academy were all in a daze, an unspeakable emotion filling their chests.

“Well done, worthy of a team representing our city!” Ivan slowly said with a deep breath.

“Don't cry, raise your heads!”

In team Agate Lake, with a deep and low voice, Sophia was chiding the members of the team. Almost all of them had red eyes already.

“I'm the one who've known Hedi for the longest... But before today, I never imagined Hedi had such resolve and such will to fight. I'm proud of her, that's why I won't cry.”

“Right now... I only want to fight like she did!” She clenched her teeth and looked at Hedi being carried away from the field by the medical team, punctuating every word.

“Fight! For victory! For honor!”

Fighting second for Agate Lake Academy, Connie clenched her fists tight, made a solemn vow with a few words, then went up the field in great strides!


At this time, drenched all over, still a little frightened and confused, Leo struggled to stand up, swaying on his feet.

Facing an opponent with one less open gate than him, he'd not only consumed many arcane particles, he'd even received quite considerable wounds. Not only the pride he had at the start of the fight had now vanished like smoke, Leo was even worried whether he would still have an opportunity to represent Golden Stag now that Rinsyi witnessed his performance today.

“Leo against Connie, begin!”

In the increasingly tenser atmosphere, Kleis voice once again rang in the field and proclaimed the start of the fight.


The instant the fight began, the same strange vine grew below Connie and coiled around her.

When it came to the speed of his skill invocation, Leo still had an absolute advantage.

But this time, Leo's face became even paler. His hands even started shaking despite himself.

“Radiant Goddess!”

Because Connie wasn't paying attention to his vine either. She still didn't interrupt her skill invocation.

While the sawtooths growing on the vine lacerated countless wounds on Connie, the giant Radiant Goddess suddenly appeared as well.


A blazing beam of light shot his way.

The slightest fraction of a second of delay caused him to be too late to protect himself.


The blazing beam of light suddenly covered him in bloody bubbles. With a miserable yell, he toppled over.

The blazing light started burning the vine around Connie and turning into ashes.

Blood was still flowing from her wounds, yet she clenched her teeth tight and didn't make any pained noise despite that. She stood there, steady on her feet!

Agate Lake Academy three, Golden Stag Academy one.

The entire arena suddenly fell into a strange silence!

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