Chapter 182: Two-nil!

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 182: Two-nil!

Tall and skinny, his arms and legs seeming particularly long, Gezny looked cooly at the black-haired Hedi making her way into the field. His captain Rinsyi's words still rang in his ears. “You guys should have seen how these guys from St. Lauren provoked us. That's why your answer should be to give them even more pain and regrets. You have to understand that you can't show the slightest mercy when you face an enemy.”

“Don't blame me. If you want to blame someone, then blame yourselves for becoming our enemies.” Gezny lightly shook his head and gestured at Kleis he was ready.

“What a pity, such a pretty girl, but soon she might well be killed or maybe ruined.” Standing with team Golden Stage beside the field, Megan, the flirtatious girl nicknamed the “Black Widow Huntress,” covered her smile with her hand. “It seems a little too cruel.”

“Megan, could you please stop with your constant ironic comments? They give me goosebumps.” Beside her, the cold-faced Hill suddenly frowned. “When are you going to remove the skeleton decorations in your room? Maybe a boy will be brave enough to hang out with you then.”

“But those are spoils of war that showcase an arcane master's glory. Don't you think they're fascinating?” The flirtatious Megan was all smiles again.

Several members of team Golden Stag all mumbled to themselves, but no one said anything further out loud. They merely looked at the field.

Taking to the field in first place for Agate Lake Academy, Hedi had already gestured at Kleis she was ready.


With a bellow, Kleis abruptly lowered the flag he held in his hand and declared the start of the match.

“It's that move again!”

“That said, this move is truly strange!”

“Bloodshifters will be Bloodshifters. He can entirely turn into blood, what a truly bizarre skill.”

Just as everyone expected, red light instantly shone from Gezny's entire person. His whole body swiftly turned into a puddle of blood.

Red blood also oozed on the ground at Hedi's feet.

“Why isn't that Agate Lake girl moving at all? Don't tell me she got scared on the spot?”

“Why isn't she even using any skill?”

“What's going on?”

A scarlet hand was already rising from the blood near Hedi, but Hedi still wasn't moving at all, causing a messy brouhaha of exclamations and comments from the stands.

“Ayrin was really correct! This skill really puts on a dramatic bloody show to divert the attention, while it allows the real body to approach furtively with a sort of light-bending effect, so that he can spring a surprise attack!”

At this time, Hedi was both nervous and excited at the same time.

No one had noticed the faint green light glinting in her eyes.

She could clearly see the hidden Gezny slinking without a trace five meters behind.

Gezny's legs suddenly shook, as if many arcane particles was going to spray from his feet.


However, with a great silent shout to herself, the arcane particles stored at the bottom of her feet suddenly sprayed outside in this very instant.


A wave of exclamations suddenly ran through the stands.

Every spectator saw a blade of dark-green water grass suddenly grow five meters behind Hedi, carry with it splashes of water, while Gezny's figure suddenly appeared wrapped inside the water grass, bound by that giant grass blade.

“It was really like this!”

“Hedi, well fought!”

Team Agate Lake, after being stifled by the pressure, unable to breathe, suddenly erupted in a massive cheer.

The mocking smile always floating on Rinsyi's lips suddenly froze.

“She actually saw through it?” The flirty Megan also exclaimed, her eyes wide in shock.

“Impossible! Why did this happen!”

Gezny shrieked, seemingly out of control, his entire body cracking under the binding of the dripping water grass.


Almost subconsciously, arcane particles gushed from his hands and became small blue blade-like lights, cutting the water grass that was binding even his face.

“Water Bullets Curtain!”

But Hedi had already turned around while he was momentarily slowed down. She stretched her hands; blue water balls the size of a fist formed a water curtain that crashed his way.

“Bang bang bang bang...”

At least several dozen water balls instantly smashed Gezny.

These extremely condensed balls of water carried a mighty force. The power in each of them was about the same as a ball of steel flying through the air.


Hearing many sounds of breaking bones coming from himself, Gezny merely made a mournful shriek, and, before any other thought could come to his mind, he directly crashed away more than a dozen meters away before fainting.

“She won?”

“Did she win just like that?”

“He was beaten up so miserably by Hedi without even looking like he could fight back?”

This was definitely something out everyone's expectations. Almost every spectators froze in the stands. Even those from Holy Dawn Academy had no idea it was Ayrin who wrote Sophia a letter and told her the secret of this skill, so Chris and Moss and the others were also struck silly. They had a little trouble believing it could be true.

“Gezny's skill is a secret skill that has never been spread outside, why did she immediately see through it?”

“This girl from Agate Lake Academy clearly used a counter skill. What the hell is going on?”

Hill, the cold-faced boy in Golden Stag, now had an extremely unsightly face.

“One nil... Agate Lake Academy actually took the lead straight away without messing around?”

Just when many spectators in the stands hadn't yet come back to their senses, Stingham's wild laughter already rose in the stands. “Hahahahaha. Now you're feeling the sting, aren't you? Let's see you use substitutes! Golden Stag Academy, don't regret it now, keep using substitutes, don't switch the main fighters in, alright?”

“...” Everyone else in team Holy Dawn covered their faces and shifted away from him. This Stingham guy was really too embarrassing. After handing over the fighting order, you couldn't change the fighting members or the fighting order. This was something even an idiot knew, but Stingham was still shouting these things at a time like this.

“Golden Stag Academy against Agate Lake Academy, second fight, Oeness against Hedi!”

“It's Devil Bat Oeness! It's really another substitute.”

When Kleis' voice rose in the field, the spectators in the stands saw that the second fighter to come out for Golden Stag was precisely Oeness, the one who'd ultimately cleaned up the rest of team Snow Wolf back during their match against Golden Stag.

After that match, Oeness and his extremely strange black bat skill had also become a celebrity-level contestant.

“It's that guy!”

“If he's really going to use that skill, then it's going to be two nil!”

Right at the same time, a girl in team Agate Lake was almost dizzy, feeling as though a huge happiness suddenly struck her.

“Begin then!”

The gloomy-faced Oeness gestured at Kleis he was done with his preparations.

In his opinion, Gezny really had no choice but to lose after the opponent saw through the secret of his skill and sprang a surprise attack on him. However, the true secret of the skill he was most expert in hadn't been displayed at all in the previous fights, so it was simply impossible for the opponent to beat him.

“What a confident expression. Too bad Ayrin already told us all the secrets of your skill!”

With a cold smile on her lips, Hedi looked at Oeness and gestured at Kleis she was ready.

The fight instantly started!

“Swish!” “Swish!” “Swish!”...

Without trying to conceal his movements, Oeness put his hands in a posture like he was holding an imaginary ball. His ten fingers kept twitching; black bats half the size of a palm-shaped a black flood that gushed at Hedi, whistling through the air.

Hedi didn't wait this time. With a quiet shout, she stretched her hands at the sky above. Like a fountain, dazzling arcane particles sprayed toward the sky, then countless transparent raindrops fell down.

“It's useless!” Oeness said with a sneer.

The raindrops also stuck to the surface of the black bats. The only thing they seemed able to achieve was to slightly deviate the course of their flight.

With a cold smile, Oeness was about to increase his output of arcane particles so that the following black bats would have an entirely different impact.

However, a tremendous collective gasp came from the stands just then. Oeness' breath suddenly stopped, his courage chilled.

All the falling raindrops actually came together on the ground and transformed into a huge water giant!

The black bats stuck to the raindrops were attracted toward it, as though a black flexible armor was taking shape on the surface of the water giant!

A tremendous “Boom.”

The almost four meters-tall water giant struck a punch at Oeness.


Oeness' face became sinister then. With a loud bellow, his arcane particles gushed out of him suddenly twice faster. The black bats flying out in front of him suddenly became different.

“Puff puff puff puff...”

Several dozen black bats immediately penetrated straight inside this huge water giant stranding front of him, then continued their charge at Hedi.

“This skill can even vary its power!”

The spectators in the stands once again exclaimed in surprise and astonishment.

“Just like he said!”

Hedi's eyes flashed then, however. She was already ready for it. Her body shot away more than a dozen meters away in the air, carried by a water wave.


At the same time, after having several dozen holes pierced through it, the water giant directly crumbled and turned into a huge wave, immediately crashing ruthlessly on Oeness!

“She actually... seems to know the variations of my skill like the back of her hand?!”

Oeness' mind went entirely blank just then.


The next second, he felt as though a huge hard wall had crashed on and crushed his entire person. He couldn't even breath, his discomfort unspeakable.

The huge wave smacked him away in the air.

“Water Bullets Curtain!”

Seizing this opportunity, Hedi stretched out her hands exactly as she'd done against Gezny, and shot blue water balls the size of a fist that crashed on Oenoess.


Oeness let out a miserable shout, just like Gezny had. Many bones immediately fractured under the blows, making him faint.

“Hiss...” A tremendous collective gasp came from the stands.


“Agate Lake Academy is actually leading Golden Stag two nil!”

Many members of teams participating in the tournament looked at each other.

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