Chapter 178: The raging roar of victory

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 178: The raging roar of victory

“Captain! Captain, wake up!”

Team Rapier was in chaos.

After experiencing a cruel match, Aloix and Andariel had truly been the only two left out of the five members of the main roster. Now that the opponent had smacked both of them unconscious without any nonsense, the three substitutes left were even wondering whether there was any need to continue the match.

“In the previous match, wasn't this guy clearly trash that could only take hits?”

“Was he hiding his strength?”

“What the hell, what kind of team is Holy Dawn Academy, every one of them is so strange!”

“Haha, everyone in Holy Dawn Academy stands out so much, they're so interesting!”

All sorts of moods ran through the spectators, but most of them felt they hadn't come to watch the match in vain.

“With your arcane levels, it's impossible to face him with raw strength. There are two ways for you guys now. One, keep running as fast as you can and always avoid facing him head-on, consume his arcane particles. Multi-Sizing of this sort needs to consume arcane particles. The other way is to strike him while he sails through the air, as much as you can. When he shrinks, his defensive power is the same as yours. As long as an arcane skill hits him dead on, it'll cause him serious damage.”

After talking among themselves, team Rapier came to the conclusion they had to complete the match no matter what. The teacher in charge of the team quickly offered a couple proposals aimed to counter Moss. Then, their third fighter Priau went into the field and to his spot in front of Moss.

“No matter what happens, I have to consume as many of his arcane particles as I can!”

Looking at Moss in front of him, Priau gnashed his teeth and encouraged himself while gesturing he was ready.

Team Rapier was now just like team Sea God when they had been facing team Dragon Breath back then. Their goal was merely to defeat their opponent's first fighter.

“If I can beat the entire team by myself, then the news of this victory will definitely make mom proud when it goes back to St. Lauren, won't it?” Moss took a deep breath then. At this moment, an unprecedented will for war ignited in his chest.


“Bring it!”

Moss roared once more when Kleis' voice fell.


Without paying any attention to Moss, Priau started moving nonstop at his highest speed.


Only after desperately moving a while and consuming quite a bit of arcane particles did this Rapier Academy substitute notice something wrong with the reactions in the stands. He realized then Moss wasn't moving at all.

After his roar, Moss had merely pretended he was about to jump, then he hadn't done anything afterward.

Dead ashamed, Priau subconsciously stopped.

His opponent hadn't been moving at all while he desperately ran a while and consumed quite a few arcane particles.

If his opponent didn't move, then of course he couldn't keep running like this.

“Here I come!”

With another roar just then, Moss seemed to be pushing violently on his legs.


Priau's figure suddenly became a dozen flowing blurs again.


But what made his vision go black was, Moss was still just faking it. He wasn't charging at him at all.

“How treacherous, how wretched. A giant like that is actually fighting in such a sinister way.”

Many spectators looked at each other in the stands.

“Oh no!”

At the same time, Moss hugged his belly and crouched on the ground as though he was seized by a sudden bellyache.

“He's trying to confuse me!”

As though his ass had suddenly caught on fire, Priau's speed increased even further.

He thought Moss was definitely feinting before launching a sudden attack.

But the crouched Moss suddenly patted his hands and stood up without doing anything.


Priau's face was even about to twitch.

However, Moss leaped all of a sudden without the slightest warning just them.

Priau's eyes widened. He subconsciously outputted as much arcane particles as he could.

But what made the spectators in the stands almost faint was, Moss merely hopped in place and said with a hearty laugh, “Don't panic. I just stood still for too long, so I'm hopping here a bit.”

It was after all the first time for Priau to represent Rapier Academy in the national tournament, so he completely crumbled and couldn't hold back his shout: “I just want to have a proper match! Please, just fight properly!”

“Alright!” Moss replied.

In the same instant, something whistled through the air.

His body had already shot explosively in front of the collapsing Priau. With a boom, he smashed Priau away with one punch.

Everyone on team Rapier suddenly twitched.

“This red-haired kid knew he had to give his all before, but he previously didn't have much confidence in himself,” Dragon Breath's captain Morgan couldn't resist saying in a quiet voice in the stands. “But ever since the start of this match, his confidence had been on a whole new level. Now his way of fighting really resembles Ayrin's style a little. Multi-faceted and unpredictable. Any carelessness could see you defeated even if your arcane level is stronger than his.”

“I'm already looking forward to the match between them and Silver Trout.” Audrey's eyes swept through Chris, Belo, Stingham, and the others standing beside the field. “Right now, these people seem absolutely confident they can sweep through Silver Trout even without Ayrin.”

“Rapier Academy isn't giving up yet, but this red-haired kid's condition seems better and better. I think there's no hope for Rapier Academy of winning the next two fights. How amazing, Holy Dawn Academy is going to five nil Rapier Academy.” Morgan exhaled, his eyes brimming with a wise light. “That being said, they're already letting this red-haired kid loose in this match. I think Holy Dawn Academy still has other hidden aces up their sleeve.”

Meanwhile, Ludlig, the fourth fighter for Rapier Academy, had already taken his place in the field.

“I jump, I jump jump jump!”

Throughout the entire arena, what made the spectators speechless was, when Kleis declared the start of the fight, Moss immediately started hopping left and right in his original spot.

And each time he jumped, Ludlig sweat even more cold sweat in front of him because of his extreme nervousness.


Moss genuinely jumped all of a sudden, fiercely whistling through the air.

Ludlig had been keeping a close eye on the slightest change in Moss' muscles. He moved at the same time and quickly shifted to the side, wrapped amidst wild gusts of wind.

Moss's figure suddenly enlarged in the middle of the air, then swiftly fell to the ground.

Everyone thought he would immediately change direction and catapult himself forward again, but what no one imagined was, two balls of light shone on his hands before his feet even touched the ground.

“Stone Throw!”

Two huge white blocks of rock salt smashed with incomparable accuracy on a Ludlig who was still observing his every movement with all his attention.


Ludlig shouted in pain, directly sent flying away.


Shock ran through the spectators in the entire venue.

Inside the field, his hands still covered in a white layer of powdered salt, Moss actually roared with utter haughtiness, “What, did you think I can only jump and can't launch arcane skills?”

“Rock Salt Throw, that's a clan skill handed down in House Quinn.”

“It's also a skill giants commonly used before.”

“They say that during the era of the War of the Dragons, when many giants used this skill at the same time, even if the rock salts they smash can't directly crush the opponent dead, it can still bury them in salt and salt them to death.”

“That's right, we only knew he could jump and crash into people, send them flying, but jumping or hitting all use physical strength. He hadn't used arcane skills yet previously.”

The stands were in an uproar. Many people became aware they'd forgotten the fact that, no matter how big Moss's frame became, he was still an arcane master who could launch arcane skills.

“The catapulting and smashing of his body proper are already equivalent to arcane skills to begin with, and he can launch arcane skill at the same time as well. That's the most powerful thing about giant bloodlines. How do you even win against something like that?”

Barkley, the fifth contestant for Rapier Academy, had already braced himself and walked into the field, but there wasn't any confidence left in him anymore.

“Let me win frank and straight up this time!”

Moss remembered Ayrin then. “You can't make fun of me anymore now, can you?”

“Bring it!”

The instant Kleis declared the start of the fight, he issued a wild roar and, without going for any feint this time, directly jumped instead.


Everyone noticed that he didn't immediately shrink his body after jumping in the air, but still maintained his huge frame.

“Puff!” “Puff!”

First, two salt rocks half the size of a normal man viciously shot in Barkley's direction.

After firing these two rock salts, he suddenly shrank and enlarged then shrank then enlarged several times in the space of an instant, causing the speed and direction of his advance to be totally unreadable.


Barkley evaded the two rock salts, but he was already confused by Moss's transformations. Moss directly struck him with a punch, and, just like the four other teammates before him, sent him smashing away in the air.

“Moss' confidence and condition are really getting better as time goes on. If he keeps at it, he'll probably be very strong by the time the national tournament ends.”

Looking at Barkley sailing high in the air, Audrey couldn't hold back this thought.

In the center of the field, Moss lifted his hands high after sending Rapier Academy's final fighter high in the air in one punch, and madly roared again.

“This is my Variable-Speed Flesh Cannonball!”

“We won!”

Carrying a strange power, his roar was exceptionally bestirring.

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