Chapter 177: Moss' progress

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 177: Moss' progress

“The match is starting soon, please hand over your fighting lineup and then get ready!”

“Holy Dawn Academy against Rapier Academy, Moss against Aloix.”

“That red-haired kid is the first one to fight for Holy Dawn Academy again.”

“Last time against Mountain Kings Academy, the only thing this red-haired kid did was basically to take hits. Why does Holy Dawn Academy keep sending him as the vanguard?”

Although Ayrin couldn't recover from his wounds and return to team Holy Dawn, this team ranked as a weeds-level team still had given everyone a very strange feeling. Moreover, in the middle of the Evil Dragon followers' turmoil, the focal point of their teams' offensive inside the contestant village was precisely team Holy Dawn. For that reason, on this second day after the national tournament resumed, team Holy Dawn still garnered everyone's attention.

“Do your best!”

Chris and the others all cheered for Moss as he took to the field, encouraging him.

“Haha, I think you better not go on stage, or else you might be embarrassed. That said, I'm not really interested in a team like Rapier Academy either. I have to wait until the next match against Silver Trout to stun the world with my prowess.” Stingham was the only one laughing his head off, his hands stuck on his hips, lost in his own world.

“Stingham, this moron. I wonder how much progress he's made since we left St. Lauren.”

“My body still feels like it's being bitten.”

Moss took a deep breath after silently swearing at Stingham, but then he still couldn't help but rub himself. Then he took another deep breath and firmly said in his mind, “I must win at all cost... Mom, you must not like hearing your son's an idiot who can only take blows...”

“What's that guy doing? Why's he touching himself now?”

“Haha, look how stupid he looks...”

Mocking laughs came from the stands just then.

“Very good... Let's see you jeer even harder.”

Already inside the field, Moss suddenly turned around and directly roared his swearing at the stands from where the loudest mocking laughs came from: “You bunch of useless trash. You can't even stand on the field, you still have the guts to mock me? Did your moms never teach you good manners?”


After an abrupt silence, the crowd in the stands erupted the next second, as though they'd woken up from a dream, flinging insults on top of their lungs.

“You actually have the balls to call us trash?”

“You have the balls to act so wild when all you can do is to take hits? Just stop making a spectacle of yourself!”

“Hurry up and get lost. He even said we don't know good manners. I wonder how your mother taught you! Send our greetings to your mother!”

On the field, Moss gave as good as he got. “Come here if you're so amazing, let's see if I won't flatten you like flat cakes.”

“You, you, and also you, if you have the balls, then jump down here.”

“...” Even one of the assistant referee couldn't keep watching anymore. He came forward and warned Moss, “The participants shouldn't swear at the spectators, otherwise they'll lose their rights to participate in the tournament.”

“Alright, I'll stop swearing.” Moss immediately shut his mouth, but what made the referee helpless was, Moss still made a contemptuous gesture at those people in the crowd.

“Moss looks different from before.” Though they didn't know what kind of secret training Moss had gone through in the past few days, Chris and the others still couldn't help but mumble in surprise at Moss's attitude.

“It must be because that buzzkill freak Ayrin isn't here anymore!” Stingham let out a strange laugh. “Without Ayrin, everyone will be in better condition! We might as well directly kick him out of the team.”

No one paid attention to him.

Moss, as well as Aloix, the first one to fight for Rapier Academy, had already taken their places.

Just when Kleis asked the two contestants whether they were ready, Moss's frame suddenly inflated twice in succession at an astounding speed. Fire patterns immediately appeared on the surface of his skin.

“He can already use the double transformation of Multi-Sizing and Fury at will now?”

In the stands, Ivan and Charlotte and the others were astonished when they saw Moss' changes. “Moss also progressed so lightning-fast?”

“Is there any use to becoming bigger!”

“Bastard! Rapier Academy, knock out this moving human mountain!”


With insults coming down the stands, the first fight between Holy Dawn Academy and Rapier Academy started.

“Here I come!”

Moss directly ushered an earth-shaking roar after becoming something like a monster built from a pile of flaming rocks. His two legs hammered the ground like two huge driving piles. His entire person immediately shot in the air.

“What are you jumping for. Do you think you can leap that far away?”

“You really get dumber the bigger you are. He's jumping here and there from so far away while he's so heavy, he's going to be living target in the air.”

Looking at Moss about to take off, another round of insults fell from the stands.


But the next instant, almost all the spectators shouted in surprised and stood up from their seats in spite of themselves.

The instant Moss' feet left the ground, his enormous figure suddenly shrank and returned to its original appearance.

His entire body flew away at a speed difficult to imagine, just like a cannonball fired from a coil spring magic cannon from the Era of the War of the Dragons!

There was more than forty meter between him and Aloix, the first fighter for Rapier Academy. However, his figure appeared in front of Alex in a flash.

And because of his sudden shrinking, the silver-white beam of light Aloix had fired failed to hit the mark and brushed past him.


Aloix was pale-skinned to begin with. In this instant, his face became even whiter.

“Cross Shield!”

Sensing he was far too late to dodge, he invoked a bright cross-shaped silver-white light in front of him.


But just then, even louder cries of astonishment rose from the stands, like turbulent waves on a stormy sea.

Moss' figure instantly enlarged in front of him.


He couldn't hold back a miserable shout of terror.


The moving-hill-like Moss crashed on him, even smashed the cross-shaped silver light against him, directly crushing him unconscious and smacking him away outside the field.

“What kind of strategy is that?”

“This guy, he suddenly becomes big, then becomes small, then becomes big again...”

In the stands, the spectators most enthusiastic about swearing at Moss were all struck thoroughly dumb now.


Stingham was about to shout at Moss to step down, but now he was choking on his own saliva.

“Did Moss becomes so powerful now?”

“He progressed this much?” Chris and the others also had a little trouble believing their eyes.

The scene just now... The opponent Aloix was clearly not a weakling, he should have been very strong when it came to his skill-launching speed as well, but he was directly smacked away.

“Stingham should be a bit more subdued now, shouldn't he?” Their gazes couldn't help but fall on Stingham.

However, Stingham stopped caring moments after choking on his own saliva. He tossed his hair once again: “Hmph, he still isn't as strong as me even like this. I'm the most handsome!”

“Let's hear you swear again. If you come down here, I'll definitely flatten you just the same!”

Moss shouted a few times at the stands in utter excitement after directly smacking his opponent unconscious in one blow. Then, he immediately asked referee Kleis standing not far away, “Referee, that shouldn't count as insulting the public, right?”

“This guy, he'd clearly needed the stimulation from his teammates' insults and beating to go into his dual-transformation mode back during the previous match. But in this fight, he can actually exercise this kind of control already. Carter, what kind of method did you use to motivate him and make him progress so fast?”

With a myriad of emotions on his face, Kleis glanced at Moss and then at Carter standing beside the field. Then he shook his head. “It's still best if you don't insult them.”

“Well done!”

While Kleis was looking at Carter with eyes charged with countless emotions, Carter couldn't hold back from clapping and brandishing his fist.

“What better way to motivate them than to make them realize what they want, what their dreams are, and then encourage them to chase after their dreams?”

He could somewhat read the expressions in Kleis' eyes, so he faintly smiled to himself and quietly said, “In fact, the only thing I did was to make them clearly see themselves.”

“Moss against Andariel!” Kleis said again.

“Andariel, that's Rapier Academy's captain. He actually stepping up as the second fighter already.”

“Oh right, Rapier Academy's main lineup is too severely wounded. They think they won't be able to win against Holy Dawn Academy, so they put their strong two fighters in front and are hoping the score won't look too ugly.”

“That kind of fighting order?”

Amidst chatters and comments, Moss stared tight at the tall boy standing in front of himself, brimming for the first time with a formidable confidence.

“Come then!”

The instant Kleis declared the start of the match, Moss let out another wild roar while his two legs, now incomparably thick after his dual transformation, once again hammered the ground.

“He's doing it again!”

In the stands, almost all the spectators couldn't help but widen their eyes. They saw Moss once again shrink the moment he jumped, shooting at Rapier's captain Andariel like a cannonball.


Andariel's figure suddenly vanished, then reappeared more than a dozen meters to the side. Arcane particles danced nonstop on his hands. On the spot he was formerly standing at, silver-white metallic thorns rose from the ground, like a sudden growth of bamboo shoots.

These metallic thorns all reached almost two meters. If Moss were to crash on them, then they'd tear many wounds on him even in his giant form.

“What a clever way to fight!”

Many people in the stands silently cheered when they saw the scene. “An immediate dodge and counterattack. Moss's bullet-like speed might be fearsome, but it's definitely impossible for him to change direction in the middle of the air.”


However, their faces all froze within a split second.

Because, before jumping too far away, Moss body enlarged once more. His heavy build crashed on the ground only a dozen meters from where he'd taken off.

The instant he landed, Moss leaped violently again in Andariel's direction.


Whistling through the air, he appeared in front of an Andariel who'd only completed his arcane skill mere moments ago.

Before Andariel could react, a quickly enlarging fist had already appeared in his vision.


The huge fist directly smashed him unconscious and sent him flying out of the field.


Many spectators' gazes were still trailing where Andariel had invoked a patch of metallic thorns.

Moss took back his fist with a proud face, waving his hands at the stands, saying, “It can change direction in the middle, that's the two-part jump I learned after a lot of hard training!”

“Falling into the Salamander Pit then jumping out again, the results of this training forced out of him are indeed pretty good.” Carter clapped strongly again with a smile.

“It's already two nil. Even the captain was knocked out. The opponent only has substitutes left now.” Chris and the others looked at each other, all of them wearing a proud, sly foxy expression.

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