Chapter 163: The fractured Holy Water Tower!

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 163: The fractured Holy Water Tower!


With Charlotte's chant, the silver metal fog suddenly shrank and once again condensed into a metallic avatar.

Lotton's right arm passed through the avatar's body, like it was confined by a huge silver lock.


Without any pause, Charlotte's soul war avatar landed a vicious punch on Lotton's head.

A puddle of blood appeared at Lotton's feet at the same time, but an Evil Flaming Eye suddenly soared behind him and exploded on his back with a rumbling “bang.”

Lotton suffered heavy strikes from both Charlotte and Ayrin at the same time.


However, what made Charlotte and Ayrin shout in disbelief was, Lotton merely shook for a second. His expression didn't even change at all.

He quickly pulled his arm away from the silver avatar's chest. Where the avatar had locked his arms, the metal was melting as burning from the heat.

Meanwhile, on the huge cylindrical water tower behind him, the mottled shadow that had been quickly enlarging on the stony surface shook tremendously at the same time, then disintegrated.

It was almost as if the shadow had been the one to withstand the power from Charlotte's and Ayrin's attacks.


Lotton pointed the tip of his foot at Charlotte's metallic avatar. It immediately shook and flew backward, definitely separating from Lotton's arm.

Ivan, Charlotte, Ayrin, and Joyce had launched arcane skills at the same time to attack Lotton, but Lotton hadn't suffered any harm!


Just then, the monster octopus Chirade had summoned had already gathered a huge wave of water and ruthlessly pounded the water tower with it.

The ground shook violently.

On the seemingly very hard surface of the water tower, several dozen cracks suddenly appeared where the monster octopus and the wave had struck.


Hisses came from the many cracks. White jets of water erupted from within.

These cracks seemed to be constantly widening. The spots where the attacks landed crumbled very quickly. Terrifying streams of water poured out from within.

“Ivan, Ayrin, you guys come help me handle Massay!” Charlotte shouted out loud just then.

The “Hell Vortex” whirled ferociously around Massay and battered Audrey nonstop. The strange yellow earth crashed together with ice and frost, continuously turning into fine powder, but the weird yellow earth kept growing at the same time.

“Why was even Siren Song totally useless on Lotton?!”

“Whale Strike!”

Joyce knew they'd reached the most dangerous juncture. Not paying mind to his own injuries, he squeezed out the arcane particles inside him in one go.

A blue water mist suddenly appeared. All the jets of water spraying from the water tower, as well as the water splashes previously fallen to the ground after Chirade launched his skill, all of it was sucked in and sealed, transforming into a huge blue whale ruthlessly charging at Chirade and Lotton.

“Ghost World Projection – Touch of Death!”

Ivan was aware Audrey was certainly trying to get rid of Massay first so she could be free to handle Lotton and stop the water tower from breaking. He launched his taboo skill once more, even though he'd already reached his limits after one invocation!


Blood fiercely sprayed from his mouth.

His body also softly fell backward.

But at the same time, a huge shadow hand welled up below Massay.

There was a tremendous “Boom.”

Both the huge shadow hand and the Hell Vortex around Massay shook, then disintegrated.


Massay screamed in pain under the huge impact.


Ayrin's charging figure appeared among the countless crumbling particles around Massay. He viciously pressed his left hand on Massay, a glacial aura forming in front of his left hand.


Arcane particles gushed from Massay's hand, but quite a lot of arcane particles seemed to have vanished when Ayrin reached him. Added to Ayrin's blood-red eyes and his crazed momentum, his heart started to tremble; he found himself unable to muster any reaction.


A huge, heavy white block of ice immediately pressed down on him.


Ayrin's right fist struck the white block of ice without any pause.


Massay screamed in misery. Countless icicles burst forth and stabbed through him, his entire body nailed on the Crown of Ice and Snow filling the air.

“Unlimited Freeze Barrier!”

The skin on Audrey's hands cracked open just then. Ice crystals pierced her cracked skin like dragon scales made of ice crystals.

An invisible but stunning chill struck forward in front of her. “Crack crack crack...” The columns of water belching from the fissures in the water tower quickly froze, layer by layer.

“She wants to use her skill to freeze all of that broken area.”

Falling down from the air, Ayrin immediately understood what Audrey was doing.


In the air, standing on the head of the summoned deep-sea monster, Chirade suddenly shouted out loud in horror.

He felt himself unable to contend with Audrey's power. Even the deep-sea monster at his feet was slowly turning snow-white, frozen bit by bit into chunks of ice.

However, Lotton actually shook his head then, and, looking at Audrey, said, “It's no use.”

A shadow rose on Audrey's back, like a huge monster made of shadows growing from Audrey's body.


Ayrin and Charlotte shouted at the same time.

They saw Audrey's face covered in fear. She was trembling from head to toe.

The continuously growing shadow seemed to be nibbling away at her power.


At this time, Lotton had already moved at an alarming speed and reached the tower behind.

He was still facing Ayrin and Audrey and the others, both his hands pressing on the already cracked surface.


A tremendous explosion rose in the air.

It was the blue whale Joyce had desperately summoned ruthlessly crashing on the half-frozen monster octopus.

This deep-sea monster immediately cracked under the impact. Countless sticky, inky liquid and blue waves of water fell from the air, seeming to cover the world.


Another explosion followed the first.

Lotton hadn't used any arcane skill, but when he pressed his hands on the water tower with an alarming strength, the whole water tower shook violently.

“Crack crack crack...”

The already existing fissures suddenly enlarged.

First came the spray of countless shattered gravels. The mad spray of water waves followed them, bigger broken stones mixed with these waves as they crashed down. Following that were bigger water columns spraying out ever faster.

“It's the end...”

At that moment, whether Ivan laying on the ground or Joyce standing on shaky feet, they all wore an expression of utter distress.

They were all determined to become battlemasters defending the kingdom, upholding the beliefs of arcane masters, defeating the enemies and disrupting their sinister plans. They were even willing to sacrifice their own lives.

But now, they'd already done their utmost but still couldn't prevent the Evil Dragon followers' plan from prevailing.

It was hard to imagine for them what kind of effect it would have on the arcane masters throughout the whole continent when Eichemalar, the city that'd survived even the War of the Dragons, finally fell.

“Ayrin, what are you doing!” Charlotte shouted out loud.

The water tower was already breaking, one huge block of stone at a time. There was already a hole about five meters wide on it. The crashing sound of the fearsome flows of water almost drowned Charlotte's shout.

Ayrin wasn't running in Lotton's direction. Instead, he was running to their left.

Black bats rushed out nonstop in front of his hands, as if they were forming a black stream of water.

“That is...?”

Charlotte, Ivan, Audrey, and the others clearly saw that Ayrin's skill wasn't aimed at anyone. Instead, it was assaulting an outbound tunnel.

“Bang bang bang...”

The bats crashed nonstop into the surroundings of that tunnel. The tunnel started breaking, one shattered stone smashing down at a time.

“He wants to collapse that tunnel!”

“Apart from the hole we broke when we came in, this is the only exit! It's where the water will flow outside!”

“That magic sky crystal matrix, it shouldn't be far away from that tunnel exit, should it? The water will damage the matrix when it flows outside.”

“If that tunnel's sealed, most of the water will flow away through the tunnel we came from. Most of it will wash away inside the sewers. Maybe the flow of water won't be strong enough by then and won't be able to damage the matrix!”

After a dazed moment, Charlotte and Ivan and the others all understood what Ayrin was trying to do.

“Death God's Descent... Fear Absorption!”

At that time, Lotton was still pasted on the water tower's surface like a shadow. Containing a terrifying force, the tremendous flow of water washed away under his feet. It seemed he didn't move at all. His hands merely flickered while he chanted in a quiet voice no one could hear.

A shadow seemed about to rise from Ayrin's back.


But what made shock flash for the first time in Lotton's eyes was, Ayrin didn't seem to be affected in the least.

The black bats rushed out from his hands in an even more intense stream.


This tunnel suddenly collapsed.

“Coral Atoll!”

Hope suddenly ignited in Joyce's eyes. He squeezed out all the arcane particles left inside him. As his particles shot out of him, crisscrossed coral reefs quickly grew from the piles of rubble in the collapsed tunnel, thoroughly securing the heaps of rubble in place.


Seeing something unforeseen once again happen to a plan on the verge of success, Chirade shrieked like a madman on top of the disintegrating sea monster's head. The rumbling flow of water on the ground thundered even louder. A huge water giant grew from it, madly charging in big strides in Ayrin's direction.


The water tower broke once more just then. The originally five or six meters wide gap instantly became a hole several dozen meters wide. Huge blocks of stone fell together with the even more terrifying torrent.


In just the space of a breath, this water giant and Chirade behind him, as well as Lotton, Ayrin, Audrey, and everyone else were entirely submerged by this huge torrent.

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