Chapter 162: The God of Death's sudden appearance

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 162: The God of Death's sudden appearance

“An opportunity!”

Charlotte also halted abruptly. Along with the outpour of a stream of arcane particles, the metallic avatar in front of her crashed on the fallen Lindon at an unprecedented speed.

A miserable scream immediately came from Lindon, as well as the sound of many broken bones.

At the same time, Ferguillo flashed without a sound beside Gullit.

“Feast of Death!”

His eyes continuously bleeding, Gullit fell backward. Countless black shadows drilled out from the ground at the same time, hurtling at Ferguillo.

But Ferguillo had completely seen through his actions. A crimson feather appeared in the air without a sound. Gullit directly crashed against this crimson feather.


The feather pierced through Gullit as if slicing through butter, splashing a bloody wave.

“It's our win!”

Ayrin braced his hands on his knees, breathing in pain, but his heart was filled with the joy of victory.

In this battle where two teams of six fought against each other, the six on his side could still keep fighting, but the other side only had Massay and Chirade left.

Now that it was six versus two, Massay and Chirade could no longer hope to defeat them.

“A guy this powerful... He was killed in battle just like that.”

His eyes swept by Shinro's corpse then, contradictory feelings arising in his chest.

One day prior, this was still the opponent he was determined to defeat in the tournament.

“Ferguillo actually possesses such power!”

“This guy's clearly has a single open gate, but he can defeat a three-gate arcane master in battle.”

“These guys from St. Lauren, what kind of freaks are they?!”

Massay and Chirade were deathly pale, trembling nonstop.

Ferguillo and Ayrin hadn't been much to speak of in their eyes, but in this fight, rather than Audrey, they had been the keystones to victory.

The curtains were about to fall on the entire situation.

However, when a gem-like feather pierced through Gullit's body, splashing out fresh blood, when Gullit fell heavily on the ground, Ferguillo suddenly seemed to sense something. The pink color in his left eye seemed to revolve at a swift pace.

The feather that had just gone through Gullit's body suddenly accelerated, went around him, and slashed at the air behind him.


Everyone saw with astonishment a faint, somewhat indistinct figure suddenly rise behind Ferguillo, like a nightmare from a dream.


The gem-like feather stabbed into this vague figure. However, as if it'd stabbed into a deep pool of water, it created a circular rippled before disappearing.

This figure had already stretched out a hand and came into contact with Ferguillo.

Ferguillo's entire person froze.

Blood and dazzling arcane particles suddenly sprayed from his chest.

Then an arm directly passed through his chest, even lifting his body with it.


In this instant, apart from Ayrin's tremendous cry of surprise, everyone else completely stopped breathing.

The vague figure became more and more distinct.

A boy with short hair appeared in everyone's eyes, wearing Hellfire Academy's uniform, his eyes brimming with the aura of death, looking at everyone as though he were looking at dead men.


A cry of disbelief came from somewhere.

Everyone recognized him at first glance, but the first one to shout in surprise was actually Massay.

“It's him?... Ferguillo...”

A faint tremble started to course through Ayrin.

He wanted to rush forward, but his subconsciousness kept his feet rooted to the ground instead.

Lotton's arm was still up in the air, lifting Ferguillo's body with it, its two feet suspended in the air.

Ferguillo hadn't passed out yet, but he couldn't move. Blood flowed down from Lotton's arm. There wasn't any unusual expression on Lotton's face.

“Let go of Ferguillo!”

His apathetic attitude caused an unprecedented wrath in Ayrin. He yelled in fury, all the bones in his body crackling.

“What on earth is Dias planning?”

However, Lotton didn't seem to have heard Ayrin's roar at all. He merely glanced at Massay and Chirade, saying in a low, deep voice, “He used me and that other team to help you attract attention so that you can come here, what's the reason?”

“You...” Massay couldn't stop trembling either. “You... you're actually betraying lord Dias? You actually disobeyed his order and came here instead!”

“No need for nonsense. You might be dead already without me. Stop wasting time. The arcane teams outside might catch up to this place any second now.” Lotton shook his head. “Tell me the entire plan, that's the only way you can survive.”

“This place is the water tower supplying the entirety of Eichemalar's main area!”

Massay was almost yelling: “Lord Dias' plan is to destroy this water tower. No far from this water tower, there's a magic sky crystal matrix.”


Audrey's face thoroughly froze.

Dias was one of the head bishops among the Evil Dragon followers, one of the most wanted criminals by the Office of Special Affairs.

Eichemalar used an extremely astounding quantity of water every single day. The water use of a city suspended in the sky relied entirely on the water stored inside the water tower.

If the water tower broke, the flush from the enormous amount of water pouring outside would be hard to imagine. If it damaged the magic sky crystal matrix, the whole of Eichemalar would fall!

This city in the sky that'd gone through the War of the Dragons, the city that still remained standing to this day, the city that represented the victory of arcane masters from various races all over the continent, the victory of everyone searching for freedom, the city that represented the resolve to pursue freedom—it would no longer exist!

The Evil Dragon followers' plan was actually to crash the whole central city of Eichemalar!

“If Eichemalar drops from so high in the sky, how are you going to survive?” Lotton asked, still impassible.

“If we ruin only a small part of the sky crystals, Eichemalar will indeed fall, but the fall will be relatively slow. As long as we can reach empty ground before the crash, our lives won't be in any danger. We can use the huge chaos to make good our escapes instead.” Massay was trembling, but his eyes were filled with hope. “Lotton, if you help us complete this mission, no only you can escape together with us, Lord Dias might even reward you instead of punishing you disobeying his orders!”


Lotton lowered his head as though he was in deep thought.

A red light suddenly flashed from Ayrin.

He could no longer wait. No matter what, he had to make sure to rescue Ferguillo first!

But just then, Ayrin's movements suddenly halted.

Because when he'd lowered his head, Lotton'd directly tossed Ferguillo away in the air.

“Ice Bier of Deep Sleep!”

Without the slightest hesitation, arcane particles danced madly on Audrey's hands.

Countless transparent crystals formed around Ferguillo, immediately transforming into a transparent block of crystal sealing Ferguillo inside.

“She used a skill to first seal Ferguillo and prevent his current condition from deteriorating so that we can heal him when there's a medical team available!”

Ayrin immediately understood.

“Stop him!” an Ivan who'd been conserving his strength until then suddenly bellowed.

A huge shadow hand rose under Lotton's feet and grabbed Lotton in it.

At the same time, far behind Lotton, a mottled shadow suddenly appeared on the huge circular water tower. It quickly enlarged, like a huge shadow beast about to crawl out of the water tower's stone surface.

“He already used an arcane skill to attack the Holy City's water tower!” Joyce and Charlotte reported at the same time.

Countless bright illusions in every color appeared together with sounds of nature.

Aware the situation was pressing, Joyce had directly used Siren Song.


Charlotte pushed her hands hard on the metallic war avatar in front of her. The silvery metal avatar shot toward Lotton like a cannonball.

Bound inside Ivan's taboo skill, Lotton was still impassible. He merely glanced at Massay and Chirade. “What are you waiting for?”

“Underworld Whirlpool!”

“Sea Devil King!”

Massay and Chirade were frightened in spite of themselves. They both used the strongest arcane skills they had been hiding.

A yellow whirlpool appeared around Massay, countless white bones floating inside, radiating a filthy aura difficult to put into words.

Meanwhile, a rumble exploded with Chirade's chant. A huge splash bubbled on top of everyone's head. A head that looked like a wizard hat first emerged in the air, then huge tentacles thicker than water buckets and filled with suckers followed in its wake.

“Lord of the Deep Seas!”

Joyce's face instantly became even more ashen.

What Chirade summoned with his skill was surprisingly a wizard-hat monster octopus, dubbed the Lord of the Deep Seas.

The fighting prowess of this monster from the deep seas was far above even Nikita's Snow Bear.

Chirade was already a celebrity contestant in the national tournament, but Joyce understood at this instant he still had been hiding a huge part of his strength!


The power of the taboo skill “Ghost World – Touch of Death” Ivan had invoked pressed on Lotton's body; the huge hand that seemed to stretch out from the underground world of ghosts squeezed violently.


However, a chill coursed through Ivan's heart when he saw gray light radiating from inside out.

A hole surprisingly burned through in the center of the huge shadow hand. His body wrapped from head to toe in gray light, Lotton walked outside.

It seemed he was affected in the slightest by the spiritual lure from Joyce's Siren Song. He merely lifted his head.

Above his head, below the huge deep-sea monster octopus, something silvery was quickly enlarging in his vision.

It was Charlotte's metallic avatar.

He stretched out a single hand and struck it.


Just then, a low, deep chant came from Charlotte's lips. Countless heavy ions suddenly oscillated between her hands, vanishing in the air around her.

The moment the metal avatar came into contact with Lotton's hand, it scattered into a thick, silvery-gray metallic fog.

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