Chapter 161: Ferguillo's real secret

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 161: Ferguillo's real secret

“Is this guy looking to die?”

Everyone on Massay's side had this sudden thought.

Ayrin had previously showcased a bizarre performance during the match against Mountain Kings Academy, but in such a close-range battle, everyone could feel that the power of Ayrin's arcane particles were merely at the level of a one-gate arcane master.

At such an arcane level, it was absolutely impossible to withstand the arcane skill invoked by a three-gate arcane master with the power of his own skills.

On top of that, Herry's “Mourning of the Three Fire Dragons” was a taboo skill from Three-Headed Dragon Academy.

To the knowledge of people outside the academy, only their school team's captain Lyos could grasp this taboo skill, and Lyos had gained his “Fire Dragon War God” sobriquet precisely thanks to the fearsome power of that skill.

This was without even mentioning that Herry used Blaze of Heart and Soul before launching this taboo skill. Herry's present attack was impossible to escape unscathed from even for Massay and the others if they tried to withstand it.


In an instant, three huge fire dragons completely engulfed Ayrin's figure.


There was a sudden emptiness in Charlotte's chest.


However, Herry, the one who'd launched the skill, had an entirely different feeling.

Ayrin actually passed right through the flames gathered by the three dragons without the slightest pause!

Some sort of power seemed to quickly devour all the flames rushing near Ayrin.

“Fire Embers!”

The name flashed across Herry's mind when he saw Ayrin rush through the flames and reach him, countless ash-like specks in tow.

“How can he use Donna's Fire Embers?!”

Herry was already too late to dodge. The huge shock added on top of it made his mind go blank.


With a roar, shadows flashing at his feet, Ayrin sent his right fist on Herry, and with it as the center of gravity, viciously crashed his entire body into Herry.

“Crack.” Even if he didn't have time to use any arcane skill, his mere physical strength was enough to cause Herry's stomach to cave in. The latter madly coughed blood from his mouth. Even if he was entirely cut off from the perception of pain, he still couldn't bear the heavy damage to his heart. He flew backward, losing control of his body.

“Huff... Huff...”

Ayrin breathed in pain.

In fact, he'd used Holy Body Ignition in that instant and launched Fire Embers in tandem with it. But after all, he still couldn't bring out Fire Embers' full power with his present level. So he presently had countless burns on his body. He could even smell the barbecue-like aroma coming from his own body.

“Fire Embers!”

“It's Fire Embers, a skill that can dissipate the power of almost any fire skill! Called the strongest defense against fire skills! Only Donna can use it in the entire kingdom of Eiche, why can he use it too!”

Massay's face was deathly pale; he'd never imagined something unexpected like this to happen once again. He knew Herry was definitely down for the count this time. He couldn't pose any further threat to Ayrin any longer, no matter what.

“It seems now's the time to unleash my true power,” Shinro calmly said then, looking at Ferguillo.

The instant he said these words, he abruptly vanished from where he stood.


Light faintly flashed in Ferguillo's left pink eye. Several gem-like feathers in front of him suddenly shattered. Several spurts of blood shot in the air.

But before anyone could react, a force so fast it seemed invisible came back once again, piercing through the gap left open by these feathers.

Ferguilo's entire body shook. He fell a step back.



Ayrin and the others yelled in astonishment at the same time.

A deep wound had appeared on Ferguillo's stomach, blood madly gushing from within, dyeing the front of his clothes red in no time.

Meanwhile, his right hand dripping with blood, Shinro stood a dozen meters away from Ferguillo, a mocking expression appearing on his face.

“Ferguillo, how are you!”

Ayrin had been in the middle of sprinting at Joyce's opponent, but now he madly ran in Ferguillo's direction instead.

“It's no use.”

Shinro looked at the blood still dripping from his right hand, then turned around and looked at Ayrin rushing his way like a madman. “Even his heart is torn, can you still save him?”

“Even his heart's torn?”

Audrey trembled violently. She wasn't familiar with Ferguillo, but they were comrades fighting with their lives on the line right now. So, when she heard these words, grief and hatred hard to describe with words filled her being.

Deep, abstruse yet swift chants came from her mouth. It was cryptic Draconic!

There were several hundred bandage-like strips of yellow earth revolving continuously around her, continuously contracting.

Even though she'd previously sent arcane skills crashing on them and broken quite a few bandage-like strips, they skill kept growing nonstop. The undamaged ones grew longer and thicker, while the damaged one reconnected themselves back.

When she started her Draconic chant, even the skin of her hands started slightly cracking, but no blood flowed from inside. Instead, they flashed with icy crystalline light, as though the entire inside of her body had become ice crystal.

The yellow ribbons of earth growing and revolving around her suddenly turned white, ice and frost covering their surfaces.

“Bastard, I'm going to kill you!”

Ayrin roared in rage, his eyes turning blood-red.

Ferguillo hadn't even spoken all that many words to him all put together, but in Ayrin's opinion, he was already a good friend of his.

He understood full well that with his heart already torn, it was probably impossible to heal and rescue him even if they had Ciaran with them here.

“Very soon, you'll become just like him.”

Shinro watched Ayrin charge his way, the derision on his face even more pronounced.

The arcane particles inside him had already started flowing at a frantic pace once again, faster and faster. But then, he suddenly froze. The derision on his face also froze.


Even Ayrin stared in a daze.

Ferguillo's head had previously been hanging low, and he'd seemed about to fall at any moment, but now he appeared without a sound or trace behind Shinro, standing in Shinro's shadow.

This instant seemed to freeze into eternity.

Crushed by a tremendous fear, even the arcane particles inside Shinro seemed to freeze. Cold sweat covered every inch of his skin. Even his hair was quickly becoming drenched.

“How did you...” he said in a hiss, his voice unspeakably weird.

Ferguillo didn't even answer him.


Shinro felt the brush of Ferguillo's arcane particles. He knew that no matter how fast he usually was, his spell invocation might still not necessarily follow Ferguillo's speed. Yet, he also understood that he had no other choice. With a shriek filled with horror, he desperately made his arcane particles flying, trying to run away.


A slightly cold hand appeared on his throat the moment he accelerated forward. Then Shinro heard the snapping of his own neck.

His body kept running forward, but his entire consciousness quickly faded away, as though he were running into eternal darkness.


Shinro's corpse ran all the way to the huge circular construction at the very center before finally rebounding back and falling to the ground.

Ferguillo took back his hand.

He still had a faint indifferent expression on his face. He merely looked a little pale.

The wound on his chest wasn't bleeding anymore. It seemed extremely odd.

“Undying Body!”

“A variant bloodline they say can divert the essence of life. As long as you don't run out of arcane particles, you won't easily die!”

“You actually had a variant bloodline like this?!”

While the yellow strips of earth were quickly freezing, Massay's face filled with fright and alarm. Seeing Ferguillo killing Shinro in one blow, he suddenly, as though he lost control of himself, yelled with horror again and again.

“Not only Mind Reading... This is the true ultimate power Ferguillo was hiding. It turns out his bloodline mutated into the Undying Body bloodline that won't let you easily die as long as you have some arcane particles left.”

Audrey relaxed as soon as she saw this scene, the biting cold expression dissipating from her face. Her hands that seemed about to be torn apart from her inner frost also stopped emitting the frightening chilly aura, and slowly recovered their original appearance. There was merely some blood flowing out from some tiny cracks on the skin.

“This guy's spirit-controlling skill is actually even stronger than my Siren Song!”

At this moment, Joyce was totally under the control of his opponent's arcane skill.

His entire being was already submerged in dark energy. Under the dark energy's onslaught, his body was wilting as though it were losing its moisture.

He was entirely unaware of the happenings outside. The only thing he could be sure of was that his opponent was also using a formidable secret skill affecting the nerves to exercise control over his body.

“That's the only thing I can do!”

“Sacrifice of the Sea King!”

His arcane particles suddenly transformed into countless tiny bolts of lightning, instantly rushing at his nerves.

“What's going on?”

Both Ferguillo and Ayrin were originally about to go and help Joyce, but they suddenly saw Joyce's eyes turn into lightning eyes, his pupils sending off countless white electric sparks.


Joyce twisted violently, like he finally threw off some invisible shackles, then shouted in pain.

But at the same time, still deeply wrapped in black energy as he'd been since the beginning, Gullit shouted miserably just like him. Blood flowed down from the corner of his eyes.

“This silly guy used some kind of mutually destructive strategy.”

Ayrin immediately understood. Without the slightest hesitation, his entire being suddenly became bright red once more and once again melted into a puddle of blood in everyone's eyes.

A bizarre bloody color also suddenly appeared under Gullit's feet.

Everyone thought Ayrin was going to attack Gullit for certain, but what no one imagined was, Ayrin's figure flashed behind Hawkmoon's Lindon instead.

Lindon had sent Charlotte and her metallic war avatar falling back more than a dozen steps with a single blow just moments ago when the atmosphere behind him suddenly felt wrong. He immediately kicked behind him with his right foot.


Flashing with the shining luster of moonlight, his right foot kicked Ayrin's belly, making a muffled, drum-pounding sound, making everyone's heart leap in their chests.


But at the same time, Ayrin pushed hard on his legs with a fierce roar and kept himself from falling back. He then sent a vicious punch on the back of Lindon's head.

“He's actually fighting like this again...”

This thought flashed in the pale-faced Charlotte's mind.


A muffled sound thumped on Lindon's head. Shaking on his feet, he bounced several steps forward but couldn't keep control over his frame. He fell forward.

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