Chapter 160: Mourning of the Three Fire Dragons

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 160: Mourning of the Three Fire Dragons

Charlotte's fight looked extremely difficult.

Her metallic war avatar was continuously melting under the onslaught of her opponent's burning dragon head, while her opponent, the boy wearing Three-Headed Dragon Academy's uniform, was sprinkling a great amount of arcane particles from his hands, a dark, moss-green fire revolving around him.

Along with the combustion of this dark moss-green fire, the undulation of arcane power around this Three-Headed Dragon boy also seemed to become greater and greater.

“Blaze of Heart and Soul.” This was a taboo skill from Three-Headed Dragon Academy that could continuously enhance one's power through the ignition of arcane particles.

No matter what arcane skill he would launch next, its might would definitely surpass the power it would usually have manyfold.

However, Charlotte wasn't the one in the direst spot from what Ayrin saw. It was Joyce instead.

His opponent was the shorty from Wind Whisperer Academy.

This Wind Whisperer shorty was presently standing not far away from Joyce, facing him, his arms undulating like waves. There was a black light at his feet that seemed to flicker as though it were breathing. Facing him, Joyce also stood still, but he seemed to be in extreme pain judging by the look on his face, as though he couldn't breathe at all, as though there were countless invisible things wrapped around his body.

At this time, the only pair that hadn't genuinely started their fight yet was Ferguillo and Shinro.

The feathers glinting with gem-like luster quietly floated around Ferguillo, while Shinro also stood facing him without moving a jot.

There was no trace of shyness on Shinro's face now. Seemingly guessing Ferguillo's thoughts, he revealed shining-white teeth in a “sincere” smile and told Ferguillo, “Don't even think about helping Joyce, your opponent is me.”

“Is that so?” Ferguillo faintly answered.

Among the several dozen feathers quietly floating around him, one of them suddenly floated away, shooting toward the Wind Whisperer shorty.


At the same moment, Shinro's figure suddenly vanished, bursting forth with an abrupt, fearsome force.

Ferguillo's expression didn't change at all.

That feather that'd already flown away increased its speed all of a sudden, instantly vanishing.

There came a “Hiss.”

Shinro's figure appeared five to six meters away on Ferguillo's left.

There was a tiny wound on his forehead. Fresh blood dripped down from the wound.

Shinro stretched out a finger and wiped away some of the blood that'd flown down to the corner of his eyebrow. He quietly said with a frown, “Mind Reading?”

A few seconds ago. Ayrin's figure flashed like a shadow, nearing Charlotte.

“This guy's always doing whatever he wants! I told him to go and block that Hawkmoon guy, why's he running back now?!”

The pounding sound of heavy ions was already resonating inside Charlotte. When she saw Ayrin rush her way, she was filled with the urge to puke blood.


“Switch opponents? What the hell is this guy plotting now!”

Charlotte immediately discovered from Ayrin's lip movements and his hand gestures that he wanted to switch opponents with her.

Apart from Audrey's enemy Massay from Abel Academy, Ivan's enemy Chirade from Sea Gale Academy, and Ferguillo's enemy Shinro, the other three were all substitutes without any fame in the national tournament. But the three of them had clearly been hiding their astounding strength, and all of them were celebrity-level opponents with at least three open gates.

Facing opponents like these at around the same level, she couldn't understand what was the meaning of switching opponents.

“Oh well, let's switch if you want to switch. Not like I have a choice anyway.”

She chose to believe in Ayrin at this instant. With the cracking sound of heavy particles reverberating inside her, she shot in the air like a cannonball, firing at Hawkmoon's Lindon still standing there a little dazed because of Ayrin's actions.

“I don't fight with nameless people. What are you called, brave warrior?” Ayrin shouted at the Three-Headed Dragon boy.

Wrapped from head to toe in the dark moss-green Blaze of Heart and Soul, the Three-Headed Dragon boy arrogantly replied, “My name is Herry!”

“Skunk Devil Summoning!” Ayrin shouted again.

Everyone felt the urge to puke blood.

Just how much did he like this skill... He actually had to keep using it every now and then.

The one called Herry subconsciously held his breath.


But what no one imagined was, there was no release of stench with Ayrin's loud shout. Instead, a black cloud of bats rushed in Herry's direction.

“Shooting Inferno!” Herry chanted.

Flames ignited in front of him and quickly shrank into a fireball about the size of a fist shooting at Ayrin's direction, as fast as a blink.

However, the black bats immediately stuck to this meteor-like fireball whose power was clearly leagues above Ayrin's. It became extremely heavy, even deviating from its trajectory. With a whoosh, it brushed by Ayrin and flew past.

“What? Isn't that the skill from Oeness of Golden Stag Academy? Why can he use the same skill?!”

Not only Herry, everyone else who glanced their way was greatly startled.

Ayrin, the object of their shock, was immersed in the excitement of a great battle. He shouted in his mind, “Now!” The flow of arcane particles inside him suddenly sped up. Dazzling arcane particles collided with each other even faster between his palms, making faint crackling sounds.

Many faint sounds rose in the air. Several black bats who didn't look like they had any great power suddenly accelerated and instantly crashed on the dark moss-green blaze around Herry.

This Blaze of Heart and Soul didn't seem to have any defensive power. The bats directly passed through the green fire.


Herry had never imagined Ayrin's skill could be used like this as well. He couldn't muster any timely reaction. The black bats struck him.

“Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!”

Amidst the series of explosions, he was directly sent flying backward.

“One duel already... He was the first one to be done with his fight?”

“Where did he get so many strange skills from?”

Opposite Audrey, Massay's face had previously taken on the proud expression of one with victory in his grasp before Ayrin sent Herry flying away.

With her ice dragon bloodline, many skills Audrey had were formidable destructive area skill. On top of that, he only needed to damage the edifice, while the opponents had no choice but to stop every single one of them. So they'd very easily transformed the battle into six individual confrontations.

Among the six one-on-one confrontations, Shinro had suffered some light wounds against Ferguillo, but he didn't look perturbed in the least, so it seemed he should be able to handle Ferguillo.

Joyce had obviously fallen downwind against Wind Whisperer Academy's Gullit. If everyone else was blocked and prevented from giving Joyce any assistance, then Gullit might directly kill him.

Ivan against Charade, both of them still seemed to be probing each other. Neither of them was going full out, but they seemed about equal.

As to him and Audrey, because he'd taken the opportunity to counterattack Audrey after she'd become distracted while intercepting Lindon at the start of the fight, he was confident he could stall Audrey and not be killed even if he wasn't entirely assured he could defeat her.

So, as long as a victor emerged between Gullit against Joyce, or maybe for Lindon and Herry against Ayrin and Charlotte, then the current short-lived status quo could be broken.

The instant prior, he'd been fully aware that no matter Gullit, Lindo, or Herry, all of them were existences at the same level as himself. So in his opinion, apart from Audrey, none of those people from St. Lauren could be their match.

But now, Ayrin, the one who he believed to be the weakest, had actually sent Herry flying away in the blink of an eye!

Ferguillo and Shinro were once again deadlocked in an immobile confrontation. When he saw at the periphery of his vision Ayrin instantly sending Herry flying away, Ferguillo faintly said, “It seems the situation is turning around.”

“It doesn't really matter. A victor will soon emerge between us.” Shinro turned his head slightly. “Also, a victor won't be so easily decided yet between them.”

After sending Herry flying away with a stolen skill, Ayrin's eyes fell upon Gullit; the latter was continuously firing some unknown skills at Joyce.

Dazzling arcane particles sprayed forth from his hands.

He was about to send an Evil Flaming Eye at Gullit first thing.

“You have some broken bones already, you can still stand up?”

Just then, however, he saw that the Blaze of Heart and Soul hadn't extinguished around Herry ye. Herry'd fallen on his feet and stood upright when he landed.

Herry's chest was indeed already slightly caved in, traces of blood visible at the corner of his mouth.

However, a peculiar ashen-iron luster appeared on the surface of his skin. Apart from a malevolent expression, there wasn't much pain to be seen on his face.

“It's the Evil Dragon followers' 'Pain Eradication'! Those people are all Evil Dragon followers who've turned their backs on the beliefs of an arcane master!”

Audrey's body faintly shook when she took in this sight. Like a blaze, a strange surprise and anger soared in her chest.

“A very interesting skill, but you're still a one-gate arcane master no matter what. You're sorely lacking in power!”

“Now, you're going to die!”

Standing steadily on the ground, Herry's started floating forward. The dark green Blaze of Heart and Soul quickly vanished around him. Instead, three huge figures appeared from thin air above his head and on both sides of him.

These were three huge fire dragons.

Every strand of fire on them was condensed, as though they were made of scalding stones.

“Three-Headed Dragon Academy's taboo skill! Mourning of the Three Fire Dragons!”

“Ayrin, hurry up and dodge!”

A shriek brimming with horror escaped Charlotte's lips just then.


However, Ayrin didn't retreat in the slightest. Instead, his body radiated an unprecedented power while he charged at the three huge fire dragons at a speed completely exceeding his usual limits!

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