Chapter 154: There's no word defeat in my dictionary (Part 2)

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 154: There's no word defeat in my dictionary (Part 2)

“No ordinary arcane skill can be launched inside the World of Chaos. Nikita's huge ice sword, that's a permanent materialization skill! It's like it's only disassembled in ordinary times, and now she only needs to pull it out! That's the reason why she can use it!”

Amidst this tumult and chaos, Ayrin recovered from his state of shock. “Nikita can actually also use a permanent materialization skill? She's surprisingly strong. She won just like that!”

“Maybe Redrick was too focused on victory. He only thought about the combination of arcane skills that would bring him certain victory, but he neglected something.” In team Dragon Breath, captain Morgan shook his head with some sympathy. “For the most powerful beast knights throughout history, beasts added to mighty close-range materialization skills was an essential combination from the very start. They'd rely on their beasts' arcane-resistance and force their way to their opponent, then use the beasts' force and the might of permanent materialization skills... The beast knights were already dubbed the killers of taboo masters even back during the era of the War of the Dragons.”

“It isn't only a high-level snow giant bloodline.”

Audrey looked at the obviously somewhat shy Nikita in the field, her gaze appreciative. “A simple snow giant wouldn't display arcane power like that. Plus, the speed she swung the sword at was too fast, too nimble. Someone ordinary could never hope to do that.”

“It must be the bloodline of snow giants and some elven bloodline. Our kingdom might very well see the birth of a beast knight from the legends,” Morgan sighed in admiration. “Too bad it's a girl.”

“What do you mean, you're looking down on girls?” Audrey suddenly gnashed her teeth, throwing a harsh look his way.

“Don't get me wrong,” Morgan explained, suddenly sweating big drops. “I said too bad it's a girl, because historically, these beast knights were all extremely wild and intrepid, all of them people who'd make your blood boil just thinking about them. They could brave and pass through their opponents' taboo skills, directly smacking them away. Girls can also fight like that of course, but they'd still end up with a bit more gentleness and sense of beauty. They'd still end up lacking some of that staunch aura of one standing head and shoulders above the world.”

One could say the match between Agate Lake and Hunter Academy ended with a small upset, because before the match, almost everyone was forecasting a victory for Hunter Academy.

After the end of the match between Agate Lake Academy and Hunter Academy took place the last match in group one, lower half, between Oakman Academy and Siman Mountains Academy.

Cheers and exclamations rose nonstop from the venue.

At the same time started the largest scale manhunt operation in Eichemalar's central area.

Many mighty arcane masters who'd never show themselves in ordinary times rode one after another aboard the Sky Crystal Ferries, making their way to Eichemalar's center.

“I never thought Siman Mountains Academy would also be so strong this year. They forced Oakman Academy to a five four. They almost had it.”

“The tournament is really a lot more spectacular this year compared to the last.”

“This group is truly the group of death. Next match is between Agate Lake Academy and Golden Stag Academy. There's a chance for Hawkmoon Academy now.”

As the exclamations and cheers gradually dissipated, along with the spectators emptying the field, the waves of spectators flowing out of the venue kept chatting among themselves, all of them looking extremely satisfied.

Ayrin and Charlotte also found themselves in the tides of people.


“Haha, Nikita, you guys are really strong! You really won!”

Very quickly, Ayrin, Charlotte, and team Agate Lake gathered together.

“Ayrin, get lost, don't stick so goddamn close.”

They suddenly heard Stingham's voice. He came out from who knew where, squeezing his way near Sophia and the others.


However, before he could say anything else, he suddenly felt a chilly feeling course through him. At the corner of his eyes, he saw a team with an extremely peculiar aura come their way.

“It's Rinsyi and his band.”

Ayrin also spotted them. Everyone in team Golden Stag was making their way out of the contestants tunnel right at this moment. Apart from the first fighter today who had a deathly ashen face, everyone else wore a cold and aloof expression, without a regard for anyone else.

“The atmosphere looks a bit strange.”

“Is there some conflict between Agate Lake Academy and Golden Stag Academy?”

“Is Golden Stag Academy putting on a show of strength before the start of the next match?”

Very quickly, many people around them noticed team Golden Stag making a beeline for team Agate Lake.

Everyone around kept away, noticing the strange atmosphere. When he came within five to six meters of Ayrin and the others, Rinsyi merely looked at Ayrin and the others with a taunting gaze, coldly saying, “Please step aside, you're in our way.”

“Deliberate provocation?”

Stingham rushed to act before anyone else. He stuck his hands on his hips, even tossed his hair, and said as though it was beneath him, “The square is so big, don't you know to make a detour?”

“You're obstructing the exit for others just standing here. If you're not moving, then don't blame us for smacking you away.” Rinsyi exposed a faint smile.

“Is there any need for such nonsense outside of the tournament field?”

A faint voice came to their ears just then. Some particularly big figures appeared around them.

“Ivan, Ferguillo?”

Rinsyi didn't even turn his head. He merely said, his voice icy, “Even both of you together wouldn't be my match.”

“Is that so?” Ivan's eerie cold voice also came to their ears. “If you want to be absent from the next match, you can give it a try.”

Rinsyi chuckled and didn't say anything else. An icy desire to kill flashed across the depths of his eyes. He strode forward, about to walk around Agate Lake Academy.


But just then, Ayrin suddenly started yelling: “Rinsyi, aren't you the type to think yourself a powerhouse and disregard those you believe to be weaklings? Weren't you brave enough to use a lineup entirely composed of substitutes? Since you're also glossing over us and Agate Lake today, then in your next match against Agate Lake, do you still have the guts to use a substitute lineup?”

“Only weaklings would mention a request like that. That said, I can meet your demands,” Rinsyi faintly said.

“Don't go back on your words then.” Ayrin wasn't angry at all. He started smiling instead.

“Reverse psychology? It's useless anyway,” Rinsyi said, icy in his arrogance. “In my whole life, the world defeat never existed in my dictionary.”

“Wait a moment!” Stingham suddenly shouted out loud just then. “I have something to give you.”


Just when no one could understand what Stingham was trying to do, Stingham had already started running away. He ran back half a minute later and gave Rinsyi a dictionary. “Here, have a dictionary. This dictionary has the word defeat in it.”

“Haha, beautiful!”

After a blank stare, Ayrin couldn't hold back a great laugh. He stretched out his hands and give Stingham a high-five, but Stingham immediately jumped to the side and turned his face away. “Get lost, beat it.”

Rinsyi shook his head with a cold smile. He turned around and left, without a glance for that dictionary fallen to the ground.

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