Chapter 154: There's no word defeat in my dictionary (Part 1)

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 154: There's no word defeat in my dictionary (Part 1)

“Nikita is going to step on stage!”

“It's Nikita!”

With her two meters fifty, Nikita was someone who attracted an extreme amount of attention wherever she went. Even though she hadn't fought a single bout yet, she'd already become a celebrity these past few days in Eichemalar. When she walked forward, there was almost no one in the whole venue who didn't recognize her.

“Bah, let's get ready to hold our breaths again. That guy's definitely going to use again that whatever Skunk Devil Summoning.”

“Really. Nikita coming out should have been a delightful fight, but now it's a bit of an ordeal.”

“A very high-level snow giant bloodline, Agate Lake Academy's strength this year actually can't be glossed over.” The guys from Dragon Breath Academy were also holding their noses, chatting in muffled voices.

“The teams in St. Lauren't aren't very strong as a whole, but people like Ferguillo and Charlotte were still very strong last year. Sophia should be a powerful character at the same level. They should pose a certain threat to Golden Stag.”

“It seems like Rinsyi doesn't care at all about them though.”

“That Rinsyi guy's greatest weakness is his excessive arrogance and his excessive confidence.”


“Nikita against Bishu, begin!”

While Dragon Breath people chatted among themselves, the fight had already officially started.

“Skunk Devil Summoning!”

Indeed, like everyone in the stands expected, Bishu repeated the same skill as soon as the fight started. A shadow appeared in the air in front of him. A striped skunk five to six times bigger than ordinary skunks once again emerged from it.

Everyone felt angry, yet no one breathed, no one dared to swear. But just then, countless strange dark golden rays of light shot away in front of Nikita, forming a hexagram of light.

The air in the entire arena started to vibrate.

“What's going on!”

Everyone suddenly felt an extremely thick cold air fill the arena.

A giant silver-white snow bear more than four meters tall appeared in the air in front of her.

Whether Nikita did it intentionally or not, this huge beast wearing ice all over his body like an armor appeared right above the skunk devil Bishu had summoned.


This skunk devil hadn't had any time yet to release any stink that this snow bear already trampled it under its paws, just like it'd stomped it into a flat cake.

Compared to this huge beast of ice, Bishu looked incredibly tiny.


Along with a shriek filled with horror, Bishu retreated like the wind.


A wild earthshaking roar came from the Snow Bear. A cold gust of wind suddenly sprayed out of its mouth, whistling through the arena.


Bishu shouted with even greater horror. A chilling gust of wind froze his body down to the bone.

A huge bear paw appeared in front of him, smacking in his direction.


The slap directly sent his body flying in the air.


Only now did the spectators in the stand dare to breathe. Tremendous gasps came from them.

“Just like the rumor mill said, she's a beast knight.”

“This isn't even an ordinary snow bear, it's an ice-armored bear rather.”

The guys in Dragon Breath Academy suddenly looked at each other.

Seeing Bishu already down for the count, Ayrin couldn't resist shouting, “Beautiful!” Then he excitedly turned around to look at Charlotte and said, “Now it's Agate Lake Academy's victory for sure.”


A voice exploded just then, however. One didn't even have to listen to know it was Stingham's voice. “What beautiful are you talking about! You, your plate's already full but you still want to steal from the pot and snatch my things!”

“What do you mean, plate's full but he still wants to steal from the pot?” Charlotte suddenly gnashed her teeth. She even had the urge to kill Stingham.

“Snatch what?” Ayrin was very confused.

For some inexplicable reason, Charlotte couldn't stop herself. She once again grabbed Ayrin's hand and gave it a bite.


Stingham was stupefied. “You guys are already so close, why are you still trying to snatch my girlfriend!”

“What?” Ayrin still didn't understand.

“Can you be any slower on the uptake?” Even Charlotte's ears were red to the root. She desperately wished there was a crack in the ground she could drill into.

As the last contestant for Hunter Academy, captain Redrick stood in front of Nikita.

His gaze carried traces of attraction when he looked at Nikita, yet he still had no thought of giving up.

After all, he could still defeat Nikita and Sophia back to back in theory, then obtain the victory for Hunter Academy in this match.

“Looks like I need to expose most of my strength.”

“Can't do anything about it though, the opponent is simply too strong.”

Looking at that Ice Beast towering in front of Nikita, silent and motionless yet still radiating an incomparably merciless aura, such a thought flashed across Redrick's mind.

“Nikita against Redrick, begin!”

“Hunter Cloning!”

The moment Kleis announced the start of the match, everyone felt their eyes become blurry, as if two persons appeared from inside Redrick's body.

Three entirely identical Redricks appeared in the field, charging in Nikita's direction.

The Snow Bear roared once again. Its huge body hurled forward like a moving hill of ice, sweeping everything in its path.

“Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!”

The three Redricks all crashed against it, but all of them suddenly became wooden fragments.

“They were all fake?”

“What a strange skill!”

“He's up there!”

Everyone finally saw a figure flying in the air when the three “Redricks” became wooden shards. It had already left the snow bear behind and was falling in Nikita's direction.

“World of Chaos!”

Countless green beams of light radiated from Redrick's genuine body, illuminating an area more than a dozen meters wide, entirely enveloping Nikita inside the light.

Redrick continued his fall. He also sank inside the bright green light, his hands once again glinting with arcane particles.

In his mind, this strike should definitely put Nikita out of commission!


But just then, he suddenly stopped breathing, and the expression in his eyes also froze.

Nikita stood in her original spot, not moving an inch away.

She simply lifted her head, but her hands gushed with white light, a huge weapon taking form therein.


A huge sword of ice even taller than Nikita herself swept through the air.

In this instant, Nikita's posture when she waved her sword displayed unspeakable dexterity.

Redrick didn't even have time to launch a skill. He could only use the arcane particles gushing from his hands as a shield. Sounds of broken bones suddenly came from both his arms. His entire person flew away as though struck by a huge hammer.

“Hiss...” The gasps one could often hear coming from the stands only began now.

Tumult and confusion came after that.

“How's that possible! The captain's World of Chaos can disturb the opponent's arcane energy and entirely prevent them from launching any skill for a time! Only the captain can use skills inside this area, how did she manage to launch a skill like that?!”

“This is a taboo skill from Hunter Academy, World of Chaos! Redrick actually learned a taboo skill like that... and he still lost to boot?!”

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