Chapter 152: I still wants to steal and learn

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 152: I still wants to steal and learn

“Heheh, Charlotte, it looks like these two skills really aren't so simple,” Ayring said, rubbing the hand Charlotte had bitten.

“Ayrin, you, you even have to upset me on purpose!” Charlotte stared at Ayrin, clenching her teeth. She simply couldn't preserve the demeanor of a virtuous lady. “Of course I know they're not that simple. They'd be very hard to learn for someone else.”

“I'm not talking about easy to learn or not.” Ayrin looked a little mysterious. “I'm saying, these two skills aren't as simple as they appear on the surface, there are still variations to them.”

“What variations?” Charlotte blinked. She realized her mistake.

“Watch carefully.”

An excited Ayrin turned around.

“Puff puff puff...”

Many soft sounds rose in the room. Bats rushed out in front of him, one after another. After hitting the wall in front of him, they pasted themselves on it without moving any further.


But all of a sudden, a black bat crashed into the wall and suddenly made a rumble, exploding in multiple pieces. A crater appeared in the hard stone wall, stone fragments splashing everywhere.

“The manifestation of arcane energy will be different with a different intensity in the flow of arcane particles?” Charlotte breathed in deeply. After all, she was a celebrity-level powerhouse as well. In that instant, she felt that the surge of arcane particles gushing out of Ayrin was more intense than previously.

“Your judgment is entirely correct.” Ayrin looked at Charlotte with admiration. “If I output a bit less arcane particles, then the bats I shape from arcane energy will merely have a strange weight and stickiness. But as soon as I output a bit more arcane particles, the black bats I invoke will have an arcane energy of an entirely different nature. They'll have a pretty good impact and explosiveness.”

“It's actually such a strange skill,” Charlotte said, solemn. “Before that, I was still thinking I could use some somewhat wasteful but large-scale dense cover-type skill, Fire Rain for example, to eliminate these black bat he invokes. After all, these black bats only have a weird stickiness and weight. I'd eliminate these black bats with a weaker Fire Rain. But if I really did that, he only has to change the characteristics of these bats, then they should be able to directly pass through the rain of fire. The most important thing is, in a long-distance fight, it's basically impossible to feel the changes in the flow of his arcane particles, so it's simply impossible to know which characteristics his black bats will have. He can freely switch his method of attacking, while these black bats look entirely identical on the outside.”

“But since we know now the secret of this skill, while that guy from team Golden Stag still thinks no one else knows about it, then we'll find a way to deal with him no matter what,” Ayrin said, filled with self-confidence.

Charlotte thought a moment, then nodded. “Indeed, now it's not hard to deal with him anymore.”

“Also, this skill is actually like this...” Ayrin said once again.

“Ah...” Charlotte jumped in fright, an exclamation escaping from her lips.

“Ayrin, next time, could you please not directly launch a skill when you talk? Especially a skill like this one. It's very scary, alright?” she told Ayrin, looking gloomily at Ayrin suddenly shrinking, seemingly melting into blood.

“Hehe, is that so. I'll pay attention next time,” Ayrin said with a laugh.

“Ah...” But Charlotte actually was scarred even stiffer, because that voice didn't come from the quickly melting Ayrin, but came from behind her instead.

“What's going on?”

She turned around in disbelief, but she couldn't see anything.


Just as she took a step forward, bewildered, about to stretch out her hand and touch the air in front, she suddenly heard Ayrin's soft breathing in front of her. Warm air brushed against her face.

She subconsciously jumped back in fright and directly crashed into the wall behind her with a bang.

“Ayrin, what on earth is going on!” she shouted, a little frantic.

Ayrin suddenly emerged from thin air, while that puddle of blood was still there on the ground.

“This skill, it turns out it doesn't really transform a person into blood, or seep into the ground and approach the opponent underground. Rather, it's a skill that deceives the eyes and the senses,” Ayrin explained to Charlotte, looking entirely serious, feeling rather proud. “Only part of the arcane particles create the illusion of the body turning into blood. In fact, when it looks like the body melts into blood, a peculiar arcane power hides the real body, making it invisible to the opponent.”

Ayrin actually couldn't help laughing again as he went on. “That's why, when we watch Gezny fight against his opponent, it looks like he becomes a puddle of blood, then that puddle of blood appears under the opponent's feet. In fact, every time he merely looks like he very mysteriously turns into blood while his actual body secretly runs to his opponent. When the opponent attacks his body that's turning into blood, including that puddle of blood, it's of course useless, because whether that body of blood or that blood puddle, both of them are things created from the merging of arcane energy and parts of his arcane particles.”

“So it's like that!”

Charlotte was in a daze when she heard. She mumbled to herself, “It's the same as manufacturing a fake body with a part of the arcane particles, and it's also the same as some body-cloning skills. It's only because it looks especially weird and creepy, that's the only reason why it has a confusing effect, causing everyone to be unable to imagine the truth. That's the reason why attacks aimed at the blood are also entirely useless. His genuine body is already sneaking in his opponent's direction.”

“So that means that his final attacks are merely him coming near his opponent and launching a skill from hiding? Only, none of his opponents thought he was hiding just beside them, they only focused on the blood at their feet. That's the reason why he can spring a sneak attack on them?” Charlotte couldn't resist asking Ayrin again.

“It's just like that, haha.” Ayrin couldn't help guffaw out loud. “This guy's skill fools everyone's eyes just like this. Also, that guy always goes back to where he previously stood after launching his final attack, creating a false appearance. That said, if not for me grasping this skill, I really couldn't understand what on earth is up with this guy's skill. I'd still really think that he transforms into blood to pursue his opponent.”

“If I want to deal with him, I just need to pretend I don't know his skill's secret, then secretly lay down some traps around me. He may very well bump into them all by himself like a mouse caught in a mousetrap.” Ayrin found it funnier and funnier the more he talked about it. He couldn't hold back another great laugh.

“You scoundrel...”

Charlotte felt Ayrin's words were pretty funny. She wanted to laugh, but she couldn't resist throwing a stern glare at Ayrin anyway. “It's one thing for you to hide behind me and make me jump in fright, why did you also have to shout whatever like a creep?”

“It's not that.” Ayrin scratched his head, embarrassed. “It was because when you came here, you were really too close to me... your face was about to touch mine, that's the only reason why...”

“You scoundrel!” Thinking back to the scene a moment ago, Charlotte's face reddened with a whoosh all of a sudden.

“Why isn't Ayrin here anymore?”

In the arena, the match between Hawkmoon Academy and Magnum Academy was already over. It was already time for the match between Agate Lake Academy against Hunter Academy.

None of the Agate Lake girls could resist looking at the stands for some reason.

They were all a bit unaccustomed not to have Ayrin shouting and yelling at the top of his lungs.

“Brave girls, brave warriors, do your best!”

“You need to win!”

Just then, Ayrin's loud yelling voice suddenly came to their ears again.

“Why did this guy leave?”

“He switched place, he ran to the stands over there.”

The Agate Lake girls saw Ayrin appear in the stands near them.

“This guy, he rarely makes you disappointed.”

A faint smile emerged on captain Sophia's lips. She said to all the members of team Agate Lake, “No matter what, we can't disappoint him either.”

“Of course.” The Agate Lake girls put their hands together. “Even if we can't beat Golden Stag next time, we still need to win this round no matter what. We have to keep St. Lauren's honor.”

“Sophia, Nikita, do your best!”

“Ayrin you stinky pervert, stop stealing my wind with your cheers!”

Just then, cheers even louder than Ayrin's suddenly rose in the stands.

“It's Stingham.”

What made Ayrin and everyone in Agate Lake Academy sweat big drops was, Stingham had his hands on his hips while cheering for Agate Lake Academy with a strange smile, while at the same time posing in a pose he himself thought to be very handsome.

“Oh right.”

Charlotte suddenly thought of something just then. She asked some spectators near her, “Why did the match between Hawkmoon Academy and Magnum Academy end so fast?”

The spectators around them were boys from some schools. They seemed to have recognized Charlotte. Seeing Divine Shield Academy's goddess ask them a question, they suddenly felt overwhelmed, all of them answering, “The one Hawkmoon Academy put first in the field was the “Child of the Stars,” Boyle. Magnum Academy was probably the weakest team in their group, Boyle directly beat them five-nil.”

Since a star contestant directly dealt with the whole team on the other side, then that substitute naturally couldn't have made his appearance onstage. Charlotte threw a glance at that Hawkmoon substitute who gave Ayrin a strange feeling, then fell silent.

“What are you doing looking like you're up to no good?”

But when she turned her head back, she actually saw Ayrin with a sly foxy expression, a treacherous smile on his lips.


Ayrin secretly explained to her, “I'm just thinking, how nice it'd be if someone kept using the same skill in the next match as well. Who knows, maybe I could steal it too.”

“...” Charlotte was suddenly speechless.

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