Chapter 15: Body training

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 15: Body training

The most direct confrontation of body against body!

Wearing the blue close-fitting inner uniform, teacher Rui unexpectedly laughed out loud inside the tremendous bang, his voice filled with vigor. He flew backward several meters, and steadily landed in the stands.

Ayrin finally gained a vague glimpse of this teacher's face. It was a middle-aged burly man with a full beard on a square face.


The Ximos heavily fell on the periphery of the stands. The scales on its chest were surprisingly almost all broken.

It propped its four arms on the ground, its body trembling nonstop, looking as if it couldn't climb up for the moment.


The students on this half of the stands had already fled to the rear at this time, but Belo was actually laughing out loud in excitement instead. He charged toward the Ximos.

“Belo, what are you doing!”

Ayrin subconsciously stood up and followed tightly behind Belo. He wanted to pull Belo back, but before his hand could touch Belo, an utterly stimulated Belo had already reached the front of the Ximos. He gave the Ximos a punch, gifted him with a kick.

Teacher Minlur also stared blankly.


The Ximos was still unable to stand up, but with a wrathful roar, its four arms once again swung wildly.

Ayrin felt the sky become suddenly darker as soon as he caught Belo's clothes.

In the periphery of his vision, four arms brought terrifying winds with them as they slapped down.


What made Ayrin crazy was that Belo wasn't even trying to run at this time. He actually even jumped up eagerly and launched a kick at the Ximos' legs.

“Ardent Whirlwinds!”

Ayrin almost subconsciously took his hands back, then he lifted them back and up, then stretched them forward like a flash of lightning.

Ten transparent wind whips intertwined upwards and trashed out. However, “Pa...” The Ximos' arms smashing down crushed them all to pieces in the space of an instant.


“It's a disaster this time!”

Ayrin only thought that he and Belo were going to be pounded for sure into flat cakes on the stands. But a whirlwind suddenly blew up in front of him, and a silhouette that couldn't be said to be tall appeared in front of him, warded him.


At the edges of the stands, the Ximos crashed through the railings behind it, sent flying out. It heavily fell on the field below, together with countless amount of gravel.

Only after hearing the sound of the fall did Ayrin clearly see, the one standing in front of him was teacher Rui. He looked very ordinary, but was so fast he seemed to be teleporting.

Teacher Rui turned slightly around, his back still facing Ayrin, and said to teacher Minlur standing at his side, “Better cancel today's Beast Battling Exam for now. Someone gave this Ximos some drugs.”

“...” Ayrin whipped his head around and gave Belo a stare, even more speechless.

The full-bearded Minlur nodded. “Alright.”

Ayrin only saw a blur in front of him. Teacher Rui had already dropped down to the field below, beside the Ximos, and was examining it. As to that Ximos, it wasn't moving in the slightest. There was no telling whether it was dead or alive.

“You two have pretty big guts, but you're not strong enough yet, you have to pay attention to security, don't be impulsive.” Teacher Minlur looked very rough and wild with his full beard, but he left such a kind sentence behind after a glance at Ayrin and Belo. Then his body flashed and he jumped down to the field.

It was obvious he didn't use any arcane power when he jumped down. He landed on the ground like a heavy boulder. Ayrin's mouth couldn't help but twitch despite himself.

“Let's go!”

Still full of zest a few seconds ago, Belo now calmly pushed his glasses and left the stands, Ayrin in tow.

Ayrin turned around and glanced at the three teachers, then asked in a muffled voice the three teachers couldn't possibly hear, “The thing you shot inside was a drug to make the Ximos crazy?”

“What crazy, it's merely something to help the Ximos recover some of its original strength.”

“You disturbed the entire Beast Battling Exam.”

“What's so interesting about that stupid Beast Battling Exam. These monsters get messed with until they can't pose any threat to the students, and they can only play the part of being beaten up by the students each their turn. Don't you feel it's a bit more stimulating this way?”

“Aren't you worried though the ones participating in the exam could get killed? I don't know if that guy who got beaten into a flat cake and pasted on the wall is still alive or not.” After going out of the stands, Ayrin finally couldn't resist yelling at a Belo. Belo looked like he still hadn't had enough of the show yet.

“Don't be impulsive.”

Belo glanced at Ayrin, “The medical masters in our Holy Dawn Academy have very powerful healing abilities. On top of that, that guy is an arcane master who can already condense primordial arcane particles. Even if he gets pasted on the wall and sticks on it, at most he'll have some broken bones. How would he possibly die? It's just too bad, these three elite teachers are too strong, they actually handled this monster with ease without getting any injury.”

Ayrin was even more speechless. “Did you actually want to injure even the teachers...”

“Don't you have any interest in seeing just how strong the genuinely elite teachers are in the academy? No one would have seen these elite teachers in action without my great efforts.” Belo curled his lips and said, “Too bad, the difference in level is still so far. These teachers didn't reveal any secret skill at all, the scene was simply not stimulating enough.”

“The Ximos jumped in the stands already, is that still not stimulating enough?” Ayrin's teeth itched with resentment. “Even senior students were afraid to go, why did you charge up and hit it?”

“It's not like we can die with the teachers there. The Ximos is a rarely seen monster, don't you think it's very fun and fulfilling to give it a punch or two?”


“Ah, we can't watch the Beast Battling Exam now. Maybe we can go beat up a few people and collect protection fees?”

“I'm not going!”

He was very interested in that Gale Sting move Belo had used during the brawl inside the canteen, but after experiencing the incident inside the Beast Training Field, Ayrin had the feeling he'd be slapped into a flat cake on the ground sooner or later if he followed Belo to do whatever it was. So after buying a great pile of food, he went straight back to the Ivy district. He was ready to make his way to the forest of huge trees outside, obediently start practicing the foundation drills arranged by teacher Huston.

Teacher Huston couldn't be said to be an elite teacher in the academy in any way, and he was also the treacherous Notebook Teacher who loved face to death, but Ayrin had come to a realization from many aspects. Whether it was because teacher Huston really had his own tricks for teaching students, or because students didn't dare not listen to him since he was quite a deviant, anyway in teacher Huston's classes, the results the students ultimately obtained in the exams were quite a lot better compared to other classes.

Last time at the brawl inside the canteen, the leaps and nimble backflips of those senior students had left a deep impression on Ayrin. Today, the formidable physical strength of that fully bearded teacher Minlur even made his scalp tingle.

With such a formidable body, ordinary arcane masters wouldn't be a match at all even if he didn't use any arcane power.

Such formidable body strength and nimbleness were all tempered out from foundation training in ordinary times.

“Did you hear, something unexpected happened in today's Beast Battling Exam. They lost control of the Ximos, the three elite teachers even had to go into action.”

“An accident happened? I forgot to go there and take a look today, hurry up, tell me what the hell happened.”

“Apparently someone deliberately gave some recovery medicine to the monster. The result was, it sent an examinee flying out in one slap. In the end, it even charged up on the stands. But nothing bad happened apart from that student getting injured. I heard that teacher Minlur is really strong. He didn't even use arcane particle, he clashed with the monster with just his own body, but knocked the monster so hard he sent it sprawled on the stands, it couldn't crawl back up.”

“Teacher Minlur is the one with the sturdiest body among the teachers to begin with. It's not only because of the power of his bloodline. They say he's more passionate about foundation training than arcane training. I heard senior students say before, this teacher used to hit trees and bump into trees like a raging bull when he had nothing better to do.”

Ayrin heard the discussions of some senior students on his way to the forest of giant trees.

“Hit trees, bump into trees... It sounds useful.”

In an instant, these great trees stretching to the sky in the forest outside the Ivy district suddenly all turned into enemies in Ayrin's eyes.


In an empty spot inside the forest of giant trees, Ayrin used all his strength and smashed his fist on the huge tree in front of him.

“That hurts!”

His arm and body shook abruptly, and his face immediately became distorted.

Prior to that, he'd already completed the set of foundation training Huston had planned. His body was already soaked in sweat.

His fist was a little swollen red after he hit the tree with his full strength. He didn't stop there however. Instead, he suddenly leaped up and crashed his entire body against the tree in front of him.


Another miserable scream rose inside the empty forest.

Ayrin was like a flat dough as he slid down along the tree's trunk, flopping on the ground.


“Ah!” …

Miserable screams rang nonstop in the forest, one after another.

The forest welcomed the possibly funniest training scene in recent years.

An immature figure jumped and jumped in front of a huge tree. First he punched and kicked it a few times. When his hands and feet were all hurting til he didn't even know where to put them, his body would bounce up and crash against the tree, then became paste on it with an “Ah!” before sliding down.

“This guy...”

A young teacher stood on a branch at the top of a tree not too far behind Ayrin. This young teacher was the one Ayrin met before at the registration, teacher Carter.

Carter wanted to laugh when he saw Ayrin looking so laughably funny, but his laughter had a little trouble coming out in the open at the same time.

His figure finally moved a few minutes later when he discovered that Ayrin still didn't intend to stop. He drew dots on the tree trunks with extreme nimbleness, catapulted himself down at flying speed from the treetop several dozen meters high.


Another miserable scream. This time, however, Ayrin noticed one more person in the clearing after sliding down from the tree.

“Cartman...Teacher Cartman?” Ayrin said, a little uncertain. He looked at Carter even as he rubbed his fists and feet.

“...” Carter shook his head, a little speechless, then said, “I'm teacher Carter, not teacher Cartman.”

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