Chapter 139: Winning back to back!

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 139: Winning back to back!

“He directly lost just like that?”

“Violent Bear Rykiel, his loss is too depressing.”

“So treacherous. I get it! It's definitely Holy Dawn Academy's overall strategy. They let their first contestant get beaten up and used him as a sacrifice to lower their opponent's guard, and then cleanly beat their opponent with a surprise attack. It's definitely a method their leader Carter came up with!”

“They directly traded an ordinary teammate for the one ranked second in strength among their opponents, that's an amazing deal.”

The stands were in an uproar. Most of the spectators were swearing at team Holy Dawn for being really too treacherous.

However, a small minority saw Ayrin's performance in an entirely different light.

“Evil Flaming Eye, Crown of Ice and Snow, added to Fountain of Slowness and Touch of Bones. In such a short amount of time, he already learned so many entirely different skills.” Ivan breathed in deeply, talking to himself. “I lost to you and sent you off to the national tournament, it seems it was well really well deserved.”

“Really the most unpredictable guy. That said, this kind of progress, isn't it a bit too fast?” A few people from Iron Forest Academy were also struck dumb.

Ferguillo turned around and glanced at Charlotte. He faintly said, “That probably isn't everything he's got, right?”

“How would I know!” Charlotte immediately shouted, depressed.

“Too despicable. He actually used this kind of method!”

Seeing Rykiel beaten up until his eyes and nose and ears were all scrunched up together, seeing he couldn't even utter a word, the members of team Mountain Kings were bursting their lungs with rage.

“His strength's pretty good, he's pretty proficient with his arcane skills as well. But from the intensity of his arcane power, he's merely an arcane master with one open gate. Also, his speed and his dodging are very ordinary. Kunrin, you can just use your usual tactics. Remember, don't underestimate the enemy, treat him exactly like an opponent at the same level.”

The teacher in charge of team Mountain Kings, Bolton, also had a gloomy face. He said a few words, then nodded at the stands. “You guys should understand how many people would mock you if you carelessly lost to a scamming weeds-level team like that, how tainted your lives would be.”

“Got it!”

A very skinny boy nodded firmly. His long gray hair was level with his shoulders, and his skin had a faint bluish hue. He stepped up to the field with a sinister air.

“It's Kunrin!”

Many people in the stands already recognized him before Kleis announced the name for the second fighter to take to the field for team Mountain Kings.

“This guy is nicknamed Mirage, his mobility skills and illusion skills are both very strong.”

“This time, this kid from Holy Dawn Academy is gonna have it. He'll probably be beaten until no one can recognize him before he can even reach the edge.”

In team Mountain Kings, Kunrin was the pretty gloomy and introverted type to begin with. He didn't like to talk too much, so he didn't say anything when he came onstage. He directly gestured at Kleis he was ready.

Ayrin threw him a glance, then immediately gestured that he was ready as well.


White light flashed on Kunrin's face. There was suddenly a white mask on it, without any decorative patterns or holes. It looked extremely weird.

“That's the 'Mask of Sorro'!”

“That's a secret skill from Mountain Kings Academy. This mask, it allows someone to move at high speed without their vision being perturbed by the wind blowing in their eyes, so they can see more clearly. Not only that, it can also cut off poisonous air and poison mist, and even avert many arcane skills attacking the nerves.”

Many very knowledgeable and experienced people in the stands immediately recognized it.

“I never saw Kunrin use this skill last year. It seems he's progressed quite a bit this year.”

“Kunrin's fighting so carefully because he doesn't want any mishap to happen. This Ayrin guy from Holy Dawn Academy is going to suffer.”

Facing Kunrin's actions, Ayrin merely stayed on alert where he stood without moving an inch.


Kurin's silhouette vanished all of a sudden. Three silhouettes appeared near Ayrin at the same time.

“It's Triple Mirage! His speed is too fast, so there will always be three silhouettes. It's very hard for the opponent to tell which one is the real one!”

The stands erupted in surprised cries.

The three mirage-like silhouettes were all moving. Their right hands all flashed with light, stabbing straight at Ayrin.


Almost everyone thought Ayrin couldn't dodge Kunrin's attack, but when Kunrin's hands landed, they only hit empty air.

A black shadow flashed. Ayrin appeared five or six meters away.

“Swish... Swish... Swish...”

Rapid shrill air-breaking sounds rose nonstop.

In the space of an instant, Kunrin's silhouettes were everywhere in the arena.

It seemed like there were several dozen Kunrins standing in the arena, while Ayrin's figure emerged and then disappeared again like a black wisp flickering at flying speed, dodging everywhere away from the assault from several dozen Kunrins.

“Hiss...” A collective gasp rose from the stands.

“How can he be so fast!” Even people like Ivan or Ferguillo couldn't resist looking at Charlotte. “His speed and dodging were clearly his greatest weaknesses... Why are his speed and dodging even better than Wilde's now?”

“Don't ask me, I don't know either!” Charlotte stamped her feet, indignant and embarrassed. Even she couldn't stop herself from saying, “How can he progress so fast?”

“Unexpectedly, even Kunrin can't nail him down...”

“This guy, he was all clumsy against Rykiel, he looked like he dodged very slow. It turns out he was also faking that! He's only a freshman with one open gate, but Kunrin still can't land a strike on him.”

Everyone in team Mountain Kings became thoroughly pale.

“What's going on?” Austin, the one nicknamed Death Hammer, watched the two's countless shadows, and shouted in disbelief, “His movements are clearly still a bit slower than Kunrin's, why is Kunrin finding it so hard to hit him?”


Bolton, the teacher in charge of team Mountain Kings, explained with an extremely unsightly face, “Kunrin would very often intercept him, but he always dodges Kunrin's attacks. He can't compare at absolute speed, but his body coordination is amazing...”

“Does this guy have the same bloodline as you? Why are his movements so skilled?” The group from Dragon Breath Academy was also startled. They couldn't stop themselves from looking at the one with a high-level elven bloodline, Cuswoth.

“This guy turns out to be so fast?”

Most people in team Holy Dawn were also astounded.

“Aren't these guys too good at playacting? It's really a team hard to describe with words...” Many people in the stands were a bit speechless when they saw the way team Holy Dawn acted.

“Impossible! I'm clearly faster than him, but I simply can't hit him!”

After several dozens chasing strikes all fell in empty air, Kunrin's mood was already becoming irascible.

“It's about time.”

Ayrin had always played this kind of chasing games with Rinloran, and each of his training sessions lasted several dozen times longer. So now he could keenly perceive the situation in the field. In his view, the threat Kunrin posed to him was far lower compared to Rinloran during their usual training. So, even though he seemed to be dodging dangerously, compared to him playing tag with Rinloran in a forest filled with sharp thorns, where a single moment of carelessness could even result in their eyes stabbed blind, the current situation was too easy.

“Oh no!”

He suddenly shouted miserably, as if he'd twisted his feet. With a tumble, he fell down forward head first.

“He's at it again!”

This thought flashed at the same time in the minds of Ferguillo, Ivan, and the others.

“An opportunity!”

Kunrin's eyes actually glinted instead.

He clearly saw Ayrin step straight on a hole in the field. The way he saw it, in the middle of such extreme movements, it would really be very difficult for Ayrin to clearly see the land at his feet. Plus, in his shoes, a hole suddenly appearing under his feet would also disturb his balance.

“Swarm of Illusion Blades!”

At this instant, arcane particles gushed out of his body with great intensity.

The moment he neared Ayrin, dark-red sword blades had already bloomed one after another around the area Ayrin fell at, stabbing at him from all sides.


However, his eyes narrowed into slits just then. The stands also erupted into rumbling shouts of astonishment.

The “fallen” Ayrin unexpectedly twisted his body without the slightest pause in a posture sticking close to the ground, and went through many sharp blades. He flashed somewhere else, his body moving with extreme harmony, like flowing water.

“A trap!”

These two words flashed in the icy-cold Kunrin's mind.

But he didn't have enough time left to react anymore.

With a light “Puff,” a white bone claw had already appeared under his feet and grabbed his leg.

His leg suddenly felt numb. He swayed on his feet. Halted.

A shadow flashed. Ayrin's figure appeared behind him.

Kunrin struck at Ayrin with a backhand, a reddish rainbow light spraying out of his hand.

But Ayrin had already reached his left side with an astonishing quickstep, like the swaying motion of a rattan vine. He smacked his hand on Kunrin's shoulder.


Kunrin suddenly lost his balance and fell to one side.

“It's the end!”

Seeing this scene, such a thought emerged in the minds of the pale-faced Mountain Kings team members.

“Bang bang bang bang...”

Everyone saw Ayrin's figure become a blur flowing around Kunrin, while Kunrin's body seemed perpetually nailed in midair under the blows, becoming more and more deformed.

“This guy...” Kleis had been in a bad mood because of the match two days ago, but now surprise gradually swept away the gloomy haze on his face.

Because Ayrin and the entire team Holy Dawn were too strange. He couldn't help himself and turned his head around to look at Carter standing at the edge of the field, to the point he even forgot about stopping this fight in time.

Kunrin fell heavily on the ground with a “Boom!”

Ayrin patted his hands and looked at Kleis. “Mister referee, shouldn't you declare the end of this fight now?”

Kleis turned his head back and saw Kunrin already passed out dead from the beating. Only then did he come back to his senses, as though he were waking up from a dream, and declare, “The fight is over. Ayrin wins.”

“He already beat two of them...”

“And in this match, it seems he even beat Kunrin in his area of expertise.”

At this moment, everyone in the field was looking at Ayrin in an entirely different light.

“They really didn't come to clown around?”

Such a thought flashed in the minds of many people.

“Ayrin, this guy actually won?”

“He actually won two fights back to back?”

But just then, Stingham already stuck his hands on his hips and shouted out loud in blame, “Ayrin, can't you hurry up and lose! You, what are you doing wasting time in the field. Hurry up and lose, let my lady-killer self go on stage.”

“Still clowning about? Holy crap, he even fished out a comb and is combing his hair...”

“What the hell is this team!”

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