Chapter 138 The spectacle begins

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 138 The spectacle begins

“Raging Rhino Punch!”

“Combo Kick!”

“Storm Palm!”


The fight between Moss and Rykiel had thoroughly degenerated into a show of sandbag punching.

To preserve arcane particles, Rykiel even stuck to bottom-level skills. Even so, Moss couldn't avoid any of them. He was already dizzy under the blows, and couldn't even tell left from right.

“You can still stand up? You're pretty resistant.”

“Just go down again!”

After Rykiel hit him another five or six times, Moss covered his face that no one could recognize anymore, and said, looking as though he was already half-conscious from the beating, “I concede. Or else I'll be injured if this goes on and I won't be able to participate in the next round.”

“You want to fight in the next rounds with that kind of level?”

At least half the people in the stands couldn't stop themselves from holding their bellies and laughing like madmen.

“What the hell, what kind of team is that?”

“They beat up their own teammate even before the match. They even have internal strife, they tell their own to hurry up and concede. Look, look, that bunch of people is still eating free fruits!”

“There's still someone eating free fruit?” Stingham turned his head around when he heard this. He really saw Ayrin and Belo eating free fruits. Even his own vision went black. “Ayrin, are you really a brainless Food Eating Monster? Aren't you the second fighter, you're about to go up there, what are you doing still gorging yourself?”

“I think I'm a bit hungry. My condition will be better if I eat some stuff.”

Ayrin laughed, a little embarrassed. Then he brandished his fist at a Moss holding his cheeks and stumbling his way back, “Brave warrior! You fought pretty well. You just sit down and eat some fruits.”

“Crash.” Everyone in the stands fell on the floor.

“What on earth is this team. He still said he fought pretty well? He didn't even injure his opponent at all, the only thing he did was getting beaten up. You should be saying he got beaten up pretty well, alright?”

“He's beaten black and blue already, sit down and eat some fruits?”

What made many people in the stand almost die from laughter was, Moss walked in front of Ayrin without saying anything, then really sat down and started to eat fruits.

“These guys.” Charlotte watched Moss and Ayrin, helpless. “What on earth are they plotting? Putting Moss first didn't have any impact.”

“Carter is publicly recognized as a brilliant commander in St. Lauren. He definitely has some kind of plan.” Ivan glanced at Ayrin. The latter was obviously getting ready to go on stage. “I'm very much looking forward to this guy's performance when he goes up in the field. When he goes on stage, it should time for team Holy Dawn's demonstration to begin.”

“Captain, these guys are really too... too funny.” In a corner of the stands, the guys from team Sea God looked at captain Joyce, desperately choking down their laughter. “Captain, I wonder what others would think if they knew we came especially to cheer for them.”

Joyce shook his head. He looked at Ayrin from far away and muttered, “It's really a strange team...”

“Haha, this guy looks very funny too.”

Ayrin stepped in the field, his face brimming with excitement. When Kleis announced his name, not only many spectators in the stands, even many thoroughly relaxed members in team Mountain Kings couldn't resist laughing out loud.

“You're called Ayrin?”

Seeing Ayrin come up, looking left and glancing right as though everything was very fresh and novel for him, Rykiel thought that this guy really looked a little dumb, a little foolish. So he couldn't hold down his guffaw. He asked, “If I remember correctly, you're the one who said in Breith Magazine that we weren't worth as much as free fruits, right?”

Ayrin shook his head with a serious look and explained, “I just said I paid attention to free fruits and didn't pay much attention to you.”

“Isn't that disregarding us just the same?” Rykiel said deliberately, “It looks like you must be real strong, you must be at least an elite master with three open gates, right?”

“I'm not.” Ayrin smiled, a little embarrassed. “I'm only a freshman at Holy Dawn Academy, I opened my first gate not long ago.”

“Opened his first gate not long ago? He's even a freshman, and he even directly told that to his opponent... Did team Holy Dawn really come here to make us laugh?” Many people were struck dumb again when they heard Ayrin's words.

Rykiel was also amused when he heard. He gestured at Kleis he was ready, and told Ayrin at the same time, “Haha, pretty honest. Relax, I won't beat you up as miserably as him.”

“Doesn't matter, no need to hold back.” Ayrin smiled, and also gestured at Kleis he was ready.

“The fight begins!”

“Charge! Charge! Charge!”

Out of nowhere, Ayrin shouted repeatedly as soon as Kleis' voice rose. His feet stamped heavily on the ground, again and again, causing muffled oppressive vibrations.

“What a powerful strength.”

“An arcane master with one open gate but almost the same strength as an arcane master with two gates. you're not a total lost cause. It's just too bad, you're still a bit worse than me.”

Rykiel's brows scrunched, then loosed. In that instant, his state of mind relaxed once again.


Facing Ayrin's swift charge, he chose not to dodge. Instead, he sent his own punch flying, smashing it head on against Ayrin's incoming fist.

A muffled bang exploded in the air.

Rykiel merely swayed on his feet and retreated two steps.

“It hurts!”

While Ayrin only steadied himself after falling back five or six steps in succession. His left hand desperately rubbed his right fist while he exhaled nonstop in pain.

“Your strength's very commendable. Try another punch from me!”

Rykiel smiled faintly. His figure moved and sent another punch at Ayrin. A thick magenta radiance gushed out of his fist, transforming into the shape of a rhinoceros' horn.


His arms crossed in front of him, Ayrin retreated more than ten steps under the impact, then heavily fell down on the ground.

“That's the extent of your level?”

“Almost every arcane master in Mountain Kings Academy can gasp this Raging Rhino Punch, but you can't even block it?”

“A team like that is actually claiming about winning the trophy?”

Amidst thunderous laughter, members of team Holy Dawn all looked at each other.

“Against me, this guy's speed and reaction were at least one time faster. What on earth is he trying to do now with his playacting?”


Ayrin leaped up from the ground, steadying himself shakily. His face brimmed with his determination for battle. “At least, I can make you waste some energy.”

“What, did you really qualify for the nationals by withstanding thrashings until they don't have any energy left from beating you up?” At the edge of the field, team Mountain Kings was madly amused. Captain Werther laughed so hard he couldn't stop himself from shouting his belly hurt and telling his teammates to help him rub his belly.

“Haha, hit this guy until he pukes all the fruits he ate.”

Rykiel fixated Ayrin's belly with his gaze. “Raging Rhino Punch!” After a shout, he charged in Ayrin's direction exactly the same way as he previously did.

Ayrin didn't move away at all, as if he only had time to lift his hands and protect his face.


All of a sudden, already five or six meters away from Ayrin, Rykiel suddenly felt something wrong.

With a “Puff,” a snow-white skeleton claw suddenly rose from the ground and grabbed his leg.


Rykiel's expression stiffened all of a sudden, a bit spooked out of his mind. His leg immediately felt numb. He couldn't push his arcane particles out of his foot in time.


Just then, a dark green fountain spurted from the ground and flushed on him.

A mighty force washed over him, causing him to yell miserably. His body ached as if it were split open, while the fountain flushed him more than a dozen meters in the air.

“What on earth is this arcane skill!”

“Why didn't I feel it at all! My body...”

What made Rykiel even more inconsolable and appalled was, he felt his body become slow and sluggish for some inexplicable reason. It seemed to move in slow motion.

At the same time, Ayrin charged underneath him and jumped upward.

Rykiel seemed to be in a daze while Ayrin's fist became bigger and bigger in his vision, before landing on him.




The sounds of a series of continuous, explosive strikes boomed in the air.

Everyone in the stands watched on with wide eyes, utterly dumbstruck. They saw Ayrin's punches battering Rykiel like a torrential storm, while Rykiel's body become more and more distorted while it cycled between being smashed on the ground and hit back into the air.

Everyone in team Mountain Kings was entirely still.

A chill welled up from the bottom of their hearts.

“What's going on!”

“Why did he get hit by two skills in succession?” After a frozen instant, the stands erupted in a tsunami of shocked cries.

Even all the members of Dragon Breath Academy looked on in a daze.

“It's Fountain of Slowness and Touch of Bones.” Captain Morgan was the first one to come back to himself. He said, frowning, “They're both sneak skills with very little arcane particle undulation. Also, these two skills are arcane skills that can be launched with a delay. This Ayrin from Holy Dawn Academy, he secretly launched these two skills when he got hit by Raging Rhino Punch the first time, while he was falling back. As a result, Rykiel fell for it and suffered from the trap he laid.”

“How treacherous!”

Audrey was also staring blankly. “This Ayrin, he looked like he doesn't understand anything, but he unexpectedly turns out to be so treacherous.”

“Rykiel might well even have the urge to kill himself right now. Apart from his outstanding strength, he's really the most well-rounded in team Mountain Kings after Werther. It's hard to tell how much progress he made from last year to now. But just now, he didn't even have the time to show any strength skill before his opponent's surprise attack directly defeated him.” Cuswoth, the one with the high-level elven bloodline in the team, shook his head. He said a few words in a soft voice, then his expression turned somewhat solemn again. “This Ayrin is a bit strange... Because neither Fountain of Slowness and Touch of Bones are easy to grasp, and they're also two entirely different skills when it comes to their arcane energies and styles. Ordinary persons would have no hope at all to master these two arcane skills at the same time.”

“Violent Bear Rykiel... The second best in team Mountain Kings directly lost just like that?”

The vast majority of spectators in the stands all had trouble believing it could be true.

Yet everyone could clearly see that even Rykiel's face was now distorted under Ayrin's wild assault. He didn't even have the opportunity to shout his surrender or gesture that he admitted defeat.

“The fight is over!”

Seeing Rykiel beaten up until even his parents probably wouldn't recognize him, Kleis declared Ayrin the winner.

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