Chapter 131: The stronger, the more exciting

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 131: The stronger, the more exciting

“Dragon Breath Academy against Sea God Academy, fifth fight, Audrey against Joyce!”


As soon as the voice rose, a cone of ice taller than a man already stuck itself into the ground in front of Joyce. It broke, covering the area in snow-white fragments of ice.

Joyce's figure had already vanished. There was only a blue wave left, taller than two men, traveling back and forth not far away from the area covered by ice fragments.

“What a fast skill invocation speed!”

“Both of them are equally fast!”

The spectators became even more excited when they saw the two opponents were truly about the same strength.

“Tears of the Drake Spirit!”

Joyce's grave and serene chant suddenly emerged from the blue wave traveling here and there on the field.

Another huge blue wave rose from the ground, even more gigantic. It belched blue balls of water, one after another, like a big fish spitting drops of water.

“That's not an ordinary water skill!”

“If you carelessly step on them, you might well be immediately stuck.”

The vast majority of people immediately noticed that Joyce's skill wasn't an ordinary attack. When the blue balls of water landed on the ground, they didn't flow like water. Instead, they spread evenly on the ground, like a thick layer of blue glue expanding outward.

In just a short moment, the balls of blue glue had already covered almost half the arena.

From the start, there was a white tornado of ice and snow spinning under Audrey's feet. She'd avoided all the blue waterballs directly firing at her, but she'd been forced into an area about a dozen meters wide at the edge of the field.


Just at this moment, Joyce's figure suddenly appeared at the edge of the blue glue, a dozen meters away in front of Audrey.

“What's that!”


Cheers and cries of surprise immediately rose from the stands. Because, at this moment, Joyce's exposed hand grasped a blue Sea King Trident longer than two men put together. It seemed extremely formidable.

As to the thick layer of blue glue at his feet, it started to bubble upward and transform into blue humanoid shapes holding swords and blades in their hands. The army of a sea king was taking shape.

“What materialization skill is that?”

“One composite skill after another!” Sophia sucked in a deep breath. She couldn't resist saying, “This year, you can really call team Sea God a composite skill team. Everyone seems exceptionally proficient with consecutive composite skills.”

“These composite skills might be their secret weapon this year. It's too bad they met such an outstanding team like Dragon Breath Academy ahead of time.” Ayrin looked at Audrey and Joyce now standing face to face in an immobile face-off. He said excitedly, “The two of them are going to begin their decisive fight now, right?”

“Should be.” Chris nodded firmly. “The arcane skills they use next should be their most powerful means.”

“Joyce, you're a lot stronger than last year.” At this time, standing absolutely still, Audrey's long spotlessly-white hair started slowly floating. Looking at Joyce in front of her, she said, “Since you're already the last opponent, there's no reason for me to hold back.”

“Cage of the ice phoenix!”

The moment she said these words, she pushed forward fiercely with both her hands. Countless fragments of ice suddenly splashed forward, forming a huge phoenix of ice and snow. It didn't immediately charge at Joyce. Instead, it looped around Joyce and her.

Everywhere the phoenix flew by, an ice wall more than a dozen meters tall sprang from the ground.

A circular wall of ice about twenty meters in diameter encircled Joyce and her, sealing them inside.

At the same time, Joyce pointed his blue trident in her direction.

All the humanoid shapes around him rumbled as they rushed toward Audrey, sharp weapons in hand.

Layer upon layer, the blue creatures instantly submerged Audrey's petite figure.

“This arcane skill, even if you can beat the blue creatures into mush, they'd still become blue glue spreading on the ground. You'd still be stuck, right?”

This thought flashed in the minds of the vast majority of people, especially many members of teams participating in the tournament. Their brows creasing deeply, they felt that they'd surely be helpless if they were to face this arcane skill.


But just then, an invisible energy suddenly burst forth at the center of the blue humanoids' encirclement. Even time seemed to come to a sudden halt.

Some spectators couldn't stop themselves from directly shouting, “What happened?”

“What arcane skill did Audrey use?”

But before their shouts left their mouths, the vast majority of people had already seen the blue humanoids closest to Audrey become suddenly immobile.

Something white diffused outward.

One after another, the blue humanoids became white, became white motionless sculptures of ice and snow.

The whiteness expanded rapidly outward like a circular tide.

Within the space of a breath, all the blue humanoids were entirely frozen.

The white icy tide directly reached in front of Joyce standing there, holding his blue Sea King Trident.

“Wave Vacuum Boundary!”

Joyce didn't try to dodge. He slashed with the Sea King Trident in his hand. A round bubble composed of three superposed layers formed by seemingly countless crystalline latices wrapped him inside.


Many people could clearly see Joyce's expression change inside the round bubbles, all of a sudden.

Starting from the center and expending outward, all the bubbles also became white. Inside, Joyce stiffened abruptly; white frost appeared over his body as well.

“Audrey's arcane skill, what is it?! Joyce's Wave Vacuum Boundary is a secret skill from Sea God Academy. There's a vacuum between each layer. Even if the outside is frozen, the cold air couldn't possibly travel inside!”

“Absolute Zero! This is a taboo-skill from Dragon Breath Academy, it can ignore almost every defense! Audrey actually learned such a taboo skill!”

“The Cage of the Ice Phoenix just now, did she only use it to coordinate with this skill, to strengthen the effects of the cold?”

“Joyce has no choice but to lose then?”

Crack crack crack crack... In such a commotion, the sound of splitting ice crackled without cease.

All the blue humanoids previously frozen into white snow sculptures exploded into fragments the size of a thumb. With an unparalleled domineering aura, Audrey's petite figure appeared from their midst.

“Is it the end?”

Moss looked at the fragments of ice covering the ground, and the ice wall still standing erect. He mumbled to himself, astounded, “In the end, Audrey still stopped Sea God Academy's counterattack?”

“I don't think so,” Ayrin muttered.

At this moment, all the other sounds seemed to have vanished from the arena.

An alluring song suddenly rose in the arena, as if from the depths of the ocean.

This song, it was as though there was a beautiful long-haired girl sitting on a rock, watching her lover from far away. This sound also seemed like the song of a beautiful yet dangerous siren, bewitching travelers passing by.


“Wasn't Joyce clearly frozen already. Why are we hearing the Siren Song?”

In the field, Audrey was obviously startled as well. She looked at Joyce's figure sealed in the ice.

With a crash, the sphere frozen white suddenly turned into fragments.

“Why are there so many colors?” Ayrin, Moss, and the others shouted in surprise.

Every kind of light and shadow suddenly filled the field, drawing many scenes. There were island landscapes, there were also great ships sailing on the sea. There even really were beautiful sirens singing on a reef.

“This is the mirage formed by the Siren Song. The strongest effect of this skill is to interfere with the mind. It can greatly slow down the opponent's casting speed and their physical movements... Ah!” Sophia was explaining to Ayrin, but she suddenly shouted in surprise.

Joyce's figure suddenly appeared on top of the circular wall of ice.

“Dolphin Burst!”

Along with a water wave, he tilted down from the top of the ice wall. At the same time, blue dolphin-shaped lumps of water charged nonstop, pounding ferociously in Audrey's direction.

“She lost.”

Captain Morgan shrugged in Dragon Breath Academy's preparation area. “That's Water Incarnation. It looks like Joyce really made a lot of progress this year. Apart from Siren Song, he mastered another one of Sea God's taboo skills. The material incarnations formed by this arcane skill can actually even condense a part of the arcane particles and use arcane skills themselves. Otherwise, you can't fool Audrey.”

“I lost.”

At this time, facing Joyce's Dolphin Burst, Audrey suddenly signaled with her hand at referee Kleis, indicating she lost.

“Ah?” Several members of team Dragon Breath became dumbstruck at the same time. “She admitted defeat just like that. She consumed all her arcane particles and was going to lose in any case, but that's not really her style.”

“She must feel that Joyce's performance is worthy of her admitting defeat.” Morgan smiled and said softly, “Or maybe I could say she's a bit more mature.”


“It's Joyce's win!”

After a few seconds of silence, the stands entirely exploded in tremendous cheers and applause.

“Being too strong is a bad thing too.” Morgan looked at the boiling stands and sighed. “When we fight in the tournament, the crowd never acts like that when we beat our opponents, but everyone in the stands will cheer and encourage our opponents every time they win a fight against us.”

“The captain's faking it again.”

“That's right. I really despise him!” Several members of team Dragon Breath made gestures of contempt at Morgan at the same time.

“You guys, I'm still your captain! Can you not be like that.” Morgan rolled his eyes.

“They really won. At the very least, Sea God Academy finally defeated Ice Queen Audrey.”

The members of team Holy Dawn and team Agate Lake couldn't help but turn their heads and look at Ayrin.

“Joyce, you're really strong!”

“Just like that! You guys are true brave warriors!”

Ayrin was eagerly brandishing his fist at Joyce and co at this moment, shouting his encouragements at the top of his lungs.

“This guy is really good at stimulating others... He truly has the ability to activate the fighting spirit sleeping inside everyone.” Remembering the difference in Sea God Academy's performance before and after, Sophia and the others all had this kind of thought.

“These celebrity fighters are really so strong... Dragon Breath Academy's so powerful.” Just then, Ayrin was actually thinking to himself, “It's really too hard to defeat these guys... That said, these guys are truly powerful enough to make my heart race and my blood boil. If I were to trade blows with formidable opponents like them... It's really stirring and exciting just thinking about it.”

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