Chapter 130: Queen of Ice and Snow against Siren Song

Destroyer of ice and Fire

Chapter 130: Queen of Ice and Snow against Siren Song

“I don't know.”

Chris shook her head and said with a solemn air, “Without fighting her, I have no idea.”

Ayrin couldn't help but laugh.

He knew what Chris meant. Chris was someone who had an extraordinary instinct for battle. She often would make the best decisions in a fight, and burst out with a fighting strength stronger than during training. Hence, without fighting her, she didn't know how the fight would go. But Chris didn't say she couldn't beat her. That meant Chris was confident she could win even when faced with a powerhouse like Audrey.

Chris said she didn't know, but Stingham immediately laughed out loud when he heard Ayrin. “I'm sure I can beat Audrey. But Audrey looks so pretty, I can't bear to hit her... After the match, I might as well go ask her if she has a boyfriend.”

“...” Moss and the others became speechless.

Belo pushed his glasses. “You probably didn't transfer to our school on your own, right? Golden Lion Academy probably kicked you out?”

“Who told you that. It's Ayrin and teacher Carter who swindled me into transferring,” Stingham said in all seriousness.

“...” Moss and the others almost fell down face first. Belo clearly meant that Stingham liked to show off his good looks a bit too much, that he was too narcissistic, that there was probably no one who wanted to put up with him. But Stingham actually couldn't tell.

“What's that?”

Many cries of surprise suddenly rose in the stands.

Everyone saw the storm of granules engulfing the entire field change once again. It rose higher and higher at the center, as if giving birth to a giant monster.

“These granules aren't battering Audrey's Frozen Boundary anymore!”

Many people noticed that at the same time. These white granules that previously created sparks when touching the hard stony ground weren't desperately rubbing and grinding the transparent crystal around Audrey anymore. Instead, without sound or trace, they glued themselves to the transparent crystal.

In the blink of an eye, the powerful monster-shaped stream of air in the middle of the storm was flushing against the transparent crystal enveloping Audrey.

Layer upon layer of a hard white crust immediately piled on the transparent crystal, taking the form of a coral, as though it were a coral growing continuously.

“I get it.”

Sophia was greatly taken aback. “This is a composite skill. He trapped Audrey inside. This way, Audrey can't solve this problem with just a Frozen Boundary. At the very least, she has to use another arcane skill to force her way out.”

“That's right.” Chris nodded. “Audrey wanted to preserve her arcane particles as much as she could. She wanted to win a war of attrition with just one absolute defensive skill. But now, she has to use at least one other skill. She can't keep saving her arcane particles.”

After a small pause, Chris sighed with feeling and added in a whisper, “These teams in the national tournament are truly powerful. Even Sea God Academy... This fourth contestant can actually use in succession two arcane skills of such power and scope. He must have opened his third arcane gate.”

Sophia sucked in a deep breath. She also agreed with her opinion. “He must have opened his third arcane gate.”

“The strongest one in Sea God Academy is their captain Joyce. This one is also a high-level arcane master with three open gates. That means that even Sea God Academy has two arcane masters with three open gates.” Ayrin smiled when he heard Chris and Sophia. “Chris, Amazing Girl, now that you've seen how strong your enemies are, did you lose the confidence of becoming champion?”

“Of course not.” Chris shook her head with incomparable resolve. “We have to dominate the tournament and seize the cup!”

“Haha. That's our Amazing Girl. Let's do our best! Our goal is to be champions!” Ayrin firmly brandished his fist and laughed out loud.

The guys and girls in team Holy Dawn and team Agate Lake looked at Ayrin and Chris, both of them in high spirits and brimming with resolve for battle. They couldn't help but think, “These two guys, they're really two peas in a pod. Don't tell me, the stronger the opponent, the more it'll arouse their fighting spirits?”


A tremendous noise suddenly exploded in the field.

The white granules piled around Audrey became a coral tree reaching a height of five meters. On top of that, it still kept growing. However, with a tremendous boom, this white coral tree directly exploded into countless fragments firing violently to all sides.


Many people in the stands couldn't help but shake.

Audrey escaped from this white coral tree. Her face was previously fair, almost transparent. But now, it was actually indigo.

“Is it because she couldn't breathe when trapped by the white coral tree?”

“What's the matter, why does it look like she's still suffocating even now?”

Amidst such cries of surprise, Ayrin also noticed that Audrey looked as though she still couldn't breathe fresh air. Her face became more and more unsightly.

“It's Ocean Suffocation!”

“Just now, when the white granules piled into a coral tree, they combined with arcane energy and consumed all the oxygen in the field.”

There were countless mighty and knowledgeable arcane masters in the stands. Voices like these immediately floated to their ears.

“Is it a suffocation skill that absorbs all the oxygen in an area? No wonder Audrey can't breathe even now.” Ayrin breathed in a deep mouthful of air, subconsciously. “What about that guy from Sea God Academy?”


When the white coral tree shattered to pieces, when more and more white granules were consumed and less and less of them present in the field, the storm slowly became like a thin white fog. Pitt, the fourth contestant for Sea God Academy, came into view. What made many people exhale in shock was, there was a transparent bubble wrapped around his head.

“This is Sea God Academy's Bubble Dive! This guy used this small skill right from the start and bundled quite a lot of air inside. That's why he has no problem at all with breathing.” Ayrin came to the realization at the same time as many other people.


Just at this time, ice suddenly extended from Audrey's back and transformed into a pair of ice wings. She shot several dozen meters in the air at an astounding speed, immediately rushing out of the area covered by the white granules. Floating in the air, she breathed in deeply.

Pitt, the fourth contestant for Sea God Academy, lifted his head. There was no longer any reserve of arcane particles left inside him. He nodded in Kleis' direction and said softly, “I admit defeat.”

“It's already quite a feat to endure the batter of the arcane particles required to use these two arcane skills one after another. You lost, yet you still gained honor,” Kleis first said with a voice only Pitt and himself could hear. Only then did he wave his flag and declare the end of this fight.

When he waved the flag, applause and acclaims rose from the stands like a tide.

“Sea God Academy, you fought bravely!”

“Do your best, Sea God Academy!”

This time, most of the cheers weren't directed at the winner. They were for the loser's performance instead.

“Captain, shouldn't we substitute Audrey?”

In Dragon Breath Academy's preparation area, one of the team members looked at captain Morgan with a frown and said, “She doesn't have a lot of arcane particles left. Joyce is next, she'll definitely be injured if she continues.”

“No. It seems you don't understand Audrey well enough yet.” Morgan laughed softly and shook his head. “If Sea God Academy performed in a very mediocre way, maybe she'd have been very willing to step down. But now, Sea God Academy blew the horn of their counterattack with their very blood. They're fighting like true braves. She definitely isn't willing to step down. In her opinion, to fight seriously is also a form of esteem and honor for opponents worthy of respect. If we made her step down now, there's no telling what kind of tantrum she'd throw. Anyway, I'm not brave enough to make her step down. If you guys want her to step down, you go and tell her yourselves.”

“It's not like we're the captain.” The members of team Dragon Breath threw a contemptuous glance at Morgan. At the same time, they shook their heads, a little vexed. “That said, with Audrey's temper, it's really hard to tell what kind of grave consequence there would be if we forced her to come down.”

“It's only the group stage anyway. There's still time to heal if she's wounded.” Morgan smiled. He added, “This tournament, it's also a rare test for her.”

“Siren Song!” “Siren Song!” …

Shouts and cheers rose in waves among the stands.

An amazed Ayrin turned to Sophia beside him and asked when he heard, “What does that mean?”

“Siren Song is a taboo skill from Sea God Academy. In the whole of Sea God Academy, there's only Joyce who grasps it right now,” Sophia explained. “Joyce used this skill last year and became a celebrity. That's why he gained the “Siren Song” sobriquet. On top of that, there's a very pleasant sound when he uses this skill. That's why he imperceptibly gained a lot of fans.”

“So that's why.” Ayrin nodded.

“I get it now!” Seeing Ayrin and Sophia trade question and answer, looking very intimate, the extremely envious Stingham felt like he suddenly saw the light.

“Asking questions like these, it's a very good opportunity to get close to her. I'm really dumb, I should have faked ignorance long ago and ask questions. I'd have become very intimates with the girls by now.”

Thinking like that, Stingham immediately inserted himself in. He asked, impatient, “Arcane skills can make noises? There's pleasant singing even when it's a boy using the skill?”

“What kind of question is that?”

“He doesn't even know that?”

“Is that guy a moron? Why couldn't arcane skills make noise?” When team Holy Dawn and team Agate Lake heard Stingham's ignorance about such common sense, they suddenly thought, that guy's brain must have been stuffed with weeds.

In the center of the field, Sea God Academy's captain, Joyce, was already standing in front of Audrey.



“Siren Song!”

“Siren Song!”

Amidst such different cheers and rallying shouts coming from the fans, the curtains finally opened on a great evenly-matched fight between two heavyweights.

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