Chapter 128: A lopsided fight

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 128: A lopsided fight

“Hurricane Assault!”

Ligiel bellowed almost subconsciously, his body icy-cold. Dazzling beams of arcane particles gushed out of his hands in steady streams.

All the huge sails standing erect in the field suddenly surrounded Audrey. Wild gusts of wind started to blow from every sail, pressing in her direction.

“What a powerful skill!”

Ayrin couldn't stop himself and shouted, “Wild gusts of winds like these are almost like hurricanes on the seas, right? Moss, if it were you, you might not even be able to move an inch under the force of this hurricane. The teams in the national tournament are something else, any random arcane skill out there is that powerful!”

“...” Moss was speechless. “Why are you talking about me!”

“Look at them, look at them... It's too funny. They're shouting and yelling at the sight of any random arcane skill.”

“This bunch of guys really came to fight, they didn't come to hype the mood?”

When they saw that Ayrin couldn't refrain from shouting, team Mountain Kings was about to pass out from laughter.

“That's a composite skill. Ligiel couldn't grasp this kind of skills last year.” Sophia and the others looked fixedly at Audrey and Ligiel.


An earthshaking cry of surprise suddenly rose from the whole arena.

When the astounding hurricane pressed ferociously against Audrey as she stood on top of the sail, the figure of that “Audrey” distorted, and directly vanished in thin air.

“Oh no, that was a refracted illusion!”

All the members of team Sea God came to the sudden realization, including Ligiel standing obliquely on a sail. They were utterly icy-cold.


Just at this instant, a big hole suddenly tore open in the sail Ligiel stood on.

A snow-white palm passed through the broken sail. It pressed on Ligiel, as if without strength.


However, as if smashed by a giant invisible hammer, Ligiel collapsed forward in the air and bumped violently on a sail in front of him.


A gasp rose from the stands.

Thick white frost rapidly wrapped around Ligiel. As the sail tumbled on the ground, he made faint sounds of pain. He couldn't stand up anymore.

Audrey's petite figure passed through the hole in the sail. She lightly landed on the ground.

One by one, the huge sails started vanishing.

“She used an arcane skill similar to Ice Mirror and created an illusion, and drew out Ligiel's attack. In the meantime, she was quietly hiding below Ligiel,” Chris whispered with a deep breath in. She looked very solemn.

“So powerful. She actually defeated such a strong opponent in such an effortless way,” Ayrin shouted.

“Hmph.” Stingham tossed his hair, and said in disagreement, “If it had been my brilliant handsome wargod self, I would have easily defeated that guy just like her.”

“This blond kid doesn't even look like a main member of team Holy Dawn? The main members are already making a fuss about it, but this substitute still talks so big... This team's too out there.” The bunch of people in team Mountain Kings couldn't resist laughing mischievously when they thought they would be fighting against these people next.

“The difference in strength's really too great... This situation's entirely like an adult hitting a kid. Just with the huge psychological advantage, Audrey can fight any way she wants.”

The referee Kleis threw a sympathetic glance at Ligiel and faintly shook his head. Then he declared the end of the first fight and the start of the second fight.

“Dragon Breath Academy against Sea God Academy, second fight. Audrey against Romin.”

In team Sea God, a lanky boy with black hair walked to the center of the field.


“Ice Arrows!”

Audrey and her white hair pure as snow tilted up as soon as Kleis' voice fell.

Several dozen snow-white ice arrows suddenly appeared in front of her, firing in Romin's direction.

Ice arrows entirely sealed off the area within a dozen meters. Romin could simply not dodge.

He bellowed, “Protection of the Sea Snakes!” Then pressed his hands towards the empty air at his sides. Two azure streams of water squirted out of the ground, then transformed into two huge azure snakes.

“Puff puff puff puff...”

With their bodies, these two huge snakes blocked all the ice arrows flying in his direction.


Just at this instant, however, Audrey's figure had already rushed in front of Romin.


Her punch immediately landed on one of the azure snakes. Against all odds, her tiny fist directly scattered the huge snake. The snake's head turned back into water, and her first directly went through, pounding its way towards Romin without the slightest pause.

Romin didn't even have the time to invoke an arcane skill. He could only cross his arms in front of him.


His body swayed violently. His upper body snapped backward. He fell back three steps in succession.

The next moment, he already saw at the periphery of his vision a fist pounding ruthlessly towards his belly.

“Puff!” “Puff!” …

Muffled striking sounds rose in quick succession.

Romin kept blocking Audrey's strikes. Every time he blocked, his body swayed intensely like a small sea boat that could capsize at any moment in the howling storm.

“Romin is finished.”

Such a thought flashed in the minds of almost every spectator in the stands.

Very obviously, though Romin was barely withstanding Audrey's strikes at this moment, the disparity in physical power was too great between Audrey and him. He was close to losing his balance every single time.

“What a formidable physical strength!”

“Audrey looks so tiny, I never expected her to have such a strong physical strength. Worthy of a dragon bloodline!”

“She's actually forcing her way through Romin's defensive skills with physical strength alone! She seized an absolute superiority in one go,” Ayrin kept shouting in surprise with a muffled voice. “Her physical strength is much higher than mine.”

“She went on the offensive from the beginning and immediately forced her opponent to a contest of strength. She didn't leave him any time to invoke arcane skills.” Chris' expression was even more solemn. “She's using the method that consumes the least amount of arcane particles. She wants to keep winning fights this way and have enough arcane particles left even when she's against the last contestant from Sea God Academy. The difference in level between her and her opponents is too great. With merely her slight advantage in skill invocation speed, she controlled the entire rhythm of the fight from the very beginning.”

“That's why this match is entirely her show. She can use whatever method she wants to settle her opponents.” Ayrin breathed in deeply. He glanced at the rest of the people in Dragon Breath Academy, shuddering from head to toe in excitement. “Dragon Breath Academy's really powerful...”

“Golden Stag, Silver Trout... In these teams, every one of their main members is a fearsome star contestant like Audrey. How can we fight when we meet a team like that?” Ayrin trembled in excitement, but Moss and the others were trembling a little in fear.


Amidst the sounds of blocked punches exploding closely together, there was the sudden sound of a muffled, solid hit.

Everyone saw Romin suddenly fly backward.

Audrey suddenly stopped at this instant.

It seemed as though she was going to stand there without moving an inch.

However, just when Romin's body was about to hit the ground, she flashed and suddenly appeared where Romin was about to land.

With a “Puff,” her hand sliced on Romin's neck.

It didn't look like she used a lot of strength. But Romin passed out even as he landed, because her strike hit just the right spot.

“So strong! Audrey's stronger than last year.”

“Team Sea God's a strong team as well. Usually, their main members entirely suppress members of ordinary teams. But now, against Audrey, they don't even have the opportunity to use the skills their good at.”

“The difference in level is too great.”

“No wonder the academies around her place don't call her Storm Ice anymore this year, but call her Ice Queen instead.”

The spectators in the stands weren't fools. This fight had proceeded in a very simple fashion, to the point there hadn't been any pretty and mighty arcane skills on display. But everyone could see Audrey's astonishing strength.

When Romin landed on the ground, unconscious, Captain Joyce of team Sea God became deathly pale. His body shook.

At this moment, he even thought about giving up this match. He was about to say something like, “Let's just put up a resistance, even if it's a few more seconds.”

“Stay strong!”

“Sea God Academy, do your best!”

“Even if you lose, you can't let a single person beat all of you. You have to give your all and beat one of them!”

“Brave warriors, fight bravely! Just like during the War of the Dragons, even if you clearly know you're no match for dragons, you still have to risk your lives in order to kill one of them, to contribute your part to the final victory!”

But just then, he heard a voice descend from the stands, cheering for them.

“This guy...” Joyce followed the resounding voice and saw Holy Dawn Academy's Ayrin. A wry smile emerged on his lips. When he heard such encouragements, there was actually a flame igniting in his chest.

“He's right. Even if we're no match for them, we can't have our whole team defeated by a single person.” Joyce looked at Audrey in the field and said in a soft voice, “We have to our utmost. At least, we have to drop Audrey and force their second fighter to come out.”

“What's the relation between this guy and Sea God Academy?”

Seeing Ayrin cheering for Sea God Academy at the top of his lungs, all the members of team Mountain Kings sat in a daze.

“Sven, do your best!”

All the members of team Sea God encouraged and motivated their third combatant.

Sven, the third team member to take to the field, lowered his head and walked silently to the field without saying any words.

Everyone in team Sea God looked a little distressed again. They thought Sven had already lost his entire confidence, that Joyce's words hadn't had any effect on him. But the fighting order was decided at the start of the match. They couldn't switch to someone else now.

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