Chapter 11: Giant Food Monster

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 11: Giant Food Monster

“Those two people we defeated won't have any problem right?”

“We can't even break bones with strength like ours, at most they'll have some bone cracks. Our medicine teachers in the academy are very powerful, they can cure your injuries very quickly no matter how severe it is. What problem can there be?”

“...The academy doesn't allow fighting in this kind of place, aren't you worried about being punished?”

“What's there to be worried about? Fights like this are common. On top of that, they lost a lot of face as seniors beaten up by juniors, so they won't spread it out. There's no genuine teacher in that canteen either, those were merely ordinary employees. Besides, even I don't have the guts to fall asleep during teacher Huston's class... You're not even afraid of teacher Huston, why are you worried about this?”


Eating stuff while talking with Belo, Ayrin felt more and more that Belo was a dangerous character who didn't look at all like his outer appearance.

Then thinking that they were soon going to see the sinister Notebook Teacher again, Ayrin shivered all over, and not from the cold. Compared to yesterday, he didn't feel any drowsiness anymore, but his body still seemed to need energy replenishment from a great amount of food. That sensation of being hungry to the point of panic was even more unpleasant than being drained to exhaustion.

In order to avoid being starved through another meal by Huston, Ayrin immediately stood up and went again to buy food.

Belo first thought Ayrin hadn't eaten his fill yet even after eating several times more than an ordinary person. But then he saw Ayrin stuff everything he bought inside his school uniform, so he immediately became impulsive again and said. “Ayrin, what are you doing?”

“Prepare things to eat of course.” Ayrin said truthfully, “This way at least I'll be guaranteed to have something to eat when hungry.”

“That's actually true.”

Belo also bought some food and stuffed them inside his own school uniform.

“He's here!”

His back against a huge white boulder, the Huston who felt he was very chic saw Ayrin and Belo appear in the far distance. A shady smile immediately appeared on his face.

He couldn't be said to have taught too many freshmen, but during all these years, as long as they were in his class, there was no student that wasn't respectful and deferential. They didn't even dare breath out loud. If he didn't properly educate them for sleeping in his own class, wouldn't all the students lose their respect for him?

Ayrin and Belo walked very slow and leisurely inside the Thinker's Stone Forest, looking as if they were having a lot of trouble. The way Huston saw it, Ayrin and Belo were surely sore all over like the vast majority of freshmen because of the foundation training he arranged for them yesterday. But no matter how, he couldn't imagine that the two of them had just fought a brawl right now, full of vigor and energy. The reason they walked slowly was because their clothes had been overstuffed with too many things to eat.

In order to show everyone he was a magnanimous and totally not vengeful man, Huston avoided looking too much at Ayrin and Belo on purpose. He waited until all the freshmen gathered in the empty space in front of him, then he cleared his throat and said, “It looks like everyone is full of energy. I like the liveliness of youth. Since everyone is so full of energy, then do a hundred squats just where you're standing to warm up your body a bit.”

Many freshmen almost blacked out when they heard him say that, because out of fear they couldn't pass Huston's future tests, they all had completed the drills arranged by Huston to the letter. Now they wished nothing better than to scream miserably even when they walked. How were these hundred squats a warming up, it was simply trying to kill them.

But facing Huston and his expression filled with treacherousness, they absolutely didn't dare express the slightest protest. They one and all clenched their teeth and started doing it.

The majority of freshmen had faces twisted by suffering, but Huston actually laughed out loud. He said, “Indeed very lively, looks like you're enjoying it very much. You're good students of this Huston.”

After all the freshmen completed the foundation drill of a hundred squats with great difficulty, Huston's voice rose out once again: “You, practice the Explosive Blazing Fist. Yesterday I remember telling you guys to practice it. If someone dared to slack off, I won't let him off easy eh.”

Most freshmen had faces that became even paler. They felt all the more that the couldn't offend this freakish and sinister Teacher Notebook, because the one Huston's finger was pointing at right now was precisely Ayrin.

The Explosive Blazing Punch didn't only consist of blowing up a fire with the last punch, there were also the three charging steps made at full strength before that. In such circumstances where even moving toes was incredibly painful, where it was almost impossible to stand up straight, there was probably no way you could display the skill at this moment no matter how well you mastered it in usual times.

Ayrin himself actually wasn't thinking about too many things. His legs were a little sore, but it still didn't impede his movements.

Hence under Huston's expectant gaze, he very straight-forwardly went three steps forward in succession, and made his strength explode in the space of an instant, then his fist fired out with a quiet shout. A cloud of eye-dazzling flames exploded as he easily displayed the Explosive Blazing Punch.

But after this punch, he felt a little dazed himself, because he could tell that when he'd burst out all his strength and stamped every step violently on the ground, many things had seemed to fly out.

He wasn't completely aware yet what happened when everyone else almost went half-crazy.

They clearly saw that when Ayrin ferociously charged his first step forward, several things had flown out from his body.

Bread, meat pie, fried doughnut, roasted beef...

Things had flown out and fallen from his clothes with every step Ayrin had taken. Especially the several turkey legs that flew out from his clothes when he'd struck his punch in the end. One of the turkey legs landed right into Huston's arms by happenstance, and Huston subconsciously grabbed it!


When he saw an ashen-faced Huston grab the turkey leg, the somewhat flabbergasted Arin finally understood that it was because he'd overstuffed too many things inside his clothes, that was why a lot of it had flown out when he'd used intense force.

The field became still and silent. When they saw Huston with a turkey leg clutched in his hand, the freshmen couldn't laugh out loud even if they wanted to.

After staying still for several seconds, Huston said to Ayrin, his face distorted, pausing after every word, “Are you deliberately making fun of me?”

“...” Ayrin never thought things would turn out this way. He said awkwardly, “I didn't do it on purpose. Maybe I should just go and stand outside?”

“Stand? Did I tell you to go to stand?”

Huston exposed an insincere smile that made many freshmen scared inside. He walked up to Ayrin and stuffed the turkey leg he held back into Ayrin's hands. “You took so many things with you because you were afraid I'd let you starve through another meal? I only punished you yesterday because you didn't respect the class discipline. Today your Explosive Blazing Punch was pretty good, why would I punish you? You three have a pretty good attitude. Today I not only won't punish you, I'll even invite you to a proper meal as compensation. Come, don't waste this turkey leg, you first put it away.”

“Is this guy deliberately provoking teacher Huston, what's his brain actually made of?” Moss was keeping a low profile today and hid behind a tall student all along. He was still silently scolding Ayrin when he heard the first half of what Huston said, but when he heard the latter half he couldn't resist shouting after a blank second, almost blacking out, “Three? Teacher, you can't be talking about me right? I'm not their friend!”


Huston turned his head around and glanced at Moss. He chuckled coldly. “I seem to remember I especially mentioned yesterday it's forbidden to casually make a racket in class?”

“I...” Moss almost directly spit out a mouthful of blood.

“Come, weren't you guys fond of eating poultry legs. No need to be polite and no need to be wasteful, finish eating these.”

The freshmen spent the entire morning split between their sizzling fear of inviting trouble for themselves, and passing the time guessing at what miserable experience was waiting for the three of Ayrin, Belo, and Moss. The vast majority of freshmen found that their guesses came true when Huston put a full dining car's worth of chicken legs in front of Ayring, Belo, and Moss.

“He must have bought every chicken leg from every canteen inside the academy right?”

Moss' eyes went red when he saw at least two to three hundred chicken legs inside the dining car. He couldn't hold back his shout once again, “Teacher Huston, I really don't have anything to do with them...”

With his hands clasped behind his back, Huston said without even looking at him, “What? I didn't hear clearly, are you thinking there's not enough to eat here?”

Moss even started to imagine fighting to the death with Huston. At such a moment, a cold voice actually came out from the group of freshmen. “Teacher Huston, don't you think you're being a little excessive?”


The corner of Huston's eyes twitched. He turned his head and looked in the direction of the voice.


“It's him? He actually dares to talk straight to teacher Huston's face?”

Many freshmen turned their gazes around. Rinloran stood by himself at the edge of the crowd, looking straight at Huston without the slightest dread.

Rinloran's cold gaze made Huston's eyelids twitch a few times. A treacherous smile curled at the corner of his lips. “Rinloran, you want to eat together with them?”

“Why would I do such a senseless thing?” Rinloran said like freezing ice.


A chilly light flashed inside Huston's eyes. In a flash, his body vanished from where he stood.


Raging winds burst out in front of Rinloran.

Huston's figure emerged from inside the gale, taking his hand back, a sneer on his face.

Rinloran's figure retreated inside the gale, retreating a full five to six steps before finally stilling.

Every freshman could see with halted breath. Rinloran's arms were still crossed in front of him, maintaining his protective posture. His arms were shaking nonstop however, and his face had also become a little pale.

“Not that I was serious at all, but you've already done pretty well blocking a strike from me.”

Huston glanced at Rinloran and his shaking arms, then looked at the freshmen around Rinloran who hadn't even clearly seen his movements. “As to why... I think you already understand now. Because you're too weak for me, because I'm your teacher, because you can't possibly resist even if I were to force you to do these things.”

Rinloran didn't make a sound. He took his hands back, but most freshmen became even tenser instead, because they could all feel Rinloran had no intention of lowering his head still.

“It's alright.”

Ayrin nodded gratefully at Rinloran at this time and said, “My appetite is very big, there should be no problem eating these even by myself.”

“Is that so? Since you say so, then don't be wasteful, first finish eating the things you brought, then also eat these chicken legs after that.” Huston laughed out loud. “Haha, if you can finish eating all these chicken legs, then the rest naturally don't need to eat them anymore. And as a special favor, I can allow you to carry a lot of food to class in the future.”

A collective intake of breath rose in the forest.

Because Ayrin really started to eat without saying another word.

The things he'd taken seemed fully sufficient for several persons, but he cleanly wolfed them down in only a moment, then he started to eat the chicken legs one by one.

“What's this about?”

Huston hadn't heard about Ayrin's glorious eating achievements before. He became more and more dumbfounded.

“Does this guy carries the blood of the giants? But he couldn't eat like that even he had a complete giant bloodline. Also, he couldn't be this thin and small either!”

Ayrin had eaten over a hundred chicken legs nonstop, and still wasn't showing the slightest sign of slowing down, despite his belly swelling high. Huston's eyes stared so hard even his eyeballs were about to fall out.

This was something that completely exceeded the scope of his knowledge, something that was totally unreasonable when he thought of it.

Moss and the other freshmen had all more or less heard about Ayrin's glorious battle achievements on the commercial street, but witnessing the way Ayrin was eating now with their own eyes, they were still all shocked, all sucking in cold mouthfuls of air.

“What's this guy's stomach actually made of?”

“Don't tell me he's really going to eat all of this stuff?”

Moss looked blankly at Ayrin, these thoughts popping through his brain, but then he saw Ayrin's actions becoming slower and slower.

“Is he going to explode and die if this goes on?”

He watched Ayrin, his mood more and more conflicted, but amidst increasing louder sounds of cold air being sucked in, Ayrin actually finished eating all the chicken legs.

Seeing Ayrin down the last chicken leg, seeing his belly bulge to a degree difficult to image, remembering this little shorty only did this so that Rinloran and himself could avoid the punishment, Moss couldn't hold it back anymore, once again. He rushed beside Ayrin: “How are you feeling, are you feeling any discomfort?”

Ayrin watched the empty dining car with disappointment and frustration, as if he missed it, “Oh, there's nothing left already... Tastes really good, I almost couldn't bear to eat them in the end... A little more would have been even better.”


Moss almost went crazy on the spot as soon as he heard Ayrin. He shouted out loud, “Someone else would have exploded and died long ago if they ate that much, but the only reason you slowed down was because you couldn't bear to eat it?!”

Huston was already speechless, but he finally became mad with anger when he heard Ayrin's words. He shouted, hysterical:

“Are you trying to oppose me on purpose? You can eat even that much? Don't tell me you're a Giant Food Monster?”

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