Chapter 102: The battle between the strongest of St. Lauren!

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 102: The battle between the strongest of St. Lauren!

Chris stood where she was without moving an inch. Facing Ferguillo, she lifted a single hand.

Ferguillo mumbled something for a second, then his body flashed and suddenly appeared to Chris' side.

“Puff puff puff puff...”

Their hands and feet suddenly hit each other at frightening speed, generating extremely heavy sounds that made the spectators feel utterly uncomfortable.

Within the space several meters wide, countless hands and feet and silhouettes whirled around. It was wholly difficult to distinguish which silhouette was a real one.

Neither Chris nor Ferguillo used all that many arcane skills, they both fought at close-range in a battle of pure strength.

Clearly, Ferguillo was the one who kept advancing, while Chris merely defended herself.

Everyone could vaguely distinguish Chris blocking Ferguillo's strikes no matter from which direction he attacked. His fists and kicks rained like storm, yet couldn't find any way past.

Very quickly, someone in the stands said, “It's Holy Dawn Academy's Soft Coiling Serpent!”

More and more people noticed that Chris' body looked soft, as if it were entirely boneless. Her arms and legs could even distort at inconceivable angles, to the point several great pythons seemed to be coiled around her body from beginning to end, blocking every strike from Ferguillo.

“This is an arcane skill from Holy Dawn Academy specializing in defense. Chris actually masters it so well!”

“Ferguillo's strength looks much greater than hers, why can't his attacks land?”

“This defensive arcane skill of hers has special tricks to diffuse strength. It's especially aimed at opponents with a greater strength than the user. Only, she doesn't expose the slightest gap even when Ferguillo's assault is so swift and fierce. She's probably the only one who can stay so focused and cool-headed.”

“These two are purposefully not using arcane skills and having a purely physical contest right now? They seem about equal?”

Within a few dozen seconds, while these kind of voices came down nonstop from the stands, the rapid and oppressive sounds of hands and feet clashing together stopped all of a sudden. Two human silhouettes broke apart. Ferguillo and Chris both stilled again a dozen meters away from each other.

“So fast!”

“What a powerful physical strength. Ferguillo's physical strength seems even higher than Wilde's, he also looks faster than Wilde!” Ayrin didn't even blink at the edge of the field. “Mere passive defense, not taking the initiative to attack, this is indeed another good method to cope with Ferguillo!”

“She wants to rely on absolute defense?” In a corner of the stands, many elite masters of Iron Forest Academy were frowning. “Relying on passive defense to cope with Ferguillo's assault every single time, not launching any counterattack. If this goes on, even if Ferguillo exhausts himself and wins, he still wouldn't have enough left in the tank to deal with the next opponent.”

“With a mere common human bloodline, you actually managed to train your strength and reaction speed to such a degree. You're indeed an Amazing Girl.” Ferguillo's expression was still faint, yet he couldn't hold back the flames of war blazing deep inside his chest.

“The boss' fighting spirit is really fired up, he's going to use a genuinely powerful skill!” Extremely familiar with him, the members of team Iron Forest could tell just by looking at the form of his back.


The entire arena suddenly broke into earthshaking cheers and cries of alarm.

Ferguillo seemed to be staying where he was without moving an inch, but just at this time, another Ferguillo suddenly tore through the air behind Chris, seemingly holding a dazzling sun in his hand and pressing it ruthlessly in the direction of Chris' back.

Chris suddenly whipped around. She lifted her hands slightly. Just at this moment, Ferguillo's forward momentum halted all of a sudden, and his body quickly fell back several dozen meters, leaving a series of pretty afterimages behind him!

“What happened?”

“Why are there two Ferguillos!”

Ayrin exclaimed in disbelief, just like many people in the stands.

“Ice Mirror Reflection and Shadowless Blink Strike, added to Three Slashes of Sun and Moon!” Carter's explained in a calm voice, “What's standing motionless in his original spot isn't Ferguillo, it's only an ice mirror with his reflection left inside it.”

“It's a confusion-type skill?” The immobile Ferguillo in the original spot indeed seemed to evaporate and become hazy, then vanish. Ayrin was a little taken aback. “He actually launched three arcane skills in succession in this short frame of time, his invocation speed actually reached such a level?”

“How did Chris react in time?” Stingham suddenly muttered, “Ferguillo retreated so fiercely, what does it mean now?”

“Undulation Perception!” At the same time, in team Iron Forest, the team-leading teacher Lee's expression turned completely solemn. “Chris actually grasped Holy Dawn Academy's Undulation Perception as well. She can immediately sense the undulations of arcane particles at close range, so, apart from arcane skills that can conceal the undulations of arcane particles, I fear any surprise attack is utterly useless against her.”

“She must have thought about using some powerful counterattack next.” At different ends of the field, Lee and Carter actually said at the same time in light voices, “She thought about it, but didn't act on it. Yet she still forced Ferguillo back in this manner. This is a very risky move, but it really paid off.”

“An impenetrable defense!” In team Agate Lake, Sofia couldn't resist shaking her head, her tone a little dismayed as she said, “At the very least, I definitely can't do any better when it comes to defense.”

In this exchange of attack and defense, the consumption of arcane particles was simply not of a scale. Imperceptibly, Ferguillo already ate a little loss.

However, apart from the cold will to fight growing even stronger in his eyes, his face remained unfazed.

A dazzling magenta stream of arcane particles flowed out from the tips of his fingers. The air around him seemed to flare all of a sudden. Strange tornadoes started spinning one after another, carrying with them a strange pink color, then materialized into countless dozens of pink feathers glittering with the light of precious stones.

These glittering, beautiful, colorful feathers floated all around him. Then he pressed forward in Chris' direction, his steps unhurried.

“This time, Chris' counterattack feints will be totally useless.” In team Agate Lake, Sofia solemnly said, “This arcane skill is an unusual skill that combines both attack and defense.”

“It seems they're going to go frontally at each other.” Several girls from Agate Lake Academy started to became excited. “It seems like Ferguillo is really like how you said, captain. He's one of those who seems calm on the surface, but extremely fiery and savage on the inside.”


A pink feather suddenly transformed into a pink ray of light, drawing a bizarre curve in the air, striking in Chris' direction.

Chris stretched her hand out. A dark-gold ray of light shot out from her left hand, striking right center on that feather attacking her from behind. It shattered this feather to pieces.

However, Ferguillo was already not far in front of her at this moment, and the feathers floating around him suddenly spread out, caging him and Chris inside them!

“It's starting!”

As soon as they saw this scene, all the spectators in the stands realized that the early probing was over. The confrontation between these two powerhouses was about to erupt to its strongest notes.


The many dozen feathers all fiercely shrank inward, making the same sound.

Chris suddenly stretched out her hands at the same time. Her whole person bathed in the dazzling radiance of arcane particles.

A gigantic pearl-like ball of ice impressively appeared all around her body. These feathers stabbing mercilessly in her direction all embedded themselves in the layer of ice, imprisoned.


Ferguillo clasped his hands together at this moment, and let out a bellow that could make someone's heart tremble as it never did before.


All the pink feathers exploded. This ball of ice wrapped around Chris directly exploded to pieces. The force also flung Chris flying in the air!

At this moment, Ferguillo seemed to have become a god that could foresee everything, control everything. He tore his hands away from each other.

Behind the figure of Chris flying away, a crimson whirlpool of light suddenly emerged!

“What arcane skill is that!”

Even many academy teachers and many famous arcane masters were greatly taken aback.

They could tell that this whirlpool of light was extremely strange, as if it could roll and spin inside any strength and energy within a distance of a dozen meters.

Chris was in the air at this moment. If she couldn't even manage to borrow the force from the recoil, then she'd be sucked inside the whirlpool of light.

If she ate this move, she wouldn't have any leeway left to free herself.


A huge python of fire flew out in front of Chris. The whirlpool of light immediately sucked it inside, as if the fire serpent were simply unable to withstand the peculiar shredding spinning force of the whirlpool of light.

But just at this moment, Chris inconceivably forced her body to twist in the air. In a very awkward-looking posture, she actually forced her strength out and struck a punch on her own fire python.


The fire python and the entire whirlpool of light exploded together. An ear-splitting explosion once again resonated in the field.

“Violent Break!”

Just when Chris' firm and brave move struck almost every spectators in the stands with awe, Ferguillo's body had already transformed into a beam of light, slicing in Chris' direction just like a gigantic blade of light!

Dark-golden rays of light appeared on Chris' arms. She blocked with both her arms. An explosive “Clang” crashed on her body still in mid-air, shooting her ruthlessly down to the ground.

But the moment she fell fiercely on the ground, the waves of dust she stirred up actually soared with a rumble, then transformed amidst the mournful cries of the wind into a giant ashen-gray dust wolf.

The wolf charged in the direction of Ferguillo's shining body.

His body wrapped in light, Ferguillo stretched out his hand and waved it without even a blink. The dust wolf was more than three times his size, yet he smacked it to pieces. Then he immediately rushed forward, closely following behind Chris' retreating figure.


Stingham paled all of a sudden.

This series of attacks between the two opponents without the slightest pause made him feel as if he couldn't breathe.

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