Chapter 100: See if I can graze you

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 100: See if I can graze you

“My body is locked up, what's this arcane skill?”

Ayrin completely came back to his senses when Wilde pointed the longsword at him.

He felt as if he were a paper doll nailed on the wall by many thin needles.

“That won't do. If this go on I'll be beaten up and lose all my ability to fight even if I don't admit defeat.”

“Bastard, I really have no other choice. I can only do that!”

His breathing suddenly became incomparably heavy, as if he wanted to suck in all the air in the atmosphere, yet his face became strangely purple.

“Holy Body Ignition? He can actually use this arcane skill still, what a fearsome stamina!”

The referee was also about to declare Ayrin's defeat when Wilde pointed his longsword at Ayrin, but now, as soon as he saw Ayrin's appearance, this referee immediately closed his mouth and didn't let out the slightest sound.

“It seems useful!”

Ayrin faintly sensed the needles restricting him start to loosen. On top of that, some arcane particles seemed to spill out from the thin needles and get sucked into his first arcane gate.

“It's useless.” Seeing Ayrin obviously use “Holy Body Ignition” and struggle as if his life depended on it, Wilde actually shook his head. “When a river is broken into countless parts, where would it find the strength to erode? Even an arcane master with three open gates won't be able to flush open the restriction of this arcane skill...”


But just as he said these words, just as he started moving, a tremendous sonic boom suddenly exploded around Ayrin.


Wilde exclaimed in incredulous surprise.

Ayrin's body recovered its freedom. The surrounding air seemed to be thoroughly lit on fire.

“Crown of Ice and Snow!”

A violent shout came from Ayrin's mouth.

His own body and his invocation ability both broke completely through their limits. A gigantic block of white ice instantly formed between Wilde and himself!


Wilde instantly shifted six to seven meters to the side.

“How could he break open the restriction of the Demon Sealing Needles!” His face was deathly white when his figure reappeared again, from his excessive shock and his inability to understand.


Just at this instant, Ayrin's punch fiercely pounded on the giant block of ice in front of him.

“Crack Crack...”

This giant block of ice deformed immediately and charged forward, transforming into a huge crown of ice and snow lying horizontally. The ice fragments at the edge of the crown seemed to graze past Wilde.

“Too bad!”

“Something unforeseen like that actually happened!”

“It's only because his opponent is Wilde, the fastest and most nimble in Iron Forest Academy. Someone else would definitely have been unable to escape this attack. With the assistance from 'Holy Body Ignition,' his arcane invocation speed is even about the same as someone at Charlotte or Ivan's level already!”

A tide of exclamations and regrets swept through the stands like a tsunami.


However, just at this instant, many people opened their mouths but couldn't utter the slightest sound. They saw that after sending a punch and completing the crown of ice and snow, Ayrin actually released his strength once more, smashing his left arm ruthlessly on the crown of ice and snow.

Then his body that seemed to be on fire also crashed ferociously on the crown in front of him.

Charlotte covered her mouth at this instant. The silhouette of Ayrin desperately crashing on it took a hold of her entire mind. Her heart pounded in her chest, more violently than it ever had before.

Many girls from Agate Lake Academy also covered their mouths at this instant, or else they had no idea what kind of noise they could be making.

A sound exploded in the field, like the shattering of an ancient iceberg! It shook through the entire arena!


Wilde had been moving at a rapid speed approaching its limits the instant prior. Now his breath stopped entirely. Even his whole body stiffened.


The gigantic crown of ice and snow shattered completely at this instant, becoming countless sharp arrow-like shattered ice fragments, splashing away.

Countless fragments of ice and snow instantly embedded themselves in Wilde's body. The force of impact pushed his body aside in the air.

“Now, while I still have strength left!”

After using Holy Body Ignition twice in succession, Ayrin was already feeling an intense fatigue and feeling he wouldn't be able to endure any longer. Yet he still roared once more, even when one side of his body hurt so bad he didn't feel like himself anymore. He once again lifted his hand, arcane particles desperately gushing out.

“Evil Flaming Eye!”

A blazing Evil Flaming Eye appeared among the countless snow-white fragments of ice and snow, becoming bigger and bigger in Wilde's vision.

An unwilling roar came from Wilde as well. Arcane particles gushed out from the bottom of his feet.

But just at this moment, the bewitching Evil Flaming Eye already landed on him.


The fiery flames wrapped around his body covered in snow and ice. The next instant, his body spun in the air and flew backwards nonstop, then fell heavily toward the ground.

Ayrin sprinted madly!

White blocks of ice and snow fell from the sky one after another.

He feverishly charged through these ice curtains, rushing toward Wilde as he dropped like a meteorite.

At this moment, in such a great Dragon-Battling Arena, there were only the swooshing sounds of the falling ice and snow, and the drums of his steps!


The instant Wilde landed on the ground and bounced up, his punch had already fallen ruthlessly on Wilde's body.

Wilde once again glided away on the ground.

Ayrin still charged forward and caught up to Wilde. But a blur suddenly appeared in his vision just as he sent out his second punch. The arcane master acting as the referee had landed in front of him and caught his punch in his palm.

“There's no need, your fight against him is already over, you won.”

Ayrin halted. After speaking to him, a myriad of emotions in his eyes, this referee announced in a clear and resounding voice that everyone in the venue could hear, “Holy Dawn Academy, Ayrin wins!”

“Wilde actually lost.”

Everyone could tell that Wilde couldn't get up anymore, but when they heard the referee's announcement, this incredulous thought still echoed in many people's minds.

Especially these very strong spectators who could sense how formidable Wilde's speed was, how formidable that arcane skill of his was. Their minds were even more empty.

Ayrin had clearly been immobilized, how did it suddenly turn into Wild's defeat in the blink of an eye?


Several members of team Iron Forest looked at Wilde toppled on the ground, choking with indescribable emotions.

They'd wanted to fight for Ferguillo's sake, as if their lives depended on it, but they never thought things would turn out this way.

And what they most had trouble accepting was, all those who lost to Ayrin seemed to have lost in a strange and inexplicable manner. They hadn't even been able to display some formidable skills of theirs.

“Nothing to be unconvinced about.”

However, Freguillo actually threw them a glance and said in a soft voice, “It's the same in the national tournament. Facing some opponents, you'd often lose to a single move, without even the opportunity to use any arcane skills. That's why, since Ayrin overwhelmed Wilde and the others, that clearly means he indeed has this kind of strength. No matter what, it's my honor to fight together with you guys, to be your teammate. Now, just watch me fight for your sake.”

“Boss!” At this moment, on this group of violent Iron Forest musclemen, their eyes were entirely wet.

“Even Wilde actually lost to him. Captain, even you wouldn't be able to struggle free if those Demon Sealing Needles hit you, right?” Several girls from team Agate Lake pressed their hands on their chests, the beats of their hearts not yet back to normal.

Sofia's beautiful eyes were also filled with exclamation marks. “Don't ask me what happened, I can't make any sense of it either.”

“Does it have something to do with his bloodline?” The tallest yet shiest Nikita gathered her courage and asked in a whisper.

“This shouldn't have anything to do with his bloodline.” Sofia shook her head, totally confused. “He was restricted. It doesn't matter how strong he is, even pure dragon bloodlines would be helpless if they ate this move, unless he were an arcane master with at least four open gates, or learned some peculiar internal body skill like Charlotte. But the intensity of his arcane particles is clearly at the level of a single open gate, and he doesn't look like he learned any internal body skill either.”

“It seems we can only send the captain or Nikita to go probe his secret. If one of you can snatch him from Charlotte and become his girlfriend, then you should be able to solve this riddle in our hearts.” Several Agate Lake girls looked at Sofia and Nikita and chuckled. “If you guys don't want to, then we can do it as well. Ayrin's really too cute, a small monster boy with an incomparable strength hidden inside him.”


At the same moment, at the edge of the field, Carter walked a couple steps forward and waved his hand in Ayrin's direction.

In this period of time, he and Minlur should be the ones most familiar with Ayrin's strength, so he knew full well that after using Holy Body Ignition twice, Ayrin's body was already at its limits. If he continued to fight, it would cause some harm to his body.

“Let's wait a little more.”

As soon as he saw Carter's eyes, Ayrin immediately understood that Carter wanted to take him off immediately and let Chris square up with Ferguillo. He also knew that he couldn't pose the slightest threat to Ferguillo, yet he still waved his hand at Carter, indicating he wanted to stay a little longer in the field.

“What's he trying to do?”

Seeing that Ayrin wasn't trying to fight to the last at the risk of his life, and purely wanted to stay a while in the field after the start of the fight against Ferguillo, Carter couldn't help but be somewhat baffled. “This guy, he's really hard to read.”


When Ferguillo formally stepped forward and walked toward the center of the field, carrying with him a certain magic that once again made the whole arena quieten down, Ayrin actually ran in his direction.

“Can I talk to you about something? How about you don't go full out when you duel against Chris in a while, what do you say?”

The referee had been in the dark as well about what Ayrin wanted. He almost fainted on the ground when he heard Ayrin's words.

Not waiting for the surprised Ferguillo to answer, Ayrin quickly whispered the reason, “It's because there's Rinsyi watching you up there. He looks like he sees you as a threat and wants to deal with you in the future. That's why it's better for you to conceal some strength.”

“Thank you for your kind concern.” Unexpectedly, Ferguillo didn't curse at Ayrin. He merely said in a faint tone, “Only, my teammates already fought to such a step for my sake, so I simply can't possibly hold back. I will certainly fight with my all, just like them.”

“You're truly a good person.” Ayrin blinked, making the referee almost pass out again. After that he warmly said to Ferguillo, “Let us be friend in the future, how about it?”

Ferguillo didn't nod, neither did he shake his head. He merely looked at him, and said, “I saw that your teacher Carter already told you to step down. Did you stay on the field just to tell me these?”

“I want to try if I can land a strike on you and make you block my punch, or if my arcane skills can threaten you and make you use arcane skills to withstand them.” Ayrin scratched his head, embarrassed. He said with a smile, “You can say I want to try if I can graze you.”

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