Chapter 98: Godly Fist Versus Violent Sword

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 98: Godly Fist Versus Violent Sword

“Qin Yuandao, as apart of the older generation, do you not feel shame acting on the younger generation?”

A sound rang out from inside the Su Family building. The voice was filled with waves of power, surging towards Qin Yuandao and Qin Lai.

Qin Yuandao simply stood there proudly like it was only a passing wind, his hair and robes flapping in the breeze.

Qin Lai who was behind him wasn’t as fortunate. He had just gotten injured last night and he still hadn’t recovered completely, so there was no way he could bear the attack. His feet went ‘thud’ ‘thud’ ‘thud’ against the ground as he stumbled back before finally recovering his balance, the qi and blood in his body surging. An irony, sweet taste spread in his mouth and he couldn’t help but spit out a cloud of blood.

The watching crowds’ faces were filled with shock. Had the Su Family also produced a Spirit Realm master? Furthermore, this one seemed to be even stronger than Qin Yuandao. Qin Lai was a cultivator at Transformation Realm, yet the shout had even caused him to spit a mouthful of blood. Just now, Qin Yuandao had only caused the cultivators at Transformation Realm to turn pale.

The ones thinking this were naturally the ignorant ones. The ones who truly knew what was going on did not think the same.

Just now, Qin Yuandao had just spoken casually and wasn’t even using much of his strength. On the contrary, the one inside of the Su Family had shouted furiously and with anger, naturally came more power added on.

Another thing was that Qin Lai was already injured so it wasn’t strange for his injury to be aggravated by the shout, causing him to spit blood. From his appearance, he had only spat a mouthful of blood and wasn’t in any life threatening danger.

Of course, even though the reasoning behind it was as such, it was an indisputable fact that the shout had caused a Transformation Realm cultivator to cough up blood. This meant that the speaker was definitely a powerful force.

A white figure strided out of the Su Family residence as the shout rang in the air. Both his hair and robes were white, with a mystical, noble, immortal like aura around him. He slowly walked until he was 50 feet away from Qin Yuandao.

Su Yunhai was the Grand Elder of the Su Family. He was once a famous figure and of course now, he was still very famous in Bao Ding City. It was because of his existence that the Su Family was the second biggest power in Bao Ding City. If it wasn’t for him, a few years ago, the Su Family would’ve been beaten dead by the Zhu Family. At that time, Su Yunhao had single handedly fought against overwhelming odds and defeated numerous experts of the Zhu Family, including their strongest, the Grand Elder. By doing so, he stabilized and saved the family’s position.

For those who live in Bao Ding City, Su Yunhai was the representative of Bao Ding City, the strongest they had.

If it wasn’t for the Su Family’s history and pockets not being as deep as the Zhu Family, the Su Family would probably now be Bao Ding City’s strongest power.

Bao Ding City’s strongest fighter versus Luosang City’s strongest fighter. Everybody was waiting to see who would prevail.

“You’ve finally come out.” Qin Yuandao’s eyes landed on Su Yunhai, his expression indifferent: “How unexpected, you’ve actually reached the doorstep of Spirit Realm.”

The onlookers’ hearts shook. So it turns out that Su Yunhai actually still wasn’t at Spirit Realm yet, just at the doorstep of it. It was unfortunate. If he had more time, he definitely would’ve been Bao Ding City’s first Spirit Realm expert.

“You’ve also made me surprised. You were actually just a foot faster than I into reaching Spirit Realm. Congratulations.” Su Yunhai’s face was also indifferent, but only he knew his own mood. Right now, his mood was actually really uneasy. Today may be the day that the Su Family dies.

Spirit Realm. That was a completely different existence that Transformation Realm masters simply could not fight against. Although he had touched the threshold of Spirit Realm, he still wasn’t there. There was still a large strength disparity but if he couldn’t resist against Qin Yuandao, the entire Su Family from top to bottom would be butchered by him.

Due to the abruptness of it all and Qin Yuandao really came as he said, he hadn’t made any preparations. He could only face it head on.

Qing Yun and Qin Yu had already arrived inside the crowd, watching on at the sidelines.

Qin Yu’s heart shook when he saw Qin Yuandao. He really was at Spirit Realm. Su Yunhai on the other hand, was at the summit of Transformation Realm, just a single step from Spirit Realm. But alas, a step was still a step. He was simply no match for Qin Yuandao.

Right now, Qin Yuandao was enough to single handedly crush the entire Zhu Family.

What’s to be done? No matter what, Su Yinxue absolutely could not be harm. There was a chance that she was his lover from his past life.

Qin Yu was worried. His brain spun, trying to think of a way to solve the problem. Unfortunately, with his current strength, it was impossible to face a Spirit Realm expert with just his blood saber.

“Well said, well said.” Qin Yuandao revealed a strange smile, “Brother Yunhai is too polite.”

From the two’s tones, it seemed as if they had been friends for many years.

“There’s no need to say so much rubbish. Today you’ve come to my Su Family and killed six people at once. What do you want?” Su Yunhai’s tone was angry.

“Heh heh, I’m sure Brother Yunhai already knows what I came here to do.” Qin Yundao smiled eerily.

“I’ve already heard everything others have said. What hatred does your Qin Family have with my Su Family? On behalf of the relationship we’ve had for so many years, I won’t argue with you about the six deaths earlier. You may go.”

Su Yunhai was already taking a humiliating step back with those words. He was a person of noble status, yet when somebody came and killed six of his clan, he had to let them go just like that. However, he had no choice. The world of cultivation was ruled by the strong and if you were weaker than the other, you could only be humiliated.

“Hahaha……” Qin Yuandao laughed loudly, “Brother Yunhai, you’re still just as sly and crafty as before. Did you really think that such a way of making me leave would really work?”

“Then what do you want? Three of your Qin Family died, but it wasn’t really even my Su Family that had killed them. Don’t tell me it still isn’t enough now that you’ve killed six people from my Su Family?” Su Yunhai wanted to erupt, but resisted in the end.

“Humpth, how can those lowly lives from your Su Family compare with Qin Zhao’s life.” Qin Yuandao also revealed some anger, “He was set to be the future leader of my Qin Family and the one I had personally taught with utmost care. I’ve spent so much time and resources, yet he had died at your Su Family.”

Su Yunhai interrupted Qin Yuandao, “He didn’t even die at the hands of my Su Family, but at the hands of somebody from your own Qin Family. It has nothing to do with us.”

“Whatever the case, he still died on your Su Family’s domain. The one who has the final say on your relationship to the incident isn’t you, it’s me.” Qin Yuandao words were blunt and unreasonable.

“Hahaha…..” Su Yunhai laughed with contempt: “Qin Yuandao, you’re really shameless. So following your reasoning, if somebody died on your Qin Family’s territory, then the deceased’s family should attack the Qin Family?”

“Of course they can, but the precondition is if they have the strength to.” Qin Yuandao exposed his natural shamelessness and overbearing manner.

“I understand. So you coming here today was just because you’re stronger than me. As you are strong, you can bully the weak.” Su Yunhai held a trace of indignation.

The world of cultivators were precisely this cruel. Once the strong were angered, rivers of blood would flow. No reason was needed, as being strong was precisely the reason to act.

“Hehe……” Qin Yuandao laughed evilly, “Brother Yunhai, you’re of the same generation as I. Don’t tell me you still can’t see it clearly? What strong bullying the weak. In the cultivation world, it’s always been that the strong stay alive while the weak are eliminated.”

“Since it’s like so, either the fish dies or the net splits in this battle between the Su Family and Qin Family.” Su Yunhai’s words were ruthless. [1. Fish dies or net splits- only one survivor, life/death struggle.]

“The fish will definitely die, but the net will not split.” Qin Yuandao treated Su Yunhai’s fierce words with disdain. “But of course, if you agree to give me Shi Lan, I can consider taking some pity on the ‘fish’.”

“Shut up! You aren’t allow to mention Shi Lan. Go to hell, you aren’t worthy!” Su Yunhai suddenly flew into a rage, as if possessed. He charged forward like a clap of thunder towards Qin Yuandao.

Qin Yuandao’s lips curved into a disdainful sneer. His body flickered, disappearing from his original location and easily dodging the blow.


A loud sound echoed as the fist smashed against the ground where Qin Yuandao had just been. Dust filled the air as the floor cracked open, scaring some of the onlookers into screaming. Truly, what dreadful strength.

“Su Yunhai, you bastard, why won’t you let me meet Shi Lan! Before, it was you who used despicable ways to snatch her away. She and I had long already became Dao Companions.” Qin Yuandao also shouted.

The onlookers couldn’t help but sigh as they heard the two’s dialogue. So the two actually used to have such a relationship. They both fought for the same woman and it looks like it was Qin Yuandao who had lost. The second point was something they had secretly guessed. Qin Yuandao’s aggressive invasion today might not just be as simple as taking revenge for Qin Zhao. Another reason for it could be because of this.

“Hehehe……” Su Yunhai laughed crazily, his white hair waving in the air: “Qin Yuandao,“Even now, you still haven’t let go of that. With your morals, you really think any women will ever like you? You’d just be a contemptible wretch, hahaha……”

“Su Yunhai, I want your entire Su Family dead!” Qin Yuandao seemed to have been jabbed in his sore spot, immediately turning furious: “Icy Soul Godly Fist, die!”

“Not good.” In the crowd, Qin Yu saw Qin Yuandao’s attack and couldn’t help but cry out.

Icy Soul Godly Fist was the strongest attack from Icy Soul Miracle. Last night, Qin Yu had personally experienced its power from Qin Zhao. However, Qin Zhao had only started learning it and couldn’t bring out its full might. Otherwise, there was no way he would’ve been able to beat Qin Zhao so easily.

But the one Qin Yuandao used today was as different as the heavens and earth. Not only did Qin Yuandao possess a high cultivation, his techniques were also skillful. The might he showed was more than a hundred times more powerful than Qin Zhao’s.

In that instant, everyone was shocked by the might of the fist. The Su Family gates were completely frozen as cold qi surged everywhere, a frosty mist filling the sky with glimmering ice crystals shining coldly under the sun. The fist pressed forward, ripping through space as it charged at Su Yunhai and the tiny figures from the Su Family behind him.

“Splitting Violent Sword!”

Su Yunhai also released his most powerful strike. A broadsword appeared in his hands, chopping forward and meeting the fiercely approaching fist.

That broadsword of his was precisely what made him famous as he wandered alone with a single sword under the heavens. Once the Violent Sword came out, it would sweep through everything in its path, even defeating the insufferably arrogant grand elder of the Zhu Family.

But today, today would probably be the last day the Violent Sword would shine.


The sword and the fist met, releasing a loud, booming noise. The onlookers felt their heart shake as they recoiled back.


The domineering sword that had slayed countless others cracked under the ferocious fist, breaking away and falling on the ground as dust.

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