Chapter 97: The Arrival of the Spirit Realm Master

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 97: The Arrival of the Spirit Realm Master

Qin Yu and Qing Yun returned to the inn together As chance would have it, the inn they found was actually the exact same one as last time.

The two shared a knowing smile when they saw the inn before bidding farewell, each returning to their respective rooms.

“Ah, wait a second.” Qin Yu was just about to leave when he suddenly remembered something and hastily stopped walking, calling out to Qing Yun.

Qing Yun stayed upstairs and had already started climbing when she was called. She looked at Qin Yu, asking softly: “Is there anything else?”

“Yeah, I forgot to ask something just now. Why did you, Qin Zhao, and everyone else come to Bao Ding City?” This question had always made Qin Yu very curious.

Qing Yun turned around and walked to beside Qin Yu, not replying immediately. Instead, she asked something: “Do you know about the six big powers in Qiongxi Country?”

Qin Yu nodded. He penised had inherited the majority of the original Qin Yu’s memories. The six big powers of Qiongxi Country were very famous and it was impossible to not know about them.

“I know about it, what does it have to do with the six great powers?” Qin Yu didn’t understand.

“Ten kilometers north of Bao Ding City lies a mountain called Zheng Yang Mountain [1. The Sun Sect and Zheng Yang share the same characters.] That’s the location of one of the great six powers, the Sun Sect.”

Qin Yu didn’t understand why Qing Yun was suddenly talking about the Sun Sect’s location but reacted very quickly.

“Right.” Qing Yun nodded, “The Sun Sect holds a public disciple recruitment event every ten years and it’s next month. Therefore, all kinds of talented youths are rushing to Zheng Yang Mountain.”

“For us from the southwest, it is necessary to pass through Bao Ding City to get to Zheng Yang Mountain. Since it was already dark and we had heard of Bao Ding City’s traditional lantern festival, we decided to stay here for a night. Qin Zhao and the others probably had the same idea. However, we didn’t expect to see you here and for so many things to happen tonight.”

Qin Yu also thought that the world was truly crazy. Nobody had anticipated for so much to happen tonight. Especially Qin Zhao- how could he have thought that he would die here tonight?

“You wanted to join the Sun Sect?” Qin Yu asked casually.

“Yeah.” Qing Yun nodded.

The powers of a sect was even stronger than the royal family of Qiongxi Country. There would be enormous benefits for both the individual and their family if they managed to enter the sect as a disciple. If their luck was good and was liked by the sect, they could become a core disciple. That would make their status rocket and their future would be filled with opportunities, also allowing their family to share in the limelight.

Therefore, regardless of the family, everybody wanted to join a cultivation sect.

“Qin Yu, why don’t you come with us to the Sun Sect? With your strength, you absolutely wouldn’t have a problem becoming a disciple of the sect. If you become a member, you’ll be under the sect’s protection and so it won’t be easy for the Qin Family or the Shadows to find trouble with you.” Qing Yun’s beautiful eyes were bright upon suddenly discovering that the idea she had just now was actually very brilliant. It was the best way to solve Qin Yu’s current problem.

Qin Yu shook his head and rejected it with a smile. “It’s no use even if I become a member of the Sun Sect. Sure the Qin Family wouldn’t dare to start anything with the Sun Sect, but the shadows aren’t the same. Do you really think the sect would offend the Shadows for me? They wouldn’t and when the time comes, it’d already be pretty good of them to not directly hand me over.”

“This…..” Qing Yun choked, not knowing what to say for a long time. The Shadows weren’t a force a sect could compete with.

After all, their power was huge. If it was just the small branch in Qiongxi Country, the sect could contend against it. However, there was no prosperous sect that would dare go against the Shadows for a mere disciple. If they provoked them, the Shadows could ask for reinforcements. Once the extremely powerful reinforcements come, they would be finished.

“Go back and rest. Don’t worry, I can handle my own business. Good night.” Qin Yu smiled.

“En, good night.” Qing Yun also didn’t say much more.

Soon after, the two both returned to their respective rooms.

Qin Yu’s heart was a little unsettled.

Power, power ah. Right now, he was filled with an unmatchable thirst for power.

Right now, he had to break into Transformation Realm as quickly as possible. Otherwise, nevermind dealing with the Shadows, even just the Qin Family can ruin him.

What a pity that he had wasted an entire year sleeping.

Fortunately, the year hadn’t been completely useless. At least right now, he was at the cusp of breaking through.

For the past year, the《Secrets of Eternal Life》and the Earth Spirit Pearl had been absorbing the heavenly and earthly qi like crazy. Although the spiritual qi had mostly been absorbed by his mind and spirit pearl, there was a little detained in his torso area [1. Where the dantian is located (lower torso, around the pelvis)]. After accumulating little by little for so long, he was on the edge of breaking through.

Right now, Qin Yu wanted to make one big push and break through to the late stage of Immersion Realm.

He swiftly sat in a cultivation position and took out a chunk of jade from his space ring. This was precisely the one he had taken from Liu Yuru.

From the outside, there didn’t seem to be anything special about the lump of green jade. But when Qin Yu cracked the jade with his fingers, a green liquid seeped out from it. The room became filled with spiritual qi, instantly allowing one to feel at ease.

The green jade’s liquid was precisely liquified spiritual qi.

Spiritual qi had always been the energy of the heavens and earth existing in a gaseous state. The fact that it had actually compressed and become a liquid showed just how powerful and pure this spiritual qi was. A single drop was worth an unimaginable drop of spiritual qi.

In fact, this jade pendant was priceless. It was a pity that some people could not recognize its true value, making it easy for Qin Yu to get it.

Qin Yu clenched his hands around the jade, completely absorbing the dripping condensed qi. In that instant, his entire figure seemed to glow with a dull, green light. He crushed to jade to smithereens, allowing the liquid to fully seep into his body and be absorbed.

‘Peng’ sounds echoed from within his body as the barriers were broken through, smoothly allowing him to advance to the late stage of Immersion Realm. A feeling of satisfaction spread throughout his body as his internal energy surged. He almost couldn’t help but release a whistle in satisfaction, but forced it down to avoid disturbing others.

“I didn’t think that the spiritual qi in the jade would be so strong. It’d probably even be enough for a normal cultivator to break through three grades at once.” Qin Yu stared at the dusty remnants of jade in his hands, mumbling to himself. Luckily for him, it was just enough to break through the last barrier. This showed clearly how difficult it was for him to break through to the next cultivation realm. It was tens, hundreds of times harder than others.

It was very fortunate to break through. That night, he slept very well.

The next day, the day wasn’t even bright yet when a shocking piece of news made its way through Bao Ding City. The body of Zhu Yuanqing, the third young master of the Zhu Family, Bao Ding City’s greatest power, had been found dead in the wilderness.

Somebody had dared to kill the young master of the Zhu Family in Bao Ding City. Bao Ding City was stirred up into a frenzy as a few early risers quickly spread the news, discussing spiritedly.

Soon after, another piece of news drifted out. The head of the Zhu Family’s three proud sons, Zhu Yuanting’s beloved wife—— Liu Yuru had left last night and still hadn’t come back, seeming to be missing.

The entire morning, the city was filled with spirited discussions.

Even if it was the smallest thing, if it was about the Zhu Family, it would still be able to become a big topic in Bao Ding City.

But with something else happening, the people’s attention was immediately shifted. News about the Zhu Family were swiftly quashed down and was no longer the focus of the people.

The Qin Family’s Spirit Realm master, the legendary Qin Yuandao, had personally come to the Su Family alone and battle could break out at any moment.

This piece of news exploded within the city as densely packed crowds madly flocked towards the Su Family, wanting to catch a glimpse.

A battle between cultivators weren’t anything big, but the arrival of a Spirit Realm master was no less shocking than an alien landing- everybody wanted to see it. Curiosity was an inherent nature of man.

The people of Bao Ding City all wanted to know what he looked like and how powerful he was.

Because Qin Yu had slept so well last night, he got up from bed a bit late. He had just gotten up and washed his face when an anxious shout sounded outside.

“Qin Yu, are you up?!” Qing Yun asked panickedly.

Qin Yu was startled. From Qing Yun’s flustered tone, it seems like something had happened.

“I’m up, what happened?” Qin Yu walked towards the door.

“It’s not good, the Qin Family arrived.” Qing Yun’s face was tense.

“How could they be so fast?” Qin Yu was in disbelief: “How many people came?”

“I heard that it’s just one person, the Qin Family’s Grand Elder Qin Yuandao.”

Qin Yu frowned and released a sigh, “So it’s actually like that. I understand. Qin Lao probably used a sound transmission stone to tell Qin Yuandao about what happened here. Consequently, Qin Yuandao took the initiative to rush over through the night and the rest of their army should still be on their way. Because Qin Yuandao has the strength of a Spirit Realm cultivator and rushed throughout the night, he would naturally be able to arrive here in less than a day’s time.

The situation was very serious. He hadn’t thought that the Qin Family would come so fast- didn’t Qin Lai say three day’s time? It was even more unexpected for him that Qin Yuandao cared so much for Qin Zhao’s death, to the point of even personally rushing over.

Qin Zhao was the personal succeeding disciple Qin Yuandao had personally passed on the Frozen Soul Miracle technique to. How could he not care?

“Let’s go to the Su Family.” There wasn’t enough time for Qin Yu to think about stuff like how much Qin Yuandao cared for Qin Zhao. He had to rush to the Su Family as quickly as possible. It didn’t matter if it was because of Su Yinxue or the promise he had made last night, he had to go to the Su Family.

“Wait a moment.” Qing Yun stopped Qin Yu, her beautiful eyes fixing on him as her face turned serious: “Qin Yu, have you already thought clearly about going?”

“Of course.” Qin Yu’s tone completely lacked any doubt.

“Alright, I’ll go with you.” Qing Yun’s beautiful eyes were resolute and her voice was even more firm.

“Thanks. Let’s go.” Qin Yu nodded gratefully and began to walk out.

Outside of the Su Family gates, Su Wen faced Qin Yuandao with about twenty or so men behind him.

Directly in front of them, the wind blew lightly past an old looking man. It wouldn’t even be wrong to call him ugly.

One side of the face was beautiful and rosy, similar to a baby’s. The other side however, was rough and covered in wrinkles like that of an old man’s. Similarly, one half of his head with filled with lush black hair while the others was greying and white.

He was a freak, a terrifying freak.

This person was precisely the Qin Family’s Grand Elder, Qin Yuandao.

Far away stood several crowds. They had finally seen what a Spirit Realm cultivator looked like- so he actually had such a frightful appearance.

There was also a person standing behind Qin Yuandao. It was the one who had ran away the other night, Qin Lai. He had now come to stand strongly in front of the Su Family and carry out his revenge.

“Su Yunhai, get the f*ck out here. These little ants aren’t even qualified to face my attacks.” Qin Yuandao shouted. Despite his casual yell, his voice seemed to be filled with waves of power, crushing down on the Su Family.

The oppressive power within his voice directly caused several people to kneel down and cough up blood. Six of them directly fell to the ground and died, the others all with pale faces. Not a single of them looked well.

The Su Family was the second greatest power in Bao Ding City. The ones who had come out today were all the elite of the family, yet the terrifying result was that even Qin Yuandao’s casual shout killed six of them. This was the power of a Spirit Realm master.

Everyone’s hearts trembled. Nobody longer dared to look at Qin Yuandao’s face with strange looks as their gazes filled with fear.

Some of the gazes in the crowd that belonged to cultivators turned zealous. Spirit Realm, they all wanted to step into Spirit Realm. At Spirit Realm, they could crush others just by speaking alone.

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