Chapter 96: Since you’re so ruthless, don’t blame me for being the villain.

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 96: Since you’re so ruthless, don’t blame me for being the villain.

“Hehehe……” Gao Qiu smiled widely, “Seductress, you’d better not pretend this time. If my reasoning isn’t wrong, Zhu Yuanqing’s death was definitely because you couldn’t continue the relationship any further. Let me guess: you and Zhu Yuanqing were out having an affair, but the two of you were accidentally seen by somebody. Therefore, you tricked the other somehow into killing Zhu Yuanqing to silence him and now you’re exploiting me to have that person killed. Thus, the person who saw you will die and not only will you be able to safeguard your reputation, you can also continue to safely rest as the grand Young Miss of the Zhu Family. Tell me, am I wrong? Ahahaha!”

Gao Qiu gave a proud laugh. It seems like the detective’s reasoning was very accurate and she had really done all of that.

“You……” The killing intent in Liu Yuru’s eyes disappeared and the expression on her face turned ugly, looking like a cat whose tail had been stepped on. The cat wanted to get her tail free, but the leg was too strong and she was helpless to do so.

Seeing the unsightly expression her face, Gao Qiu gave another hearty laugh and embraced her, biting her lips. “Don’t worry, you little beauty. So long as your obedient, only I and the Heavens will know about this. I guarantee that everything will be arranged appropriately, allowing you to continue being the grand Young Miss of the Zhu Family.”

“Are your words true?” Liu Yuru’s voice was somewhat doubtful.

“I can swear that it is true. However, from today, you must be on call whenever I want you.” Gao Qiu continued to smile evilly.

Liu Yuru’s face still had a smile on it, but her heart was secretly itching to stab this bastard to death. What he demanded was basically completely taking away her freedom and controlling her. She would have to warm his bed whenever he wanted and she had to go there herself.

Although she knew she would be under his control, she currently had no other options. If she didn’t obey him, her reputation would be destroyed and her road would become a dead end.

“Boss Gao, your words really can be trusted.” Liu Yuru quickly showed him she made her choice as an alluring expression returned to her face. Her inherent nature as a seductress came out as she wrapped her body like a snake’s around Gao Qiu’s body again when a loud ‘bang!’ suddenly stopped her movements, scaring both of them.

Gao Qiu could still be considered a powerful figure and reacted very swiftly after hearing the noise. He pushed Liu Yuru to the side and abruptly at up on the bed, shouting: “Who the f*ck dared to kick Laozi’s door! Are you tired of living?!”

As he was shouting, a tall and a short figure directly broke down the door, staring coldly at the naked pair.

Gao Qiu’s shouting came to a stop as he finally clearly saw who was at the door. He sucked in a cold breath, feeling as if somebody had just dumped a bucket of icy cold water on him, causing him to burst into shivers.

“Y, You guys……” Gao Qiu’s body trembled as he stuttered. At this moment, he was so scared that he couldn’t speak.

Liu Yuru watched Gao Qiu with amazement. Gao Qiu had always been very arrogant in Bao Ding City and wasn’t even afraid of the Zhu Family, this region’s biggest power. How come after seeing those two people, he became so scared that he couldn’t even speak properly?

“Gao Qiu, Poison Wolf died and also lost the sword he had brought. Speak, what do you think your crime is?” The tall man on the right suddenly opened his mouth, his tone ice cold and piercing.

“W, What? How could Poison Wolf have d-died?” Gao Qiu finally reacted, filled with disbelief. In Qiongxi Country, there shouldn’t be anyone that could be his opponent below transformation realm. Furthermore, he had an incomplete spirit weapon so even if he had to fight with a transformation realm cultivator, he shouldn’t have died. Could it be that the one he had sent him to kill really was a transformation realm expert?

Liu Yuru was also astonished hearing Poison Wolf had died. This meant that Qin Yu was still alive and had not been silenced, placing her at enormous risk.

“How presumptuous. You don’t believe us?” The short one on the left side yelled angrily, causing Gao Qiu to jump and almost roll off the bed.

He hastily stabilized himself, his voice trembling: “Sirs, Sirs, this Gao doesn’t dare to doubt your words. o-Only, Poison Wolf is very strong so how could he have……”

“Humpth, it seems that you’re still skeptical of our words. Get up then, we’ll make you understand.” The tall one’s face turned gloomy.

“Sirs, this Gao isn’t skeptical of your words, just…..”

“Stop your damn nonsense.” The shorter one barked out impatiently, “I’ll give you ten breaths time and if by then you still haven’t scrammed out with your clothes on…… die.”

His killing intent filled the room as that last word, ‘death’, spat from his lips.

Gao Qiu didn’t dare to be anymore wordy and immediately ran out of bed to put on some clothes.

He only had the time to put on a thin robe and still wanted to layer on a coat but he never got the chance. The tall man directly dashed up to him and grabbed him like an eagle grabbing a chick, directly throwing him outside.

The shorter man fixed his eyes intently on the naked Liu Yuru, grinning as he appreciated her beautiful body, “Hehe. If you don’t want to die, put on your clothes and come with me obediently.”

“Okokokok, I will.” Liu Yuru hastily nodded, immediately obeying his words.

Gao Qiu was very quickly brought to the site of Poison Wolf’s death. He collapsed at the sight of his dismembered corpse. It was unknown if it was from fear or the cold, but his body could not stop trembling.

“Gao Qiu, you’ve used the organization’s power without authorization and caused the deaths of several assassins. You’ve even caused the death of an elite force like Poison Wolf. Right now, I am here to execute you on behalf of the organization.” The tall man walked in front of Gao Qiu, his body brimming with killing intent.

Gao Qiu’s trembling abruptly intensified and reacted quickly, “N, no! You don’t have the right to do this. Regardless of everything, I’m the one in charge of this region so only the Chief has the right to execute me. I want to see the Chief!”

“Don’t worry, we’ll let you see the Chief. Only, you’ll be dead by then. Die!” The tall man’s hand chopped down. With a flash of the sword, a rain of blood fell.

“Ah——!!” Behind them, a woman released a frightened scream. It was Liu Yuru, who had been brought here by the shorter man.

The tall one turned around, looking at Liu Yuru icily before speaking to the shorter one unhappily, “Why did you bring her here?”

The short one grinned, “No reason, I just wanted to let her see how Gao Qiu dies.”

“Is that necessary?”

“Of course it is.” The shorter one moved in front of Liu Yuru, whose face had already turned ashen from fear, and smiled mischievously: “Beauty, you can choose to accompany me obediently or follow Gao Qiu in his death.”

“i-I, I want to follow you, sire. Don’t, don’t kill me!” Liu Yuru’s body shook with anxiety.

“Hahaha!” The short man boomed with laughter, “Smart choice.”

“You took a fancy on her?” The tall man appeared somewhat shocked.

“Bao Ding City’s number one beauty. Such a woman isn’t somebody you can meet with every day.” The short one pinched Liu Yuru’s soft chin, his smile sinister.

The tall one snorted disdainfully, “I don’t deny her good looks, but who knows how many men this fickle slut f*cked. Even if she’s more beautiful, she’d still just be a lump of flesh.”

“Ha, you just don’t understand. These sort of women have skill, bringing you the best pleasure.” The short man understood these sort of women well.

“You’re unreasonable. Let’s just go.” The tall one gave him another look of disdain and walked into the darkness.

“Beauty, let’s go. Once we’re there, prepare to serve me properly [1. He’s referring to himself as 大爷, an arrogant way for an older man to refer to oneself].” The short man directly grabbed Liu Yuru and swiftly followed the other into the darkness.

Here, everyone continued down on their normal business, calm and serene. The only difference was the three corpses lying on the cold ground with the occasional blow of the wind.


“Ah, we’ve finally returned them all home. How wonderful.”

Outside the doors of a private house, Qin Yu and Qing Yun finally returned the last child back home. Qing Yun sighed joyfully. She really was happy doing such a thing with Qin Yu.

Qin Yu also sighed and nodded, “Successfully accomplished. Let’s go now?”

“En.” Qing Yun nodded and followed Qin Yu, walking shoulder to shoulder onto the streets. From afar, they looked just like a wandering couple.

“Qin Yu, what do you plan to do later? The Shadows really aren’t an easy force to deal with. How about if you come to Luobei City? If you hide, the Qin Family might not be able to find you.” Qing Yun suggested, her face turning a little red. A girl taking the initiative to invite a boy over to her house really required courage.

“Thank you.” Qin Yu was very thankful for Qing Yun’s invitation, “But I can’t go to Luobei City. I need to make a trip to Luosang City.”

“What are you going back to Luosang City for? The Qin Family definitely won’t let you off.” Qing Yun hastily spoke.

“My parents are there. Even if the Qin Family is the tiger in the tiger’s den there, I have to go.” Qin Yu said decisively.

“Your parents already aren’t at the Qin Family anymore. They’ve probably even already left Luosang City.” Qing Yun’s words made Qin Yu startled.

Qing Yun noticed Qin Yu’s dazed appearance and knew that he probably didn’t know much about what happened in Luosang City the past year, not even the event concerning his parents. Therefore, she could only tell him what happened, giving him a precise and detailed summary of everything.

When Qin Yu heard that his parents had been taken to be buried alive by Qin Chong and Qin Biao, he couldn’t help but erupt, his voice furious: “Did you just say that they actually buried my parents alive?! Bastards, I want them dead!” As he spoke, his fist pounded against the earthen wall beside them, causing it to crumble apart into pieces. It was fortunate that this was an abandoned home, lest it terrifies everyone.

“Qin Yu, don’t get too emotional. Afterwards, your parents were saved by somebody and are all right.” Qing Yun hastily dashed in front of Qin Yu and grabbed his hand, pacifying him in a loud voice.

Qin Yu took deep breaths, veins popping on his still tightly clenched fists. His chest heaved; he was furious, furious enough to kill.

Buried alive. The Qin Family really was ruthless, actually doing such a barbaric, inhumane action. For the better or worse, his parents were still born out of the Qin Family, yet they actually didn’t spare a single thought to familial ties and used such a cruel method like burying people alive.

Qin Family, since you’re being so ruthless, don’t blame me for being a villian.

At this moment, Qin Yu truly hated the Qin Family and no longer felt anything for them. He would no longer hold nothing back against those from the Qin Family.

Especially Qin Chong and Qin Biao. He would definitely kill them.

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