Chapter 95: A Frightening Existence

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 95: A Frightening Existence

Despite Su Wen’s seriousness, Qin Yu’s face remained indifferent.

What nonsense Shadows. There will always be a solution to a problem. He had lived two lives and seen all sorts of battles. Moreover, it wasn’t he that provoked them, but them that had provoked him.

“Seriously though, how did you manage to irritate them?” Su Wen was very curious about it. He didn’t understand. Qin Yu wasn’t somebody from Bao Ding City and he had also never seen him before so he should’ve only come in the past few days. How did he manage to provoke such a powerful force like the Shadows so quickly?

“It was them who irritated me.” Qin Yu replied indifferently and didn’t feel like explaining. He already guessed the reason why. It was definitely because of that woman earlier. He just wasn’t sure what status the woman held to be able to be able to have such a powerful organization assassinate somebody for her.

“Senior, is there really no way at all to break off their chase? Like leaving Bao Ding City, or even Qiongxi Country.”

Qing Yun was actually even more worried than Qin Yu, who was rather indifferent. She took a step towards Su Wen, her voice carrying a trace of anxiety.

Su Wen shook his head again, his tone filled with certainty: “It’s no use going anywhere, unless you leave the entire Ancient Wu Continent.”

“Then…...then what can we do?” An expression of helplessness appeared on Qing Yun’s worried face.

Su Wen secretly thought he watched her: ‘Girl, you like him? You should give up, he’s destined to die. Such a beautiful girl like you living as a widow would just be to much of a waste.

Naturally, he didn’t dare to say this aloud and only said it in his mind.

“Don’t worry. They want to kill me, but it won’t be that easy.” Qin Yu smiled calmly and didn’t say anything more on the topic. His gaze fell to the brightly shining silver white sword on the floor. It was precisely this sword that had pierced through the Golden Silkworm Armour earlier, almost taking his life.

He walked forward and picked it up. A flash of understanding passed through his eyes as he inspected it: “It’s an incomplete spirit weapon!”

A mere immersion realm cultivator actually had an incomplete spirit weapon. From this, you can clearly see just how powerful the Shadows were.

The other two stared at the sword in shock upon hearing Qin Yu’s words. Especially Su Wen, whose eyes grew fiery from excitement.

An incomplete spirit weapon! An incomplete spirit weapon was already no longer considered an ordinary weapon and was enough to cause many cultivators to go crazy- including Su Wen. But in the end, he still chose to bear his greed, his heart sighing with incomparable regret.

It was a pity that this sword was the Shadow’s. That was the reason why he didn’t dare to take it. If he did take it, then even if he ran up to Heaven or down to Hades, his road would still be filled with assassins from the Shadows chasing him for his death. That would be a true nightmare. Otherwise, no matter what, he would’ve taken the incomplete spirit weapon for himself even if he had to fight over it.

“Miss Qing, you use swords so let’s give this to you.” Qin Yu passed the sword to Qing Yun as he spoke.

“g-Give me?” Qing Yun stood there, shocked and a little moved. She hadn’t imagined that Qin Yu would be so generous to gift her an incomplete spirit weapon, causing her to turn a bit emotional. At the same time, she thought about her fighting with the incomplete spirit weapon and was filled with excitement. Even transformation realm masters couldn’t have this honor.

Su Wen’s lips twitched as he watched Qin Yu gift the sword away. That was just being way too generous, right? This wasn’t some crappy copper or iron weapon but an incomplete spirit weapon. In Qiongxi Country, even the royal family probably didn’t even have more than a few. Only a terrifying force like the Shadows could have so many spirit weapons.

It was such a precious and rare object, yet he just directly gifted it away.

He didn’t know that in Qin Yu’s eyes, this incomplete spirit weapon wasn’t much different from some crappy iron or copper one.

“This, this is too precious. I can’t accept it.” Although Qing Yun really wanted it, after thinking it over for a long time, she still didn’t have the nerve to accept it.

“What’s so precious about it, it’s just a lousy sword. You should just take it.” Qin Yu repeated with emphasis.

He had actually just called an incomplete spirit weapon a lousy sword. Su Wen could barely hold back the urge to step forward and thrash him.

“You’d best not give her it.” Su Wen endured his urge to thrash him and reminded him with rarely seen good intentions: “This sword is from the Shadows. If you give her it, she’ll definitely become a target of the Shadows just like you.”

“Oh.” Qin Yu stiffened when he heard Su Wen’s reminder. He couldn’t care less about the Shadows chasing after him. After all, his life wasn’t so easy to take and he had several life saving techniques. However, Qing Yun was different. Nevermind the future, even the attempt just now, had she been in his place, would’ve taken her life.

Thus, he giving this sword to Qing Yun was the same as purposely harming her, placing her in death’s path.

“Give me the sword, I’m not afraid.” The originally hesitating Qing Yun suddenly changed, taking the initiative to ask Qin Yu for the sword.

Su Wen’s face twitched again as he looked at the girl strangely. He muttered in his mind: Is something wrong with this girl’s brain? Earlier she didn’t want it but now that she knows the consequences, she’s taking the initiative to take it. Is she depressed and doesn’t want to live anymore? It had to be said that even he, a great transformation realm master didn’t dare to take it ah.

This time, Qin Yu took the sword back and shook his head, “I don’t want you hurt. If there’s a chance in the future, I’ll gift you an even better sword.”

“No, I said that I’m not afraid.” Qing Yun’s tone was firm.

Since Qin Yu was doomed to be chased by the Shadows until his dying breath, then what was she to be afraid of. If she took the sword, then the two of them would be pursued by the Shadows together, fighting side by side, sharing tribulations and hardship to take their last breaths without regret.

Her thoughts were like that, but Qin Yu’s wasn’t. How could he let a girl be trapped in a life risking journey because of him?

“I can’t give it to you even if you aren’t afraid.” Qin Yu’s voice was even more firm. With a shake of his hand, the sword disappeared into his space ring.

Su Wen saw the sword disappear from sight and his eyes sharpened, staring rigidly at Qin Yu’s hand. When he saw the ring on Qin Yu’s hand, a greedy fire started to burn in his eyes.

Spirit rings were actually even more rare than spirit tools. Think about it: if a cultivator had a space ring, it would be equivalent to a moving storage room. Not only was it convenient, it also indicated a person’s status.

It was impossible for ordinary people to possess this thing. Who exactly was Qin Yu? Could it be that he actually had another unknown terrifyingly strong force supporting him from behind?

Su Wen’s doubts were suddenly raised. The more he thought of it, the more he found Qin Yu’s identity dubious. If it wasn’t for having a strong backer, how could he talk about the Shadows, an organization others paled at the word of, so calm and indifferently? Furthermore, he was only a trifling middle stage immersion realm cultivator, yet he actually managed to kill one at the apex of immersion realm and hit back at a Shadow possessing an incomplete spirit weapon. Were any of these things something an ordinary cultivator could accomplish?

Could he be some disciple secretly being cultivated by one of the large sects?

The power difference between a sect and a family clan was simply so big that they couldn’t even be compared to. A powerful sect could even contend against the royal family, a force that family clans couldn’t catch up with no matter how hard they pushed.

“Let’s go then.” Qin Yu put away his sword and gave a cold glance to Su Wen who was staring at his space ring before no longer giving him any attention, moving towards the three children.

“En.” Qing Yun was helpless and was secretly a bit frustrated by not getting the sword. She just gave Qin Yu a one-word reply as she gloomily picked up the children and walked into the night.

Su Wen just stood there as he watched the pair disappear into the darkness, staring blankly for a while before shaking his head. It was unknown what he was thinking as he turned to walk away in the Su Family’s direction, soon also fading away into the dark.

After everyone left, two demonic figures slid out from the dark. From beginning to end, they were hidden away there and watching the entire thing unfold. Throughout it all, nobody had discovered their presence, including Qin Yu.

They were the real assassins of the Shadows, a terrifying existence.

Two Shadows stared at the corpse on the floor. One of them spoke, his voice gloomy. “Poison Wolf died. That child’s strength far exceeded our expectations.”

“Gao Qiu, that idiot.” The other cursed.

“It can’t all be blamed on him. Who would’ve known that he would be such a monster?”

“What I’m blaming is that dunce Gao Qiu continuously lost several assassins because of a woman. Now even Poison Wolf was sacrificed and we lost that incomplete spirit weapon as well.”

“Hehe,isn’t this actually good? Gao Qiu’s days have finally come to an end. Well let’s go. It should be our turn soon, hehe.” The man laughed eerily before turning around and entering the darkness.

“You’re leaving just like that? That boy still has our incomplete spirit weapon, are you just going to ignore that?” The other man stepped forward, his voice angry.

“Ignore? That isn’t our, the Shadows, style. That boy’s life and incomplete spirit weapon are both ours. You should be more clear about this than anybody else- it’s simply a matter of time.”

“I, I was just speaking without thinking. How could I not know that those who we’ve set our eyes on never survive.” The man awkwardly skimped through his words before following the other into the darkness, his figure disappearing from sight.


On one of the main streets of Bao Ding City laid a grand and luxurious bathhouse. Behind the bathhouse, laid a very, very small branch of the Shadows.

The person in charge of this branch as well as the bathhouse, was Gao Qiu.

Right now, Gao Qiu was lying down weightlessly on his bed, facing a soft bosom without a care in the world. His chest was covered in sweat, as if he had just finished some sort of intense exercise. In fact, he really did do some intense exercise. However, it wasn’t just once, but ten times from the beginning of the day until now.

Beside him laid an extremely charming and coquettish woman who was lowering her head to stare at him. She gently cupped his chin with her hand, speaking with a seductive voice: “Boss Fu, want to do it one more time?”

This woman was precisely the one Qin Yu had offended- Liu Yuru.

“No, not again. If I do it again, I’ll die inside of you.” Gao Qiu gasped for breath and shook his head.

“Useless.” Liu Yuru shot a glance at him disdainfully.

Gao Qiu’s face darkened, “Bah, Laozi’s done it continuously now for ten times in a row. Let me ask you, is there anyone else stronger than this Laozi?”

After speaking, Gao Qiu cursed in his heart. This woman really wanted to suck him dry ah.

“Laozi finally believes those rumors are true now.” Gao Qiu suddenly said something strange, surprising Liu Yuru.

“What rumors?”

Gao Qiu smiled evilly: “Rumor has it that the first of the Zhu Family’s three proud sons, Zhu Yuanting, was completely obsessed with cultivation and didn’t satisfy the desires of his beautiful wife. Thus, the beautiful wife went and got together with the third son, Zhu Yuanqing……”

“Rubbish! Who started that rumor, I want them dead!” Liu Yuru’s face completely changed, her delicate voice turning flustered as she shouted angrily. Her coquettish eyes just now filled with a crazed, murderous, killing intent.

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