Chapter 93: The Qin Family’s Spirit Realm Master

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 93: The Qin Family’s Spirit Realm Master

A loud ‘bang!’ sound echoed as a man broke down the door and entered. It was that Su Wen Again.

“Miss, are you alright?” Su Wen dashed forward, his eyes fixed on Su Yinxue’s body. The anxiousness on his face eased when he saw Su Yinxue sitting there peacefully with no harm done. He then looked at Qin Yu icily.

“Qin Yu, the former genius of Luosang City’s Qin Family. Your cultivation was crippled and you had turned into a waste, then somehow managed to miraculously recover……” Su Wen stared at Qin Yu. He seemed to be talking to him, but it was closer to him talking to himself.

Qin Yu and Su Wen stared at each other, neither avoiding the other’s gaze. Qin Yu’s lips curled as he listened to Su Wen finish, “It seems you’ve investigated me earlier.”

“I didn’t think that you would be so famous in Luosang City. I only had to ask a few questions to know a lot.”

Today had many cultivators that came from Luosang City. Just by asking around, he could find a lot about Qin Yu.

After Su Wen finished speaking, he suddenly changed the topic. His tone became harsh and cold, “Qin Yu, I don’t care about what gratitudes and grudges you have against the Qin Family. That’s your Qin Family’s internal business that my Su Family won’t take any part in. You know what I mean, right?”

“You’re afraid I’ll implicate you guys?” Qin Yu’s tone held a trace of contempt, “Are you guys afraid of the Qin Family?”

“Right now in the southwest, there’s very few families who aren’t afraid of the Qin Family.” Su Wen’s words started Qin Yu, causing a trace of doubt to appear on his face.

The Qin Family had so much power? From what he saw, it didn’t seem that strong?

In Luosang City, the Qin Family was one of the big four powers, but wasn’t the strongest out of the four. The Qin Family might have a little weight in Luosang City, but in Bao Ding City, the Su family was the local power. But why did it still fear a small power in the far away Luosang City? It just didn’t make sense.

Seeing Qin Yu’s confusion, Su Wen continued: “I heard you haven’t been to Luosang City for more than a year, so you probably don’t know about the Qin Family’s situation.”

“What situation is the Qin Family in?” Qin Yu raised his eyebrows, asking curiously.

“Half a year ago, the Grand Elder of the Qin Family had broken through the shackles of Transformation Realm and became a Spirit Realm master. His breakthrough changed the power balance in Luosang City, becoming the greatest force in Luosang City and a super-power in the south west.”

Su Wen still hadn’t finished when Qin Yu interrupted him.

“Did you just say, a spirit realm master?”

Qin Yu’s heart shook as he suddenly understood. It was no wonder they had suddenly became so arrogant and unbridled, dared to kill with Su Yinxue present, and dared to leave saying that he would extinguish both the Su Family and Qin Yu in three day’s time. After all, it’s always been said that when a man achieves the Dao, his poultry and dogs rise to heaven too. [1. Idiom on riding on somebody else’s success.]

In the tiny nation of Qiongxi Country, a spirit realm cultivator was undoubtedly a tremendous and rare force. There were tens of millions of cultivators, but those who can reach spirit realm may only be a hundred in an entire country. In the remote and rural southwest, spirit realm masters were even rarer. There were only five cultivators at Qin Yuandao’s level in Qiongxi Country. Naturally, this did not include the secluded experts hiding in sects.

It could be said that in the southwest, any family that produces a spirit realm master would immediately be considered a super power. Apart from sects, there were no other forces that dared to provoke them.

It would be crazy if the Su Family wasn’t worried about the Qin Family’s retaliation due to Qin Yu’s provocation.

Qin Yu himself could just walk away and hide without a problem, but what about their Su Family? How could several hundred people just disappear like that?

What was even worse, was that the Su Family’s Master had brought out all of the sect’s top experts last month to handle something. They still have not returned, leaving everything on Su Wen’s shoulders.

Su Wen’s current thought was that perhaps if Qin Yu was captured, they could hand over Qin Yu when the Qin Family came so they hopefully would not vent their anger on his Su Family.

“You should know why my Su Family fears the Qin Family now, right?” Su Wen’s eyes stared sharply at the shocked Qin Yu, his tone cold.

“Humpth.” Qin Yu snorted and slowly turned away, his voice calm: “Don’t worry, I won’t drag in your Su Family. I’m leaving.”

“Go?” Su Wen snorted coldly, “If you leave, wouldn’t my Su family have to bear the Qin Family’s wrath alone?”

“Then what do you want to do?” Qin Yu’s face darkened.

“Nothing, I just want you to stay at my Su Family for a few days and go with the Qin Family when they come to prevent their rage from being casted onto my Su Family. In any case, you are one of them so they presumably won’t be too harsh on you. If you recognize your mistake, they may just forgive you.” Su Wen’s face was indifferent as he stared coldly at Qin Yu.

“Uncle Wen, what are you saying?! You absolutely cannot do that!” Su Yinxue suddenly stood up, shouting as she faced Su Wen: “It’s not like you didn’t see the situation just now. The Qin Family clearly wants to kill him as soon as possible. If you make him turn himself in, he would definitely die!”

“Miss, for the sake of the Su Family’s several hundred lives, I have no choice but to do this. Please understand.” Su Wen persisted.

“I won’t allow you to do that, it’s just too wrong. If somebody needs to take responsibility for today’s incident, it should be me. It has nothing to do with Sir Qin.” Su Yinxue dashed in front of Qin Yu and shouted at Su Wen strictly. Her actions couldn’t help but make Qin Yu feel a bit touched.

“If it wasn’t for my opposition tonight with the lyrics, Sir Qin wouldn’t have had to appear tonight and neither would the incident have happened.”

Her words made Qin Yu feel even more moved. She was forcefully bringing all the responsibility onto herself; such a woman was truly rare.

However, Su Wen was vexed. “Miss, how could this be blamed on you? Every Lantern Festival [1. 15th of first month of lunar calendar] is suppose to be spent guessing lines of poetry whilst admiring the lights. It’s what always happens normally. If it wasn’t for his appearance, everyone would’ve still been happily solving the riddle and admiring the lanterns. Because of him, everything changed. He caused my entire Su Family to fall into a crisis, and this responsibility must naturally be his to bear.”

“Uncle Wen, don’t say anymore. I absolutely won’t let you guys do this.” Su Yinxue’s tone was firm, without the least bit of leeway.

Su Wen knew his lady’s character. If she chose to be stubborn, not even the Family Head could make her change her mind.

“Miss, I am also thinking for the entire Su Family, the lives of several hundred people. Don’t tell me you really have the heart to let them all suffer a violent death because of this youngster? The lives of several hundred people in the Su Family are of lesser importance than this one stranger?” Su Wen tried to persuade her.

Su Yinxue shook her head and sighed, “Uncle Wen, if the Qin Family really dispatches troops, do you think they’ll actually let us go just because we handed Qin Yu over?”

“This……” Su Wen hesitated, momentarily not knowing what to say.

After mixing in the cultivation world for so long, he knew just how cruel it was. The weak was prey to the strong and any reason was enough for the strong to attack the weak. Even if he gave Qin Yu to them for what happened tonight, their fury probably would not be sated with just that. After all, Qin Zhao did die on their Su Family’s grounds.

Moreover, the Qin Family would have mustered their forces and travelled a long way to here. They wouldn’t go back empty handed. Destroying a clan and stealing away all their resources for themselves was something strong powers have always done, especially now when the Qin Family desperately needed resources.

The Qin Family didn’t become a superpower by slowly climbing up and accumulating resources, but because of Qin Yuandao’s existence. With the swift rise in status, comes a need to immediately increase their family’s cultivation which required an enormous amount of cultivation resources. So now that they had a reason to act, they absolutely would not be polite. In Luosang City, the Qin Family had already used this very same method to destroy a few smaller families.

Meaning, everything won’t be solved if they just handed over Qin Yu.


“Furthermore, even if we survive by using such a despicable method like selling out others, how will we be able to live peacefully with a clear conscience?” Su Yinxue continued to persuade Su Wen sternly.

Su Wen sighed as he listened to Su Yinxue. A trace of helplessness was visible in his voice as he turned to Qin Yu, “For the sake of the Young Miss, you may leave.”

“I won’t leave.” Qin Yu’s voice was firm, “I won’t leave until three days later. If the Qin Family doesn’t come three days after, I’ll leave immediately. If the Qin Family does come, I’ll sow what I reap and those that I killed, I will take responsibility for. If something happens, I’ll shoulder it.”

His voice was bold, startling Su Wen and Su Yinxue.

Su Yinxue quickly recovered from her surprise, a bright smile on her face: “Sir Qin, we thank you for your good intentions but it’s better for you to go. Tonight’s events is for our Su Family to bear, not you. Furthermore, the Qin Family might not actually travel so far to Bao Ding City. Qin Lai’s words earlier could’ve just been some big talk.”

Su Wen’s heart was anxious as he listened to Su Yinxue’s words. Wasn’t it good that Qin Yu would stay voluntarily? It’s exactly what they wanted, so why are you still trying to get him to leave?

“Miss, since Mr. Qin has the intention to stay, then-” Su Wen couldn’t even finish his sentence before being stopped by Su Yinxue’s cold glare.

“Uncle Wen, there’s no need to say anymore. I’ve already decided. Father isn’t here, so I am the master.” Su Yinxue’s tone was firm and decisive, with a dignified air.

Qin Yu was very surprised. He looked at the beautiful young girl in front of him, his heart filled with questions. Was she really just a maiden in her teens? Her decisiveness and imposing aura was truly rare.

Su Yinxue’s actions caused him to think about himself. Wasn’t he too also in his teens? But he was…...

Could Su Yinxue’s soul really be her? Or at least a part of it was her’s…

Qin Yu thought and eventually believed it was possible. Otherwise, it would be hard to explain why she was so kind and protective to a stranger like him.

Maybe, deep in her soul, she felt something towards him.

Qin Yu pondered in his heart like that and came to a decision. No matter what, he would protect Su Yinxue.

“Sir Qin, I apologise for what happened tonight. You should leave and perhaps if we have the opportunity again in the future, I’d like to continue discussing verses with you.” Su Yinxue turned to face Qin Yu, her tone apologetic.

Qin Yu nodded, “Miss Yinxue, I appreciate your kindness. Farewell, may we see each other again soon.”

“En, alright. Good bye.” Su Ting smiled slightly. Her beautiful smile was enough to cause the downfall of a country.

After Qin Yu said his farewells, he left the Su Family courtyards.

Su Wen’s lips curved into a strange sneer as he watched Qin Yu’s figure leave the Su Family gates, slowly disappearing into the distance. He was just about to return inside when his footsteps suddenly halted. He stared into the distance, his eyes flashing sharply.

Just now, there seemed to be a shadowy figure chasing in Qin Yu’s direction.

Does somebody else want to kill Qin Yu?

He stood there, hesitating for a while. Perhaps it was out of curiosity, or maybe it was with another purpose, but with a swing of his sleeve, he also turned into a black beam travelling swiftly in Qin Yu’s direction.

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