Chapter 92 - Soul from an Incomplete Cross-Over

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 92 - Soul from an Incomplete Cross-Over

The figure that fell was Qin Lai. He was tricked by Qin Yu.

He looked as if he was about to follow in Qin Zhao's footsteps; sinking into the lake before rising up as a dead body. However, he struck against the surface of the lake, and relying on the resulting force, he raced away into the shadows. “Su Family, Qin Yu, just you wait. Your day of demise will come three days later.”

“Shameless bragging.” Qin Yu sneered as he turned and threw himself towards the duo from the Qin Family.

The duo had no intention to fight anymore after they saw that Qin Lai had escaped. They stepped out of the area and chased after Qin Lai's figure in the darkness.

“Blood Shadow Two Definite Kills!”

Two crisscrossed rays of crimson saber light rushed forth, tearing apart the duo before they could escape from the lake.

Blood spurted high in the sky before raining down into the lake below.

Splash! Sploosh!

The loud splashes could be heard as the duo sunk into the lake. Just like Qin Zhao, two ice-cold corpses soon floated to the surface of the lake.

People around were shocked. Qin Yu was a scary man. He injured a Transformation Realm expert and even killed two others. Taking Qin Zhao's death into account, that was a total of three men, all at the apex of the Immersion Realm, who were killed by Qin Yu. What kind of demon was he? He was able to kill them despite being a mere mid-stage Immersion Realm cultivator.

At this moment, Zhu Yuanhong and the others, who intended to deal with Qin Yu, were now so afraid that they didn't even dare fart. Even Zhu Yuanhong, one of the Three Strongest Youths from the Zhu Family, who had cultivated to the peak Immersion Realm, which was only a step away from the Transformation Realm, was not confident that he could defend against Qin Yu's 'Blood Shadow Definite Kill'.

“Qin Yu, are you alright?”

On the platform in the pavilion, Qing Yun asked about Qin Yu's wellbeing with concern and worry while rushing toward him.

Qin Yu replied with a smile, “I’m fine.”

“’re bleeding!” The lady in white exclaimed in sudden shock as she stared at Qin Yu’s back.

Qing Yun was stunned and rushed to examine Qin Yu's back in a panic. What she saw caused the color to drain from her face.

On Qin Yu's back, his clothes were shredded, and had flown to god knows where. Underneath the shredded fabric, his Golden Silk Armor could be seen.

Now, the damaged armor had to withstand the attacks from a Transformation Realm cultivator. Although it barely managed to shield a portion of Qin Lai's attacks, a portion of his sword strikes managed to strike the damaged areas of the armor, leaving Qin Yu with a back full of sword scars that were oozing fresh blood.

“Quick, I’ll help you with the medication.” Qing Yun hurriedly pulled out a small bottle that contained medicine for dressing wounds.

“It’s fine. I can treat myself.” Qin Yu stopped Qing Yun in her tracks. The self-recovery abilities from his 'Refined Qi' were leaps and bounds ahead of such medications.

“But…” Qing Yun was still worried. She still had more to say but Qin Yu stopped her.

“Trust me. I’m fine. You should return first. I’ll go and find you later.” Qin Yu said firmly before turning to the lady in white, “Miss, let’s go.”

The lady in white glanced at Qing Yun, before returning her attention to Qin Yu. She nodded in response.

Both of them then stood on the plate and descended. At the bottom, there was a tunnel that led to the other buildings along the lake.

“Young Master, please follow me.” The young lady walked in front, leading Qin Yu along the tunnel.

Even though the tunnel was dimly lit, it was not a problem for Qin Yu.

“Young Master, thank you for saving me just now.” She recalled the scary strike by Qin Lai earlier. She thought that she was going to die, and did not expect that Qin Yu would shield her with his body.

Her face flushed bright red as she remembered the moment when she was pinned down by Qin Yu.

Originally, she felt pissed off as she thought that Qin Yu was taking advantage of her. However, on second thought, in a life and death situation, nobody would care about the etiquette between different sexes. In fact, Qin Yu's earlier actions were enough to move any lady, including her. Hence, she decided to thank Qin Yu.

“You don’t have to thank me. It was nothing at all. Besides, you were implicated because of me. It was only right for me to safeguard you,” Qin Yu said calmly.

“No matter what, you did save my life. I should still thank you,” The lady said gently before falling silent.

Qin Yu also did not say anything more, and hence, both of them continued walking down the tunnel in silence.

After a short while, they saw light shining in from the front. They should be reaching their destination.

“Young Master, this is it. Let’s go up,”

The lady led Qin Yu up a flight of stairs.

After climbing to the top, the lady pushed open a door, and they entered a mesmerizing scented room. From the furniture and decor, Qin Yu could tell that this was a female's room, and could possibly be the lady's room.

“Young Master, please hold on. I’ll find someone to give you a change of clothes.” Qin Yu sat down before the lady walked out of the room.

Not long after, she returned with a full set of black clothing that was similar to the one Qin Yu had on.

“Young Master, your clothes are torn. Try this on instead. If this doesn’t fit, I’ll find you another set. Oh, I’ll excuse myself first. Just call me when you’re done changing.” The lady wisely stepped out from the room right after passing the new set of clothes to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu did not hesitate and quickly changed out of his torn clothes.

“Miss, I’m done. About these torn clothes…” Qin Yu opened the door and held his torn clothing awkwardly, and wondered where to best dispose of them.

“Pass them to me and wait for me, I’ll be back soon.” She took the torn clothes from Qin Yu and left, while Qin Yu returned back into the room.

When she returned, she was holding onto a tray of tea.

“Young Master, you can try this tea.” The impression that Qin Yu had of this lady was that of a gentle and wise lady. She fit the mold of a lady from a well-to-do family.

“Thank you.” Qin Yu received the tea and placed it on the table beside him. He looked at the veiled lady and spoke calmly, “Lady, my name is Qin Yu. I am from Luo Sang City.”

Out of courtesy, Qin Yu introduced himself. Then, he dived right into the heart of the topic, “Can I have a look at your face?”

The lady fell into a short moment of silence. She hesitated for a while before nodding slowly. With her hands that was as smooth as jade, she removed her veil.

As the veil dropped, a beautiful and pristine face was revealed.

Her dimples were as stunning as blooming flowers, and her cheeks were as rosy as peaches.

A beauty like this was a rare sight. No wonder there were so many men who courted her, dying to see her face beneath the veil.

Qin Yu should be considered lucky, as he had easily unveiled the lady and saw her pretty face, unlike her other suitors. However, a faint sign of disappointment flashed across his face.

“It’s not her. It really isn’t her.”

Qin Yu mumbled quietly, and he was greatly disappointed that the lady in front of him was not the one he expected to see.

Seeing the faint flash of disappointment across Qin Yu’s face, the lady could not help but feel slightly helpless, “Did I disappoint him because I’m not pretty enough?”

“Young Master Qin, this lady’s name is Su Yinxue.” After her introduction, she also quickly dove into the main topic of the conversation and asked, “If I could be blunt, how did Young Master Qin know about the poem that you recited just now?”

“In fact, I’d like to know as well. How did you know about that poem?” Qin Yu rebutted.

Upon hearing the question, Su Yinxue frowned. Silently, she walked a few steps away before she sat on a chair. She raised her head and stared into the void.

“A year ago, I was sick. My body was extremely weak. No matter how many famous doctors my family hired for me, they were helpless. I died.”

Hearing that, Qin Yu trembled. He stared at Su Yinxue with doubtful eyes and asked, "You died? Aren't you alive right now?"

Qin Yu almost choked after hearing Su Yinxue's reply, and he was left speechless for a long while after.

“What happened after that?” Qin Yu gulped down a mouthful of tea before continuing his questions.

“When I awoke, my brain was in a mess. I’ve forgotten some of the minor details from my past. But at the same time, there were some additional memories. The poem was from those additional memories.”

“From a young age, I deeply loved the zither. Hence, I changed the poem into a song. I did not expect that the world would be so coincidental that I would meet Young Master Qin, who also knew of the exact same poem. Hence, I invited you here. I hope you can tell me about the origin of the poem. I want to know, who am I?”

Su Yinxue turned to look at Qin Yu, her eyes were glimmering with expectations. She wished for an answer from Qin Yu.

Qin Yu was speechless, “You have no idea who you are?”

Su Yinxue smiled bitterly, “Maybe, I am indeed the young mistress of the Su Family. Or maybe, I could be another person altogether.”

“Err… could it be?” Qin Yu had an epiphany. Could this situation be caused by an incomplete crossover by a soul from another place? Perhaps, this led to her scrambled memories, causing her to be unsure of who she really was.

If this was the case, then could the owner of the soul be her?

Su Yinxue, Su Xue, the two names were so similar. Could it be that this was all fated?

Su Xue, the person who was once the love of his life.

Thinking of the familiar name, Qin Yu trembled with agitation.

“Miss Su, in your memories, do you have any impression of the name ‘Su Xue’?” Qin Yu’s eyes shone brightly as he stared at Su Yinxue. At that moment, he was very nervous.

Could it be her?

Qin Yu did not wish that the soul of the person in front of him was her soul, as it would only mean that she was dead. It would mean that, following Xie Di's death, she had perished too.

“Su Xue, Su Xue…..?” Su Yinxue mumbled the name for a while before falling into a daze. “Su Xue, Su Yinxue, who am I?” Her memories were all scrambled up. Suddenly, she held onto the side of her head before screaming “AHHHHHH…!”

“Young Mistress!” Someone outside heard of the scream and barged into the room, fearing for Su Yinxue’s safety.

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