Chapter 91 Non-differential attack

Defiant Martial God

Chapter 91 Non-differential attack

“We all have joys and sorrows, partings and reunions. The moon also has its phases of resplendence, as it waxes and wanes. Nothing in this world is ever perfect.”

Qin Yu replied under the watchful eyes of the audiences. As he uttered the first sentence, the watchful eyes of the audiences slowly turned into a look of shock. Even the all-knowing Qing Chen was shaken and he stared at Qin Yu in disbelief.

“I wish a long life to us all. Then, however far apart we are, we’d still be...sharing... the same enchanting…moonlight…”

Qin Yu dragged out the last of his sentences purposefully, creating a slow and deep tension in the air.

When Qin Yu was done, the surroundings became dead silent. Everybody was indulging in the artistic conception of the poem.

The last sentence of the poem: "I wish a long life to us all. Then, however far apart we are, we’d still be sharing the same enchanting moonlight," was especially good; it was like the stroke of god.

“Wonderful, so wonderful!” Someone finally exclaimed loudly, breaking the silence.

Qing Chen smacked himself on the side of his head and wrung his wrists in distraught before saying loudly, “My poetry was just a tad off. A tad off from this!”

Hearing this, many people threw a despised look at Qing Chen. His poetry was not just a tad off, but miles apart from Qin Yu's poetry. His vulgar poetry was about laying on the same bed.

Obviously, Qing Chen’s poem was better compared to the poetry of others. However, Qin Yu’s poem was still better than his. Of course, Qin Yu’s poem was not his own, and he was not capable of coming up with a poem like this. He merely stole from others, but among the people here, nobody knew about it. Everyone was shocked as they thought that he came up with the poem on the spot.

“How about that, San Ge? Do you still think that others are out to mock him?” Qing Yun smiled as she looked at Qin Yu. A captivating smile bloomed on her face, just like flowers blossoming after winter.

“Errr…” Qing Chen held onto his chin as he spoke nervously, “That’s my brother-in-law. Who would dare to mock my brother-in-law!”

He spoke very softly as he was afraid of others overhearing him. Shameless words like these should be spoken softly.

Qing Yun’s smile froze as she glared at her despicable brother, “San Ge, could you be any more shameless?”

“What are you talking about, how can a scholar’s words be shameless?”


Qing Yun could not be bothered with her brother anymore. She stared caringly at Qin Yu in the pavilion. She did not expect Qin Yu to be a scholar as well. She was misguided, just like the others.

Within the pavilion, the girl in white trembled after she heard Qin Yu’s poem. Her emotions fluctuated uncontrollably.

“Who…who are you? How did you know this poem?” With a trembling voice, she asked Qin Yu, while walking closer to him and staring at him.

Qin Yu frowned as he looked upon at the girl in front of him. Why was she trembling?

“Actually, I'd also like to know who you are. How do you know this poem too?” Qin Yu threw the question back at her.

Shocked, the girl stopped walking closer to Qin Yu. After a brief moment of silence, she seemed to regain control of her emotions once again. In a calm and collected tone, she asked, “Can we speak in another place?”

“Of course.” Qin Yu was on the same page. He wanted to know who the girl in front of him was.

“Good. Let’s go.” She turned around as she spoke. She stopped in front of the table that her zither was on and pressed on a certain notch. Shoosh! The table shifted to the side, revealing a plate that was big enough for two adults to stand on.

“Young Master, please.” The lady invited Qin Yu to stand with her on the plate.

“Young mistress, take heed, he could be a bad person…” Su Wen could not help but try to persuade her.

“Uncle Wen, he is the one I’ve been looking for. It’ll be fine.” The girl interrupted him.

“But…” Su Wen wanted to continue persuading his young lady but Qin Yu was already standing with her on the plate.

Once both of them were standing firmly on the plate, it rumbled and descended, sending them below. Gradually, they faded from the sight of others.

“Qin Yu you rascal, stop right there!” An angry voice erupted from the audience, and a figure shot out and flew toward the pavilion. This person was Qin Lai.

Qin Lai's original plan was to kill Qin Yu after he left the pavilion, and he was watching his every move. However, his plan would be dashed if Qin Yu was to leave the pavilion from the secret tunnel. Hence, his only option was to stop him in his tracks and kill him now!

If he could not kill Qin Yu today, he would be unable to bear the consequences of Qin Zhao's death. The Tai Shang Elder from the Qin Family would definitely give him a hard time.

“Stop!” Su Wen yelled as he rushed forward in an attempt to stop Qin Lai.

“Scram!” Qin Lai knew Su Wen would rush out to stop him and he was already prepared. He reacted swiftly, his sword glimmering and as he rushed towards Su Wen.

“How dare you!” Su Wen was angered. Qin Lai was using a killing blow against him. This was the territory of the Su Family, not the Qin Family. No one from the Qin Family could act wildly here.

Angered as he may be, Su Wen was unprepared for Qin Lai, who was well prepared. Against Qin Lai’s devious blow, he could only dodge to the side.

Qin Lai laughed deviously as he speared past Su Wen, “Qin Yu, go and die!”

A flurry of blades pranced around in the air, drowning the two figures in the pavilion. Qin Lai used a wide area attack, and the lady in white was also in the range of his attack.

“Get down!” Qin Yu yelled as he threw himself on the young lady and shielded her under his body. His back was exposed to the raging chain of attacks.

“Damn it, go and die!” Su Wen went berserk when he saw that Qin Lai was attacking the young lady. In his rage, his flipped his flexible sword and sent it writhing towards the neck of Qin Lai like a vicious snake. If he landed his attack, Qin Lai would definitely be decapitated.

Tss! Tss! A relentless torrent of sword light landed on the back of Qin Yu. Piercing sounds of fabric tearing could be heard as bits of clothing flew around like snowflakes.

“No…!” A lady's shrill scream echoed from one of the buildings around the lake. The very next moment, someone flew towards the pavilion in the lake.

Even before the silhouette reached the pavilion, a green sword shimmer was already blossoming in the air.

“Azure Edge Sword’s fifth form, Whistling Strike to Ninth Heaven.”

The green shimmer roared across the skies like a raging typhoon as it flew towards Qin Lai, destroying everything in its path.

“Seventh Elder, be careful!” Two people rushed up from below. They too belonged to the Qin Family and were here with Qin Lai. One was wielding a sword while the other used a saber. They chased quickly after Qing Yun.

In the blink of an eye, the situation evolved into a group fight.

After landing his strike on Qin Yu, Qin Lai could no longer afford to take a second look at him. He hastily pulled his sword back to defend against the raging assault by Su Wen. There was no doubt that Qin Yu would be anything but minced meat after being struck by a Transformation Realm expert.

“Kill...! Retreat!”

Qin Lai pulled his sword back to defend against Su Wen while he retreated.

However, after a few steps, the edge of a green sword was only mere inches from his back. His carelessness exposed him to attacks from both flanks.

However, being one of the seven Elders from the Qin Family, he was experienced in fights and reacted immediately.


Instead of stepping back, Qin Lai took a step forward and rushed to the front.

“You’re looking for death!” Seeing that Qin Lai was rushing towards him, Su Wen flexed his sword straight at him and pierced through his throat.

The crowd was shocked. Did a Transformation Realm expert die here today? What a pity, it was not easy cultivating to the Transformation Realm.

However, some sharp-eyed people amongst the audience saw the abnormality and shrieked, “No, he’s not dead!”

“What? A sword pierced through his throat, and yet he is still alive?” Some people reacted immediately by yelling in surprise, as they stared wide-eyed at Qin Lai who was still alive and kicking.

“What happened?” They were confused.

“He dodged the piercing strike with a weird movement. The sword only pierced through a phantom created by his movement,” someone explained the reason behind the phenomenon.

“What a weird movement skill!” Countless people exclaimed in shock and wonder.

On the platform, Qing Yun was blocked off by the two from the Qin Family. All three of them fought furiously. Even though the duo from the Qin Family were not Transformation Realm experts, they were still Immersion Realm cultivators. Qing Yun, who was wielding her Azure Edge Sword, fought recklessly in her rage, rendering the Qin Family duo helpless against her. In fact, they were pressured by her overwhelming presence, and they fought as if their hands and feet were bound. They did not want to throw their lives away.

“Is the Su Family adamant on being Qin Family’s enemies?” Qin Lai questioned as he held onto his sword.

“Die!” Su Wen did not bother answering. His flexible sword trembled and slithered like a snake as it lunged towards Qin Lai.

Qin Lai was too much. Su Wen’s young mistress could have died by his hands. Hence Su Wen was unable to control his anger and fought as if he wanted to trade blow for blow with Qin Lai.

Just based on their strengths, Qin Lai was just a tad stronger than Su Wen. However, Su Wen’s attacks were also fiercer than before. QIn Lai could not be careless. His sword danced furiously as it parried Su Wen’s strikes. In the blink of an eye, both figures were engaged in a rough fight with sparks flying everywhere, and the air around them became a swirling chaotic mess.

Just as the two figures were busy fighting each other, a crimson light pierced, enveloped, and swallowed the skies.

“Blood Shadow Definite Kill!”

From the sky painted by the crimson light, two crisscrossed traces of bloody sword light dived into the clash between the two experts, before swallowing and tearing everything apart.

“Ahh…!” A shrill shriek filled the air. Those who were less courageous amongst the audience shook as they felt goosebumps behind their necks.

They saw the figure of a man thrown off the platform, blood splattering madly, before he gradually sunk to the bottom of the lake.

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