Chapter 90: Qin Zhao’s Death

Chapter 90: Qin Zhao’s Death

Boom! Boom!

Fists collided, and huge bangs echoed through the air. In an instant, the sky quickly turned dark as stormy winds filled the sky. Monstrous waves rippled through the lake and swallowed the two figures engaged in the fight, concealing them from the sight of the people around them.

“Blood Shadow Definite Kill!”

From the perspectives of the spectators, the monstrous waves were suddenly split into halves. Space was torn asunder and blinding crimson light shone through like two red lightning bolts.


An ear-piercing scream rang out, shaking the eardrums of the audience.

Who was the one that let out such a terrifying scream?

“Qin Yu!” Qing Yun cried out in fear as she stood by the lakeside and stared worriedly at the battle. As the waves were obstructing her vision, she had no idea what was happening inside.

“Qin Zhao!” Similarly, there were others on the lakeside who were worried for Qin Zhao. They were people from the Qin Family, and their mission was to protect Qin Zhao.

At this moment, everyone was fixated on the lake. They wanted to know who would achieve victory.

Splash! The monstrous waves crashed back into the lake. In the blink of an eye, the lake regained its calm, and the ripples on the surface of the lake were the only remaining traces of battle. The people involved in the battle vanished and were nowhere to be seen.

"Where are they?" Confused, someone in the crowd couldn't stop himself and asked out loud.

“Yeah, where are they? All dead?” A second person also asked in confusion.

“Silly fools. Even if they were dead, shouldn’t there at least be bodies floating around? Do you see any floating bodies?” A level-headed person rebuked the confused people in the crowd.

“There they are! On the pavilion!” Someone pointed to the pavilion on the lake and shouted loudly.

Prompted by the shout, people turned their sights toward the pavilion. Indeed, there was a young man beside the lady dressed in white. That young man was Qin Yu.

“Phew.” Qing Yun let out a long sigh when she saw Qin Yu.

Their eyes bulged and they looked around frantically for Qin Zhao. They did not stop even when their eyes ached from overuse.

“Wasn’t there another person? Where did he go?” Someone asked around in puzzlement as he looked at the surface of the lake.

Bubble bubble bubble.

Just as everybody was looking for the second person, bubbles could be seen at a certain area of the lake. Under the shocked gazes of everybody, a dead body floated to the surface. This person was none other than Qin Zhao.

“Qin Zhao!” A middle-aged man from the Qin Family bristled with anger. He was Qin Lai, a Transformation Realm expert, and the last of the seven elders of the Qin Family.

Qin Lai glared at Qin Yu and shouted toward him, “Qin Yu! You evil bastard. How dare you kill Qin Zhao. Today, I shall cleanse you from the Qin Family and let you accompany Qin Zhao in death!”

Qin Lai was already flying closer toward the pavilion even before he finished his sentence. When a Transformation Realm expert made his move, he should not be taken lightly.

“Scram!” At the same time, a Transformation Realm expert from the Su Family flew forward and obstructed Qin Lai by throwing a strike toward him.

“Jerk!” Qin Lai yelled in anger and responded with a palm strike of his own.

Boom! The two separated, and blades of pressurized air cut through space.

Evidently, Qin Lai was on the losing end. After all, he was in a disadvantageous position as the Su Family's expert held the high ground.

Qin Lai stood steadily on the surface of the lake and raised his head, and he looked straight at the expert from the Su Family, “Is the Su Family really that keen to protect that bastard that they are willing to be the mortal enemy of the Qin Family?”

“The man is of no concern to me. Why should I protect him? Instead of answering, the Su Family expert, who stood by the pavilion, replied with another question.

“If so, why did you stop me?” Qin Lai forced himself to calm down.

“Without my young mistress’s approval, no one is to step onto the pavilion. You are not an exception.” The Su Family expert calmly replied.

“Nonsense! Are you blind? Isn’t that bastard currently standing in the pavilion? Why should he be able to?” Qin Lai practically yelled out those words. If it was not for the fact that they were currently on the territory of the Su Family, he would have barged in right away.

“I will resolve this myself. There’s no need for you to point your fingers.” The Su Family expert turned his body and his ice-cold gaze landed on Qin Yu. “Are you going to leave by yourself, or do I have to make you?”

“What did you say? Are you telling me to leave?” Qin Yu’s gaze was colder than the Su Family expert. Qin Yu actually dared to pit himself against a Transformation Realm expert, and he did not show any signs of leaving.

The audience was shocked. This person was too arrogant! This was a Transformation Realm expert, an existence of another level! No matter how strong you are, if you are not in the Transformation Realm, you would not be able to withstand a strike from a Transformation Realm!

“Are you deaf? Scram!” The Su Family expert yelled out, and the sound waves he emitted turned into a ferocious wave of energy that swarmed towards Qin Yu.

“No one is qualified to tell me to scram. Not you, not anyone else! Power like Rushing Thunder, die!” Qin Yu went into a frenzy. His palm struck forth, and it was accompanied by a loud bang from the skies above, like the clap of thunder.

“What? He actually dared to move against a Transformation Realm expert? Mad man!” The bystanders were shaken.

“Hmm? You…!” The Su Family expert did not expect Qin Yu to strike so suddenly. By the time he was able to react, the palm of Qin Yu was already right in front of him.

“You are looking for death!” The Su Family expert yelled out. He had no time to make an attack in response, and could only retreat. While retreating, he backed himself out of the pavilion. The end result was that the Su Family expert left the pavilion instead of Qin Yu.

The Su Family expert landed on the surface of the lake. He then propelled himself off the surface and charged towards the sky at an astonishing speed.

“Little rascal, if it is death you are looking for, I shall give it to you!”

While he was in mid-air, the Su Family expert sent his palm towards Qin Yu, and the air and space between the two were torn asunder. The attacks from a Transformation Realm cultivator was truly extraordinary.

“Wind, retreat!” Qin Yu moved like the wind, and his figure became blurry before completely disappearing.

Smash! The Su Family expert obliterated the afterimage of Qin Yu’s figure. His attack flew forward without stopping and destroyed a large part of the fencing around the pavilion.

“Little rascal, stay still if you have the guts!” The Su Family expert landed on the pavilion. He could feel his ears steaming as he looked at the destroyed fences. To make matters worse, Qin Yu stood behind the lady in white while smiling deviously at him.

He could not figure out how Qin Yu could be so fast.

“Old bugger, I advise you to leave this place obediently. If your young mistress is hurt during our fight, the fault will not be mine, but yours.” Qin Yu reminded the Su Family expert while smiling throughout.

“You…!” The Su Family expert was seething with anger. He could not act recklessly when Qin Yu stood right behind his young mistress. At this point in time, his young mistress was like Qin Yu's hostage.

“Little rascal, fight me if you have the guts. What’s the point of hiding behind a frail lady?”

Qin Yu’s devious smile remained on his face, “No need to resort to tricks like this. An old Transformation Realm expert like you wishes to fight an Immersion Realm junior like me. Is this your true capability?”

“You…!” The Su Family expert had no words to rebut. Qin Yu was right.

“Besides, you are still free to launch your attacks, I’m not stopping you.” Qin Yu continued on.

“You…You…” The Su Family expert was on the brink of turning insane from anger.

“Uncle Wen, you can leave.” The lady finally spoke. Her soft voice was like a spring breeze, soothing and calming.

The Su Family expert was called Su Wen. He was in charge of maintaining order at the pavilion, as well as protecting his young mistress' safety. However, due to Qin Yu's appearance, he had truly lost face today. [1. Editor note: “Face” is a chinese concept, and is similar to pride. You can read more about the nuances of “face” at]

“Young mistress, I am incapable.” Su Wen had no choice but to withhold his killing intent. He stared sharply at Qin Yu. He went against his young mistress' orders and did not retreat. If Qin Yu were to make any moves to harm the young lady, he would risk it all and kill Qin Yu on the spot.

“Sigh…” The young lady exhaled before turning around to face Qin Yu. Her watery eyes shone brightly above her veil.

“This young master, you said you wished to reply to my poem. Is this true?” The sweet voice of the young lady lifted the spirits of the people around her.

Qin Yu was unfazed and he nodded his head in response, “Of course.” Although he did not speak loudly, many people still heard him.

A few students and scholars murmured in response, “A rough uneducated man might be good with his fists in a fight. However, this is poetry, not killing and fighting. You have to rely on brains and not brawns. I’m convinced that he will not be able to come up with any good replies.”

“Hehe, no need for further discussions, brother. Wouldn't it be better when he comes up with a stupid response? We can spread the news and banter about it over our next meals.”

“Haha, indeed, brother Wen Yuan analyses things thoroughly. We shall wait for him to make a fool out of himself. It’ll certainly be very interesting.”


“Sigh, little sister, is Qin Yu the person you were constantly dreaming of?”

At this moment, Qing Yun had already returned to the table and was able to have a better view of Qin Yu's situation.

Qing Chen went to Qing Yun's side and whispered softly to her.

Qing Yun stared at the direction of Qin Yu. She could not be bothered to reply to her foolish brother.

“Errrr, about that, little sister, you have a pretty good eye. He's quite good looking, and he is pretty compatible with you. I’ll acknowledge this brother-in-law.” Seeing that Qing Yun was ignoring him, Qing Chen continued by himself.

Qing Yun could not endure him anymore. What brother-in-law? What nonsense is he spouting this time?

“Ge, can you shut up? Would you die if you keep quiet?”

“Of course I can’t shut up. We’ll bore ourselves to death if we kept quiet.” Qing Chen had no intention of shutting up. Instead, he was getting more excited, “I’ll tell you now. Let brother-in-law come down quickly. Poetry isn’t a thing for an uneducated man like him. That requires brain power. Y’know? If he were to spout nonsense, I would have no place to hide and would no longer be able to show my face.”

“What has any of this got to do with your face?” Qing Yun was confused.

“How is this not related to my face? He is my brother-in-law. If word gets out that the brother-in-law of the famous man with many talents, the one who knows everything from the stars and the moon to the ground beneath our feet, is an uneducated man, what face would I have left? Don’t you see? People are already mocking him.” He spoke plausibly.

Qing Yun covered her ears and pretended to hear nothing.

At this moment, Qin Yu began preparing his reply to the poem.

Qing Chen panicked, “We’re done for, we’re done for. Quick, stop him!”

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