Chapter 89: What I hate most is others being even more arrogant than me.

Chapter 89: What I hate most is others being even more arrogant than me.

Qing Yun tried to frantically retreat, but after Qin Zhao activated ‘Heaven Freezing Palm’, her speed suddenly became very slow. Under the skill’s effects, it seemed as if the whole world was frozen.

“No——!” Qing Yun was filled with dread as she felt the threat of death approach. She wasn’t afraid of death, but right now she didn’t want to die. She had just found Qin Yu again, so how could she die just like that?

However, Qin Zhao’s icy palm had already arrived right in front of her. She felt a cold stab of pain at her heart.

“Scram!” A shout suddenly rang in the air as the sound of thunder roared in the sky. The space around her that was freezing by the second broke down and her body which she had previously thought was frozen stiff abruptly relaxed. Her speed was fast as she swiftly moved herself away from the space.

Qin Zhao was blasted away by a palm strike and was forced to retreat a few meters before he was able to stabilize himself, standing on some of the leaves on the lake’s surface.

Across from him, a figure also landed firmly on the lake’s surface. It was Qin Yu.

Qin Yu and Qin Zhao. The two who should both be geniuses from the same family, were now facing each other as foes.

Their eyes were both cold with a tinge of red as their bodies emitted a murderous aura.

A cyan colored figure landed behind Qin Yu.

“Qin Yu, have you been alright?” Qing Yun spoke from beside him, her voice slightly choked with emotion.

Qin Yu didn’t turn his head and just nodded, “I’ve been fine.”

Qing Yun also knew that right now wasn’t the time to catch up and hastily warned him, “I don’t know what kind of cultivation he’s been doing, but that icy palm strike is very strong.”

“The Qin Family has a cultivation manual called Ice Soul Miracle. I didn’t think he would actually be able to cultivate it. It seems that he somehow got the attention of Qin Yuandao, that old codger.” Qin Yu explained calmly.

“So it’s like that.” Qing Yun suddenly realised and immediately got a bit worried: “You have to be careful.”

“I can handle him. You should move to the side.” Qin Yu’s tone was a bit commanding.

“Alright.” Qing Yuna also wasn’t wordy and immediately retreated back to the lake’s shore to avoid hindering Qin Yu from using all of his power. She knew about Qin Yu’s fighting strength. Although he currently only seemed to be at the middle stage of Immersion Realm, his fighting strength definitely wouldn’t lose to any peak level Immersion Realm cultivator.

“Splash, splash, splash……”

Qing Yun had just retreated when some of the guys who wanted to play ‘Hero saving the Princess’ dashed past her. Some of them dropped in the water and couldn’t participate in the battle, forced to swim back to shore.

There were four remaining. Adding on Qin Zhao, it was 5 people against Qin Yu.

“A group of trash. So many people against one person, yet you still didn’t manage to trap him. How laughable.” Qin Zhao glanced at the four, his voice disdainful. It was all thanks to that group of trash’s ‘good work’. If they hadn’t made a mistake and trapped Qin Yu, Qing Yun would’ve already died by his hand.

He knew clearly that such an opportunity to kill Qing Yun would only appear once and wouldn’t happen again the next time he faced off against Qing Yun. He only knew a bit about Ice Soul Miracle. Now that Qing Yun, who had the same level cultivation as him knew to guard against it, it would be impossible for such a situation to happen again unless she was a fool. Unfortunately, Qing Yun wasn’t a fool. So, he hated that group of trash.

“What did you say, you dare to call us trash? Who do you think you are, you’re courting death!” One of them beside him turned and shouted at him furiously.

“Die!” Qin Zhao clenched his teeth and shouted, his face ruthless as he sent a palm strike in the man’s direction.

“Bastard!” The other snarled, responding with a palm of his own.

A ‘bang!’ sounded as the two’s palms met. The other man’s hand was being corroded by the cold air, causing him to jump back instantly.

“Freezing Heavens, die!” Qin Zhao released yet another palm, freezing the air and causing the other’s speed to slow. His palm swiftly arrived to strike at the other’s chest.

A crisp ‘ka-cha’ sounded as his sternum cracked, a faint, white, icy frost creeping into his heart. He took his last breath, falling into the water. He soon floated back up again, reappearing as a corpse.

“He’s dead!” It wasn’t just the people standing on the lake whose faces changed- it was everyone. Qin Zhao actually dared to kill somebody here, under everyone’s eyes. It was overbearing, arrogant, and ruthless.

Qin Yu was also somewhat surprised. In his memories, Qin Zhao previously didn’t seem so overbearing and arrogant, but rather, actually somewhat cowardly. It was probably after getting the Qin Family’s old Grand Elder, that he had changed. His strength had risen, and so did his ego.

“You killed him?” The one who spoke this time was Zhu Yuanhong, the one who the others secretly regarded as the leader. After all, he had both the strength and family background.

Qin Zhao, an outsider, dared to act so unbridled right in front of him and even just now when Qin Zhao scolded them as trash, he seemed to be included in that ‘group of trash’.

“A piece of trash was killed, so what? What fuss is there to make?” Qin Zhao’s reply was cold.

“He’s simply too vicious. Young Master Zhu, let’s team up against him.” Somebody spoke furiously.

“Are the elites of Bao Ding City all such trash that like to bully others in numbers?” Qin Zhao smiled mockingly.

“This young master alone is enough to kill you. But before I kill you, you and him should first settle your grudges. We won’t interfere.” After saying that, a sinister smile appeared on Zhu Yuanhong’s face as he turned around to face the other two, “Let’s go.”

The figures flew out of the lake, leaving Qin Yu and Qin Zhao alone.

Zhu Yuanhong was very cunning. He originally only wanted to deal with Qin Yu, but since Qin Zhao couldn’t recognize his good intentions, both of them had become his targets.

However, neither of the two were weak. Don’t look at Qin Yu’s cultivation level- just now, he had broken through their encirclement alone and even forced a lot of people to fall into the lake just now. His fighting strength was no joke.

Qin Zhao also wasn’t weak. Nevermind his cultivation being at the apex of Immersion Realm, his Ice Soul Miracle technique was also extremely power. He absolutely could not be looked down upon.

Thus, it would be better to just let the two fight and act when they were both injured, reaping the rewards with half the effort.

“Qin Yu, I didn’t expect that you’ve actually been alive for the past year.” Qin Zhao stared at Qin Yu, his voice cold.

Qin Yu was startled, “What did you say? A year?”

He appeared to be very shocked. He had just realised that as he was asleep underground, a year had already passed. He knew that the price of overusing his soul would be great, but he didn’t expect to be this bad. It was fortunate that he refined the “Secrets to Eternal Life”. Otherwise, he might’ve never been able to wake up.

The length of a year was too long. It was no wonder that Qin Zhao was already at the apex of Immersion Realm. If their positions were switched and he had a one year advantage over Qin Zhao, he would probably even be at Transformation Realm. But now, he had no improvements in cultivation apart from in “Secrets to Eternal Life”. Naturally though, it wasn’t like he had made no improvements at all. Throughout the past year, he had been constantly absorbing spiritual qi and even the plants that grew around him were spirit herbs, plants with spiritual qi. This had great benefits for stabilizing his foundation base and refining his body.

Otherwise, the aura and booms from Rushing Thunder Palm wouldn’t have been so imposing and been able to directly break down Qin Zhao’s palm strike.

“What, you even forgot what day it is? Then remember this day well. Next year at this day, will be your death anniversary.” A vicious light appeared in Qin Zhao’s eyes. Icy air whistled around his hand, warping the space around it.

Qin Yu stared at his hand, his lips rising into a sneer, “It seems like just because you learned a new move or two, you think you’re the strongest under the heavens and you have the capital to be arrogant. Therefore, you too should remember this date well. It’ll be the anniversary of your death, not mine. Bone eroding evil winds!”

A cloud of black fog appeared as the aura of death surged out. Life died everywhere it touched, causing everyone’s faces to change once again in fear of the demonic yin qi.

“You talentless thing, freeze for me!” Qin Zhao shouted, striking out with his palm again. Cold qi surged from his hands, facing against the demonic yin qi.


The sound of things freezing echoed as the space froze, slowing down Qin Yu’s release of the demonic yin qi. So long as the space was frozen, he would be bogged down.

“Hehe, now you can die.” Qin Zhao had a sinister smile on his face as his figure suddenly flew up into the sky before diving down, aiming at Qin Yu’s head. He roared, “Icy Soul Godly Fist!”

The enlarged fist carried a ruthless icy qi around it, causing ice crystals to form in the air around it. It rushed down at the top of Qin Yu’s head, bent on destroying Qin Yu. It caused even the space to distort around it.

Qin Yu shouted, his murderous intent overflowing. Qin Zhao’s fierce assualt not only didn’t scare him, but actually even aroused his fighting spirit and hot blood that’s been lying dormant in his body for over a year.

“Waves of Blood Overflowing Heavens!”

Waves of blood soared at the sky, booming as it surged up, filling the sky with razor sharp sword qi, fighting against the freezing air. Then area constantly echoed with ‘ka-cha’ sounds.

“Break for me!” Qin Zhao gave a shout as his enlarged fist rushed down, smashing against the tidal wave of blood. The wave of blood red sword qi began to freeze and dry up, before finally crumbling apart.

“How strong ah.” Countless people’s hearts shook upon seeing Qin Zhao’s might. Nobody expected him to be so strong.

Qin Yu already dodged the blow. He fully utilized the spiritual nature of wind as his figure turned into a ray of light dashing through the air. Qin Zhao’s fist swiftly arrived at the place he was just at, smashing down at the ground fiercely. His strike caused the lake’s water to splash up and immediately, the droplets of water turned into crystals of ice, landing on the lake’s surface.

“Your power isn’t bad. Take my fist- Mountain Smashing Fist!” This time, it was Qin Yu in the air, striking forward.

This Mountain Smashing Fist really did have the power to break apart a mountain, leaving it in crumbles. Although Qin Yu’s current strength could not achieve that level of power, the force behind it was still powerful enough to make one’s face pale in fear.

The fist was like a mountain, booming down oppressively. Qin Zhao felt the sky darken and raised his head only to become frightened stiff. The enlarged fist was just like a small mountain as it crashed down. The attack hadn’t even reached him yet, but the wind it caused and its oppressing aura already made him feel stifled.

“Icy Soul Godly Fist.” A roar broke out from Qin Zhao as he striked forth again. This time, he was at the bottom. His fist soared up, directly meeting the small mountain above it.

“Rumble, rumble!”

The booms of thunder echoed as they rolled through the sky. The earth trembled and the lake’s water shook, causing even the Flower Building nearby to sway and quite a few cowardly people to lose their heads from fear.

“Both of them are strong!”

When Zhu Yuanhong’s men saw the scene just now, a burst of fear appeared in their hearts.

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