Chapter 88: Battle to Protect the Flower Envoy.

Chapter 88: Battle to Protect the Flower Envoy.

“The moon turned round the vermilion penthouse,

Casting its beams down through the lattice windows

And shining on the sleepless.

It need not evoke sadness, you know,

But why is it always so bright when the loved one's away?

We all have joys and sorrows, partings and reunions.

The moon, it's phases of resplendence,

Waxings and wanings—……. Waxings and wanings…….” [1. Translation taken from Xu Yuanchong here: ← absolutely amazing translation and it’s a really deep poem so if you’re interested in this kind of stuff, totally check it out. It’s pretty amazing how translations work since I went through 8-9 different translations which all had their own unique interpretations of the poem before sticking with this one. It’s really cool.]

A tender, moving voice still echoed in the air, causing everyone to fall infatuated as if they were drunken with the sound of her voice. The singing voice was simply too pleasant and together with the exquisite lyrics, it sounded like the voice of angels- it was simply too difficult not to become obsessed with the sound.

But amongst the crowd, there was actually somebody who was not infatuated, but shocked. Waves of disbelief rolled in Qin Yu’s heart as he stared up high at the white clothed girl singing in the pavillion. His body trembled, perhaps out of shock, or maybe it was excitement.

This song shouldn’t exist in this world and actually came from another world. The former Qin Yu had gone to another world and achieved glory as an Emperor gone down in the legends. And the one who had come with him, was her. Her last name was Su and liked to wear white.

Could it really be her? Could she have really come to the desolate little nation of Qiongxi Country?

However, her voice was different. Although beautiful, this wasn’t her voice. So, who was she?

Qin Yu didn’t care about the other intoxicated people and slowly walked forward. He had to know who the woman singing was. How did she know these lyrics?

Yet just at that moment, the woman stopped singing. Qin Yu footsteps paused as he turned to look up at the Flower Pavillion. He wanted to see what she would do next.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, my [2. Humble way to refer to oneself] lyrics are still not complete. I am missing the final two verses. If any intelligent, young talents may complete this song, I will definitely thank you heavily.”

The maiden’s beautiful voice echoed, causing the intoxicated crowd to suddenly sober up. The scholars sighed at the exquisite verses and began to whisper to each other.

“Such elegant verses…… Brother Li, do you think you can figure out the remaining two verses?”

“Ss [3. SFX for breathing air in through gritted teeth, indicating hesitation], that’s hard ah. Such lyrics could only be from the heavens. I really admire Miss Su’s beautiful, striking singing.”

“Right, right. The lyrics are already so exquisite, if she finds the rest of the verses, the result would truly be amazing.”


The scholars whispered, bitterly wishing they knew the final verses. Meanwhile, all of the cultivators could only watch helplessly scratching their heads, not understanding anything.

Fighting was their speciality and song lyrics wasn’t exactly their strong point. People who had talent in both martial arts and literature were hard to find.

“Oy, I’m talking to you bitter scholars. You guys are always using all kinds of high and mighty, fancy words, how come now you can’t even release a damn fart?”

One of the cultivators couldn’t stand it and let out a crude shout, interrupting some of the gifted scholars’ thinking. Countless loathing glares immediately turned on him.

“Humpth, what do you boorish, ignorant fellows know? If you think that poetic song verses are so easy to figure out, then why don’t you try?”

“Sigh, brother, don’t bother lowering yourself to argue with those cultivators. They only know how to fight and kill with strong limbs and underdeveloped minds. Lowering yourself to talk to them is just dragging down your IQ.”

“What are you saying, you sour little bullsh*tting scholars! Always slandering us cultivators, you’re courting death!” Countless cultivators shot up furiously.

“Everyone, sit down.” An imposing voice boomed as an oppressing force pushed down on the standing cultivators. It was the Su Family’s middle aged Transformation Realm master. He looked at them all coldly, his voice threatening: “Today, we are only asking for song lyrics and the use of force is not allowed. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

Under the oppression of a Transformation Realm master, the young cultivators didn’t dare to be rash and could only sit back then unwillingly.

The scholars were happy upon seeing the normally arrogant cultivators eat a loss, casting them a provoking glance every so often. It’s always been you guys being so arrogant, now it’s Laozi’s turn.

The cultivators watched the scholars who they normally wouldn’t even bother looking at provoking them and could only stand there with a belly of unreleased frustration. They couldn’t do anything and song lyrics were not their strong suit.

The scholars continued to rack their brains, pondering. A few finally said a few verses, but none of them got approval.

“Brother, aren’t you extremely talented? Why aren’t you saying anything?” The Qing Family’s brother-sister pair was here. Qing Yun saw her normally always boasting third brother Qing Chen silent and couldn’t help but poke fun at him, a strange smile on her face: “Brother~ you have to work hard. If you manage to figure out the lyrics, maybe that Miss Su might even devote her life to you.”

She had to take the chance to beat this guy down a little so later, he would stop bragging everywhere and pissing others off.

“Hush! Don’t fight, don’t fight, it’ll be over quickly.” Qing Chen’s face was serious as he made a ‘shh!’ gesture before continuing to ponder solemnly.

Qing Yun was a bit surprised. It was rare to see him act so serious.

“Ha, got it!”

Everyone was currently immersed deep in shock. Qing Chen shouted loudly, unable to take it anymore as he hit the table with a bang.

Everyone stared at him. Did he figure out the verses?

Qing Chen ignored everyone’s stares and walked up to the edge of the Blossom Building. He waved his hand and unfolded his fan, facing the Flower Pavillion with a confident appearance. A big bad wolf smile was on his face as he shook his head and began to sing.

“The moon waxes, the moon wanes. And so does the joys and sorrows of man.

The affairs of life are ever difficult; all that I wish, is to share together a pillow for a millenium.”

Everyone fell silent, reflecting on his words. After, somebody immediately jumped up, “Brother Qing Chen really is an outstanding talent! His lyrics were elegantly done with a deep and profound concept. You truly have my admiration.”

“Right ah, Brother Qing Chen is amazing. How didn’t I think of that?”

The smile on Qing Chen’s fair face grew more and more piglike as he listened to the praise. Qing Yun’s mouth twitched. She didn’t think that her third brother would really have such ability.

“Miss Su, how are the verses? Now, you can open up your veil and reveal your beautiful face to us all, right?” Some people blurted out excitedly. This was the moment everybody was waiting for.

Inside the Flower Pavillion, the white clothed maiden slowly raised her head and stared in Qing Chen’s direction.

Qing Chen saw the lady staring at him and his heart beat excitedly. He hurriedly tidied his hair and flapped his folding fan. He stood straight, trying to showcase his dignified and graceful bearing as much as possible.

“This Sire’s lyrics are a bit better than the others, but is still lacking in concept and elegance, but too heavy in vulgarity.”

F*ck, share a pillow together, sleep with you your head! Who wants to sleep with you.

“Huh.” Qing Chen’s pig like smile was stiff, a hint of disbelief in his heart. He even wondered if this Su Miss didn’t want to honor her promise and just wanted to make things difficult. But naturally, he didn’t dare to reveal it on the surface and could only plaster on a refined smile: “Miss Su, this one [2. Humble way to refer to oneself] does not believe there are better, more refined verses in this world. If there are, then I beseech Miss for her teachings.”

His words were a bit taunting.

The lady frowned, her veil moving slightly as if she wanted to say something but finally chose not to.

Seeing that she had nothing to say, somebody immediately heckled, “Since Miss Su cannot say anything better, then let us honor our promises. We’ve already been waiting for a long time. Could it be that Miss Su never intended to honor her promises and just wanted to tease us?”

The person who had just spoke was truly bold, but when everyone saw who had spoken, they all understood. Bao Ding City’s number one family, the Zhu Family’s Second Sire, Zhu Yuanhong, one of the three proud Zhu Family sons. Even if it was the Su Family, they still had to give him some face.

“Everyone, let us not be impatient. My dear friend’s words just now, was that true?” Below the flower pavillion at the lake shore, a voice rang out, breaking off the clamour.

Everyone immediately looked in the direction of the voice in haste, especially Qing Chen who couldn’t help blurting out loudly: “Could it be that you can bring out better lines than mine?”

“Of course.” The other responded loftily and leaped up. A figure appeared at the flower pavillion in the middle of the lake.

“How brazen.” The Su Family’s Transformation Realm master suddenly shouted and was about to act when somebody already beat him to the punch. [1. No pun intended XD]

“How dare you be so rude to Miss Su, scram!” Zhu Yuanhong shot out, sending out a fierce palm strike at the figure.

After Zhu Yuanhong attacked, some other young cultivators immediately followed, pouncing at the figure one after another as they shouted some slogans about saving Miss Su.

Earlier, they couldn’t do anything as cultivators and could only stand there sullenly. Now that they could fully display their strength and show off in front of a beautiful lady, there was no way they would let the chance go.

“Scram!” The shadow wasn’t anybody else, it was Qin Yu. He wanted to forcefully enter the Flower Pavillion to see the white clothed maiden’s real face and confirm if it was really somebody familiar from his past life. He didn’t think that it’d cause so many youths want to play ‘hero saving the princess’.

Qin Yu naturally wouldn’t be polite towards these fake heros and simply thrust his palm forward, using Rushing Thunder Palm. The sounds of thunder roared, causing the lake’s surface to ripple.

“Qin Yu.” Qing Yun suddenly stood up in realization, her eyes sharp as she stared at the dark figure. It really was Qin Yu. Right now, her heart was almost jumping out of her chest.

He really was still alive. A year’s worth of desperate searching, a year’s worth of hope, had now turned into crystalline tears sliding from her eyes.

At the same time on the other side, Qin Zhao shot up with a bang. He naturally recognized Qin Yu as crazed killing intent filling his eyes.

Qin Zhao was now at the apex of Immersion Realm and Qin Yu was currently only at the middle. If he didn’t attack now, it would be a waste.

“Qin Yu, die!” Qin Zhao roared as his body flickered, charging at Qin Yu with a roar.

“How unfair. If you have the ability, then halt!” Qing Yun shouted and attacked. A cyan-blue figure flew across the sky, her palm strike flying at Qin Zhao fiercely.

Qing Chen saw Qing Yun rushing forward and hastily stomped his foot.

“Aiya, my younger sister, what are you rushing there for? You should be coming to protect your older brother ah, all this fighting and killing is simply too scary.”

Qing Chen’s shout immediately attracted some of the surrounding people’s glares of disdain, especially the cultivators who directly shot back: “Scholars really do deserve to be called useless.” Now, it was their turn to sneer at those snobby scholars.

“Qing Yun, so it was actually you, slut. Even if you dress up as a man, Laozi will still be able to recognize you. Today we can finally settle our old debts. That day when you made me lose face at Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, this young master will return with both capital and interest.” Qin Zhao gave up on Qin Yu and directly turned back to charge berserkly at Qing Yun.

“Humpth, you’ve already lost to me once. This Miss will let you remember how it feels to get your face slapped [1. Face slapping here isn’t literal, it’s more a slapping of pride.] once again.” Qing Yun shouted back. Palm met palm. In front of her, a blast of icy wind surrounded his palm, booming loudly.

“Is that so?” Qin Zhao sneered, “Then just you wait. Cold Ardent Palm, give me ice!”

Qing Yun was startled. The frigid air blasted directly in her face. The air around her froze and ice crystals had even began to form in the air around his palm.

“What happened?” Qing Yun cried, retreating.

“You’re running away? Heheheh…… slut, today will be your death. Frozen Heavens!”

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