Chapter 86 Joint-assassination

Chapter 86 Joint-assassination

Qin Yu walked out of the bathhouse casually, and no one stopped him. From the shadows, a pair of eyes locked on to him. Even when his figure blended into the crowd on the streets, the pair of eyes was still glued to him.

Qin Yu walked casually among the crowd as he looked for an inn to have a proper meal and a good night's rest before he returned to Luosang City tomorrow.

He was worried about his parents after not seeing them for so long.

In the killing array, Mu Rongyue once told him that his parents were being locked up in the Qin family’s jail, and he wondered how they were coping. It was about time to settle some old debts with the Qin family.

The streets of Bao Ding City were even more crowded than usual. Not only did the crowd show no signs of slowing in the evening, but there were also more and more young people on the streets. There was a festival today, and there were youths were busy, lighting lanterns, reciting poetry, playing games, and exchanging contacts. Perhaps, some of these youngsters would find the person of their dreams tonight.

Hence, on this day, the boys were boldly staring at the pretty ladies, while the ladies were admiring at the handsome boys.

A particularly pretty lady in green stood in the crowd, and her outstanding figure attracted the gazes of numerous young boys. However, the woman was as cold as ice, and this caused people to only stare at her from afar, as they did not dare to approach her.

Beside the pretty figure stood a pale-faced teenager. He looked studious in his white garb, and he held onto a paper fan.

Although he looked decent, his behavior and perverse expression betrayed his identity as a lewd pervert. His eyes constantly darted around as they devoured the sight of the bosoms and butts of the girls around him. He even loudly exclaimed while salivating from the side of his mouth: "I've long heard that Bao Ding City was filled with pretty girls. It seems like the rumor was true after all. This is the best!"

The young males who were standing around saw the expressions of the pale-faced teen, and they all felt a surging impulse to give him a tight slap. He had an exquisitely beautiful lady, a masterpiece beside him, and yet he still had the audacity to look at other pretty girls. He was simply insatiable.

However, they soon discovered the reason for the pale-faced teen's behavior. It turns out, the pair were actually siblings.

“San Ge, can you behave yourself? We are not here to look at pretty girls.” The pretty figure in green chided her brother.

“Hehehe…” The teenager laughed dryly, “Little sis, since we are already here in Bao Ding City, we shouldn’t miss out on looking at these pretty girls. Otherwise, I will be losing out big time. Sigh, you should look at the boys around here too. Maybe if there was one to your liking, you could finally be married off! Then, you wouldn’t be able to nag at me all day long anymore. Hehehehe…”

“Scram!” The girl yelled angrily.

“Qing Yun, I am your brother. How could you speak to your brother like this? As the saying goes: A youth, when at home, should be filial, and when abroad, respectful to his elders. Meaning to say you have to respect your parents and love your siblings. You should respect me, your brother… Eh, I’m not done, where are you going? Eh, eh! Little sister, don’t run off so quickly without me. Wait for me! You said you’ll protect me!” The teen yelled out as he chased the figure of the pretty girl.

The figure in green was Qing Yun, and the teen by her side was her brother, Qing Chen, a scholar who was not good at martial arts and who was only interested in the wisdom of the sages.

Right before the moment when Qing Yun ran off, she saw a familiar, unforgettable figure in the bustling crowd. His bloodied figure haunted her dreams, and she had already lost count of the number of times she called out his name 一 Qin Yu.

She had traveled to Luosang City numerous times in person to find news about him. However, there was no news and as time went on, the name of Qin Yu slowly faded from the memories of the people in Luosang City and from the Qin family. Whenever this name was spoken, they would only remember that he was once the generation-defining genius of the Qin family. However, it was a pity that he met an early death.

A year had already gone by, and those that survived the killing array had already returned. Those that didn't probably perished together with the array.

However, Qing Yun still firmly believed that Qin Yu was still alive.

When she saw the figure in the crowd, she rushed over in a flash and chased after the figure. However, with the sun slowly setting, it was extremely hard to find a person in the crowd. The figure was just like a shooting star flashing across the sky, appearing briefly before vanishing. Once you missed it, there was no longer any trace of it remaining.

Qing Yun stood in the crowd, scanning left and right but to no avail. That man was nowhere to be found.

“Did I see wrongly?” Qing Yun murmured.

Qing Chen panted loudly as he tried to catch his breath, having finally caught up with his sister. "Qing Yun, my dearest little sister... did you just abandon your own brother? You are so ruthless!"

Qing Yun glanced over and shot her brother a look of helplessness: “Aren’t you still alive and kicking?”

“Of course I am! What, do you want something bad to happen to me?” Qing Chen protested loudly with dissatisfaction.

“If there’s nothing wrong, that’s good. Let’s leave.” Qing Yun could not be bothered to speak further with her long-winded brother and walked off immediately.

“Where are we off to?” Qing Chen hurriedly chased after her.

“It’s late, let’s find an inn to rest for the night. I really don’t understand why Father sent you along with me this time.” Qing Yun murmured in protest.

“Ohhhhh, right right right, we should find an inn to rest for the night. It’ll be best if there’s a brothel or something beside the inn.” Qing Chen yelled out.

“SCRAM!” Qing Yun was infuriated.

“Hehe, Sister, you don’t have to be angry. I’m just kidding with you.” Qing Chen’s puppy face appeared in front of her. “Oh yeah, little sister, who did you see just now? You chased after the person so urgently... did you manage to catch up with him or her?”

“Nope.” Qing Yun really wished that she could just ignore her brother.

“Ah, so regretful. I was guessing you were chasing after a man. It has to be a man you liked. Am I right? Hehehe….” Qing Chen laughed lewdly as he teased Qing Yun.

“San Ge, can you stop blabbering? When have you ever seen me fall in love with a man? A man that can make me like him probably haven’t even been born yet!” If not for the fact that this was her blood brother, she would have already given him two harsh slaps.

“Hehehehe….” Qing Chen’s laughter was lewder than before, “Little sister, you can deceive the world but you will never deceive me. When you dream, you always call out for a man. His name was... Qin Yu. Am I right? Hahaha!"

Qing Yun stopped in her tracks and stared hard at the laughing Qing Chen, “How do you know what I said in my sleep?”

“Cough cough. Do you have any idea who your San Ge is? I know everything! From the stars and the sun to the land below our feet. Do you think I would not be able to see through your petty little tricks?” Qing Chen continued blowing his own trumpet.

“Hmmph, stop lying. I will not believe your nonsense!” Qing Yun replied, “It must be Chun Hong that damn lass. She must’ve been tricked by your nonsense and revealed it to you. When I go back, I am going to tear her and her foul mouth apart!”

Qing Yun stormed off towards an inn located right in front of them. She could not stand Qing Chen’s nonsense anymore. Coincidentally, this was the inn that Qin Yu stayed in. However, Qin Yu was staying in the normal guest room while Qing Yun would stay in the VIP room above.

At night, Bao Ding City was extremely lively with colourful lanterns hung in front of every house. The street was lit up in a myriad of colors.

Qin Yu was attracted by the buzzing atmosphere, and he walked out of the inn and into the crowd to admire the colorful and pretty lanterns. Naturally, there were many young and pretty girls walking about.

While Qin Yu walked the streets, a commotion suddenly happened. Girls that were previously admiring the lanterns released shrill screams of horror as they ran away. Soon, an empty space was created in the middle of the street.

A bulky man chased after a small kid. The kid wore tattered clothes, and clung pitifully onto a few buns. Even while he was being chased, he held tightly onto the buns, as if they were his only lifeline.

“Damn kid! How dare you steal my buns. I’ll whip you till you die!” The bulky man held onto a bamboo stick and chased after the kid while swinging a bamboo stick around. Swoosh! The bamboo stick sliced through the air.

The child dodged while crying loudly. Curiously, while the bamboo stick looked scary, it barely landed on the child.

Since Qin Yu did not flee like the others, he was the only person left in the path of the two.

“Help! He’s going to kill me, help!” The child dodged left and right clumsily while crying out loudly for the people around to help him.

There were people in the crowd who could not watch the poor kid get chased, and tried to intervene. However, after a few of these people were knocked down by the furious man chasing the kid, no one dared to stand out and intervene anymore.

Seeing that no one stood up to help him, he could only depend on the only person standing in front of him. Qin Yu seemed like his only savior. He yelled out “Da Ge, save me, save me please!”

While the child was running towards Qin Yu, he slipped and fell, falling face first onto the ground, right before Qin Yu's feet. The buns in his hand spilled all over the floor.

“Lad, how dare you stick your nose into my business. Die!” The bulky man ran over and the bamboo stick in his hands sliced through the air and struck viciously towards Qin Yu’s neck.

This was too strong for a normal person. He must be a cultivator!

Qin Yu’s face sunk, and his killing intent billowed out. He planned to take one step back before retaliating. However, just as he was about to shift his feet, his legs was held down tightly and a cold wind came blowing from below.

The sudden change brought forth another round of screams. The bulky man and the child were in cahoots. Their aim was to kill Qin Yu.

Qin Yu was angered, “Both of you are looking for death, DIE!”

Blood red light bloomed, and the bamboo stick was blown to smithereens. shocking the bulky man into a forced retreat. The child on the ground took advantage of this opportunity and stabbed his knife viciously into Qin Yu's stomach.

“Go and die, hahaha!” Crazed laughter echoed in the street. The deep and manly laughter did not belong to a child and was instead the voice of an adult.

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