Chapter 85 Dead Assassin In The Lovers’ Pool

Chapter 85 Dead Assassin In The Lovers’ Pool

Qin Yu stood in the water, motionless and dumbfounded, as he stared hard at the pale woman as she walked closer towards him.

Xiao Mei was pleased with Qin Yu’s reaction. She was proud of her assets, and no man had ever rejected the temptation of her body.

“Sir, at this moment, I belong to you.” Xiao Mei inched closer to Qin Yu, her eyes glimmering with a seductive gaze. She had trained in the Art of Seduction and was currently exuding an enticing charm.

Gulp! Qin Yu could only swallow his large pool of saliva as he stood quietly in a befuddled state.

Xiao Mei was extremely pleased as she observed Qin Yu's current state. She reached her slender hand out toward Qin Yu's neck as she inched closer to his body. Her other hand then reached towards his sturdy chest.

Sir, I heard that men all have black hearts. They easily forget their old lovers when they have a new love. After abandoning a girl, they would move on and hurt the next girl. I wonder... is your heart red or black? I really want to see. Her sharp nails were akin to a dagger, and she pierced them into Qin Yu's chest, towards his heart. Crimson blood flowed down her nails, dripping into the water. As the blood dispersed into the water, it looked as if a bright red rose was blooming.“

Suddenly, the blossoming blood rose exploded, dissolving into a large pool of blood. The water around the woman's stomach was rapidly dyed red.

Xiao Mei stopped what she was doing, and gradually lowered her head to look at her own stomach. What she saw was a saber that pierced through her snow white skin into her stomach. Shock, fear, and then pain flashed across her face. She slowly raised her pale face, and her soulless eyes met Qin Yu's cold gaze. "You did not fall under the effect of my seduction."

Qin Yu sneered, “A person that could seduce me hasn’t been born into this world yet.”

“Keke.” Xiao Mei laughed softly and weirdly. Her eyes that were previously filled with a seductive gaze turned into one with pain and resentment. “Sir, you are so ruthless. Even hurting a weak woman like me.”

“Haha.” Qin Yu laughed along, “In my eyes, there are only people who should die and those who shouldn’t. I don’t differentiate between males and females. Clearly, you belong to the group of people who should die. I will never be merciful towards people who want me dead.” Qin Yu’s voice turned cold as he spoke.

“Go peacefully. Maybe this is the best ending for you. Remember, if there is an afterlife, don’t partake again in a meaningless career like being an assassin. Especially an assassin that requires you to sell your own body.”

“Oh, that’s right. Just to make it clear, I’m not interested in a woman that had been touched by others. Someone like you, who betrays her own body on a whim, and who has been touched by countless of people, could never seduce me.”

Qin Yu spewed out emotionlessly before withdrawing the Blood Saber from her body and disappearing without a trace.”

“So this is where your saber came from.” Xiao Mei looked down at the space ring on his finger. She regretted her lack of attention to details like this. Who knew that Qin Yu had a weapon stashed away in the ring even while he was naked in the pool.

Actually, she could not avoid her fate even if she did notice the ring on his finger. If Qin Yu wanted to kill her, he could have done so even without a weapon.

Her fate was sealed the moment she wanted to assassinate Qin Yu.

Qin Yu stashed his saber away and walked out of the pool. The small wound from Xiao Mei’s fingernails recovered quickly. Recovering from an injury of this magnitude was no matter for him, who was aided by the Refined Qi from the Secrets of Eternal Life.

The water in the pool was turning dark red. With Xiao Mei's injury being soaked in the pool water, the rate at which she lost her blood was getting quicker and quicker.

Xiao Mei raised her head and gazed at Qin Yu, who had already walked far far away. She cried weakly, “S-save me. Please. I don’t want to die.” She was struggling to stand on her feet, and she was gradually collapsing and sinking into the bottom of the pool.

“Which normal person would want to die.” Qin Yu answered coldly while putting on his clothes. “Before ending the life of others, do you assassins stop to think if they wanted to die? Have you ever had a shred of mercy, and spared their lives when they begged you for it?”

“I…” Xiao Mei stood there, gasping with her last breath, “I had no choice… Because… I am an assassin.

“Just because you’re an assassin, that gives you the right to kill others?” Qin Yu derided her, “Lao Zi hate assassins the most. Killing you guys is like stopping a murder weapon. I am benefitting the world.”

Qin Yu once had a close friend. Unfortunately, an assassin wiped out his friend's family of 17 people, including two children and a pregnant lady. Ever since then, he hated assassins.

While they were talking, Qin Yu was also busy dressing himself. He wore the clothes that the staff of the bathhouse had purchased for him earlier. The black clothes exuded a grim and callous feel, and fit Qin Yu really well.

Fresh out of the showers, Qin Yu showed no signs of the filthy savage that he looked like before. All that remained was a handsome looking young man.

“I’ll be on my way now. Thanks for the hospitality. Remember my words, don’t be an assassin in the afterlife. Especially one that requires you to give up on your own body.”

In a flash, he was gone from sight, leaving only the woman in the lovers’ pool.

Right outside, in a concealed area, someone was observing the bathhouse.

When the person saw Qin Yu walk out alive, he was shocked. “What happened? Why is this fellow still alive? Did the task fail?”

“How could it fail? Xiao Mei was inside. Dealing with a young punk like him is definitely an easy feat for her.” The person was murmuring to himself before he thought of something and suddenly shuddered. “That’s right. Why didn’t Xiao Mei come out? I need to take a look!”

The person rushed into the room frantically before seeing the frightening scene.

The water in the lovers’ pool had already turned blood red, and the corpse of a slender woman floated on it.

“Dead?” The guy shuddered and fear gripped on to him. In the very next moment, he disappeared from the room.

In the VIP Room, Gao Qiu and Liu Yuru were sipping on tea, waiting patiently for further news.

Liu Yuru was feeling more and more anxious as time slowly ticked by. Her eyelids twitched rapidly, as if they sensed that something was going wrong. She couldn’t bear the uncertainty any longer, so she asked: “Boss Gao, are you sure the people you sent can kill that jerk?”

If news of her cheating on her husband with her brother-in-law, and then letting his brother-in-law get murdered by another person was to leak out... the consequences would certainly be dire.

Ever since Qin Yu found out about her adultery with Zhu Yuanqing, Liu Yuru had the intention to kill Qin Yu. The witness must die! Of course, Zhu Yuanqing had to die too. Only with both of them dead could she rest easy.

Sadly, she had limited power and could not kill off Qin Yu. However, she did have her own advantages. She could let others deal the killing blow, like someone from the Zhu Family. The death of Zhu Yuanqing by Qin Yu’s hands placed Qin Yu on the opposite side of the Zhu Family. Using their connections and power, it would be easy to kill Qin Yu.

But she didn’t dare to alarm the Zhu family out of fear of Qin Yu spurting out the truth. Things would definitely be messy in that instance. Therefore, she spared no efforts in hiring Gao Qiu instead.

Gao Qiu saw through the anxiety on Liu Yuru’s face. He displayed a confident smile and told her: “Relax, it hasn’t even been half an hour. The killer I sent has never failed against male targets.”

“You sent a female assassin?” Liu Yuru suddenly let out a shrill scream uncontrollably.

Shocked, Gao Qiu looked curiously at Liu Yuru, “Yeah, it’s a woman. Sending a woman to deal with men is the…”

“Fool!” Liu Yuru stood up angrily, interrupting Gao Qiu. “Sending a female assassin to deal with this person is fated to fail.”

“Impossible.” Gao Qiu was firm on his thoughts, and he trusted the capabilities of the one he sent.

“Do you think the woman you sent out was prettier or had a better figure than me?” Liu Yuru stood tall, displaying her proud figure that could not be hidden by her clothes.

Gao Qiu stared at her busty figure, before shaking his head: “Her figure is naturally worse than yours.”

“That jerk didn’t even do a double take after seeing me. Do you think he will be interested in the person you sent?” A hint of ridicule could be heard in Liu Yuru’s voice.

“Err…” Gao Qiu choked for a moment, before saying: “It is too late to say this now. Let’s just wait for the news.”

At this moment, a knock on the door interrupted their conversation.

Knock knock knock.

Hearing the knock of the door, Gao Qiu stood up quickly with a smirk. “Not even half an hour and the result is here. Come in.”

Creak. The door swung open, and a man quickly walked in.

“Speak quickly. Was the assassination successful?” Gao Qiu ran forward to the person and asked urgently.

The person’s deep sad voice came through, “Boss, the task failed. Xiao Mei is dead.”

“What?” Gao Qiu took a step back, stunned at the piece of news. “How is this possible?”

“Hmph, nothing is impossible. I already told you, using a female to deal with him is useless.” Liu Yuru’s face sunk, “Boss Gao, I suggest you send out your best assassins to kill him as soon as possible. You cannot let him escape alive. If others were to know that someone killed your staff in your own territory and even managed to escape alive, I doubt you’ll have any more face to stand tall within Bao Ding City.”

“Do I need you to tell me something so obvious?” Gao Qiu was fuming, “Pass down my order, let Du Lang handle this.”

“Yes sir.” The person that came in before answered loudly.

“Du Lang?” Liu Yuru was shocked at the fact that Gao Qiu would send the notorious Du Lang out.

Du Lang was a well-known assassin. Even in the entire Qiong Xi Country, he also had a certain reputation.

“Are you satisfied now?” Gao Qiu asked coldly.

“Keke…” In the blink of an eye, Liu Yuru put on a flirtatious look, and let out a cute laugh. “Boss Gao. You should’ve just activated Du Lang earlier. Don’t worry. I will not mistreat you.”

“If so, isn’t it time for you to uphold your end of the bargain?” Gao Qiu rushed forward and hugged Liu Yuru’s tender body.

“Boss Gao, why are you so impatient?” Liu Yuru laughed.

“I don’t want to wait anymore.” Gao Qiu pushed Liu Yuru down. After losing one assassin, he had to receive some compensation.

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