Chapter 84: Seductive Killer

Chapter 84: Seductive Killer

Qin Yu’s face suddenly turned icy, a cold air emanating from his body.

“You wish to kill me?”

Every word he spoke was like an icy arrow piercing the woman’s heart. The woman felt her heart freeze as if it was about to stop beating and couldn’t help but take a few steps back fearfully.

The woman could sense Qin Yu’s cultivation was higher than her’s, but it didn’t seem too much higher. However, his imposing aura was astonishingly strong.

“i-I’m going.” The woman didn’t dare to face Qin Yu again and just left hurriedly.

The moment she exited the room, she halted and glanced at the shut door, cold killing intent filling her eyes. She thought sinisterly, “You disgusting, shameful thing, you think you can be so arrogant in front of this great aunt [1. Arrogant way to refer to oneself. Not literally.] just because you’re a bit stronger than me? Do you know who I am? One sentence from me is enough to let you die ten thousand times. Of course, not that you can die ten thousand times, just dying once is sufficient. Just you wait.” After speaking, the woman turned around, leaving with long strides and strong killing intent.


In the back garden of the bath house was a tall, imposing looking manor where the boss of the bath house lived.

The boss’s name was Gao Qiu [2. Literally means high hatred lmao.], and he was a fifty year old bearded man.

Today, Gao Qiu’s mood was pretty good since it was the end of the month and he had earned a lot. Naturally, it wasn’t money he paid about, but the box full of brightly shining spirit stones.

“Boss, I’ve organized all the accounts in the ledger. Do you want to take a look?” Inside the accounting room, the book keeper was respectfully offering the ledger to Gao Qiu.

Gao Qiu smiled and waved his hand, “No need, I trust you.”

“Boss, thank you for your trust.” The bookkeeper said happily.

“Haha, continue to work well and I won’t treat you badly.” Gao Qiu had a big smile as he patted the book keeper’s back.

The book keeper was just about to thank him again when some knocks echoed on the door.

“Who is it?” The two both turned to the door and asked vigilantly. The accounting office had a lot of sensitive info and not everyone could enter, especially as today was the payday.

“It’s me, Xiao Mei.” Outside, a woman’s voice rang out.

Hearing her reply, the two calmed down and the bookkeeper stepped forward to open the door.

“Xiao Mei, what’s the matter?” The bookkeeper’s face had a few traces of annoyance. She wasn’t supposed to be at the accounting office at this time.

“Sir, this is the spirit stone we’ve just received as payment. Xiao Mei doesn’t dare to carry it on me so I came to put it into storage.” Xiao Mei presented the spirit stone to the bookkeeper as she spoke.

Because of Gao Qiu’s order, money and the such were ignored but even if it were to be the smallest amount of spirit stones, it had to be immediately handed over. Otherwise, it would be regarded as a crime.

Thus, nobody could blame Xiao Mei for coming here now to deliver the spirit stone.

The bookkeeper accepted the spirit stone, the displeased look on his face quickly fading away. It was replaced by a look of focus as he inspected it before turning and handing it to Gao Qiu.

Gao Qiu glanced at it and revealed a trace of a smile, “The quality’s pretty good. It’s a low grade medium quality spirit stone.” After appraising it, he carefully put it into a box with all the other spirit stones before turning to face Xiao Mei, “Xiao Mei, you did good in promptly delivering the spirit stone. You may leave and continue to work, I won’t treat you unfairly.”

“Thank you, Boss.” Xiao Mei bowed in thanks and turned around to leave before suddenly pausing and turning around again.

“What’s the matter?” Gao Qiu watched her strange movements and asked.

“Boss, there’s a matter but I’m not sure if it should be said or not.” Xiao Mei hesitated.

“If it’s important, then say it. Otherwise, just don’t.” Gao Qiu replied generously.

“The one who gave me the spirit stone earlier seemed just like the young madam of the Zhu Family, Liu Yuru.” Xiao Mei’s face was solemn as she replied.

“Huh? Liu Yuru?” Gao Qiu muttered her name before suddenly jumping in shock, “What did you just say? The Zhu Family’s young madam, Liu Yuru?!”

“Yes. She went into the lovers room with a filthy man and paid me with a spirit stone.” Xiao Mei continued to report.

“How could she possibly enter the lovers room with a man? Are you sure you didn’t see wrong?” Gao Qiu’s face was filled with disbelief.

“You didn’t see wrong; it was I, Liu Yuru.” A sweet voice answered Gao Qiu’s words. A seductively beautiful woman appeared at the door.

“You, Liu Yuru?” Gao Qiu quickly stepped out from the accounting office and greeted her, a wide smile on his face: “Hehe……. The Young Madam of such high status coming personally to this vulgar bathhouse truly dazzles up this poverty stricken place of mine.”

“Humpth.” Liu Yuru snorted with an icy, arrogant face: “Boss Gao, if this place is what you call poverty, then everyone else would be living in a dog house.”

“Hehe, Young Madam is flattering me, flattering me.” Gao Qiu spoke modestly, hypocritically. However, his eyes flashed with a sinister light as they kept on subconsciously flitting past her beautiful, charming face and tall chest, secretly swallowing a mouthful of saliva.

The Zhu Family was the biggest family in Bao Ding City and so the young madam of the Zhu Family naturally wouldn’t be ordinary. She was known as Bao Ding City’s number one beauty and the number of men drooling as they let their fantasies run wild with her were uncountable, with Gao Qiu being one of them.

Don’t think that because he was fifty that he was old. It had to be said that for cultivators, fifty was the prime age for men.

Now that the beauty of his dreams was standing right in front of him, so close at hand, it was hard for him to keep control.

Seeing Gao Qiu’s face, Liu Yuru’s mood got even worse. Her charm and skill at attracting men were unrivalled (in her own opinon anyways), but today she had been called a withered willow, an unwanted woman before being told to scram by Qin Yu. It was something nobody could endure.

“Boss Gao, this place isn’t very convenient. Let’s find a different place to chat.”

Liu Yuru smiled charmingly, causing Gao Qiu to fall infatuated and immediately nod, “Alright, alright. Young Madam, let’s go to the VIP room.”

The VIP room was where Gao Qiu received only his most distinguished and noble guests.

“Boss Gao, please do a favor for me. If it’s done well, my family and I will be very grateful.” In the VIP room, Liu Yuru opened her mouth and started to talk.

“Young Madam, please don’t hesitate to ask. As long I have the ability, we will definitely do it.”

“Help me kill somebody.” Liu Yuru’s words were chilling.

“Kill somebody?” An expression of doubt appeared on Gao Qiu’s face, “Young Madam, with your position in the Zhu Family, killing somebody wouldn’t be difficult at all. So long as you open your mouth, whoever that person is definitely will not be able to live until tomorrow.

“This doesn’t need to trouble the Zhu Family, because the culprit is right in your bath house so it would be best for you to act.”

“That makes sense.” Gao Qiu rubbed his chin, a strange smile on his face as he looked at Liu Yuru: “Only, what kind of thanks might I get for helping you kill that person?”

“Money, spirit stones, whatever you want.” Liu Yuru spoke indifferently. She wasn’t lacking coins or spirit stones at all.

“Ha……. I know Young Madam’s position doesn’t have any shortage of coins or spirit stones. Although I, Gao Qiu isn’t as wealthy as the Young Madam, I’m also not lacking in such things.” These words meant that he was rejecting her offer and didn’t want such things.

Liu Yuru knew what he wanted and sneered in her heart. However, what was on her face was a seductive smile: “I know what you want, but if you want it, you must first show your skills.”

Gao Qiu was startled for a moment before he suddenly reacted. From Liu Yuru’s words, that meant he at least had a gleam of hope. He immediately patted his chest: “Young Madam, don’t worry. I’ll let you see my ability very quickly. In one hour, the head of that you want to kill will be in front of you.”

“Very good, then I’ll wait here for one hour. Right, the reason you’re killing him is because he killed Zhu Yuanqing. After killing him, spread this piece of news. It’s best if all of Bao Ding City knows this.”

After Liu Yuru said that, Gao Qiu’s face immediately changed.

“Did you just say he killed Zhu Yuanqing, the third proud son of the Zhu Family, that Zhu Yuanqing?”

Liu Yuru glanced at Gao Qiu with something that was a smile yet not a smile, “What, is Boss Gao afraid? Don’t worry, that person only killed Zhu Yuanqing by a fluke.”

“No, what I’m saying is how did Zhu Yuanqing die?” Gao Qiu was shocked about Zhu Yuanqing’s death. He was one of the three sons of the Zhu Family and his status was extremely high. Furthermore, he was the blood-related son of the current Zhu Family Head. His death would surely lead to chaos in the Zhu family.

“Boss Gao, you don’t need to ask more about this. Somebody, you’ll naturally know but right now, you only need to kill that person. If you don’t have the guts, I’ll leave and find somebody else.” Liu Yuru’s smile faded away, her face becoming cold.

“Humpth, how could I not have the guts?” Gao Qiu stood up, slamming his palms on the table and shouted outside: “Somebody come!”


Upstairs in the Lovers Room meant for two, Qin Yu had forcefully occupied it alone.

“How comfortable.” Qin Yu breathed out and laid in the warm bath, wishing he could just soak there for a lifetime.

A ‘creak’ sound echoed. The door was carefully pushed open and somebody lightly entered the room.

Qin Yu was baffled. He had locked the room, so how could somebody else enter? But when he saw who had entered, he suddenly understood.

The one who had entered was that woman called Xiao Mei. She wored here, so naturally the lock couldn’t keep her out.

“Sir I hope my presumptuous entry hasn’t affected your mood while bathing?” Xiao Mei used her hand to close the door, a charming smile rising on her lips. She wasn’t somebody who treated the matters between men and women as something taboo and directly walked over to the bathside, her eyes locked on Qin Yu’s bathing figure like a wolf.

This time when she saw Qin Yu, she was somewhat amazed. Last time she saw him, he was filthy and caked in mud but now that everything’s been washed off, he actually turned out to be a elegant, delicately pretty youth [1. Ikr, the author is purposely using feminine adjectives so it’s ironic he acts so macho when he actually looks like a pretty boy XD]. Unfortunately, the boss wanted his life.

Qin Yu sunk his lower body underwater, hiding his crucial areas. He sneered in his head, “You’ve already f*cking entered yet so you’re still speaking nonsense about disturbing me. Laozi just wants to know what the hell you’re up to. But although he thought this way in his heart, on the outside he was calm and collected with a smile on his face, “How could having the honor to talk with a beautiful woman be disturbing me?”

“Hehe…….” Xiao Mei giggled delicately, her laugh like twinkling bells, “It seems like Sir is also a man of noble temperament. I thought it’d be better for us to bathe together. After all, this lovers pool has always been meant for a couple of two.” After saying this, she didn’t care if Qin Yu agreed or not and directly took off her embroidered shoes, directly exposing a pair of delicate, fair feet.

Qin Yu smiled wryly, “Miss wants to be a pair of lovers with me?”

“Could it be that Sir is unwilling?” Xiao Mei smiled at Qin Yu seductively, allowing him to see her frontal appearance.

“Please, give me a reason why I’d possibly be willing.” Qin Yu’s face sunk.

Xiao Mei didn’t reply, an alluring smile still on her face as she stretched out her lily white hands, resting on the sash tying her clothes at her bosom. Suddenly, she pulled.

With that, the sash was pulled off and all her clothes fell to the ground.

Inside, she didn’t wear any undergarments or pants. All she had been wearing was the outer dress and with that taken off, a body that could drive men crazy stood stark naked in front of Qin Yu. Everything was exposed in front of him.

“Is this reason enough?” Xiao Mei smiled seductively, filled with charm. As she spoke, she walked step by step, drawing closer to Qin Yu’s similarly naked body.

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