Chapter 83: Broken Flower, Withered Willow; This Young Master Has No Interest

Chapter 83: Broken Flower, Withered Willow; This Young Master Has No Interest

The woman didn’t even look at the still screaming playboy. Her gaze was locked on Qin Yu, a trace of terror on her face.

A man had suddenly climbed out of the ground. No matter who experinced it, there would still inevietably be some sense of terror. It was only natural that she’d be shocked- how could a living person suddenly crop out from underground? Could it be that he himself had earlier buried himself inside there, cultivating some weird cultivation technique?

However, if he only buried himself not long ago, the earth should rough and new. It should not have formed such a natural looking hill so quickly. Furthermore, those flowers and plants- if the soil had just been dug up, they should not be looking so lively and healthy as they did currently.

“I’m not a demon, I’m a person.” Qin Yu finally replied, allowing the woman’s fear to ease somewhat.

“Since you’re a person, how did you come from underground?” The woman’s face was filled with disbelief.

“That’s not of your concern.” Qin Yu’s words were icy, “Right now, you only need to answer my questions. Where is this place?”

A trace of unhappiness flashed through the woman’s eyes. She hated the commanding words and tone Qin Yu used to speak with her. Not many would dare to order her around.

Naturally, she was still currently afraid of Qin Yu so the unhappiness in her eyes quickly flickered by before she replied swiftly: “This place is the north slope of Bao Ding City. You don’t even know this?”

“Bao Ding City?” Qin Yu of this life knew of this place. It was a small town in Qiongxi Country and wasn’t too far from Luosang City.

He didn’t expect that he would actually be sent here and fall into a coma for so long. As for how long he had slept, he had no idea- he was asleep, so how would he know?

“Bring me into the city.” Qin Yu’s voice was cold as he ordered again.

The woman didn’t reply immediately, hesitating. With her status, if she brought such a savage looking person into the city with her, she would be losing a lot of face under the eyes of others.

“What, are you unwilling?”

Qin Yu stepped forward, his imposing aura surging forward. The woman’s face paled in fear as she took a step back: “Fine, I’ll bring you there, but what about him?” The woman looked towards the playboy.

“You still want to bring him back?” Qin Yu asked expressionlessly.

“No, I want you to kill him.” The woman was even more expressionless.

Qin Yu was startled as he looked at the woman strangely. Just a moment ago, they had been ‘fighting’ fiercely on top of him, yet now she suddenly wanted to kill him. What was this woman thinking?

“You don’t dare to kill him?” The woman taunted, a trace of disdain in her eyes. She was using psychological tactics.

Qin Yu sneered in his heart. She was far too inexperienced to play with him, but since she wanted to play, then he would play with her.

“What do I get from helping you kill him?” Qin Yu revealed a devilish smirk.

The woman saw Qin Yu staring at her and an evil smile appeared on her face. She spoke charmingly, “What do you want?”

“Well what can you give me?” Qin Yu continued to ask micheviously.

“I can give you money or cultivation resources.” She replied.

“I don’t want money and your cultivation resources are useless in my eyes.” Qin Yu spoke with no trace of politeness.

For cultivators, money would never be able to lure then. As for cultivation resources, Qin Yu didn’t believe that this inital stage Immersion Realm lady in front of him would have anything useful. However, there was something she was wearing that interested him. His eyes fell to the jade pendant on her chest.

Oridinary jade wouldn’t catch Qin Yu’s eye, but this jade appeared to be somewhat special- it should be a rarely seen treasure. It didn’t seem that this woman knew what it was, seeing as how she was just wearing it as jewelry.

The woman discovered Qin Yu’s gaze on her slender, snow-white neck and chest. She seemed to understand and revealed another seductive smile, “If you kill him, I’ll give you whatever you want, including my body.”

“How frank.” After speaking, Qin Yu seemed disinclined to ask her why she wanted to kill the playboy. In any case, that guy wasn’t anything good and deserved to die. The next moment, his body flickered, changing into a phantom and disappearing from his original place. His speed shocked the woman- was this speed even human?

Very quickly, the playboy’s screams stopped. Qin Yu took his head and tossed it in front of the woman, his voice cold, “I’ve helped you kill him. Now, you should fulfill your end of the promise.”

The woman’s heart shook as she took a few steps back. For her to give her body out here to a man covered in mud and dirt was unbearable. At the very least, he needed to take a bath.

“c-Can we do it at the city?” She asked weakly.

“Fine, lead the way.” Qin Yu replied bluntly.

Soon after, the woman led Qin Yu out, walking towards Bao Ding City.

With the two’s speed, they arrived at Bao Ding City in approximately two hours.

Although Bao Ding City was also small, it was still a bit bigger than Luosang City, and the streets were also quite lively.

Qin Yu looked at the stores along the road and saw a bath house. He realised he probably needed to take a bath.

“Let’s go to the bath house.”

The woman raised her head to look at Qin Yu before glancing at the bath house, suddenly thinking of something.

“After bathing, wouldn’t he want my body? Humpth, such a savage looking man is just a toad wanting to eat swan meat [1. Wanting something outside of one’s status.]. He’s courting death!” A trace of killing intent appeared in her heart, but she naturally didn’t reveal it and just nodded her head obediently. She never raised her head, trying to prevent anybody from recognizing her.

“Yo, the two over there, please come in.” The receptionist at the bath house noticed customers have come and were even a man and a woman. Immediately, a teasing smile appeared on his face: “The two customers will surely want a quiet, private room, am I right?”

The bath house had both public baths and private rooms. The public baths were for groups to soak together. Qin Yu naturally didn’t want to bathe with others and wanted a private room to peacefully bathe alone.

“En, a private room.” Qin Yu nodded.

“Alright, a private lovers room it is then. Please go upstairs!” The receptionist shouted as he called for someone to guide them. It was actually a beautiful woman.

The woman walked down and faced them with a slight bow, speaking respectfully: “Customers, hello. My name is Xiao Mei. Please follow me upstairs.”

Qin Yu looked upstairs, frowning: “What do you mean by a lovers room?”

He was still wondering what it was when the woman beside him already went up with her head down.

Xiao Mei saw that she had already gone up and gave Qin Yu a slight smile, “Young Master, this way please.”

Qin Yu smiled. Since she had already gone up, then he wouldn’t speak too much and just followed.

After going upstairs, the two were brought into a very elegant looking room with a two person bath and a bed draped with a misty pink veil.

The pink bedsheets, the pink bedding, and the pink pillows…. Everything was pink. The room had an ambiguous atmosphere.

On the pink bedside cabinet was a small, white, jade porcelain pot. It wasn’t clear what it was, but it released a strangely sweet scent. Breathing it in actually evoked a man’s primitive instincts.

However, this naturally had no effect on Qin Yu, easily dispersed by the “Secrets to Eternal Life” technique.

For the past year, he had never made any progress in his cultivation, stopping at the middle of Immersion Realm. However, “Secrets of Eternal Life” had actually already broken through the second grade to the third, finally completing the circle and completing Refining Qi stage.

This was because throughout the past year, the “Secrets of Eternal Life” had always been working furiously to restore his body while he was hibernating. All along, it had been subconsciously activated to recover his vitality. Under such conditions, it was hard not to break through.

Since “Refining Qi” could treat his body’s injuries, a trifling aphrodisiac drug fragrance would naturally be easily dissolved as well.

“Honored guests, after paying, this room will be yours.” Xiao Mei smiled ambiguously.

“How much money?” Qin Yu asked.

“We don’t accept money.” Xiao Mei replied.

“If you aren’t accepting money, then is it free?” Qin Yu’s question immediately attracted the two’s disdain.

“Take it and leave.” The woman beside Qin Yu tossed something out to Xiao Mei, her voice cold.

Seeing it, Qin Yu was startled. It was a spirit stone, although it was only a low grade spirit stone. So this bath house actually didn’t accept money, but rather accepted spirit stones. Compared to money, spirit stones were several hundred times more expensive.

“Thank you, Miss.” Xiao Mei looked at the spirit stone and checked its quality before bowing happily. “I won’t bother you any further. Please enjoy yourselves, and call me if you need to.”

After speaking, Xiao Mei turned around and left. She closed the door lightly, leaving Qin Yu and the woman alone.

“You’re washing alone.” The woman looked at Qin Yu coldly.

Qin Yu snorted coldly, “Of course I’m bathing alone. Just give me the payment and beat it.”

“What? You want me to beat it?” The woman looked at Qin Yu in surprise.

“You think I was interested in your body? What a joke, this young master doesn’t have any interest in a withered flower.” Qin Yu’s words were somewhat malicious, “I’m taking my payment, now get lost.”

“You……” The woman was just about to speak when she suddenly felt a cold wind brush past her neck only to discover the jade pendant around her neck was missing.

“So you’ve always just wanted my jade?” The woman was furious- she couldn’t believe that a piece of jade was better than her.

This jade pendant was gifted to her by her husband’s family as an extremely precious ancestral heirloom. But in her eyes, the jade pendant wasn’t really anything precious. The color and lustre was just a bit better than normal jade. If it wasn’t for her husband’s family insisting, she wouldn’t bother wearing it. She didn’t feel too bad about Qin Yu taking it away. What made her angry was that in his eyes, she wasn’t even worth as much as a piece of jade and was even called a withered flower, a fallen woman.

“You think I wanted you?” Qin Yu revealed an expression of ridicule before his expression immediately sunk, “Scram. If you decide to cheat with another man, remember to find a better area.”

“You——!” The woman’s sore spot was poked by Qin Yu and her killing intent was released.

Qin Yu’s face turned cold. “You want to kill me?”

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