Chapter 82: Finally Alive Again

Chapter 82: Finally Alive Again

“I’m still alive?”

On a field in the wilderness, Qin Yu faced the sky why lying on his back. He struggled to open his eyes. Through his blurred vision, he saw the darkening sky. It was about to rain.


A sudden thunderous boom roared in the skies above as a bolt of lightning tore through the darkness. In the very next moment, a torrential rain came pouring. The thunderous winds and the heavy rain wreaked havoc on the earth, sending fallen leaves, twigs, and mud flying everywhere.

In the face of this oppressive storm, Qin Yu once again closed his eyes. The 'Secrets to Eternal Life' was frantically absorbing qi from everywhere to restore his body, but it was nowhere near enough to make up for the power his soul had lost. Right now, his body was like a lake with all its water sucked dry. Even with a small brook trying to refill it, it’ll take several months or even years to successfully refill the lake.

Nobody knew when the rain had stopped. Now, Qin Yu’s body was covered by leaves and mud. Only half of his body could be seen, and the rest was covered by dirt.

Just like this, day by day, month by month, Qin Yu was like a hibernating animal, slumbering on the field, sleeping through the howling winds and the scorching sun rays, the cloudy days and the frosty cold.

In the blink of an eye, half a year had passed. There wasn’t a single trace of humans in the place where Qin Yu laid. The only thing that could be seen was a small mound in the wilderness full of weeds and small flowers.

Very soon, the year was over, and a new year arrived.

It was March, and spring has arrived. The sun shone and warm spring winds blew past as hundreds of flowers bloomed brilliantly. On the hillside Qin Yu laid on, several red flowers bloomed. The scarlet color was particularly beautiful.

“Yuan Qing, come quickly, the flowers on this hill are very beautiful.” On this day, a girl’s happy voice rang crisply in the air.

“Liu-mei, [1. Means ‘younger sister’ and is an intimate way to refer to younger females.], wait a second, I’m coming.” A male voice came booming in reply.

Soon, the couple arrived at the hillside.

The maiden was dressed completely in red. She had a beautiful face and an alluring figure. The man’s clothes were luxurious and he looked to be in his twenties with a flashy appearance. A single glance was all that was needed to know that he was a playboy from some large family.

“Liu-Mei, look at how beautiful these flowers are. I’ll gift them to you!” The playboy took a big bunch of flowers and smiled as he gifted them to the woman before he showered flattering praises on her. “Liu mei, only a beauty like you are suited for such beautiful flowers.”

“You really know how to speak. However, that honey mouth of yours is just what I love, hehe…” The woman laughed happily and accepted the flowers, “Yuan Qing, I’m your sister-in-law. Calling me ‘Liu Mei’, ‘Liu Mei’ over and over again, aren’t you scared of dying early?”

“Hehe, for you, I wouldn’t mind my life being shortened by a few years.” The man laughed loudly, “Furthermore, aren’t you younger than me? I just like calling you Liu Mei.”

“Hmph, little fool, it’s your choice then.” The maiden pouted and turned to look at the little hill, “Let’s go up and take a look, there might be even more beautiful flowers.”

“Alright, let’s go.”

The pair went up the hill.

“Woah, Yuan Qing, look at how beautiful those flowers are.” The woman stopped and pointed somewhere past the slope, where several beautiful, scarlet red flowers bloomed alluringly on a small mound.

The playboy immediately looked over and he felt that the dazzling red flowers really were beautiful.

“It’s really beautiful.” The playboy also praised.

“Let’s go.” The woman didn’t say anything more and just ran to the small mound.

The two arrived at the little hill very quickly and squatted down, appreciating the flowers’ rare beauty.

“Yuan Qing, this flower seems a bit special. It has some spiritual qi around it. Could it be a spirit herb?” The woman’s eyes shined.

The playboy stepped forward and sniffed the flowers closely, “There really is qi around it. Impossible, how could a spirit herb be growing in such a shoddy area? Furthermore, Liu Mei, have you noticed? The qi around here is also stronger than other areas.”

“It is, how strange. Could it be because of these spirit herbs?” The woman frowned, muttering to herself.

“Well whatever, as long as Liu Mei likes it, I’ll give them to you.” With those words, the playboy directly pulled out all the flowers and presented them to the woman.

“Thank you!” The woman immediately accepted the flowers he had given her and placed it under her nose. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, revealing an intoxicated expression.

“How fragrant.” The woman seemed to be enchanted with the flowers.

The man stared at her beautiful face. Together with the glamorous red flowers, it made her face appear even more charming. It was hard for him to control himself. He swallowed, his voice hoarse: “Liu Mei, you’re so beautiful.”

“Is that so?” The woman smiled seductively. The breathtaking scene made the man lose all control as he suddenly pounced on her, wrapping her in his embrace.

“Ah, Yuan Qing, what are you doing?” The woman screamed.

“Liu Mei, I love you. I want you.” The playboy panted as he pushed her directly down on the hill, his lips already impatiently descending down on her.

“Yuan Qing, no, not here, people can see us.” The woman struggled a little.

“Liu Mei, don’t worry. Nobody comes here so no one will see. I want you, I can’t stand it anymore.” The man howled, his hand roughly tearing open the woman’s clothes.

“Yuan Qing, no, I’m your sister-in-law!”

“No, in my eyes, you’ve never been my sister-in-law. You’ve always been my beloved woman.” The playboy spoke cornily but in his heart, he was cursing disdainfully: ‘You slut, if you really cared about being my sister-in-law, you wouldn’t have come to this desolate, mountainous area with Laozi. Things have already gotten to this point, yet you’re still trying to act so virtuously’.

The woman really didn’t continue to pretend to be all just and virtuous. She no longer resisted, throwing the flowers to the side as she began to cooperate with the playboy’s movements.

Very soon, the couple was waging a fiery battle on the hill.

When the two attacked each other, bits of loose soil rolled down the mound. The mound gradually became smaller and smaller.

Under the mound, someone suddenly opened their eyes, their body twitching.

“Yuan Qing, wait, wait.” The woman seemed to have felt something behind her and hastily called.

At such a moment, how could the playboy listen to her and stop? Not only did he not stop, his actions actually became even more frenzied.

“Yuan Qing, I think there’s something underground. Wait a moment.” The woman said urgently, her hand pushing the playboy’s chest.

The playboy ignored her and actually grabbed the hand that was on his chest, and used even more force.

Under such force, the mound crumbled even faster. A human leg was already revealed at the edge of the mound.

This could have just been some random corpse’s leg. However, the leg suddenly moved and as it moved, scratching sounds filled the air as it tried to break through the mound of soil.

“Yuan Qing, stop, there’s really something under here.” The woman screamed.

“No, Liu Mei, it’s nothing, just continue.” The man shouted back, brushing off her scream.

Just at this critical juncture, a bang rang out as a blackened hand, covered with mud shot out from the ground.

“Ahhh——! It’s a demon!”

The woman released a shrill screech as she put more force into her foot, wanting to run away.

“Ah——!” The man also shouted, before suddenly feeling weightless, as if he was flying.

He really had just been sent flying, but it wasn’t the ‘soaring in the sky happily’ sort of flying. Rather, he was sent flying from an explosion.

With a loud bang, somebody broke through from the ground under them and soared up, directly sending the two of them flying.

“What just happened?” The man was still flying in the air and just realized that something didn’t seem quite right. But at that point, it was already too late.

With a loud thump, he descended from the air and fell face first onto the earth. He was stark naked, with his intimate parts landing directly onto the earth.

“Ah——!” A tragic scream pierced through the air. The next moment, he rolled around on the floor in pain, both hands clutching his crown jewels.

When a man fell from such a high place, and with his intimate areas directly contacting with the earth, other areas might be fine, but some delicate areas would definitely be injured. Furthermore, there were thistles everywhere in the wilderness, and if that area were to be stung by any of them... it would surely be a great tragedy.

“Ah, ah, aah——!”

Painful screams continued to ring through the air, like the cries of the deceased from the ninth layer of hell. [2. People in China believe in the superstition that there are nine levels of hell that deceased people can be sent to. Depending on the severity of their sins, people would be sent to these layers of hell, with the ninth layer being the layer with the most painful suffering.]

However, one man laughed heartily amidst the tragic cries.

“I, Qin Yu, am finally alive again! Ahahahaha!”

This person who had suddenly popped up from the ground was indeed Qin Yu, who had been hibernating underground before being woken up by the couple’s ‘battle’ on top of him. If this tale were to be spread out, it would definitely become a legendary story.

“Y-you, who are you?” The woman raised her head from the floor, staring at Qin Yu with her eyes wide open. The woman’s luck wasn’t bad. She had only fallen to the side and wasn’t sent flying like her partner.

Qin Yu suddenly shook his body, and all the mud on his body came sliding down. There was also some grass on him that he couldn’t shake off, so he pulled it off directly with his hands.

As he shook, everything including his already decomposed clothes fell down. After being underground for more than a year, all of his clothing had already rotted.

Fortunately, he was still wearing the Golden Silk Armour underneath. Otherwise, he would’ve already become stark naked.

Even more fortunate was that right beside him, was a set of men's clothing. It belonged to the playboy who had just been sent flying, and it was perfect for Qin Yu to wear.

Qin Yu naturally didn’t hold back and changed his clothes. It fit well, but all the mud and dirt on his face still wasn’t cleaned off. Even with the fine clothing, he still looked like a savage.

“Are you a human or a ghost?” The woman saw that Qin Yu was only concerned about wearing his clothes. Hearing no reply, she tried to ask again.

Qin Yu turned to look at the woman. She wasn’t wearing clothes, her face was pretty good, and so was her body, especially her chest. It was no wonder the man had completely lost control like that earlier and wanted to do it in the wild.

“Of course I’m human.” Qin Yu answered. He swept his feet, kicking the woman’s clothes so that it landed in front of her. “Put on your clothes first.”

The woman also had some guts and after hesitating for a little, she swiftly put on her clothes before staring at Qin Yu once she had finished.

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