Chapter 80 Shameless old fool

Chapter 80 Shameless old fool

The old man laughed hysterically as Qin Yu was drowned by the countless ghastly beings.

“Little bastard, go to hell, hahahahaha! I can finally leap to the Spirit Realm after devouring your Soul, hahaha…!”

The old man laughed hysterically and ecstatically as he did not expect Qin Yu’s Soul to be so strong. The benefits of devouring such a strong soul would be unimaginable.

However, the smile on the old man’s face quickly disappeared, only to be replaced

The countless green human heads flooding towards Qin Yu were depleted quickly. Just like a river streaming into an ocean, the heads were swallowed without any trace.

“What’s going on?” The old man was confused and felt a tinge of unease.

That feeling of unease increased when the last green head disappeared.

“How is this even possible?”

Everything and everyone disappeared. Qin Yu was also missing from the spot he was at, vanishing without a trace.

The pillars of green lights around the hall dimmed with the disappearance of the ghastly heads, leaving the area blanketed in darkness.

Those watching from afar were shocked. The huge stream of human heads was suddenly exterminated, and they did not have the slightest clue on how it was achieved.

Creepy, scary and unbelievable.

Who was that man and where did he, and the green ghastly heads, disappear to?

Who was that old man? How did he control such a large stream of ghastly heads?

Looking at the figures in the sky, many deduced they were not physical bodies but souls.

Anyone who was able to use the Soul Separation technique in battle must be an expert who was in the Immortal Realm or higher.

To them, the Immortal Realm was an untouchable realm. In Qiongxi Country, the Immortal Realm belonged only in legends.

Having two Immortal Realm experts appearing in this same Array sent a shock to many here. However, they did not know that Qin Yu was not an Immortal Realm expert. His body was only at the Middle stage of the Immersion Realm.

The old man was uneasy with the disappearance of Qin Yu and didn’t know if he was dead or alive. Moreover, Qin Yu’s disappearance came with the exhaustion of the spirits under his control. His loss was unbearable.

It would have been worth the loss if he had successfully devoured Qin Yu’s soul. Since he did not, he could recover some of his capital from the three bodies in the great hall. At the same time, he could vent some of his frustration and anger.

The soul of the old man flew down from the air into the great hall.

Within the great hall, Qin Yu was sitting still on the ground motionlessly. Qing Yun and the others by his side had already stopped bleeding, but they were still in a coma.

“Hmmph.” Glaring at the young face in front of him, glimmers of light, filled with killing intent, shot out from the old man’s eyes.

“Little bastard, I shall destroy your body now.” The old man’s eyes flashed as his figure turned into a beam of light that shot towards Qin Yu’s sea of consciousness.

After a short while, the figure of the man retreated from the sea of consciousness. Embarrassed, he roared: “What the hell is that?”

“Shoosh” A black pearl flew out from Qin Yu forehead, black fog surging from its body as it guarded Qin Yu. It was the Earth Spirit Pearl.

The Earth Spirit Pearl was now a dull black, and it lacked the shine it had previously. It had consumed almost all of its energy in order to save the three that was injured. If not for the danger it faced right now, it would not move.

“Spirit Pearl?” The old man’s eyes glowed when he saw the Earth Spirit Pearl. Even though he did not know that this was the Earth Spirit Pearl, he did at least recognize that this was a Spirit Pearl, something that existed only in legends.

The old man now believed that he understood why Qin Yu’s soul could be so strong. He thought that his Qin Yu’s strength must have been because of this Spirit Pearl. Even though the strength of Qin Yu’s soul had nothing to do with Earth Spirit Pearl, the old man had no knowledge of Qin Yu being the Xie Di of the past. Thus, the old man could only come to the logical conclusion that the strength of Qin Yu's soul was due to the Earth Spirit Pearl.

“Spirit Pearl, oh Spirit Pearl. To think you would follow a nobody like Qin Yu. This is simply you burying your own talents and fame. Why don’t you follow me? I will definitely treat you well and let your name be known throughout the Ancient Continent of Wu.”

The old man’s voice was filled with excitement and happiness. He would have rushed to take the Earth Spirit Pearl but he could not do so. He was only in his soul form and that arrow that was shot earlier had destroyed half of his soul, leaving him extremely weak.

He had no ways to deal with Earth Spirit Pearl other than trying to seduce it with words.

The Earth Spirit Pearl ignored the old man’s words. If it was able to display facial expressions, it would definitely be sneering now. How could following the noble Xie Di be burying its talents and fame?

Seeing that Earth Spirit Pearl was ignoring him, the old man continued with his words, trying to seduce it. But alas, it was to no avail.

“Hmmph, you have no idea what’s good for you.” The old man was angry now, and he was losing his patience. “Foul Pearl, it was your fortune for me to care for you. Since you do not know what is good for yourself, don’t blame me for what happens next.”

The angered old man once again morphed into a beam of light and shot towards Qing Yun. Qing Yun awoke from her slumber and stood up, only she now had green light glowing from her eyes, as she locked onto Qin Yu.

The Earth Spirit Pearl was enveloped by the green light. It trembled and released a black mist towards Qin Yu, covering him in it.

“Hmmph, you overrate your own abilities.” A smirk appeared on Qing Yun’s face. From the floor, the Azure Edge Sword flew into her hands.

“Foul Pearl. Do you think you can protect your Master? Hehehe…!” A shrill female laugh rang out.

“Your master will die by my hands. From today onwards, I will be your new master. Remember this well. Die!”

The Azure Edge Sword sliced sharply through the black mist.

At this moment, a spatial rift tore through the air and a shadow flew from it onto Qin Yu’s body. With a blow of the wind, Qin Yu and the Earth Spirit Pearl disappeared from their original locations.

“What? You…” Qing Yun glared at Qin Yu as she turned around, an exaggerated and extreme look of shock painted on her face, “You can travel through the void? What realm are you really at?”

Traveling through the void by cutting through space was no easy feat even for the legendary God Realm experts. If Qin Yu could do it, what kind of terrifying being was he?

The old man finally understood why the huge stream of ghastly spirits disappeared. Qin Yu had pulled them all into the void through a spatial rift.

The old man had no idea what was on the other side of the void. The survival of the spirits were out of his control.

Naturally, for Qin Yu’s soul to do this, he had to pay a huge price. If he wanted his physical body to also be able to travel through a spatial rift, he still had a very long and arduous road to go.

“What realm I am at is of no concern to you.” Qin Yu’s eyes were filled with killing intent. This old fool actually took control of Qing Yun, how despicable!

“You’re a man, and yet you’re controlling a woman’s body. Don’t you feel that this is a disgrace? Get out!” Qin Yu yelled out, and his sound waves turned into a ferocious attack, driving into Qing Yun’s ears and rumbling the old man’s soul.

The old man stuttered as he retreated from the shock waves. The Azure Edge Sword glowed as a ruthless light appeared in his eyes. He grinned, “Little bastard, I shall use this woman’s sword to kill you. Hehehe, if you have what it takes, try to retaliate. I promise I will not put up any resistance. Die!”

Qing Yun’s sword drove forward recklessly, without any precaution. Even if the body was destroyed, the old man would not care.

“Old bastard!” Qin Yu swung out his saber and blocked the incoming strike while he retreated.

He could only block and retreat.

“Come, little bastard! Weren’t you very arrogant just now? Don’t dodge if you have the guts! Hahahaha! Die die die!” A never-ending stream of laughter and the clang of weapons echoed in the great hall.

After the huge green heads disappeared, the people who were courageous edged closer to the great hall, only stopping when they were right outside. However, they didn’t dare to go inside and could only scuttle outside in the dark. They could hear the crazy laughter and the sounds of weapons colliding, sending shivers down their spines.

Boom! Suddenly, the door of the great hall split open, scaring everyone outside.

Qin Yu was in a difficult position. He could only take the beating without retaliating, pushing his anger to a breaking point.

“Power like Rushing Thunder!” In his anger, Qin Yu finally retaliated.

The sound of his strikes echoed loudly in the small hall, just like thunder on a quiet night, shaking one’s eardrums, and causing a buzzing noise. If an unguarded passerby heard it, they would’ve jumped in terror.

The echo was not enough to scare the old man, but it successfully stunned him for a moment.

“Earth Spirit Pearl, now!”

Qin Yu yelled out, retracting his arms just before his strikes reached Qing Yun. The Earth Spirit Pearl flew out from his head and dived into the sea of consciousness of Qing Yun.

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