Chapter 79: Battle of the Souls

Chapter 79: Battle of the Souls


The loud creak was followed by an old man, who was dressed in a long, glowing, green robe. As he stepped off from the top of the great hall, a giant green serpent followed by his side.

The humongous head of the green serpent swayed from side to side, as if it was barking commands at the ghastly beings floating around.

Following its commands, the ghastly beings flocked to the side of the serpent and the old man.

After the ghastly beings gathered around the old man and the serpent, the old man flew north-west, leaving a green shadow streaking across the sky. The ghastly beings followed suit, rumbling across the air.

In the different halls of the Array, similar scenes were happening. The green, ghastly beings floated up into the air in bulk, covering the skies and painting it green.

The people awoke with shock as they looked at the scene above. At the moment, they felt as though they were in hell themselves. Fear suffocated them, and they almost went berserk. Thankfully, they were still elites with stronger willpower than normal humans.

Right in the middle of the Array, in the room on the highest floor, the King of the Hunters, Can Bao, awoke abruptly from his dreams, as he sensed that something was off.

“Da Ge, Da Ge.” Anxious knocking came from his door.

“What’s the matter?” Can Bao leaped off his bed and got dressed quickly. He opened his door, only to find Shi Yan and Three Eyes standing outside. “What happened?”

“Da Ge. You should take a look yourself. It’s...It’s too scary.” A look of fear spread across both their faces.

“Scram.” Can Bao raced out, and was shocked silly by the scene that appeared before his eyes.

Tightly packed swarms of ghastly beings rumbled across the sky above, similar to a swarm of locusts.

“What’s going on? Where are they going?” The color drained from Can Bao’s face, but he still retained a trace of calmness.

“Da Ge, they are all heading towards the north-west. I wonder what happened there?” Three Eyes answered.

“Regardless of what happened, we should go and take a look.” Can Bao spoke firmly.

“Da Ge, this is too dangerous. What if those things…” Both Shi Yan and Three Eyes tried to dissuade Can Bao from going.

“What are you afraid of? Don’t forget, we are the masters of the Array. We must find out what happened. Let’s go.” Can Bao interrupted their words and rushed off.

“Let’s go.”

Left without any choice, Shi Yan and Three Eyes led a group of people who were decently skilled and followed behind Can Bao.

Can Bao and his crew were not the only ones moving toward the north-west. Some lucky survivors with a daring heart also followed the trail of ghastly beings so that they could see what was happening. If they were lucky, they might run into something good.

Inside a great hall in the north-western corner, Qin Yu awoke from his meditation.

“Finally, they’re here.”

Qin Yu peeked outside of the great hall and saw countless ghastly beings surrounding the hall. Green light illuminated the surroundings, forming an emerald-green world, with countless spirits and ghastly cries. This was hell on earth.

In the space above the great hall, a suave old man stood with a giant serpent guarding his side. The serpent hissed angrily at the great hall below, revealing its sharp green teeth.

Innumerable ghastly beings flocked to the old man and his serpent.

Ghastly green human heads joined together into an "army" that surrounded the hall, whilst human spirits and snake spirits flocked to the old man and the serpent respectively.

As the ghastly shadows came together, peace was restored in the other great halls. Now, only the current place was left as a hellish world.

“Little bastard, come out and accept your death!.” The old man yelled angrily and directed his rage towards the great hall below, causing it to rumble and tremble.

“Soul Separation.” A figure flew out from the body of Qin Yu, rushing into the night sky and facing off against the old man.

The floating ghastly green heads flooded towards Qin Yu when he appeared. In just an instant, they separated him from the skies above and the building below. Just like a green cocoon, they surrounded him completely, leaving Qin Yu encapsulated alongside the old man and his serpent.

The people outside wished that they could see the face-off between Qin Yu and the old man. However, due to the rumbling ghastly green heads surrounding them, nothing could be seen.

“Old jerk, seems like you think highly of me, to arrange such a big party for me.” Qin Yu sneered at the old man, and glared at him with ice cold eyes.

“Hmph. Cut the crap, I will let you die today. Tell me your name so that I know who I killed today. My only hope is that your name won’t leave me disappointed.” The old man said disdainfully.

“Ha, then I might have to disappoint you,” Qin Yu laughed, “I am just a nobody, Qin Yu.”

“A nobody? Qin Yu?” The old man was indeed disappointed, for he had never heard of this name.

“Are you very disappointed?” Qin Yu kept his smile, “Arranging such a big party just to deal with a nobody. You must be ashamed once news of this gets out.”

The old man was angry and humiliated.

“Swallow him!” The old man barked at the serpent beside him. The sound waves from his shout applied great pressure on Qin Yu.

“Hiss…” The serpent leaped towards Qin Yu like a green flash. It opened its mouth and tried to swallow Qin Yu’s head.

“A mere beast like you, how dare you behave this arrogantly in front of this Emperor! Die!” Qin Yu’s strong hands struck out in a flash, and at the instant when the serpent attempted to swallow his head, he grabbed the serpent’s mouth like a pair of pliers and subdued it.

“What, you…?” The old man’s heart twitched at this moment. He fully understood the capabilities of the demonic serpent that he cultivated. It was more than capable of dealing with any Void Realm Experts. How did Qin Yu subdue it so easily with just his hands?

“Who the heck are you, and why do you proclaim yourself as an Emperor?” The old man was now wary of Qin Yu, and he was now re-evaluating him.

"There’s no need to talk nonsense in the middle of a fight. Die!” Qin Yu yelled out as he pulled both his hands in the opposite direction.


Just like the sound of tearing cloth, the serpent was torn in half.

“No! Bastard! The old man’s anger billowed into the heavens. “I want you dead!”

“Come at me then! Earth Splitting Punch!” A giant fist flew across the air, landing heavily on the figure of the old man.

Qin Yu knew he was in a precarious situation. The strengthening of his soul could not be sustained for much longer. Once the strength of his soul diminished, he would have no way to deal with the old man and countless ghastly spirits around him.

Therefore, he only had two paths before him: either he destroys his opponent quickly, or he dies.

“Twin Sisters Sword!” The old man struck, and two razor-sharp and dazzling sword lights slashed toward Qin Yu’s fists.


The clash of fist and sword ended with the sword light dissipating, and a fist drove forward.

“So strong, how?”

The old man was frightened and he retreated madly while shouting out: “Stop him!”

Following his commands, the swarm of ghastly beings came flooding in instantly, covering the old man’s body and blocking Qin Yu’s attack.

“Fire, incinerate!”

Blue burning flames burst out from Qin Yu’s body, and anything that came within a meter of the radiant flames was incinerated.

However, the ghastly beings came pouring in without any fear, and batch after batch of ghastly beings perished. However, with such a large number of ghastly beings, it seemed that they could sacrifice themselves endlessly.

Their sacrifices were working as the flame on Qin Yu’s body was gradually weakening after repeatedly being consumed by the onslaught of the ghastly beings.

Seeing the effects of their sacrifices, the ghastly beings flocked crazily towards Qin Yu, as if they were locusts, and unleashed an endless barrage of attacks.

“Earth Splitting Punch!” Qin Yu yelled out. A large fist appeared and destroyed everything in its path. However, more ghastly beings replaced their previous friends and continued the assault on Qin Yu.

“The Sun is like Blood, the Sunset is Death.” The blood-red sun descended, and a beautiful and dazzling crimson sunray blasted out. Under the radiance of twilight, everything disintegrated into nothingness. Qin Yu’s surroundings were finally free from ghastly beings.


Following the continuous attacks, Qin Yu’s soul was weakened.


Piercing laughter echoed through the air. The old man reappeared in front of Qin Yu. Seeing his current weakened state, the old man said: “Qin Yu, I’ll see if you can still be so arrogant now.”

Cough Cough. Qin Yu raised his head, and the light from his eyes turned into two sharp arrows that flew towards the old man.


The old man was not prepared for this scary form of attack from Qin Yu. Shocked and scared out of his wits, he pulled out his sword hastily and shot out huge and powerful sword lights to destroy the two arrows.

One of the two arrows fell to the ground while the other penetrated his body.

The old man’s figure was fading out after the injury. His life was slowly creeping away.

“Everyone, charge! Kill him!”

The old man held himself steady, as he shouted out hysterically.

The green stream of ghastly beings once again flooded towards Qin Yu and covered him completely.

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