Chapter 78: Havoc in the Array

Chapter 78: Havoc in the Array

“Sska…” Springing off the body of the old man, the huge serpent fiercely bared its razor-sharp fangs against Qin Yu’s attack.

“You seek death!” Qin Yu smirked. With a loud crack, his sharp blade sliced through the razor teeth of the serpent. The giant mouth was cut open and the snake’s head sliced cleanly off. A pained groan escaped as the serpent’s huge body fell to the ground.

“A shadow-formed blade! You… You’re a Void Realm expert?!” Shocked, the wrinkly old man stared in disbelief at Qin Yu. “Wrong, the strength of your body is definitely at the Immersion Realm. How could your soul have the strength of the Void Realm?” The old man seemed to be asking both Qin Yu and himself.

“Void Realm? What’s so good about the Void Realm?” Qin Yu answered condescendingly. “Now, it’s your turn, old fool!”

“Hold on, are you sure you want to go against this old man?” The old man stood up, releasing waves of aura from his dignified figure. Staring down at Qin Yu, he said, “So what if your soul is at the level of the Void Realm? I can still destroy you with ease.”

“Really? Then, what’s all this small talk for? Earth-Splitting Punch! Die, you old fool!” Qin Yu’s voice echoed through the air as he released his anger. The shadow of an enormous fist flew through the air, wreaking havoc in its path.

“So strong!” The old man was startled. Even the soul of a Void Realm expert couldn’t release a power this scary. What was the actual Realm of Qin Yu’s soul?!

The fury of the fist arrived in a flash, and the old man had no choice but to release a protective aura. “Spiritual Shield!” Glowing in the dark green sea, a blue light formed a shield in front of him.

“Break through!” The large fist dove forward and smashed the shield with a bang, and the retreating old man was struck.

“Noo!” A desperate wail echoed through the air before the fist drove through the old man. He glared, stunned, at the hand that penetrated his body. “You… Who are you?”

“Who I am doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’ve provoked me. So, you must die.” The fire of vengeance burned stronger in Qin Yu’s eyes.

“Great! Excellent...” A creepy smirk appeared on the old man’s face. “You’re arrogant, and arrogant people never live to old age. Do you think destroying this soul will be enough to kill me? Ha! This is just one of many souls I have. There’s more than a hundred halls in this place, and each hall houses a soul. Do you think you stand a chance against all of them together? Hehehe!”

“That’s no problem of yours. Come if you dare! Destroy!" Qin Yu’s fist burst into flames, and countless rays of light sliced like blades through the old man’s body. In the twinkling of an eye, he dissolved in the light. With the old man gone, the green glow in the hall faded; and soon, it was pitch black.

“Little rascal, who are you to dare destroy my soul clone?!” boomed an angry voice, sending waves through the air.

“So what? I warned you! A pity you didn’t listen; it’s your own fault. This is my final warning to you: Stop provoking me or else!”

“How dare you?! Nobody threatens me!”

“Hmmph, just because others do not dare, doesn’t mean I won’t!”

“Good! Excellent! You’re arrogant indeed; let’s see how much longer that will last. Just you wait, I’ll send you to eternal Hell!” “好,很好,你很狂。我看你能狂到几时,等着吧,老夫要让你永世不得超生。”

“Sure, I’ll wait,” Qin Yu’s soul shouted and vanished.

In the great hall below, Qin Yu’s body remained unchanged, clutching his saber. However, once his soul returned, his body fully regained motion. “Whoo, whoo…” Qin Yu gasped for air. Even though his soul was strong, his body was still too weak to withstand the exhaustion.

Wary of imminent danger, Qin Yu wasted no time, and he quickly entered meditation to further strengthen his Soul. His current state was too weak. Only cultivation pills would be able to improve his soul. Luckily for him, back on Ten Thousand Beasts Mountain, he had gathered a bunch of Spirit Grass along with Soul Spirit Grass.

Soul Spirit Grass was essential to refining pills for souls and priced according to grade. Regretfully, the ones he had gathered at Ten Thousand Beasts Mountain were all low grades; but, it was better than having nothing. Qin Yu originally wanted to use them for pill refining since eating them directly would be a waste. However, with options running out, this was his only choice. Qin Yu whipped out all 20 Soul Spirit Grass and stuffed them down, one by one. While he was strengthening his soul, the Array underwent earth-shaking changes.

Inside the hundreds of halls within the Array, pillars of green light shot to the sky, painting the surroundings an emerald hue. From a distance, the pillars were magnificent. “So pretty,” people gasped in awe. The competitors scattered throughout the mountains discovered the strange scenery and looked on in amazement. Dazzled by the marvel, some girls even wanted to move closer for a better look.

However, as if preceding an earthquake, a loud rumbling shook the great hall before the girls could approach it. “What happened?”

“My god, what is that?” Someone screamed in horror. In the green pillar of light, hordes of horrific faces appeared. More accurately, they were human heads. Human heads with terrifying fangs.

“Junior Sister Apprentice, run! Quick!”

A girl who’d been near the great hall had gone to look at the spectacular scenery; but, in this moment, she was aghast. “Senior Brother, what is that? It’s so scary!” The girl stood trembling. She had never seen such a horrific sight.

“Run, quick!” A man grabbed the girl’s arm and fled into the dark. Nearby, a group of heads discovered the pair and eagerly gave chase.

“Senior Brother, they’re catching up!” screamed the girl with a face as pale as paper.

“Junior Sister, I’m sorry. You should go first!” The man yelled before lifting her delicate body aloft and throwing her to the fiends.

“Nooo! Senior Brother, I hate you!”

Crunch! Crunch! Amidst the girl’s screams, the group of heads swarmed and covered her body. Not moments later, she was a soulless corpse. Her body rose in the air, was quickly consumed, and dropped to the ground a pile of bones.

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