Chapter 77: Wrath of Destruction

Chapter 77: Wrath of Destruction

“Blood Shadow’s Tri-Definite Kills!” A sudden burst of crimson light rose like a tsunami from a calm sea, enveloping and destroying everything in its path. Inside the great hall, the emerald surroundings became bloody red. Three “x” shaped slashes emerged from the crimson light and sliced through the air. They tore into the bodies of those in the way and scattered blood everywhere. A trio of screams preceded three figures flying through the air and crashing to the ground. In the great hall, the only one left standing was Qin Yu.

Beneath the crimson light, Qin Yu appeared disheveled, and his eyes possessed a scarlet glare. He stared hard at the three figures laying on the ground. Each had a bloody “x” across the chest. Blood poured from the wounds, dyeing their clothes red. As he gazed upon these familiar faces and their blood-stained bodies, Qin Yu started to tremble. This was my doing! “Aaaah!” A beastly roar resounded from the earth to the heavens, and it seemed as if it would collapse the hall.

In this moment, Qin Yu felt anger and pain all at once. The fire of anger burned as if to cremate him; it was a destructive rage. However, his heart was ice cold. A chilling aura cascaded off him, mixing with his fiery ire to form a violent, murderous storm that filled the void. Such a killing intent set the ghastly beings chittering uneasily.

“Earth Spirit Pearl, I leave it to you. I hope you can protect their lives,” Qin Yu said through clenched teeth. With that, his forehead wriggled slightly, and a bright black pearl flew out. The Earth Spirit Pearl tumbled through the air before diving into the body of Qing Yun. In the next moment, Qing Yun’s body glowed with a black light. Qin Yu raised his head.

The cultivator let out a grunt and glared with blood-red eyes at the ghastly beings flying through the air. “You will all die!” As he spoke, he thrust his Blood Saber upward, and waves of blood surged. “Soul Separation!” The ghastly beings were not physical entities, but similar to ghosts or spirits. Thus, the only way to deal with them was not through physical attacks, but by using the soul. Qin Yu’s soul formed a muscular figure that was cold, dominant, arrogant, and evil一the man Xie Di used to be.

As the muscular figure took shape, the ferocious faces in the air hissed crazily and bared their bright green fangs. They quickly clustered together to create a large, defensive force, like fish in the deep sea. But, these were not fish; they were ghastly faces with terrifying teeth. “Sska, sska…” The eerie sounds of teeth gnashing echoed. With so many thousands of teeth grinding together, it created such a din that those weak of will would succumb to unimaginable fear and completely break down.

“A bunch of foul fiends! How dare you act so arrogantly in front of this Emperor?! I’ll destroy all of you and your chances for reincarnation!” Qin Yu’s right index and middle fingers came together and pointed into the air. His fingertips glowed brightly, and a miniature sun suddenly appeared overhead. Piercing the air, the brilliant light sent the ghastly beings into a frenzy. Boom!

The ferocious faces retaliated: They gathered into a huge sphere and opened their mouths. Sharp teeth gleamed in the eerie green light, and the mass looked as if it was about to bite off a piece of the void.

“Sun’s rays shine like blood as dead souls set with the sun,” Qin Yu whispered, but his voice was a hellish death knell. The crimson rays of the setting sun lashed out, spreading desolation and destruction.

“Gasha! Gasha!” Gazing on the sunset, the ghastly beings shrieked horribly. Those at the rear of the sphere sensed the danger and fled in all directions. Boom! The setting sun exploded in their midst. In that instant, the void was engulfed by the beams of the sunset, and everything was razed. Nothing escaped the fate of destruction.

“How dare you, boy?! Destroying this old man’s familiars? You court death!” A voice filled with anger exploded in the air.

Qin Yu stood peacefully, smirking. “This Emperor will not only destroy these foul things, I’ll destroy you too,” he said arrogantly. In a flash, the young cultivator rushed toward the ceiling of the great hall, and he disappeared into the void.

Another level was above the great hall; but, it was small and confined, probably only a third the space below. The world still glittered an emerald green, but it was dark and bleak. Nameless silhouettes wandered, like spirits, through the gloom.

When Qin Yu entered the level, countless shadows appeared and rushed toward him, as if to gnaw him to pieces before swallowing every ounce of his flesh. “Burn!” Qin Yu issued a cold command, and a black flame erupted and burned crazily. The shadows that had rushed forward were like gasoline to a fire and ignited easily. Sharp shrieks followed ceaselessly, and innumerable shadows were consumed by the inferno. Thus, they were eternally wiped from the face of the Earth. The other shades that had yet to approach witnessed the carnage and immediately escaped, retreating to the top of a platform and behind an armchair decorated with a tiger skin.

Qin Yu’s eyes shot to the top of the platform, to the armchair, and to the wrinkly old man sitting atop it. A huge snake wound about him. The head of the snake lay obediently in his arms, allowing him to caress it gently. The man and the snake were both souls. The man was the soul of a human, and the snake was the soul of a demonic snake. Apparently, the wandering spirits on the first floor of the great hall and the wandering spirits here on the second floor were all controlled by the old man’s soul.

Qin Yu was confused: Why were there souls and spirits here? However, he was in no mood to answer these questions. His chest was filled with killing intent, and the only thing he was interested in was destruction and driving these disgusting beings to tremble before his fury.

The old man’s wrinkly lips separated to emit an eerie voice,“Young lad, you surprise me. For a mere cultivator at the middle stage of the Immersion Realm to have such a strong soul, could you tell me how you achieved this?”

“Die!” was Qin Yu’s reply. His boundless killing intent and raging temper exploded. With a raise of his hand, a blade made of sword qi formed, chopping forward and tearing a rip through the snake's green shin.

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