Chapter 76: Blood Shadow - Tri Definite Kills

Chapter 76: Blood Shadow - Tri Definite Kills

The night grew darker and the wind colder. Inside the great hall, Qin Yu and the others laid on a piece of wooden plank, gradually slipping into a deep slumber.

Unknown to the sleeping group, the dark hall was slowly illuminating with a green light.

Horrific faces floated around crazily in the green light, as they stared hard at those asleep. They shrieked and laughed scarily, exposing their sharp green fangs.

However, regardless of how big of a disturbance they caused, those sleeping were not startled awake. Rather, they fell into a deeper slumber.

These ferocious faces started to gather bit by bit. Finally, once they have reached a certain number, they rushed towards those who were in deep slumber. Their first target was going to be Qing Yun, the weakest amongst the four.

Qing Yun was having a very sweet dream, the sweetest dream she has ever had.

In her dream, she was standing atop a hill filled with flowers, happily chasing after butterflies. Around her, her parents and her siblings were chasing butterflies and making merry as well.

Some were dancing, some were chasing each other around, and others were indulging in the fragrance of the flowers and singing as their heart desired.

Here, laughter filled the air and there was happiness and fulfillment everywhere.

All of a sudden, the clear blue sky changed. Green clouds floated over, slowly gathering atop each other. Soon, the clear blue sky was replaced by the colour green.

The people amidst the flowers raised their heads and stared at the emerald sky. While staring at the sky, the flowers surrounding them also turned green. Soon, even the people also turned green.

The field of green grew thicker and thicker, before finally, green was the only colour left in the world. Butterflies dissolved into nothing, flowers withered petal by petal, and the humans became distorted and blurry.

Boiling green mist was released from the ground, gradually blurring everyone’s vision. Finally, no one was left in Qing Yun’s sight.

“Da Ge, Er Ge, San Ge, where are you guys?”

“Dad, mom, where are you guys?”

Qing Yun panicked as she ran around like a headless chicken while shouting and calling out the names of her loved ones.

She ran and ran and ran. She didn’t know which direction she was running toward, and where she was running to. The only thing she knew was that no matter how she ran, she couldn’t run from the emerald world filled with mist and she couldn’t find her family.

“Dad, mom, where are you guys? Dad! Mom! “ Qing Yun continued shouting. Her voice started to resemble a sob. At this moment, she felt alone and afraid.

“Dad, mom, don’t leave me alone! Where are you!”

“My child, we are here.” A familiar sound came ringing from the back, the sound of Qing Yun’s father and mother.

Qing Yun was ecstatic, and she turned around as quickly as she could.

Amidst the green mist, she saw the familiar faces of her parents.

“Dad, mom, I was so afraid. So you guys were here.” Qing Yun patted her chest out of relief, and a smile formed on her elegant face.

“My child, come here quickly, come to the dad and mom’s side.” Her parents called out to her.

“Mm, yes, I’m coming now.” Qing Yun responded loudly, and she was about to rush over. However, another familiar voice suddenly rang out from behind her, calling out to her and jolting her in her steps.

“Qing Yun, don’t go.”

Hearing the voice, Qing Yun turned her head behind. “Qin Yu, why are you here?”

The owner of the familiar voice was Qin Yu. He stood behind Qing Yun and stared coldly at Qing Yun’s parents. He shouted, rigidly and sternly, “I do not want to meddle in your affairs. If you know what is good for you, then scram! If you dare to hurt my friends, I will blast you into smithereens.”

Qing Yun didn’t understand what Qin Yu meant, and she asked curiously, “Qin Yu, what are you talking about, those are my parents.”

“They are not your parents. They are just a bunch of disgusting apparitions.” Qin Yu yelled out.

“Yun er, do not listen to his nonsense, he is the disgusting one. We are your parents, do you not trust our words? Come here quickly.” Qing Yun’s parents continued to bewitch her.

“Qing Yun, come back! I’ll say it again, they are not your parents.” Qin Yu yelled out.

“Yun er, would you not be able to tell your own parents? Look closely, are we not your parents?” Qing Yun’s parents strolled over, and as the distance between them narrowed, her parents’ familiar faces became clearer.

“Qin Yu, they are my parents!” Qing Yun yelled out to Qin Yu while staring at the familiar faces in front of her.

“Hoo.” Qin Yu let out a sigh. In comparison to Qing Yun, the other party was way too strong and was creating an illusion that was too surreal. Qing Yun’s consciousness could not resist being bewitched. Furthermore, as a child, who would doubt their own parents? This is a weakness in humanity and despicably, the other party managed to exploit this weakness.

Knowing that he could no longer persuade Qing Yun, Qin Yu’s sharp gaze landed on the two green shadows, who were getting nearer to Qing Yun. He called out sternly, “Touch her. I dare you.”

The two shadows seemed to be shocked by Qin Yu’s words, and halted their steps a feet away from Qing Yun.

“Yun er, who is that? Is he your friend? How could you have friends like this? He is a ruffian. How could he threaten and scare your parents like this.” The female green figure asked Qing Yun, a trace of anger and blame evident in her voice.

“Hmph, that’s right.” The male figure angrily said, “Yun er, if you do not want your own parents anymore, we will leave. Wife, let’s go.”

“No, dad, mom, I believe the both of you! Don’t go.” Qing Yun didn’t care about Qin Yu’s efforts to stop her, and she called out to her parents as she ran over.

“Hehe, that’s our good daughter.” Qing Yun’s parents revealed a grin on their faces, and extended their claws towards Qing Yun.

“Since you’re seeking death, I will give it to you. Go to hell!” Qin Yu shouted, and a great big fist came roaring thunderously as it swept across. A loud bang resounded and the figure of the man disappeared, as fragments of him dissolved into the green mist.

“DAD…” Qing Yun painfully cried out, angry and concerned.

The lady figure retracted her claws, and looked horrifically at Qin Yu “You… What are you doing?”

“I warned you before. You can go to hell too!” The great shadow of another fist rained down.

“Noooo! Yun er, remember to exact vengeance for dad and mom!”

Bang! The figure of the lady broke apart into fragments, gradually dispersing with the wind.

“No, mom, dad, no! Nooo!” Qing Yun yelled out with all her strength, crying as she knelt on the floor. She turned around, and the fire of vengeance burned bright green in her eyes as she yelled out at Qin Yu.

“Why, why did you kill my parents?”

“They are not your parents, wake up!” Qin Yu called out angrily.

“No, they are my parents. You killed my parents! I will exact revenge for them. Give me your life!” Qing Yun went berserk, screaming as she leapt to her feet. Fueled by her rage, she struck at Qin Yu.

Woosh! Qin Yu floated back, fading into the green mist.

“Qin Yu, come out, come out now! I will kill you!” Qing Yun lost herself in her rage, screaming crazily and chasing after Qin Yu into the thick mist.

In the real world, Qing Yun, who was in deep slumber, leapt to her feet. The sword in hand shone brightly, as the flames of fury burned bright green in her eyes.

Qing Yun was not the only one. Mu Rongyue and Ruo Feng also stood up, with weapons in their hands and green fires of fury burning bright in their eyes.

They were all facing a similar direction, the direction where Qin Yu was.

Qin Yu was not lying on the floor, but instead sitting and meditating, seemingly unaware of the dangers around.

“Return my parents’ life!” Qing Yun screamed out and was the first to act. Her sword turned bright emerald green, as she swung it towards Qin Yu.

At this moment of danger, three shadows flew out from Qing Yun, Mu Rongyue and Ruo Feng’s forehead, and dove straight towards Qin Yu’s forehead. His eyes opened wide just as the sword was inches away from him.

“Wind, dodge.”

“Cloudtrack Phantom, dodge again.”

In that split moment of danger, Qin Yu could only increase his speed as he barely dodged the ferocious swings of Qing Yun’s sword.


After Qin Yu narrowly dodged Qing Yun’s sword, Mu Rongyue and Ruo Feng also struck towards Qin Yu and released their strongest attacks.

“Wind, retreat!” Qin Yu couldn’t retaliate. He could only try and dodge the incoming attacks. Anger filled his mind as he loudly scolded, “Bastard!”

He was the first to be awaken by those ghastly apparitions. With his experience, he could tell at a glance what these ghastly apparitions are. He split his consciousness into three, and dived into the sea of consciousness of Qing Yun, Mu Rongyue and Ruo Feng, helping them destroy the apparitions that wanted to devour their consciousness. He was not expecting the current situation where the three would attack him at the same time. The ghastly apparitions’ methods are truly despicable.

Apparently, the three of them were now under the influence of certain consciousness, and lost themselves to their emotions. They were just like those at the Central Pagoda, who fought over spirit tools under the influence of bloodthirsty consciousness, gradually becoming maniacs that only knew about killing.

Difference being, the consciousness now was many times stronger compared to the one at the Central Pagoda, and was even able to turn emerald green. Even Transformation Realm experts would not be able to resist the invasion of their consciousness in the sea of green mist. With the group being at the Immersion Realm, their resistance proved to be futile. Only someone like Qin Yu could resist the effects and maintain the clarity of his consciousness.



“Kill him! Exact revenge for your parents and siblings!”

Those scary faces were floating and flying around as if they were dancing while releasing sharp shrieks.

The sharp shrieks further stimulated the consciousness of the three. In just a moment's notice, they teamed up once again, releasing unrelenting strikes towards Qin Yu.

In the great hall, swords and shadows shimmered.

“Bastards, all of you go to hell.” Qin Yu held back and did not retaliate. Hence, the only outcome awaiting him was being chased to no ends by the three, angering him even further than before.

A crimson light emitted from the sword, not from the Demonic Blood Devouring Sword, but from the Blood Saber he forged himself. He did not dare to use the Demonic Blood Devouring Sword now, unless he was in a dire situation and needed to rely on it.

“Scram!” Qin Yu had no other choice. After dodging Mu Rongyue and Ruo Feng’s attacks, he swung his saber towards Qing Yun who was attacking fearlessly.

Attacking one’s own comrades whilst one’s consciousness was under others’ influence would not arouse any feelings. However, Qin Yu was fully in control of his own consciousness, and the agony and pain he felt inside his heart was unspeakable. However, he had no choice, as he could die if he did not do so.

This is a cursed hell. From the point when they entered the great hall, their fate was cursed, and their end was determined. Humans could only decide between being killed and killing others, possibly even those closest to them. There are no other options. Of course, if you are lucky there would be a third option. But this third option was only for the lucky one, and not everyone could be that lucky.

“Ahh! Ahh!...”

Qin Yu grunted out continuously, his Blood Saber swinging endlessly. The shadow of his strikes enveloped Qing Yun, and he finally gained an advantage over her and suppressed her attacks.

However, Mu Rongyue and Ruo Feng pressed their attacks relentlessly from the back.

“Barrage Slash!” This was the strongest attack from Ruo Feng.

“Fleeting Sword!” This too was the strongest attack from Mu Rongyue.

“Bastards! Don’t force my hands!” Qin Yu yelled out loudly. You could hear the unwillingness, the despair and the anger in his voice.

His elegant cut face twisted from fear, and crimson light burst forth from his eyes. He murmured out his strongest move: “Blood Shadow - Tri Definite kills!”

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